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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dove Triple Moisturising Deeply Nourishing Body Wash

OK well I know I was only supposed to briefly pause from my series of Serious Skin Care blogs with one interlude, featuring my summary of Innoxa Lipsticks, buuuuuut..... umm, actually I am going to rudely interupt once again and post my review for the Dove Triple Moisturising Deeply Nourishing Body Wash (lucky its my blog so I can get away with being so bold, LOL :D ).  I had to submit a review for this body wash today anyhow, so I thought I might as well share my account via my blog as well, considering it goes hand in hand with 'Everything Beautyful' that this blog relates to.  ;) 

I am extremely partial to bath and shower care products and am forever eager to try something new, so when my all-time favourite beauty website, appropriately named, Beauty Heaven sent me the Dove Triple Moisturising Deeply Nourishing Body Wash, to review for their trial team, (of which I am a longstanding, devoted member) I must admit I was pretty chuffed and keen to put it to the test.  Dove has claimed that the soap free, body wash, featuring a breakthrough blend of moisturisers with skin-natural lipids, called NutrimMoisture, penetrates deep within the skin’s surface to nourish from the inside and maintain skin that is beautiful and healthy inside and out.  I am not sure how those claims stack up, to be honest, as I have only been using this body wash for just under a week, but what I can say, is that I personally love it and I will explain to you now, why I'm so impressed :)

The body wash is presented in a 375ml white sturdy, plastic bottle, with the Dove signature blue and gold logo, that streamlines toward the top, where the flip-top lid is located.  The teardrop shape of the bottle makes it easy to hold, while the durable lid clicks shut tight, so it doesn’t spill if it accidentally happens to slip out of your grasp when showering.  Upon opening the bottle, the first thing that I noticed was the delectable aroma that filled the room, reminding me of a delicious dessert.  This fragrance is a bit hard to describe, somewhat vanilla, somewhat cocoa butter with a hint of something floral, not sure exactly, but it is very tropical and absolutely divine!  My son who was in the bathroom with me at the time, asked, “What is that yummy smell”?  I knew then and there, that this body wash was not going to be one I could just indulge in alone, because my two little ‘rug rats’ wanted to get in on the act too, hehe and with a scent so enticing, it really isn’t any wonder. ;) I also ought to mention, that the dreamy fragrance lingers in the bathroom and on my skin for hours afterward, leaving everything smelling so, so scrumptious. :x

The thick white lotion on my shower puff.
The consistency of the body wash was surprising at first, as it was much thicker than any body wash I have previously tried, and very white in colour, looking more like my kid’s vanilla yogurt than a body wash, LOL. :))  It is, however, rich and very creamy, so that when I apply it using my standard shower puff (a staple in my body cleansing routine), it glides smoothly over my skin and feels ultra luxurious.  It’s remarkably similar to the texture of a body lotion and during the cleansing process, my skin seems to just drink it all up, so it appears to absorb right in.  Using my shower puff, it easily works up into a gentle, lightly foamy lather and the low-suds aspect, means it doesn’t create an abundance of frothy bubbles, which I prefer anyway, as it generally means it is not loaded with heaps of SLS, because too much of that stuff is rather irritating to my skin, therefore I would prefer to avoid it, if at all possible.  Thankfully, my sensitive skin tolerates this body wash exceptionally well, due to the gentle formulation and I have not experienced any side effects or dramas with it causing an upset to my skin at all.  Instead, it ensures my skin is ultimately clean, super smooth and so much softer than usual.
My son thinks it's  Dove-ine
  I might add, that my son, who suffers from an allergic skin condition and often reacts negatively to certain skin care products, didn’t have any dilemmas when using this body wash either, so I am thrilled that it was a positive outcome, giving me with confidence that it is safe enough to continue using on both my children.  The kids, as a matter of fact, really enjoyed being nurtured from the neck down in the velvety, butter-like solution and now they request to be pampered and preened with this 'yummy' body wash every single night.
My daughter claims its Dove-ine too
So, its a surefire winner with the kids as well.  <:-P

