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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mechanical Exfoliants

Woo Hoo, YAY, Yeah boi!!!  <:-P   I’m excited coz this is finally the last, concluding post of a concession, focused around the topic Serious Skin Care , which basically outlines each and every product I use in my daily/weekly skin care routine.  The subject now wrapping up this saga is Mechanical Exfoliants, products that I only utilise myself on an ‘Occasional' basis. :-/  Why only sometimes, you may wonder?  Personally, I don’t deem it as being essential for my individual routine, however, this step IS very important to many other skin care enthusiasts.  It was actually an act I had always implicated into my normal skin care routine, throughout my adult years, that was until a few years ago, when my therapist advised me it was probably not in the best interest of my skin to continue with it. :-O

I enjoyed exfoliating my skin with a manual scrub, often infused with some form of small, slightly rough particles or granules that would physically slough dead skin cells from the surface of my skin to reveal the new layer of skin underneath.  I was obviously naive or something, because I had the impression that to achieve a bright, clear complexion then implementing a skin-polishing product was vital. :-/  I also admit, at times, I was a bit too eager when it came to scrubbing my skin, later discovering that over-exfoliating strips away layers of healthy cells and reduces the skin's natural defences.  Once I was more aware of my sensitive skin issues, I continued using Mechanical Exfoliants in moderation, just once a week to reap the benefits of better skin rejuvenation, exposing a fresh, healthy, new complexion, assuring myself I wouldn’t be upsetting my delicate skin.  But, I soon I was to learn that I still had it all wrong, d’oh!   #-o

When I went for my first professional skin analysis, the first thing my therapist asked was if I was a ‘Scrubber’, as she immediately noticed the tell tale signs, which reflected with the raw, flushed appearance of my skin.  :-O  After ‘fessing up’ she introduced me to the advantages of Chemical Exfoliants that typified ingredients such as glycolic, lactic, citric, or salicylic acid to deeply penetrate the skin, assisting cell turnover and renewal, which would ideally be less traumatic for my fragile skin. :-<   At first, I was shattered!  =((   The Mechanical Exfoliants I was using of late, while quite expensive, they were indeed results orientated, so I didn’t particularly want to part with them just yet.  Nevertheless, after some deliberating my therapist said, if I really wanted to use them ‘Occasionally’ I could do so with, but with extreme caution! :-S   She went on to explain that if I carefully applied the scrubs, focusing on the outer facial regions that are a bit tougher/thicker than the weaker/thinner, more delicate areas around my nose and inner cheeks, then it shouldn’t harm or exasperate my sensitive skin. #:-S

I learnt a lot about my skin that day and ever since, I have avoided scrubbing the life out of my skin, instead opting for skin care products infused with chemical exfoliating ingredients.  These ingredients are solely incorporated into my basic skin care steps, for example Cleansing, where my glycolic-based cleanser has become a firm favourite and hence now voids the need for a separate exfoliating product.  The same two Mechanical Exfoliants that I had grown so partially fond of all those years ago are still lurking in my beauty kit today, but will remain as ‘Occassional’ staples, LOL!  :))  While they are Mechanical Exfoliants, they fortunately boast urber gentle formulations with soft particles that don’t scratch my skins surface and the added benefit of AHA’s, deliver the best of both worlds to my skin.  \:D/  Both products are exceptionally comfortable to use, but I ultimately LOVE  :x  the accelerated desired results of a super smooth, supple texture, restored lustre and the ability to achieve a vibrant, youthful-looking complexion.  :)

Here are my favourites:

Microfoliant Powder form
If you have heard of Dermalogica then you have undoubtedly heard about this Exfoliant.  This beauty product has attained a ‘cult’ status and it still consistently wins legions of skin care awards worldwide on a yearly basis.  =D>  It’s easy to understand why it’s so damn popular, nobody needs a degree to notice the instantly visible results and flawless complexion staring back at you when you peer in the mirror straight after application.  Featuring a skin-brightening complex, this exclusive rice-based, enzyme Exfoliant, enriched with a professional blend of skin-boosting plant extracts and essential oils presents as a dry powder, activating as soon as it contacts water.  All I have to do is shake a little powder straight onto my damp palms and begin rubbing both hands together until it forms a ever so slightly frothy, paste-like consistency that I then go about massaging into my skin, so it can gently eliminate dead skin cells, dirt and impurities.  After rinsing, the first thing I notice is that my skin is immediately baby soft and silky smooth to touch.  :)  My face isn’t left taut or dry, nor does it appear red and irritated.  #:-S   This legendary Exfoliant prompts my skin to absolutely glow. (Oh, it’s not a greasy, oil slick, disco ball-looking glow either!  :-/  )  This glow is nothing bar pure fresh, clean, healthy radiance, which distinctly enlivens my whole complexion.  What else makes the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant so highly acclaimed?  Well, I am inclined to say that because the powder-like texture is completely non-abrasive with built-in soothing properties, so it won’t upset or provoke vulnerable skin.  This suggests to me that it would be ideal for the most fragile skin conditions, or alternatively, it’s optimal for frequent use, as the name suggests, on a daily basis, quite unlike most other Exfoliants that need only be applied once to twice a week max.  \:D/   I mostly use this prior to getting myself all ‘dolled-up  as I can be quietly confident knowing my skin will remarkably de-congest upon application, which for me means less pesky pimples or blackheads, as well as the security that it always  preserves minimal or at least, a more balanced pH level as well (YAY, no greasy shine!! <:-P ).  So why else do I primarily prefer this Exfoliant ahead of special occasions?  It’s simple really, because my skin is automatically transformed into a perfectly smooth canvas, ready for makeup application without a hitch and a guaranteed longer-lasting, luminous finish.  This is one skin care superstar that needs no recommendations; earning all rights to its award-winning, reputable stature. (*)

