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Sunday, December 11, 2011

L’Oreal Professionnel Mythic Oil - Review

Outer Packaging
I recently received the Mythic Oil to trial from L’Oreal Professionnel and have given it a good work out over the past four weeks, so I decided it might be worthwhile sharing my appraisal.  ;)  This low-down will hopefully be useful for my fellow fine-haired beauties, who no doubt, would relate to the dilemma of finding suitable hair care products that don’t weigh down those ultra thin tresses, which tend to stick to your head (Eww, not a good look  L-)  ).  It can also get all greasy from the build-up, spurring the volume to deplete; therefore, your hair just looks flat and awfully lank. :-/

Not only is my hair baby fine, the frustrating thing is it’s also fairly oily (Arrrghhh, Yep blessed with oily skin and oily hair too, nooo why me!!  ~X(  ).  Anyway, after spending a lifetime of dying my mop in accordance with every shade under the rainbow, from platinum blonde, to red, to blue black and various colours in between, as a result the ends are bit frazzled and parched.  Meanwhile, the roots and upper lengths need to be ‘handled with care’, as this area gets oily, particularly if I have used unsuitable hair care products.  :-/   My dead straight, fine, oily/dry combination hair is currently a couple of inches longer than my shoulders, which after washing, if left to dry naturally, with no styling products, ends up looking like I just stuck my finger in a power socket,  EEK!  :-O  Yes, static flyaway hair is very common for those of us with fine, straight hair, which is why serums, oils and leave-in treatments are ideal…..IF they are not to heavy and rich!  :-S  Luckily, it’s usually pretty easy to determine when a product is all wrong, as makes my hair all limp, lifeless and greasy within just a few hours of application, these products need to be avoided like the plague, LOL!  [-X

Inner Bottle
I was a big fan of Moroccanoil Original Oil Treatment when it first became popular, even though one upon a time if anyone had suggested putting oil in my oily hair I would have looked at them like they had sworn or cursed at me  /:)  Needless to say, I have since learned that in most cases oil actually combats oil, so as long as it’s not too heavy or rich then it won’t exasperate the oiliness. #:-S  Initially I loved everything about the Moroccanoil, (well maybe everything other than the hefty price tag) but after using it for a period of time, I found that teamed with my regular hair care products, it was a bit much and would wind up getting weighed down and contributing to excess build-up, so my mane resembled an oil slick. :(  Disappointed, I ended up swapping the bottle and decided that the Moroccanoil Light Oil Treatment might be more suitable, however because it’s so exy, I still have not gotten around to trying it as of yet. :-"

Then, along comes the Mythic Oil by L’Oreal Professionnel, basically the same idea, for a fraction of the price (Only $38 for 125ml compared to $55 for 100ml of Moroccanoil).  Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t say it’s a dupe or anything, as they are based on different ingredients, yet, both products are similar in the idea that they are treatment oils, which promote healthy, smooth, shiny, luscious locks.  ;)  Having put the Mythic Oil to the ultimate test, I have come to the conclusion that it’s not only better value, price wise, it’s also ideal for those of us who have fine and/or oily hair types, especially if you find similar treatments unsatisfactory.  While kinder to the wallet, it’s by no means a poor relation, as it doesn’t compromise on quality or performance and lives up to its claims.  =D>  Read on to find out more….

Pump-Style Distributor
What is Mythic Oil exactly?

Well, the L’Oreal Professionnel website claims:

Precious Ingredients


A blend of avocado and grape seed oil to nourish, protect and add shine to all hair types


Spectacular Results for daily use


Legendary shine
Deep nourishment
Increased suppleness
Easier blow-dry
Long-lasting anti-frizz protection

First Impressions:

Upon inspection of the classy, deluxe packaging, I must admit, the Mythic Oil, presented in a sleek, white box embossed with gold designs and black print, looked extremely opulent and more expensive than it actually is.  The inner pump-style bottle is just as fancy, while at the same time, practical, made of transparent gold/amber coloured plastic, rather than glass to avoid breakage/wastage.  The oil itself is clear, refined and utterly lightweight, with a very slippery, runny consistency and a silky texture that is velvety to touch, reminding me of how a silicone-based primer feels against my skin.  To begin with, I though the scent was not particularly appealing, with a sweet, floral aroma,  @};-  something that I would normally associate with headaches, as I find it’s quite artificial-like and overbearing up front.  I was pleasantly surprised though, because somehow after a minute or two, the intensity of the fragrance literally tones-right down and magically transforms into a scent that is entirely delicate, subtle and really, really, yummy.  ;;)  It’s so good in fact and mild enough that I am more than happy to sniff away at it all day, having confidence that the delightful perfume won’t assault my senses or trigger a negative reaction.   B-)

Serum lightweight and runny
Serum silky and clear in colour

The Experience:

Finished look - Flash
The Mythic Oil is perfect for either wet or dry hair and I have effectively used it both ways with impressive results.  I only need one small pump of oil, which I warm up in my hands before distributing through the lower strands of my hair.  I always avoid the scalp and already oily roots, so by focusing only on the ends, the nourishing goodness is working where it’s needed most.  I apply it to towel-dried hair, either as a protective treatment prior to heat styling or, otherwise I just let it dry naturally.  Regardless of how I choose to style my hair, the outcome is still remarkable, even after one use.

