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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Tried & Tested – Aveeno Positively Radiant Tinted Moisturiser + Cleanser

Hi there peeps, this here latest post is featuring my tried and tested reviews of the Aveeno Active Naturals products that were sent to me from Beauty Heaven as part of their Trial Team.  I received the Aveeno Positively Radiant Tinted Moisturiser and the Aveeno Positively Radiant Cleanser, from their Positively Radiant line, which spotlights the benefits of their unique processing of the active ingredient, namely Soy that Aveeno claims has many benefits that target skin tone and texture.  The Aveeno Active Natural website describes the Positively Radiant range as: “A line of facial products that utilises the naturally active benefits of soy to even out skin tone and texture and reveal skin’s true radiance naturally.”   

 I am well into my 30's now so skin tone and texture is generally a major concern, so I was excited to see how this range would perform on my problematic, maturing skin, hehe  ;)) Here is my complete rundown on the products that I used and my thoughts on each of them.

Tinted Moisturiser

Considering I live in Innisfail, located in the far northern tropics of Queensland, this time of the year it’s pretty hard to keep a heavy foundation in place, so I prefer something lighter, such as a tinted moisturiser.  After years of neglect my skin is showing signs of sun damage and premature ageing, so I like to keep my skin covered at all times, not only to disguise my imperfections and mottled skin tone, but also to protect it from the damaging rays.  Due to this, I prefer a tinted moisturiser with SPF, so when Beauty Heaven presented me the opportunity to trial the Aveeno Positively Radiant Tinted Moisturiser (which is SPF15) in conjunction with the Cleanser in the same range, I was ‘peachy keen’ to give them a whirl.  :)

I have oily skin, so the odd drama when it comes to finding a tinted moisturiser that is suitable for my skin concerns is not unheard of, especially when it has sun protection on board, because most sunscreens just don’t gel with my skin and bring about even more oil.  :-O  Presented in a sturdy lockable pump top dispenser, the Aveeno Positively Radiant Tinted Moisturiser comes in two shades, 'Fair to Light' and 'Medium'.  I opted for the later, which turned out to be a perfect match to my skin tone.  I was a bit concerned that the formula, with its texture being thick like a foundation that included light-reflecting particles would only accentuate my oily skin even more…..and unfortunately it did!  :-/

Tinted Moisturiser Texture (No Flash)
Along with the makeup-like consistency, which actually blended like a charm, the first thing I noticed was the sunscreen-type fragrance that I am not overly partial to. :|  It is quite subtle though and the scent soon fades away to nothing after it's applied to the skin.  It initially promoted a sheer, natural-looking coverage that impressed me, as it evened out my skin tone considerably, masking any flaws, particularly the usual redness and blotchiness that my skin manifests during the hotter months.  So, as well as hiding the ‘bad bits’ it complimented my personal skin colouring exceptionally well to achieve a ‘barely there’ existence and a refined, polished-looking complexion. :)  The finish felt nice and lightweight on my skin, which I was thinking has to be a good sign, as whilst the dewy, glow looked acceptable after I had finished setting it with my normal translucent powder, those instant admissible results were sadly short-lived.  :-S

Tinted Moisturiser Texture (Flash)
After going about my normal morning activities, I stopped to reflect on my appearance in the mirror and at first, I couldn’t tell if my skin was starting to look shiny or if it was just the shimmery Mica particles that were included in the ingredients.  Although, before the morning was over, I touched my skin and this time, it was well and truly feeling greasy, so in hope, I applied some more translucent powder to try and help reduce the shine.  [-o<  By mid afternoon, with the day getting warmer, that coincides with the addition of humidity, I was looking like I had just jumped out of the deep fryer, covered in an oil slick of sorts. #-o  To top it off, as well all that the excess oil, my face was literally glistening (think shimmer, eww  [-( ) that also emphasised my problem. :(  My face also looked quite patchy and the majority of the original flawless coverage had basically just separated and settled into any lines and crevices or had melted away entirely.  Some of the remnants clung onto a couple of dry patches on my skin that I didn’t even know existed until they were brought to my attention by the unsightly flakiness that highlighted the fact.  :-O

