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Monday, September 26, 2011

Treatment Products – Pimples!

Image sourced from dermatology.svhm.org.au
I am assigning this post to pimple treatment products that I personally use in conjunction with my Serious Skin Care routine.  I consider myself to be extremely luck in that I have never experienced any major issues with acne or breakouts, both as a teen and throughout my adult years. #:-S   From time to time, though, I do suffer from hormonal pimples (commonly once a month) and general everyday blemishes associated with my oily skin concern and unbalanced lifestyle.  :-S  I don’t like zits one little bit, X(  therefore have always sought out the best possible treatment products to knock them out of the picture super fast, before they become unsightly and have me feeling embarrassed and uncomfortable with my appearance.  >:P

Zit Zappers (as I like to call them) or Blemish Busters, Pimple Punishers, Spot Slayers, Acne Annihilators etc, (yes, I am sure you’ve got my drift by now, LOL).  :))  These terms are all slang for pimple treatment products, which are a frequent (although not daily as such) and essential step in my beauty regime, which I am STILL relying on, even now in my late thirties.  :-O  Don’t ask me when pimples will be no more, because as much as I can’t wait for that day to finally come, :-w  I have learned to live with my imperfections the best way I know how. ;)  So, now I will share my tried and tested top pimple treatments that I use when I have a zit that needs zapping quickly, which helps reduce any swelling with the least amount of irritation, discomfort or scaring. :)

Because of my extremely oily skin, which coincides with enlarged pores, congestion and blackheads, I also suffer from the odd blemish on a regular basis.  :-<  I always need to have a spot treatment handy to target these individual bumps, so for the past few months I have been super impressed with this new treatment gel, which has proven to effectively stop pimples in their tracks, whilst preventing new ones forming.  I can declare that it is to date, my "Holy Grail" healing treatment, and for me, that is saying a lot  :x

Presented in a plastic tube with a screw-on lid, the gel-based spot treatment, infused with natural essential oils, such as tea tree and eucalyptus, has a complimentary aroma that is refreshing and invigorating.  I like the delicate but distinctive scent, associated with the botanical ingredients, which are also anti-bacterial to produce a somewhat natural, medicinal smell that ensures me it ‘means business’ so, instead of smelling pretty it is indeed a working powerhouse.  o->   I only need a tiny pin-sized amount of gel for each individual blemish or a fine layer to any small affected areas, which is ample in this case.  It dries fast and rapidly reduces redness, whilst any large pimples virtually disappear overnight, while smaller bumps and blind pimples, which have not come to a head, usually don't even get the chance to form.  While it works wonders targeting spots, it doesn't dry the rest of my skin and in fact the gentle, soothing formula offers a calming relief to red, angry pimples.  I usually apply this to my spots at night, yet it is great to use and reapply whenever or as often as required.  :D
Before applying to skin
After applying to skin

I have now been using this spot treatment for over 2 ½ years, initially having a love/hate relationship with it.  =((  The original version I first tried was a glass dropper-style bottle with a runny liquid formulation that would tend to make application quite messy and would often deliver an uneven, blotchy coverage. :|  But, even though it was such a pain to use, it eventually won me over and I became hooked due to its efficacy; I had never used a product that worked this well on spots before!  =D>   It has recently been repackaged and reformulated and is now presented a 10ml tube, featuring a thicker, easier to handle cream, instead of the runny solution it use to convey.  <:-P

This on-the-spot treatment works quickly and effectively by drying out and diminishing pimples within 24hours.  It sometimes takes a bit longer to heal blind pimples, those ones without a head; yet it still reduces the redness and swelling, whilst in my opinion actually prevents them developing any further.   (*)  The dual-purpose, thickly textured, tinted cream still has the awful medicinal scent of it’s prototype, that I am now quite accustomed to, being that this type of scent is quite the norm for most anti-bacterial type pimple products I have tried.  It conceals exceptionally well on my skin to ensure that my spots are delicately disguised with a sheer skin-tone veil, whilst the healing properties of the potent, active, pimple-fighting ingredients tackle the infection. \:D/  I like to use this as my morning pimple treatment as it compliments my normal makeup application perfectly and comes in handy for touch-ups during the day. (This re-application process leads me to believe I am leading charge to abolish those buggers in next to no time)  ;)  Whilst the tube is a little on the small side in comparison to the previous 15 ml glass bottle version that would seem to last for ages, I’m not complaining as I prefer the thicker formula, which is the ideal treatment to heal and conceal my unsightly spots.  This pimple treatment will always have a home in my daily beauty treatment regime. :D
After applying to skin
Before applying to skin

For now, I am completely satisfied with this powerful combination of spot treatments, which work as a team to eliminate and clear imperfections.  B-)  They provide rapid healing, reducing redness and calming flare-ups, whilst controlling and preventing the onset of future blemishes so that I can go about my day-to-day activities without the self-esteem issues often caused by the paranoia of a spotty complexion.  =D>   How about you guys, are you fortunate enough to be blessed with awesome skin and have missed the ongoing dilemma’s surrounding pimples?  Or, are you one of the many who has done battle with the rotten little red bumps at some stage too?  Have you found your ultimate zit zapper, what do you use, what works, what doesn’t?  Fill us in  :)

All images in this post are my own, other than the first image presented in the introduction, in which I made reference to the source.


  1. Great post as always! When I have an odd pimple, it dries out soon. But my problem is the scars that are left behind :( If I use a pimple treatment, (esp. Salicylic Acid) I have found they scar quite a bit and turn black. Not better (or even worse) than leaving them alone. It is a no win situation.

    I can't wait to get my hands on the Dermalogica one. Looks like a concealer and treatment in one! Yay for 2 in 1 prods :D

  2. @Su Thanks Su, I didn't give much thought to scaring as I have been fortunate enough not to suffer from scaring, even the biggest volcano style pimples have not scarred my skin, but I doubt that many spot treatments actually help repair those scars :( You may need to look into different treatment creams, which do target scaring and reduce the appearance of scars or stretch marks. Skin regenerating products, such as those with AHA's etc might also help. I can imagine how difficult it must be and hope you can manage to get rid of them permanently, the thing I do know when it comes to scaring is the newer the scar the better the chance you have to effectively eliminate it :) Yes the Dermalogica Concealing Spot Treatment is an awesome multi-tasker, see if you can score a sample, I am sure you will be impressed :)

  3. Mel, thank you! I knew you'd have great advice for me! I am getting Dermalogica spot treatment with glosscars :) also getting an Alpha H product, dont remember what but it must have AHA/BHA :)
    Weird, can't log in with google!

  4. @AnonymousYou are very welcome Su, glad to be able to help ;)Damn Google what is wrong with it, LOL!!!

  5. wow thanks for the review! I've never found a good spot treatment in the past. Glad you've found one :)

  6. @Anonymous Thanks for your support Blackmagic, you should definitely check these one's out, hopefully one or the other, or even both may appeal to you. They both come in sample size if you can track down a salon :)

  7. Great review Mel..
    Can't log into my google so will leave my comment as anonymous atm..
    Can't wait to try out the dermalogica in my Glosscars, but in the mean time I will definately try to track down a Alpha-H salon to try theirs.

  8. @Anonymous Thanks heaps MissChris, there must be some drama's with logging into Google coz Su had problems too ???
    I bet you will love the Dermalogica Spot Treatment and not to mention everything that is jam packed in the Glosscars prize pack ;) I must say that is probably the best prize pack I have ever laid my eye's on, Enjoy my darl :)


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