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Monday, August 8, 2011

Top 10 Award – My favourite products!

Top 10 Award, What the???  :-/ That’s exactly what I thought when I heard I was nominated by not one but two of my fellow bloggers to participate in a blogging game of 'Tag, Your IT'!  Well I guess I am now IT, so it’s my turn to play!!  I feel quite honoured to have received the nomination really coz its super nice to be included in something like this, especially since my blog is so new and I am still taking baby steps while I learn the ropes.   ;;)  :)  

 The rules of the Top 10 Award are:

  1. You must link back to the blogger (or bloggers in my case) who nominated you.
  2. You must then list your Top 10 favourite products.
  3. Finally, you need to then nominate 10 other bloggers to receive this modest but impressive award.

I was nominated by the lovely Sarah at The Science of Beauty and my good friend Su from My Perfume Diaries (Thanks Chicky Babe’s, I appreciate you guys thinking of me ;) ).  Everyone simply MUST check out their blogs! Sarah from The Science of Beauty is a scientist by trade and loves anything to do with beauty.  She likes to chat about beauty products and backs it up with scientific research, which makes for a really interesting read. (*)  Su from My Perfume Diaries, on the other hand, is just another girl who can't stop talking about perfumes.  However, she has a nose like no other and a unique way with words, tempting her readers with an array of gorgeous fragrances and other beauty stuff.  Her blog is unique and unlike most blogs; it’s very entertaining and will keep you very amused. (*)

Anyway, I thought this Top 10 Award would be a fun way to embrace the Blogger community while giving me the opportunity to share the love around a bit. :x   It was no easy feat narrowing down my favourite products to only 10 and am still umming and ahhing about  my final selection, which I might add has already been changed countless times already, hehe. ;))  Well before I can change my mind again, lets get the ball rolling once and for all.   :-j               
Presenting to you…..

My Top 10 Favourite Products!

I love this amazing AHA body wash because it keeps my skin in tip-top condition.  I never bothered to care too much for the skin on my body, but after investing in a quality body wash I soon discovered how beneficial it was.  Infused with Lactic Acid, a chemical exfoliant, this body wash gently sloughs away dead skin cells every time I wash.   It leaves my skin smoother, softer and more radiant.  It also keeps the hair follicles clear and unclogged so that I don’t develop any nasty ingrowns or rashes from shaving.

Everyone needs a decent cleanser and this is 'the one' for me.  I have already reviewed this cleanser in detail in my Cleansing post, however in just a few words:  This is my ‘Holy Grail’ cleanser; powerful enough to remove excess dirt, oil and any impurities from my skin, but gentle and kind enough for my sensitive skin.  A deep pore cleanser that keeps my pores free of gunk and keeps those pesky blackheads at bay.

This cleansing tool is a product I have also reviewed more thoroughly in my Cleansing post.  This little gizmo is the ‘Ant’s Pants’ of all beauty gadgets and is one that I would be reluctant to ever part with.  It compliments my anti-ageing skin care regime and provides me with a multitude of benefits, including a smoother, softer, exceptionally clearer complexion, just to name a few.

I recently blogged all about this product in my VitaminTherapy – Topical Vitamin A post.  My ultimate skin care savior (yes another Holy Grail, LOL :)) )that stands heads above ALL other beauty treatments I have tried in the name of anti-ageing.  It’s a fraction of the price of its OTT (over the counter) cousins and is also heaps more potent.  This is the be all and end all in the war against skin ageing and as long as I have this product on my side, it’s a war I plan to win.      

A new found favourite! (Where has this moisturiser been all my life?? :P ) Reviewed in my Moisturising post recently, this gel spells perfection for my oily skin.  Finding a moisturiser that isn't so heavy it feels like its suffocating my skin or doesn’t sweat off in the heat is normally a nightmare for me.  This ultra lightweight gel is worth its weight in gold and is EVERYTHING I want in a daily moisturiser.  Oily skinned beauties rejoice!!!  \:D/

This lip treatment might be expensive compared to other lip treatments but it is an investment into more youthful lips.  I adore the delectable sweet fruity scent that always tempts me to go back back for more.  It immediately nourishes my lips and leaves them soft, plump and shiny.  It has taken years off my pout and regular use ensures they stay younger and healthier.  My lips have never looked or felt better.

I was tossing up if I should include this in my top 10 or not, since discovering recently that it in fact has a few nasties in the ingredients list :-O  However, despite the fact, I have never had any complaints since I started using it 3 years ago and in fact I have not found a better sun protection product than this. :) It is ideal for the tropical North Queensland summer, providing my skin with the highest level of sun protection in a multi-tasking formula that has good coverage (for a tinted moisturiser) and a nice colour with a matte finish. It doesn’t clog my pores and maintains adequate hydration as well.  I will always use this until something better comes along and to date I have just not found anything as good.

I have a few of these because they are definitely the nicest coloured eyeliners I have personally used.  They are rich in colour and super vibrant on my waterline and the colour lasts for longer than most others do.  The pencils are incredibly soft and creamy allowing them to glide on with ease and they don’t smudge at all so they don’t wind up all over my face.  Available in a spectrum of colours, these eyeliners are extremely cheap and in my opinion much better than many other eyeliners that are twice the price.