Blended on right side only (No Flash)
Not one to give up so easily, I tried it again the following day, this time with a primer underneath. *-:)  While it didn’t make a 'huge' difference by the end of the day, I did notice that the coverage lasted longer and wasn’t as greasy as the previous application.  I continued using the tinted moisturiser (only collaborated with a primer) for a period of five days, however on the third day, I noticed a small pimple surfacing on my cheek, followed by two more the next morning and finally on the fifth day there was another one, this time right on my nose. :-O  That was the last straw!  ~X(   I found it to be quite overwhelming, because it certainly wasn’t ‘that time of the month’ when I AM inclined to get the odd hormonal blemish and considering other than this Tinted Moisturiser and the associated Cleanser, I have not added anything else or changed my standard, particularly strict skin care regime. :-<  I immediately ceased using the products, but when I am feeling braver, I might try introducing them one at a time, to determine which one or if both could possibly be the culprit.  :-t  Even though I am convinced, knowing my own skin very well and not being one who breaks out too often, that most likely this particular formulation is just too rich for my oily skin.  Whilst the product claims to be noncomedogenic, because my skin wound up so greasy, it’s my opinion that the excessive oil production is what also contributed to my breakouts.  It’s not all bad though, as while I do have oily skin, I am also blessed with sensitive skin and I can ensure that these products didn’t cause any irritation or skin flare-up’s, so it is gentle and didn’t upset my skin at all. #:-S

Blended on right side only (Flash)
With its mediocre price range, this product comes up trumps in terms of being economical, seeing as I only needed one pump per application, I dare say it will last for ages.  Taking into consideration my skin is already oily and the weather is rapidly heating up, it would be safe to determine, these were the contributing factors to my ‘not so pleasant’ experience and the overall performance of this product in my case.  :(  While, I wouldn’t feel comfortable recommending this to anyone with oily skin, we are indeed, all different, therefore what works for me (or what doesn’t work in this case, LOL  :)) ) could actually be pleasantly surprising for other oily skinned beauties, so take it in your stride and if you are comfortable to give it a shot then go for it.  :)>-  I am of the belief that the Aveeno Positively Radiant Tinted Moisturiser would be more suited to those with normal to dry skin types, as the initial results I encountered, would have a far greater possibility of endurance to prevail a flattering, dewy, radiant-looking complexion, rather than one that resembles a luminous, disco ball. L-)  It’s got plenty of potential.....but ONLY for the right person. :p



Beauty Heaven also sent me this Aveeno Positively Radiant Cleanser to trial, in addition to the Tinted Moisturiser in the same range.  I used both of these products over a five day period and whilst I didn’t have much luck with it’s partner, the Cleanser seemed to do basic the job at hand.  :)

Packaged in a durable plastic lockable pump top dispenser, just like its counterpart, it makes for ease of distribution and less chance of wastage.  The first thing I noticed when I dispersed the Cleanser for the first time was actually the smell, which reminded me of something familiar. :-?  It has a distinct lemon fragrance and I am normally really fond of refreshing citrus scents, but this smells a bit like Sunlight dish washing detergent to me and it isn’t particularly appealing when used on my face. :-&  The perfume, fortunately, doesn’t linger on my skin once it’s washed off, so it didn’t trigger any reactions, although I would have preferred if it were less prominent or completely unscented.  :-"
Cleanser Texture (No Flash)

The thick, creamy formulation is of a pearlescent appearance, with tiny traces of Mica included, which I found to be a bit strange for a cleanser. :-?  Were these particles added intentionally, to somehow gently exfoliate the skin, or are they purely cosmetic?  :-?  Is that supposed to be the basis of the ‘radiant’ part maybe?  :-?  That by imparting shimmer particles to the skin it may suddenly appear more illuminated??  :-?  :-?  Who knows, but I do find it rather bizarre!   :o)  I only need one pump, to achieve a gentle, lightly foaming lather, which is enough for my whole face and neck.  It cleans my skin without leaving it feeling taught or dry, removing most makeup, other than my waterproof mascara, which just streaked under my eyes.  But, that is normal with most cleansers though anyway, so I find use an oil-based cleanser to combat stubborn waterproof makeup.  ;)
Cleanser Texture (Flash)

While I can’t say I noticed my skin looking any more radiant than usual during the short time I used this Cleanser, particularly as the glittery bits wash off with water anyway, but my skin does feel clean and comfortable.  I am uncertain if this product contributed to my skin being excessively oily during this trial or not, but in the future I will use it again, this time without the addition of the Tinted Moisturiser to hopefully rule out that conception. [-o<