Finished look - No Flash
My dry, thirsty ends seem to drink this oil up like nobodies business, as it completely disappears, with no greasy residue and due to the weightless formula, once it’s absorbed I can’t feel it at all.  Upon drying, my tresses are super soft and the instant luminous shine-enhancing effect is clearly evident.  Not only that, there is no hint of the usual frizzy, flyaways, instead I am sporting a smooth, sleek mane and those previously ‘straw-like’ ends seem healthier, well nurtured and adequately conditioned.  :)  When I don’t have time to wash, I apply the oil straight on my dry locks and it works a charm for greater styling support and manageability.  By encouraging a positive development to my thin, weak stands, along with some additional oomph that naturally plumps my hair, it’s left noticeably smoother and softer with better texture, flexibility and an overall burst of shine.  (*)

Final Thoughts:

Sleek pony - No Flash
Sleek pony - Flash
Since I begun using this product, the physical health and fitness of my hair has improved tenfold.   It has already revived the previously damaged ends; therefore, the strands are now silky soft to touch and ultra smooth and glossy from root to tip.  It has tamed the static flyaways, whilst nourishing the dryness and restoring life to my tired, neglected locks to pave the way for naturally healthy, beautiful-looking hair.  After this test drive, I can honestly say, the Mythic Oil has well and truly earned a permanent home in my regular hair care routine.  This is the oily/fine hair care solution I have been searching for, it’s the perfect all-in-one, multi-tasking miracle worker that not only combats ‘bad hair days’, it also delivers that ‘just stepped out of the salon’ look, all from the comfort of my own home.  Fine-haired beauties, it’s time to rejoice,  <:-P  the Mythic Oil  by L’Oreal Professionnel will change the way you care for your mop, eliminating ‘nightmare hair’ once and for all :)  It gets top marks from me, it’s a sure-fire winner!!! 

Have you tried one of the ever popular hair treatment oils?  If so, share your thoughts. Did it meet your expectations or are you still hunting for something better?  :-?  If not, is there any that take your fancy and are possibly styling up on your wishlist as we speak?  Do tell! :D

All images in this post are my own.
The yellow text is a description taken from the L'Oreal Professionnel website linked above.


  1. Your hair has grown long and looks so healthy! I am currently using Kerastase elixir one and loving it. Very keen to try this one next :)

  2. I have the same problem with my hair, super fine, oily roots, dry, dry ends. I so need to try this oil. Great blog post!! xx

  3. @Su Thanks Su, it's getting long now and I just need one more cut and I will have finally grown out all the black. It's taken about a year to grow it right out :-O I read somewhere that this oil is very similar to the Kerastase one so I am sure you will find it a great more affordable alternative ;)

  4. @Michelle Cheers Michelle, ahh yes you if you are blessed with this kind of hair too, will totally relate to my hair dilemmas then, hehe. Highly recommend this oil, you will love it :)

  5. Hi, I've nominated your blog for the Liebster Blog Award! http://mmmmandys-thoughts.blogspot.com/2011/12/liebster-blog-award.html :)

  6. Your post is too beautiful and I really impressed by this blog. Everything is fairly defined in this post. You should continue do this type of post. It’s enjoyable post.

  7. @Mandy I can't believe I completely missed this comment Mandy, I am so sorry for some reason I didn't get an email notification for it. I am going to have to keep a closer eye on things by the looks, now I am wondering if there are other comments I have missed also because I didn't get the notification, EEK!!! Anyway, thanks so much darl, I already did this award, but I am going to go and edit it now to include you as one of the people who nominated me. So sorry for the mixup :-/

  8. @Independent Escorts in Mumbai Aww thanks so so much, you really are too kind :-) I am glad you took the time and checked it out and I appreciate the positive feedback. Cheers girlfriend xxx

  9. Wow, You looks so nice and Beautiful images, I love this post. Amazing shoe collection.

  10. Have you tried the Mythic Reinforcing Milk? It's made especially for us fine-oily haired lucky individuals. I'm waffling back and forth between the regular and the reinforcing milk. And I'm curious about the shampoo and conditioner. I was told to use the Bumble and Bumble Surf line but can't find any feedback from fellow thin/fine/oily hair peeps.

    1. Ohhh thanks so much for the recommendation, that Reinforcing Milk sounds like the ideal solution to my fine-oily hair blues, lol. I've not heard of the Bumble and Bumble Surf range, will keep my eyes peeled though, am always looking for new suggestions to win the battle of the tresses ;-)


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