Microfoliant paste-like when damp
Microfoliant frothy with extra water


This is my personal 'jewel' of the Dermalogica range.  B-) This is the Exfoliant that I have personally used the longest, even though it has me straying from my urge to normally resist Mechanical Exfoliants, when it comes to one that I am extremely partial to, I just make an exception.  ;)  The results speak for themselves and by totally revitalising my lacklustre skin so convincingly; I couldn’t give it up even if I wanted to, LOL!   :))   What also appeals is over time it can actually repair years of skin damage, while the instant deep-pore cleanse it provides leaves my complexion so soft, smooth and adequately hydrated the minute I wash it off.  The grains are of a fine texture to effortlessly slough away dead, dulling skin cells, but yet oh so gentle so it doesn’t aggravate my sensitive skin.  It’s potent enough to eliminate impurities and maintain a more balanced pH, therefore I notice after having used this Exfoliant, any pimples are virtually non-existent and my complexion is less prone to developing the unsightly, greasy film that tends to creep up on my oily skin during the day. (Also known as midday shine!  :-S ).  The thickly formulated scrub is unlike anything else I have ever tried, featuring thermal technology that magically warms up upon contact to allow the dynamic ingredients to better penetrate the skin.  Speaking of ingredients, this Exfoliant is an anti-ageing revelation, packed full of complex actives, antioxidants, vitamins and enzymes in a botanical concentrate, which helps to slow down and reverse the premature ageing process.  It sounds good doesn’t it? Well I can assure you, it’s not only good, it’s phenomenal.  =D> The Dermalogica AGE Smart MultiVitamin Thermafoliant is pure luxury in a tube, boasting the aromatic Dermalogica signature scent, coalesced with the unique warming action, it encourages relaxation by arousing  the senses and evoking tranquillity, for complete and utter bliss.  Oh, I didn’t mention the noticeably healthy, all-over glow that is induced on my complexion immediately after applying this scrub, see what more could you want in an Exfoliant? This one has it all and I can’t rave enough about how much I LOVE it.   :x 

Thermafoliant water added

Without any doubt, exfoliating, regardless if you prefer the Mechanical or Chemical variety, is paramount to anyone who is serious about winning the war against the visible signs of prematurely aged skin.  Boosting circulation, stimulating the natural cell turnover process, accelerating collagen production, evening and brightening the skin tone, smoothing it’s texture, minimising fine lines, targeting pigmentation and balancing pH levels are all feats that you can achieve from efoliating regularly to reverse and protect against the skins ageing process.  It’s not a miracle as it takes lots of dedication and plenty of patience, however it’s not impossible and I don’t know about you but if there is even just a glimmer of hope that I can maintain the fountain of youth for a bit longer, hehe!  ;)) Then call me vain, [-X   LOL!   :)) but, I plan to embrace the opportunity and whatever help is on hand to tackle the symptoms head on and fight for victory. b-(   Do you use an Exfoliant to help battle skin ageing or maybe for refining, polishing or clarifying your complexion to invigorate dull, lack lustre skin?  Are you a ‘Scrubber’ who uses Mechanical Exfoliants or do you normally select the Chemical style, or maybe even a dual formula featuring a combination of both?  Share your favourite or tell us about an Exfoliant that has influenced you somehow?  :)

There are three generic images in this blog, the two product images and the Dermalogica banner, however the photo's of the formulations are my own.


  1. I do enjoy an exfoliator as my skin is prone to blocked pores and I get that icky oil film. My fav is the Alpha-H microcleanse, recommended by a beautician and that has been one I have always repurchased. I am enticed by the Thermafoliant now though :) hehehe

  2. If my face has no rashes, I exfoliate twice weekly with a granular scrub that also contains aha. If I'm getting breakouts, I find that the more I exfoliate, the less severe the breakouts will be, and they tend to dissapear quickly. Lately, with the awful eczema rashes all over my face I've had to give that up, but I still cheat because I can't stand not exfoliating! I use the microfoliant every second day, which unbelievably does not irritate the rash. The other exfoliater sounds awesome though! Definately must look into that one once my fast clears... I can't give up my "abrasive" scrubs :) Excellent post!

  3. @Dimitra Yes Alpha-H make awesome chemical exfoliants, the Microcleanse is fantastic :) Definitely try the Thermafoliant, positive you will love it too xxx ooo

  4. @Rin
    Naw I feel for you, eczema would pose as a real obstacle, but glad you can confirm that the Microfoliant doesn't exacerbate the flare-ups, so hopefully that will give others with fragile skin the confidence in knowing it's safe for them to try too :) I am certain that if you love facial scrubs you will love the Thermafoliant too, it has never aggravated my sensitive skin so pretty sure it will be a winner for you too :) Thanks heaps for your comment :)


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