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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Garnier Caffeine Eye Roll-On

Howdy friends!   :-h  I have been using the Garnier Caffeine Eye Roll-On eye treatment for well over three years now and that is because it is ultra cheap, readily available in most supermarkets and pharmacies nationwide (even in our small one horse town, and that is saying something coz we’ve got nothing here when it comes to beauty booty, EEK!  :-O  ) and most importantly it actually works!   \:D/  Sure everyone is familiar with the horror they face when you’ve done an all nighter and look in the mirror only to see a tired, worn out, exhausted, weary-looking appearance staring back at you.  :-&  I’m talking under eye bags, puffiness, dark circles, dull and dehydrated skin, the works, it’s shattering and you’re looking prematurely aged overnight, which I might add does zip for the self-esteem.  :">  You wish for nothing more than to turn back the clock and have that well rested face staring at you again.   [-O<  The under eye area is usually the most problematic when it comes to visible imperfections because the skin around your eyes is so thin and delicate, making them particularly susceptible.  Tammerly from Spoilt asked me to review this product and considering I’m long term acquaintance who’s used it for years; my experience guarantees I have plenty of feedback to share  :)

A hot cup of coffee helps me mentally recover from lack of sleep, but my eyes unfortunately, always showcase the telltale evidence and highlight the fact that I’m still tired.  (:|  So, what I need is a cup of coffee for my eyes!  Yes, it is well documented that the goodness of topical caffeine provides anti-inflammatory relief, provoking an instant wake-up call for eye imperfections to send unwanted bags packing, once and for all.  Enter Garnier Caffeine Eye Roll-On, a cooling eye treatment that acts like a cold compress, soothing away puffiness, plumping fine lines and delivering much needed moisture to the thirsty, dehydrated skin around the eye contour.  Injected with a shot of caffeine to constrict blood vessels, increase circulation and boost radiance, this effective beauty aid includes the additional anti-ageing benefits of antioxidants, which protects against damaging free radicals that can lead to premature ageing.  :D

Boasting a bright, neon green, plastic canister with a transparent, twist-top lid firmly covering the steel roller-ball that maintains freshness, the Garnier Caffeine Eye Roll-On is compact in size and shaped like a pen, making it suitable to pop into my handbag for use on the go.  The mess-free, roller-ball applicator automatically dispenses a clear gel-like fluid that I apply to the eye contour using a small circular motion.  During this process, the roller-ball massages the skin surrounding the eye and stimulates blood flow, assisting with drainage to actively de-puff and minimise swelling.  This in turn perks up my eyes and brightens the dull, discoloured skin, generating a lifted effect for a revitalising ‘pick-me-up’.   ;;)  The gel is thin and lightweight in texture and absorbs fast, without leaving behind any sticky residue or greasy film that could interfere with makeup application.  The odourless formula is also super gentle; therefore it doesn’t cause any irritation to my skin or eyes.  =D>

I’ve relied on this eye treatment, on and off, for years, but after a full month of daily use, putting it to the ultimate test, I am unable to determine that it produces any visible, long-term anti-ageing effects, such as banishing existing crows feet or softening wrinkles.  I can’t support the claims that it reduces dark circles on a permanent basis either, as I rarely suffer from under eye discolouration myself.  I can however, definitely vouch that it is the perfect ‘quick-fix’ that works within minutes to improve vitality for youthful eyes that look wide-awake.  It performs optimally to banish the symptoms of too many late nights, diminishing puffiness and inflammation, whilst brightening tired eyes, resulting in a completely refreshed and healthy appearance.  To cure signs of fatigue and remove excess baggage, I highly recommend the easy to use, affordable Garnier Caffeine Eye Roll-Onthat promptly refreshes and rejuvenates the eye area.  It’s a first class, budget beauty buy that I'm rating 4 out of 5 stars  (*)  (*)  (*)  (*)  based on my experience, because while it only offers temporary respite and nothing truly substitutes for a good night rest, if you are feeling tired, once this roll-on performs its magic, no one will know, as you certainly won’t look tired….at all!   <:-P

TIP: Keep it in the fridge to intensify the cooling sensation.  It grants some serious reprieve for worn out eyes, especially first thing in the morning or during a really hot day and feels ahh-mazing!   

Have you tried this eye treatment or experienced the benefits of caffeine infused skin care products?  :-?  How would you rate it, effective or…..??  :-/  What is your ‘go-to’ product when you need to quickly disguise the appearance of tired eyes, so you look wide awake and alert even if you are not??

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