Lightly Foams (No Flash)
Overall, I am still a bit ‘on the fence’ about this Aveeno Positively Radiant Cleanser because while it is exceptionally good value for money, at the end of the day I find it is just an average cleanser and ‘nothing to write home about’.  It does remove dirt, surface oil and the majority of my makeup, yet the scent is a bit off-putting and at this stage, I can’t see any improvements to my skin tone. :-L  I guess this product would be the ideal Cleanser for anyone who wants a normal ‘run of the mill’ cleanser that is budget friendly and won’t break the bank.  B-)
Very Creamy (Flash)

Final Thoughts

Gee, I am rather disappointed that I couldn’t share a more positive experience in this post, but I have learned to take the bad with the good, considerably so when dealing with oily skin issues I often come across more bad than good. :-<  It is just a way of life that I have gotten use to over the years and it always helps to remember hey, we are not all the same, so it's only natural that our experiences with beauty products will differ from person to person.  That is what keeps the beauty industry in business, the fact that we are all unique and are constantly trying one product after the next on the hunt for ‘Holy Grail’ products that perfectly address our personal skin concerns. ;) 

So, as for the Tinted Moisturiser, well it’s back to the drawing board for me this summer, while continuing to keep my eyes peeled for new SPF products that are suitable, especially at keeping the oilies at bay!  If all else fails I do have a small tried and tested selection that I posted about in my Sun Protection - Staring 'Oily' Skin post, that I know I can always rely on. #:-S  As for the Cleanser, I will keep you posted if I do try it again and have something more to add.  Have you tried any Aveeno products before?  What about either of these Positively Radiant products?  Have you had any bad experiences using tinted moisturisers before or have you found something perfect?  If anyone happens to know of a good ‘NON-GREASY’ tinted moisturiser with reasonable coverage, then please, please, please tell me more :)

All images in this post are my own.


  1. Great reviews as always! The shiny particles annoy me a lot and like you said, I can't see why they should be in a cleanser, strange it is!
    I have only tried the Aveeno moisturiser and it gave a glow, not the glow I wanted but an oily slick glow lol
    Have you tried BB creams? Maybe it will suit oily skin better? The Garnier one has SPF 15. I just started using it and will surely let you know how I go :)

  2. Thanks so much Su, I was a bit precarious posting about products that didn't go down too well, but I believe it had to be said! Negative reviews are just as important to consumers, as long as it's truthful and any opinions backed up and based on factual experience. Both products seemed to have scored high ratings on BH, so it doesn't hurt to have a different perspective, haha. Damned oily skin, haha, many highly acclaimed products are just wrong for me even though everyone else loves them :-O lol. I have done heaps of research on BB creams, but have yet to find one that doesn't have mixed reviews about suitability for oily skin (certain ones even have mineral oil that wouldn't work, eek!!), so after hours of trawling the net I still couldn't be certain (and there are like hundreds of different ones)so I just gave up, *rolls eyes* lol.
    I got a sample of one called Skin or something I think that was actually pretty awesome but it was one of those stupid little sachet things that only gives you enough for one use, making it impossible to determine its affect on my oilies, haha. Need bigger samples and I am still very intrigued, therefore my search is ongoing. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the Garnier, I'm kind of thinking, maybe too rich for me as well, but will have to wait and see :)

  3. Thanks for the great review! Love it! This is one of my favorite aveeno products.


  4. @Pinch of Pretty Thanks so much for stopping by, appreciate your comment :) I have read lots of positive reviews about these Aveeno products, they work well for so many people and they are affordable too :)

  5. Oh no! I didn't have the oily and seperation problems with the tinted moisturiser (and I do have oily-combination skin) but thats probably because the weather is so much warmer where you are! I liked the Aveeno more than the recent Garnier BB Cream. Awesome, detailed review :)
    (apologies if this comment comes through twice, I am having blogger issues LOL)

  6. @Di from Max The Unicorn Thanks for your comment Di, Yes I completely agree that the heat was a contributing factor, however my skin is full on oily at the best of times and normally I find I have issues with many SPF products anyway, so that could also be what turned me into a walking grease ball, haha. I double checked some of the Garnier BB Cream reviews on BH and decided that is definitely going to be a no no, might not be ideal for oily skinned beauties at all :( Oh well at least one doesn't have to spend a fortune finding out that they are not suitable ;)
    No problems with a double post for this one, yep I feel your pain, it's not just at your end, I was also getting duplicate notifications for comments yesterday, so hopefully Blogger got it sorted :)

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  8. @Feb Store Hi Amy, I sent you an email darl, thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  9. The Radiant Tinted Moisturizer is one of my favorite Aveeno products.
    ~Pauline @ Aveeno Philippines


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