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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

EOTD – Pink & Gold

Pink & Gold EOTD - No Flash
I am a bit late (OK, OK, I admit, heaps late, oops :">  soz peeps) with this post because I have been working on my entry into the Beauty Heaven annual Blogstar competition over the past week.  Not only did I get sidetracked and right off schedule, I also absentmindedly assumed I could post my submission straight here on my own blog as well, once the entry was surrendered. (the conditions, which I am querying only state you can't submit an existing published post, but video entries are published on YouTube, so I can't fathom why written entries shouldn't also be used on the authors personal blog??)  I was intending to outline that the work was written for the sole purpose of the Blogstar competition etc. etc. (yeah, yeah you get my drift (:| LOL ;) ) Even after investigating on the Forum and various Blogs about the subject, I have still drawn a blank, unable to determine if it's permitted or not.  :-\  After a week of deliberation, I decided NOT to risk it.  Knowing my luck, my entry would end up being deemed void and invalid, therefore, all the time and effort already spent, (mostly hours of editing to try and reduce my original post to less than 500 words  :-B :))  LOL!) might have been futile, EEK!  :-O  

Pink & Gold EOTD - Both Eyes - No Flash
Pink & Gold EOTD - Flash
Ok, so the point is, I now have to post something super fast with no preparation, Double EEK!!  :-O  :-O  Well, skimming through some photo’s from a couple of months back, I came across an EOTD (Eye of the Day) that I conjured up to harmonise with one of my favourite baby pink lip hues, the Innoxa Matte Lipstick in Pink Carnation, which I have already photographed in my Innoxa Lipsticks post a while back. #:-S  While this isn’t the same eye look that I used on that occasion, I wanted to try something new and different to compliment the gorgeous pink tincture to perfection, and well, this is what I came up with.  :)  A quick and easy eye makeup look, using only a handful of products from my beauty stash, featuring a basic combo of budget and quality cosmetic brands.  ;)

Here is what I used:

This eye makeup base is my ultimate saviour for oily lids.  The problem is non-existent if I prime my lids with this before attending to my usual eye makeup.  It creates a flawless canvas to disguise any imperfections, allowing for an effortless application that prolongs the staying power of my eye makeup to perfection so it doesn't crease or smudge or fade.  Also helps to brighten up tired eyes and leave them with a 'well-rested' appearance.

MAC Paint Pot in Chilled on Ice 
(Described as a Frosted White Gold)  It’s a creamy metallic-style pale yellowish gold that was introduced here early this year from the Mac limited edition Cham Pale collection (some good images can be viewed here).  It is more gold looking on my skin than it appears to be in the pot and the cool shimmer (not at all glittery) that is semi-sheer is ideal as an all over lid colour.  It blends seamlessly and I love that even though it has such a creamy formula, it dries quickly with no tackiness, while the intense finish stays vibrant all day.  (NB: No longer available via the Mac website)

MAC Cream Colour Base in Madly Magenta 
(Described as a Vivid Pinkish Purple)  These multi-tasking creamy colours are so handy and a ‘must have’ for all beauty cases.  They can be used on your eyes, lips, cheeks anywhere really and even though I read somewhere that this colour is NOT suitable for lips and eyes, but, I defied the perception and have found it is awesome any which way ;)  This hue springs from the Mac Stylishly Yours collection and is apparently a permanent MAC PRO only shade. (Swatches can be viewed here)  Now this is pink how I like it (my kind of pink!) :x  A cool, blue-based, bright pink with purple undertones, or similar to fuchsia more or less.  The formula is highly pigmented, providing a rich, fully opaque coverage that simply doesn't budge.  (NB: Permanent Shade at PRO stores only, but don't hold me to that  :)>- I don't have personal access to a MAC PRO store to verify this claim)

(Described as a Subtle Shimmery Champagne)  The multi-purpose pigments are the best ultra budget cosmetic product I have ever experienced.  The finely-milled, highly concentrated almost gold (rather than nude) coloured powder definitely packs an enormous punch in terms of colour payoff and its gorgeous, pearlescent finish is ideal to highlight any makeup look.  I like these pigments as an eyeshadow or a highlighter, as a blush on my cheeks, mixed with gloss on my lips, or polish to paint my nails and even, on occasions in my hair.  Used either wet or dry, they are smooth to apply with minimal fading (especially when a primer is in place first).  The only downside is that it’s hard to access the pigment while it’s in its original pot, so it’s easier to transfer as much product as needed into another canister or a mixing medium to avoid wastage. 

