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Friday, November 30, 2012

Dr. LeWinn’s Skin Perfect Foundation

Hello fellow beauty lovers  :-h  This product that I am about to review was sent to me as a member of the trial team on the Australian beauty website Beauty Heaven.  The idea is to give it a good test drive over about a 4 week period, then submit a written review sharing my thoughts on the experience. So, here’s telling you all  :D

I’ve always been fond of Dr Lewinn’s skin care products, but with their latest Skin Perfect makeup range, they have focused on building the bridge between makeup and skincare, introducing a 2-in-1 (or make that even 3-in-1, if you consider it a sunscreen too) luxury anti-ageing cosmetic line-up.  <:-P  As a busy woman, usually I’m pressed for time, so I always welcome taking on a multi-tasking approach, when it comes to my beauty regime.  ;)  Not like your average makeup, Dr Lewinn’s Skin Perfect Foundation features additional ‘turn-back-the-clock’ benefits, such as ingredients that promote skin renewal and encourage collagen production, for smoother, firmer, more youthful-looking skin.  It’s also infused with hyaluronic acid that retains moisture to nourish and soften skin and minerals to enhance lustre and create a healthy glow.  SPF, however, is what I consider to be the ultimate age fighter, used to protect against UV damage, one of the main causes of premature ageing.  =D>

The Dr Lewinn’s Skin Perfect Foundation is packaged in a 30ml frosted glass bottle with a pump-action dispenser.  It features a silver metallised collar and a brown cap, which compliments the brown lettering and contributes to an overall sleek, stylish presentation that is ultra classy.  B-)

The consistency of the foundation is light and creamy, with a velvety, silky smooth texture that glides onto my skin and blends with ease.  Because the formula boasts SPF, unfortunately the foundation smells more like a sunscreen than anything else,  :-S   however it’s not an offensive smell and it dissipates soon after application.  #:-S  The fluid and sets rapidly, leaving a weightless, natural-looking, dewy finish that plumps my skin and radiates vibrancy and lustre.  The medium coverage doesn’t cover all of my imperfections, but it’s quite buildable, so by layering over problem areas, I can achieve a fairly decent camouflage.  :)   I have the shade Latte that matches my skin tone to perfection, disguising facial redness and minor flaws for a uniform complexion, creating a ‘not wearing foundation at all’ appearance that looks like real skin rather than a mask.  >:D<

The staying power is mediocre, possibly due to my oily skin type, (meh, seriously I can’t win a trick with oily skin=((  and after a few hours my face is quite shiny,   ~X(  although a quick dusting of translucent powder quickly corrects the problem.  (Phew, thank you lordy lord[-O<  I don’t experience any caking, streaking or patchiness and the foundation doesn’t settle into fine lines or fade, instead it seems to provide a healthy, illuminating glow, which is manageable as long as I keep the shine at bay.  I usually apply using a cosmetic brush or beauty pod, but in this case, fingers also do a pretty good job of delivering flawless results. 

I love that this foundation provides the additional benefits of sun protection, as well as coverage and correcting properties.  :x   I can’t claim to have noticed a significant improvement of my premature ageing skin concerns, yet I’m more than happy to use it over a longer period to see how it develops.  :-w   I do admit though, after I’ve applied the foundation, my face takes on a delightfully youthful glow, so in that respect it truly rocks!  \:D/ We live in the day of multi-tasking products, so to have a foundation that bridges the gap between skin care and makeup (and sun protection) is pretty nifty and ideal for those who lead a busy lifestyle and prefer to cut corners.  I would definitely recommend the Dr Lewinn’s Skin Perfect Foundation to anyone wanting barely-there, natural coverage, which promotes a gorgeous, luminous complexion that looks younger and visibly more radiant.  (*)

TIP:  Use in conjunction with the Dr. LeWinn’s Primer in the same range for even better results.

Have you tried this foundation, if so what do you think…yay or nay?   :-?  What about any other anti-ageing cosmetics products?  Makeup/Skincare combinations are being seen more and more on the market these days, after all in this day and age most of us appreciate multi-use beauty products!  In your experience are they a good idea, fair enough they save you time, but do they really replace the individual steps effectively??  :-/

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  1. Thanks for all your reviews, I love to read them. I don't think I'll bother with this foundation. :)

    1. Thanks for commenting, greatly appreciated ;) I always have trouble finding suitable foundations, meh the joys of having oily skin, LOL

  2. I received this foundation to trial as well but found it quite medium to full coverage on my skin. Isn't it funny how it can seem so different on someone else? :-)

    1. Hi Michelle, thanks for your comment and yes, I totally agree, I would imagine it would be a sheerer medium coverage on my skin thanks to my oiliness, nothing sticks well when it is placed over oil, lol.

  3. It's nice to see us written about, however we're sorry that it didn't work that well for you.

    1. Hi Dr Lewinns, I'm quite a fan of your products and have used a number of them personally over the years, but I always have a hard time finding suitable products, particularly makeup, due to my oily prone skin. It doesn't help living in the humid tropics either, such a toxic combination for a flawless complexion I'm afraid :(


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