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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Vitamin Therapy - Topical Vitamin C

Hi, y’all!  Well this is rolling right along now, with this second instalment, of my Vitamin Therapy process, following my previous Vitamin Therapy – Topical Vitamin A post.  Vitamin Therapy is the nickname I am using to portray this integral step, incorporated in my Serious Skin Care routine.  It involves integrating topical vitamins into my daily beauty ritual.  Not only are oral vitamins good for our inner health, when applied topically, they are fundamental in the care of our skin, keeping it in prime condition whist encouraging a more youthful appearance.  This dyad of conventional vitamins have evolved in recent times, into orthodox treatment methods, widely proclaimed as two of the most accomplished, scientifically proven antioxidant vitamins for reducing the negative effects of free radical damage to the skin, while being highly regarded as extremely influential factors of modern anti-ageing skin care.  Research has also claimed these antioxidants, when administered topically, can also yield significant protection for the skin and are capable of revoking the inevitable, somewhat sombre, circumstances surrounding the process of becoming older.  >:/ 
Vitamin Therapy Part 2 highlights my approach and understanding of topical Vitamin C, which perfectly compliments my Serious Skin Care regime and targets my own individual gremlins >:) (skin concerns, LOL :)) ).  I will run-through the Vitamin C skin care products that I have selected to flatter my straightforward anti-ageing routine and share my perceptions, based on my personal experience.

So, What is topical Vitamin C??

It is one of the best antioxidant vitamins, amidst considerable documented evidence supporting its effectiveness on the skin.  Up until 4 years ago, I knew absolutely nothing about Vitamin C whatsoever, :-/ (other than the memories of those yummy bright orange chewable tablets associated with my childhood, 8-> hehe ;)) ) until my beauty therapist boasted about how good it was.  She talked of its ability to boost collagen production, reverse the damage to skin cells and tissues, counteract premature signs of ageing, such as wrinkles, pigmentation and sagging caused by free radical assault.  She claimed it was one of her own secret anti-ageing weapons and one look at her gorgeous skin was enough to make me stand at attention, LOL. :))  Considering my skin, at the time, was evidently advertising numerous symptoms of premature ageing caused by sun damage thanks to my neglectful younger years. [-X  :">  Therefore, it was only fitting that I wanted to jump straight on the Vitamin C bandwagon myself. >:/ Three years on as I continue to watch my skin recover and emend before my very eyes, I can admit I have grown particularly attached to my Vitamin C skin care ‘sweetheart’ :x ;;)  Along with Topical Vitamin A, I plan to post a blog exploring topical Vitamin C, in depth as a skin care ingredient, further down the track.  However, this blog focuses on products rather than ingredients as such, so I will just include a snippet from the Beautypedia website, for a brief explanation in technical terms, FYI!

One of the most well-researched vitamins for skin, vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that has multiple benefits for those concerned with reducing (or forestalling) the signs of aging. It is available in many forms, with ascorbic acid being the most common (although it is the least stable, so packaging to ensure potency of such products is a major concern). Stabilized forms of vitamin C include magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, L-ascorbic acid, tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate, ascorbyl palmitate, ascorbyl glucosamine, and ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate.

And, Why use it?

Efficacious amounts of topical vitamin C (typically 2–10%) have been shown to increase collagen production (including dermal collagen, which is significant for wrinkle reduction), reduce the appearance of skin discolorations, strengthen skin's barrier response, enhance skin's repair process, reduce inflammation, and help skin better withstand exposure to sunlight, whether protected by sunscreen or not.

What am I using?