Guerlain Retractable Eye Pencil in Gold 
This retractable-type liner doesn't appear to be available anymore via Guerlain, however more information on the product can be sourced here. The intense 'true' gold liner is super soft and creamy, delivering immaculate precision and is presented in quality Guerlain packaging that just screams pure ‘class’.  It glides on smooth and defines my waterline with a dramatic pop of colour that stays put for hours without regular touch-ups. The built-in sharpener is useful if you want to achieve an even more tapered point for finer lines.  (NB:  While obsolete by Guerlain, it's still readily available at many online discount outlets)

NYX Doll Eye Mascara in Waterproof Black 
I use this mascara more than many of my others, as it always enhances a brilliant, natural-looking flutter. ;;)  I prefer the Waterproof formulation, to be confident that it doesn’t wind up where it shouldn’t be and like how the design of the brush allows for perfect maneuvering to coat every lash, even the finest inner ones.  It lengthens my lashes, leaving them incredibly black and much fuller, minus any clumping or flaking. Whilst I like my lashes to look prominent, I don't go for anything too OTT (over the top) during the day, however when I need some extra 'oomph', this mascara can also be built-up for a more dramatic, nighttime effect.

Pink & Gold EOTD - Full FOTD - No Flash
This is how I did it:

After priming with the Laura Mercier Eye Basics, I created a light wash of colour all over the lid, extending to the upper orbital bone (or is it lower brow bone, bwahaha, I am not up to speed on anatomy, :)) LOL!) using the MAC Paint Pot.  I then applied the MAC Cream Colour Base along the upper lash line and lower lid, smudging slightly, extending to the outer corner and up into a V in the outer crease.  I then used the NYX Cosmetics Loose Pearl Eye Shadow underneath my brows and in the inner corner of my eyes, carefully blending into the gold wash.  Using a large brush, I dusted some loose Translucent Powder over the area to complete the blending and set the colour.  I worked the Guerlain Retractable Eye Pencil into my lower and upper waterline and along the lower lash line.  Finally, just one coat of NYX Doll Eye Mascara to both the upper and lower lashes concluded the eye look.

The lipstick that inspired this look.


This look was simple to achieve and I thought it effectively complimented the baby pink lipstick, while promoting a soft, feminine appearance. \:D/  What do you all think?  Is it a winning combination and does it suit my eye colour?  While I love wearing pink lipsticks, I usually don't opt for pink shades on my eyes, so please give me your honest opinion. :-? Does it work??  I would also love some more colour solutions for my eyes that would be flattering when united with a baby pink lipstick hue, similar to the one pictured above.  Any suggestions?  ;)

All images in this blog are my own, with the exception of the generic product images.


  1. @Tashii Hey Tash, thanks so much darl, I'm definitely not overly flash in terms of makeup application techniques or anything, haha, but as long as it presentable that's the main thing :)

  2. This is really pretty, I like! I will have to give this a go myself, I like the colour combinations on your eyes. It'll give me a chance to use my gold nyx slide on liner.

    :) Blackmagic xx

  3. PS, you suggested a while back to get those NYX slide on liners so I did and I am sooooooo happy I did. They are super pigmented, glide on so easily and softly, they stay on like permanent marker lol and don't smudge a bit.

  4. @Anonymous Thanks so much Blackmagic, yay so glad you are loving the slide on liners, aren't NYX fantastic :) Love it when something so affordable works so so well ;)


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