After rinsing off the body wash and stepping out of the shower, I notice a difference in the condition of my skin immediately.  It’s almost as if a protective coating is deposited on the surface of my skin, to lock in moisture and to maintain that silky smooth feel, which is nice and soft like a babies bottom.  While my skin is adequately nourished, there isn’t any greasy, sticky residual either, rather, my skin remains well hydrated and conditioned right up until the next wash.  Because it is indeed moisturising, I can even get away without having to use a separate body lotion, which is convenient if I’m in a hurry (as I normally am) making this another great dual-purpose wonder product, and hey, who doesn’t love a good multi-tasker?  =D>

Ideal for shaving
A little tip:  I have discovered that this body wash allows for an effortless shaving experience too.  The thick texture makes an ideal shaving cream, providing for better precision and a closer shave, while the additional moisture pumped into my skin, helps alleviate pesky razor burn, shaving rash and the general itchiness associated with shaving sensitive skin.

Overall, I adore this body wash and wouldn’t hesitate in purchasing it to use again and again.  While the ‘smicky doo’ fragrance is the highlight for me, considering I think it’s to absolutely ‘die for’ it's also a fantastic, affordable alternative to a regular cake of soap (make that about a zillion times more appealing too, LOL), which will make any bath time experience a memorable affair. 
Say goodbye to normal soap
It is suitable for all skin types and all members of the family, even young children or those who require a mild formula, to avoid exasperating common skin ailments.  Dove Triple Moisturising Deeply Nourishing Body Wash is, in my opinion, such a pleasure to use and guarantees my skin will be clean, healthy and thoroughly replenished.  Furthermore, I am actually looking forward to finding out if it further improves my skin to a greater degree, as per the claims professed by Dove, after I use it for a longer period of time. :)

I love body washes, do you?  Please share, what is your all-time favourite body wash?  Is there one in particular that you keep going back to and purchase time and time again?  If so why, what makes it so appealing to you?  Fill me in, always keen to learn about new bath and shower products ;)

This product was sent to me, at no charge, by Beauty Heaven, to review for their trial team.  All content written in this blog is based on my honest opinion of the reviewed product and I have been in no way pressured or paid to form this point of view.

All images in this blog are my own.


  1. AWWWWW... how cute are your rug rats!
    Thanks for the tip of using body wash for shaving! Very useful :)

  2. @Su
    Thanks Su, thought it would be fun to include the hard heads, hehe, they like seeing their face on the screen, lol, what that 5 minutes of fame ;)

  3. Sounds like you've stumbled across a great find. Plus even though your kids want to "borrow" it, it's cheap enough that you can let them. I have to say, I love the Dove body wash that I got to trial (the citrus one, I think it was Nectarine & White Ginger), they're surprisingly good for the money.

    I don't think I could ever pick just one favourite body wash but the Aveeno Stress Relief one is definitely up there.

  4. @MissTeaAddict
    Thanks heaps darl, Yes its pretty awesome ;) Even with both the kids and myself using it, still expect it will last ages, as you only need the smallest bit on the shower puff. The amount that I squeezed on for the photo was three times too much, hehe. I am rather fond of citrus type body washes too, but I prefer them for the morning as they are refreshing and provide a great 'pick-me-up' to start the day :) I am like you though, find it hard to love just the one, as when it comes to the super cheap supermarket ones, I can afford to splurge quite often and am always trying out something new. My one staple body wash, however, is not a cheap one, its the Skinstitut L-Lactic Body Wash 9%, which is an AHA body wash, that unfortunately doesn't smell like anything out of the ordinary, but I keep buying it as my skin really benefits from regular washing with AHA's ;) If they made them in affordable supermarket versions I would be set, LOL, maybe sooner rather than later something will turn up, until then I'm happy to keep alternating with the yummy scented el-cheapos and their results driven expensive counterparts :)

  5. This lovely, light, crisp lotion is also infused with Shea butter and Vitamin C and E.I use body butter. It's the best fareness in the market.Relay, it is won my mind.I am satisfied.

    1. That sounds really good, Dove do make really good body moisturisers! Cheers for the rec, I will have to check that one out, love the ones with vitamins included and if it smells that good too I am interested, hehe ;-) Thanks for commenting :-)


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