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Sunday, July 3, 2011

I did it!!

OMG I did it, finally bit the bullet and created this blog :-O  

While still in the early set-up stage until I get my bearings on it all, just wanted to make the initial post and welcome anyone and everyone to my place ;) 

What is this blog about???  Ummm well probably mostly beauty related, seeing as that is my vice, lol.  Yeah, yeah I hear you, noooo not another beauty blog, haha, well that was what I was thinking also, and believe me when I say, I am going to try to give this blog a bit of its own unique style.  I mean there are thousands of bloggers out there who just write blogs telling big brands what they wanna hear in exchange for lots of freebies.  Well away with that idea; I prefer honesty, be that good or bad, so if you want the raw truth about anything, here is where you are going to get it.

For now, well at least to begin with  I don't know how regularly I will be blogging, as my schedule is fully loaded, but everything I do submit will be done so with love, therefore I hope quality wins over quantity and will be enough to keep people interested :)  Oh and this is purely just a hobby, somewhere I can chatter away about my favourite pastime and whatever else comes up.  As much as I would love to dedicate myself to it full time, that is not going to happen any time soon, haha, time is of the essence and its pretty rare around here!!

Anyway, I will love you and leave you all for now, until I get this mess sorted and think of something decent to blog about ;)

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  1. Congrats! Being the best beauty guru, I am sure your content will be special and unique. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  2. @nstransky
    Thanks so much darl, appreciate the support :)

  3. @Su
    Thanks Su, hope I can make this work :)

  4. Hey honey! Yay! So wonderful! Love this blog! Much love darling! Elle Xx

  5. @Elle Banks Thanks so much beautiful Elle, your support means the world :)


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