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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Covergirl + Olay Pressed Powder

Hey, hey, peeps, I’m baaack!!  :-h  My next review is for a product that was formulated by a duo of highly popular beauty brands that amalgamated to produce their own skin care orientated makeup line-up (which seems to be all the rage these days).  B-)  I have used both brands over the years but never combined (despite having heard about it for a while now   #-o  ), so I must admit, when Tammerly from Spoilt blog offered me the chance of a trial, I was keen to oblige.   Here’s my feedback or you can click here to check it out on Spoilt!  :D

Covergirl and Olay unite to present a tinted pressed powder that covers imperfections and brightens the skin tone. The built-in smooth-glide serum ensures the finish isn’t heavy or cakey.  =D>

The Covergirl + Olay Pressed Powder comes in a sleek, dark purple, mirrored compact, accented with silver for a stylish presentation.  The sturdy compact is elegant and the only let down is the quality of the powder puff, which is pretty weak and flimsy.  :-S

The weightless, non drying formula is smooth and slightly creamy, due to the included serum, as apposed to being dry or chalky like other powders I’ve used.  #:-S   I have the shade 350 Medium, which provides exceptional coverage and is an ideal colour match, suiting my skin tone perfectly.  ;;)  The silky powder glides on with ease and controls any excess oil without clogging my pores or causing congestion.  I press the powder over my foundation using a velour puff and then buff with my kabuki brush.  The velvety finish is luminous but not glittery, so it’s ideal for mature skin.  ;)  The staying power is brilliant and it remains fresh and shine-free all day, but doesn’t settle into lines or accentuate my pores.   It’s comfortable to wear and if I do need the odd touch up occasionally, mostly during the hotter summer months, it works like magic to transform and revive my complexion for a smooth, polished finish that never looks caked on.  After using this powder daily for the past few weeks, I can thankfully say it doesn’t upset my sensitive skin or cause breakouts.  <:-P

Shade 350 - Medium
I have oily skin so I always need to use a powder to set my foundation, although I usually opt for the translucent variety.  I’ve used Covergirl powders in the past, as they are always affordable and available everywhere, yet I’ve never found one that is better than average…until now!  It must be care of the Olay partnership, because this is definitely the best budget powder that I’ve used in terms of performance, durability and results.  =D>  The soft, satin-like powder looks and feels great, while helping me achieve a healthy, natural, radiant-looking complexion that is absolutely flawless without looking made-up.  :x   I am so impressed with the long lasting wear of this lightweight powder and how good it keeps my skin looking, even after a long humid day.  If you consider yourself a bit of a ‘powder snob’ and can’t get past the ashy, chalky results of most finishing powders, then I encourage you to try the Covergirl + Olay Pressed Powder because you will be pleasantly surprised.  \:D/  It will perfect your look by evening out your skin tone, setting your makeup and reducing shine, so your face appears smooth and refined with a lovely, radiant glow.  :)

So have you tried any of the products made by the two brands combined??    :-/  Or maybe you are just loyal to one brand or another, I know Olay has been around since I was a kid and I remember my mother using it back in the day when they made a cream called Oil of Ulan, ROFL!   =))   Seriously though, what do you think?   :-?  Please comment with your experience or any thoughts.  xx   :-*

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  1. Wow, great review and so good to see it doesn't settle into fine lines or accentuate flaws. I too am sooo impressed with this product because until now I have not had such a great experience with Covergirl. It's a great collaboration between brands. Tammerly @ Spoilt

    1. Tam, I couldn't agree more, the brands have come together and made a great product :-)


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