I have been using this particular serum for about 12 months now, after discovering it was an affordable alternative for the Alpha-H Vitamin C 20% Serum that I formerly used. $-) After a thorough comparison of the two products, I decided that the ASAP Vitamin C Serum was the more beneficial option for my skin.  While both products are of a serum formulation, the ASAP Vitamin C Serum was of a slightly higher strength, with a 23% concentration compared to the 20% of its predecessor.  Unfortunately, since I started writing this post, I have ascertained that it has been recently discontinued!  :-O  Despite its demise, it has paved way for the innovative ASAP Super C Serum, which superseded the original.  Hmm :-? another brand spanking, shiny new product to tempt me with. @-) haha :)) Oh well, I think I can see my wishlist growing LOL :)) Because this could possibly be an option when my existing one runs out. ;)  Even though I am uncertain what Vitamin C product I will engage in next, I was OK discerning that I won't be able repurchase this serum anymore.  Because honestly, while it DOES work, it really didn’t snag my ‘Holy Grail’ caliber ^:)^ and I will explain why, directly. 

Presented in a 30ml durable white glass bottle, featuring a hygienic dropper-style lid, to help the ingredients remain stable and prevent oxidisation.  Like many Vitamin C skin care products, this serum is tinted, which I find annoying! 8-| It’s impossible to tell if the Vitamin C becomes unstable when infused in a tinted formula, whereas with an untinted version, you could look for a change in the colour to tell if it has gone bad.  Anyway, I have not yet had much luck in finding too many serums that are not tinted, which is a shame, as the product would be deemed useless if it isn’t stable, sigh! :-< The cream and powder versions though, are often white in colour, if they are suited to your personal preference. *-:) The ASAP Vitamin C Serum is of an orange/brown colour, which smells slightly citrus-like, but it’s very subtle and doesn’t linger on the skin once it has been applied.

On the back on my hand ;)
After application on the back of my hand

I always fear that serums might be rich and greasy on my oily skin, :-S but thankfully, this one is ultra lightweight and absorbs well.  Initially, it does make my skin feel tacky to some extent, but once it dries, there is no evidence of any residue left on my skin at all.  I use it daily in my morning skin care ritual and it doesn’t interfere with my regular makeup application, which I just apply as normal after using the serum and a moisturiser.  I can also vouch that this serum DOES NOT stain the skin on my face. (Thank heavens, #:-S  LOL :)) ) Funnily enough, when I first started using it, I couldn’t help but notice the brown stain transferred on the palm of my hand, :-O LOL. :))  This stain didn’t wash off easily with water either, eek :-O so I began getting paranoid that if it was staining my hand so evidently, then what must it be doing to my face? double eek!!! :-O :-O I pictured myself resembling an ‘oompa loompa’ but luckily, after close and careful scrutiny in the mirror, I was finally convinced that my facial skin was, in reality NOT stained at all, phew  #:-S  After that encounter, I proceeded in dropping the serum onto the flipside of my hand, rather than its palm, and, remarkably, no sign of any staining there either, hooray =D>  Looks like this ASAP Vitamin C Serum only objected to submerging into the skin on my palm, rebelling in nature, forever stamping its mark in the form of that unsightly, stain.  Which I might add, doesn’t leave much to the imagination, bwahaha ROFL =)) but hey, as long as it stayed on my palm and didn’t obviously recur on my face; then I could live with that ;) 
On the palm of my hand :-O
On the palm using flash

All I ever need is just a tiny bit of serum per application, say 2- 3 drops, which is sufficient to then transfer onto my hand, (remember, not on the palm, LOL :)) ) before gently working into my skin.  I have never endured any stinging, burning or tingling sensation after using this serum, although I presume that may be because my skin was already quite resilient from various other Vitamin C products, I previously used.  Additionally, the ASAP Vitamin C Serum has never contributed to breakouts or irritation, so even though it is possibly the highest strength OTT (Over the counter) topical Vitamin C product available, it was perfectly kind to my sensitive skin. :)>-  On the contrary, based on my own experience, I find it is beneficial in helping clear those pesky, hormone induced pimples, whenever they arise.  Just a pin-size amount of serum, directly on the spot of a night, drastically reduces the severity of the pimple, come morning.  Therefore, this serum can readily pose as a substitute spot treatment, if need be. (*) 
It doesn't absorb well into the skin on my palm, which stains

