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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Recipe - De-Stress for Less

This was my entry into the recent Beauty Heaven Blogstar competition.  It didn’t win me any awards, :-<  LOL!  :))  But, I did enjoy re-living my relaxing experience as I was working on this post and also the topic is completely different to any of my previous blogs, so all in all I had fun stepping out of my comfort zone and running around naked....(well, not quite, hehe! ;)) but you know what I mean ;)  )

As a WAHM rearing two hardheads (rug rats/toddlers), days off are scarce and ‘me’ time is a rare amenity. Last weekend, the youngsters stayed overnight at their grandparents, leaving me home alone with a hunger for some long-awaited pampering. I cooked myself the ‘order of the day’, to tantalise my senses, before serving up a welcoming slice of repose!


Scented Candle
Epsom Salts/Baking Soda
Aromatherapy Oils
Body Wash/Scrub
Shampoo/Conditioner/Treatment Mask
Cleanser/Cleansing Devise
Facial Mask
Body Moisturiser
Foot Lotion
Cotton Socks
Hand Cream
Lip Balm


1. In the bathroom, create sensual aroma and atmosphere with a calming Scented Candle, transitioning you from tense to tranquil and evoking a serene, peaceful ambiance. 
I used:  Ecoya Soy Wax Candle Everyday Tin in French Pear.

2. Run a luxury-healing bath, infused with Epsom Salts and Baking Soda to flush toxins and relieve tired, overworked muscles. Assist the detox by adding Aromatherapy Oils. Soak your cares away, stimulating circulation, easing tension and reducing stress for improved well-being. 

3. Bathe your body using an ambrosial Body Wash.  

Slough away dead skin cells and restore the smooth factor with a deep cleansing, exfoliating Body Scrub. 

A Pumice Stone softens rough areas on your heels and toes.

4. Use a luscious Shampoo and Conditioner to achieve smooth, soft locks, which smell fabulous.  

Boost your tresses with a Treatment Mask, promoting moisture, strength and flexibility.  

5. Cleanse your face to purify the skin and target individual concerns.

Implement a complimentary Cleansing Device that enhances your cleanser, prompting a thorough, deep–pore clean and optimal skin health.  

6. Apply an embellishing Facial Mask to balance, comfort and repair skin, whilst eliminating impurities. Kick back, chill out and drift away restfully, as it performs its magic. 

7. After the indulgent bath, massage a rich, replenishing Body Moisturiser into damp skin, encouraging better absorption, keeping moisture locked in.  

Treat your feet and soothe your soles with a mint-enriched Foot Lotion that refreshes skin and increases circulation. 

Slipping on Cotton Socks encourages fancy feet, plus keeps them sweet. 

8. Complete your regular facial care regime, before nurturing your hands with a succulent, remedial Hand Cream. 

Finally, extend the TLC to your kissers, with a slick of nourishing Lip Balm.  
                 I used:  Dermalogica Age Smart Renewal Lip Complex


Serves - 1
Calories - 0

Ahh, that rest stop left me rejuvenated and blissfully at ease. If life becomes hectic or you’re flirting with stress, remember to call time-out before you burnout. Do you have a special remedy for respite?

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  1. I love this. It's always important to take time out and treat yourself. I set aside time every week or two to do a routine similar to this.

    I love the sound of the aromatherapy blend, will have to look into that brand. I usually just add Lavender oil to my bath but use Bloom Organic's Calming Blend in my oil burner some nights. I also love Tinderbox's Detox Bath Salts, it's basically epsom salts and essential oils combined. Perfect for a relaxing bath on the weekend.

  2. @MissTeaAddict Thanks so much darl. Personally I think I would explode without my regular pamper sessions. Whilst when the kids are at home, they are not usually as 'in-depth' as this experience was. But even just 5 minutes time out on your own with a delightful body wash in the shower is enough to keep one from losing that sanity, lol ;) You just have to work with what you have and the time you have, but it's a very realistic possibility for anyone who wants to take a load off. The Nat. brand has some wonderful oil blends available and yes, I've definitely heard of mixing Epsom Salts with Essential Oils, the options are endless. Just need some imagination and creativity and before you know it the ideal bathroom retreat is in the making :)


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