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Friday, July 5, 2013

Philip Martins Maple Wash Shampoo

Hello to all of my readers out there in the Blogosphere!  I've been out of action again and this time it is due to having a new operating system that I've been trying to tweak to my liking.....BUT I just can't seem to get my emoticons working, so unfortunately it's time to bid them farewell.  I am feeling a bit lost without them and have to get use to the fact that from this post onwards it's just going to be standard text (bit boring, but what can you do???).  Anyway, please bare with me until I get these layouts happening to my preference, you will still see the same style of review, just minus the emotion.  Cheers for that xxx ooo

I was sent the next product, a natural based shampoo, from the gorgeous Tammerly, author of Spoilt blog to test drive and then write about my experience for sharing on her website, which you can find published here.

The moisturising, plant based Philip Martins Maple Wash Shampoo is suitable for dry, unmanageable or chemically treated hair and claims to restore elasticity, whilst increasing shine and body for cleaner, softer tresses.

I received this shampoo in a sample sachet, so am unable to share my thoughts on the product packaging.  I am aware though, that it is available in both 100 and 250ml sizes.

The very pale amber coloured gel is translucent and of a medium consistency with an extremely sweet and very potent fragrance.  Actually, the aroma is quite hard to ignore, as it so strong and unfortunately reminds me of the old pharmacy perfumes my Nana use to wear (think Tabu or Yardley for example), very cloying and is what I consider a bit too overpowering.  After washing it does eventually settle and evolves into a less pungent scent that isn’t offensive, so that’s a relief.  Because of all the natural ingredients that are infused in the formula, this shampoo doesn’t have the same foaming action to lather up like a frothy detergent based product, therefore I just massaged it onto my scalp and distributed through the lengths.  It is also recommended to repeat the wash process to achieve the best results.  It rinsed out with ease, leaving my hair feeling thoroughly clean and not stripped of its natural oils.

I used this shampoo in conjunction with the conditioner in the same range and the duo left my locks ultra soft, shiny and full of extra volume and bounce.  While my strands were left lightly fragranced the gentle formulation didn’t irritate my scalp or cause it to get dry and flaky, so it’s great for even the most sensitive of skin.  One restricting factor for me is that the shampoo is, in my opinion, expensive, however, if the scent were more appealing and not so oversweet, I would definitely invest, as I was impressed with the way it transformed my mane without causing any aggravation to my scalp.  I’d recommend the Philip Martins Maple Wash Shampoo to anyone who is interested in high-end hair care product enriched with natural ingredients and a scalp-friendly formulation that will deliver super clean hair that is lightweight, incredibly soft and smooth, with a natural, radiant looking sheen.

TIP - Leave this shampoo in your hair for 1 – 2 minutes after massaging before rinsing out (Yes! Do this not just for conditioning, but also shampooing). Natural shampoos are packed with botanical ingredients that take longer for your hair to absorb, hence, your locks will really benefit from the rich nutrients during this absorption process.

Have you heard of or tried this brand before?  What is your favourite natural brand for hair care products?  Please comment below with any thoughts. xx oo

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