Granted I have continually used topical Vitamin C skin care products for three years now, the visible improvement to the condition of my skin has become increasingly more apparent.  The ASAP Vitamin C Serum has persisted in playing a vital role to the general well-being of my skin and in support of its ongoing recovery.  Prompting a natural radiance and better clarity, that signifies a healthy, luminous-looking complexion.  My once uneven skin tone is now uniform in colour, with a notable reduction in blotchiness and facial redness.  The surface texture is much softer and smoother, while my skin feels plumper and firmer.  It has also helped to lessen the appearance of the fine lines that were starting to form and so far, it is working wonders in deterring the formation of future lines and wrinkles too. yay  \:D/  

Even after washing the stain remains on my palm :-O
Overall, I am grateful to be acquainted with the benefits of using topical Vitamin C and am satisfied that it is results-driven and decidedly lives up to its phenomenal claims. :-bd  The hard working ASAP Vitamin C Serum, repairs, prevents and protects against premature skin ageing.  While this particular serum isn’t quite my idea of perfect, it does what any good Vitamin C serum should, and that is to effectively promote the health of my skin.  It’s been a blessing in disguise, encouraging me to embrace the prospect of plausibly keeping my 37-year-old complexion looking younger for longer. (and longer and longer and longer, LOL :)) ) 
After washing stain using flash
Even though I will soon have to kiss the ASAP Vitamin C Serum goodbye, :-h  permanently, I will certainly move on to a different variant that will continue catering for my mature skins ongoing needs. After witnessing a complete turnaround of my complexion, I doubt I will ever part ways with topical Vitamin C, always including it in some form or other as an important step in my daily skin care regime.  It’s an absolute immortal, that totally rocks! \:D/

Other Vitamin C products I have used


*-:) Ideally, any blend of Vitamin C skin care products should be utilised as a step in your AM beauty regime.  This is because Vitamin C has the ability to enhance the effect of your sun protection product, providing a greater line of defence.  I apply it straight after cleansing and toning, but PRIOR to any other products.  You can still layer it with other skin care or treatment products, but these should always come AFTER the serum, ensuring you allow a few minutes for it to dry.  It’s worth remembering this method, because if other products are applied first, it’s possible they could interfere with the penetration of the Vitamin C to your skin. :-S

Last words:
Investing in a topical Vitamin C product is crucial for anyone who is serious about developing an effective anti-aging regime. :-B  Once in play, you can expect to notice visible improvements to the condition of your skin, within just weeks, while over time you can look forward to achieving even greater results. The best way to optimise skin health and generate a skin-rejuvenating effect that promises to deliver firm, youthful skin, is by means of topical Vitamin C.  =D> Have you started using a Vitamin C product in your skin care regime yet?  If so, do you prefer a serum, cream or other formulation? Please share any of your favourites.  If not, you should seriously consider joining me on the bandwagon & embarking on the journey that is heading directly to the fountain of youth!  :D  <:-P 

All images in this blog are my own. (of such poor quality, oops #-o apologies to all, I need a new camera one day, hehe ;)) )
Information highlighted in yellow text was sourced from Beautypedia 


  1. Great post Mel! So much useful information! I will have to check some of the brands out. I wish I could eat an orange a day get away without all the complicated serums =)

    I just gave you Top 10 Award :) Check out my blog!

  2. @Su
    Thanks so much Su, will check out your blog now, I also got one from Sarah, so I have no excuses now, hehe, gotta do it, lol Might be something I can squeeze in this week before I head off to Sydney, eek, so little time and so much to do, haha ;)

  3. I discovery glycerin makes the serum very adhesive. I currently use the recipe from magnificently green and her recipe only calls for 1 tsp. of glycerin and I can barely stand the adhesiveness from that
    topical vitamin c


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