These cute little tubes of highly pigmented lip colour are unique and innovative. It looks like gloss but it actually resembles something similar to paint for your lips.  I guess they are like paint in many ways, because you can mix the various shades together to create endless new hues so they are ideal if you have a creative spark.  While they might look like paint, the texture is in fact super lightweight and drenches my lips in opaque colour that stays put for hours, eventually creating a long lasting stain.  The tube might seem tiny, but believe me when I say one tube will probably last you an eternity, hehe. ;)) You need only a pin-sized amount per application…if that, haha. :)) A teeny weeny, itty bitty product that packs one enormous, almighty big punch!!

I can’t live without my tweezers, LOL. :)) These are probably the most used product in my whole beauty kit. ;) When I first saw these with the light I thought, here we go another gimmick, why on earth would you need a light?? 8-| BUT...after discovering just how much I was missing with normal tweezers I changed my opinion quick smart. :"> Not only is the light extremely helpful and makes a HUGE difference visibility wise, these tweezers also have awesome precision and can grasp onto even the finest little hairs so that nothing ever gets left behind.

So, there you have it!  That is my list for now, but we all know it will probably change again soon enough, LOL.  But, hey, that is just me and the joys of being an over obsessed product loving junkie, hehe.  ;))   

Now for the blogs I would like to nominate.  These are all blogs that I follow personally and deem worthy of a recommendation. So, if you are not already following these blogs then I encourage you to click on the link and check them out, you won’t be disappointed.  

Sorry if I have tagged a blog that has already been nominated and you have participated before, if that’s the case I would love it if you could comment below and share your link so we can check out your Top 10 too. If I didn’t mention your blog, it’s certainly not because I don’t love it, of course I do, LOL :))  I just tried to pick blogs that I thought may not have already been nominated, or those who could do with a little bit of extra love. :x  Everyone please feel free to join in with this, because even if you don’t have a blog or if it's not really your thing, I would still LOVE to know what you personally like.  What are your Top 10 favourite products? Please share! xxx

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  1. Great list Mel! I have been wanting to try Invisible Zinc forever. Come summer, I will :) Actually, tweezers is also my most used, less thought about items :D

    And awwww, thanks for all the lovely words. Means a lot :)

  2. @Su
    You are most welcome darl, yes IZ is fantastic, such a bugger to learn that it isn't as perfectly natrual as we are led to believe though :( However if you can get past the initial feeling of deceit, it does a wonderful job :) I <3 my tweezers ;)

  3. Thanks for taking part in the tag. Thats a great range of products that you have listed! I was really hoping that you'd participate as you are so passionate about skincare I really wanted to know what were your ultimate products. Interestingly the thing from your post that has grabbed me the most is the OCC lip tar - I'd never heard of that!

  4. @Sarah Kretchmer Thanks heaps darl, and thanks so much for inviting me to be a part of it. I really enjoyed it, but it was hard to pick just 10 things, hehe. Yes the Lip Tars are the bomb, you really must suss them out, so much fun and so, so effective. They have incredible staying power and I have managed to mix a couple of shades to create my ultimate cool, blue based pink and I just love it :)

  5. Love your blog Mel - well written, a magical expression of your personality, the comments font is beaut, and it's so great to see your fave products and fave blogs. The Retin-A sounds brilliant - must ask my doc about it...

  6. @katshepsutt Why thanks you ever so much for your kind words, it's truly appreciated darl, I love the feedback xxx
    And PS yes Retin-A is pretty awesome ;)

  7. Thanks heaps for the tag, that's lovely of you! Loving your product choices. I really want to try the Styli Style eyeliners now!

  8. Thanks for tagging me Mel! Love the tag will do it soon. OMG love those tweezers. I've never seen them before will definitely look out for them. xx

  9. Great list.Came to know about your blog through Su's. Following you.

  10. @melmeko
    My pleasure my dear. Honestly I love the way you write - refreshingly entertaining, makes me laugh, and the smilies are a hoot. Do keep up the great work - I think you're a natural at this...xxx

  11. @Di from Max The Unicorn Thanks so much Di, you are most welcome. Sorry for the delay in reply I have just gotten back from a long weekend down in Sydney and have heaps to catch up on, ha-ha :-O Definitely get hold of one of the styli-style 24 liners, you will not be disappointed, they just exceed my expectations for a liner that is so affordable :) I will have a couple in a upcoming blog I am doing soon (ish) LOL :D as I have a coloured eyeliner post to organise :)

  12. @DanniiBeauty Thanks so much Dannii, I have been following your blog for ages, it was one of the first blogs I became interested in, so I thought it only natural I tagged you. I can't wait to check out your top 10, let me know the link when you get around to it :) The Tweezers are the bomb, hehe, and I really RELY on my tweezers and these never let me down :)

  13. @Pandora`s Box Hi there darl, so excited to have you checking out my blog :) Woo Hoo my first international bit of interaction, that is awesome :D Thanks so much for stopping by :) Su is a dear friend of mine also and she has great taste and a gorgeous personality that just shines through in her writing. Anyway nice to meet you, I am also the newest follower of your blog and am looking forward to learning more about you via your posts xxx ooo

  14. @katshepsutt Awww shucks, you are making me blush, hehe, no seriously though I appreciate your comments as feedback just reassures me that I am on the right track, lol. Still finding my feet learning how everything works, but my raggering on about everything beautyful, well that just comes naturally, hehe, so I have no doubt that there will ever be a shortage of topics to write about, ha-ha, that department is well and truly covered I think, lol :D


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