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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Physicians Formula Dark Spot Corrector & Skin Brightener

Hi there good people!  This next targeted skin treatment was sent for me to trial and review by Tammerly, the beautiful author of the Spoilt blog.  You can read about my experience below, or feel free to click here to visit my original publication.

The Physicians Formula Aging Dark Spot Corrector & Skin Brightener is a powerful cosmeceutical treatment serum that addresses the visible signs of premature and photo-ageing, caused from sun and environmental damage, as well as uneven skin tone, including dark patchy skin and pigmentation spots.  The antioxidant formula is enriched with plant-based ingredients that have lightening abilities and exfoliating AHA’s to help achieve a brighter complexion and a more uniform tone.

At first glance, the presentation of this product looks modern and stylish.  The clear, plastic outer wrap is brandished with the same indigo-hued colour scheme as the 30ml-sized inner bottle, which strikes a spunky contrast against the sleek, white, pearlescent finish with silver chrome edging and a clear, plastic, snap-shut lid.  I can’t help spotting the eye-catching, round, indigo label on the boxes front, which reads “Look 6 Years Younger in 4 weeks*”.  The back is adorned with consumer info, as well as before and after images to highlight clinically proven visible results, based on a panel of women using serum, trialling the Physicians Formula Aging System skin care regime.  Upon closer inspection, I found the packaging to be plastic-coated aluminium with a screw-off pump-action nozzle that isn’t attached to a stem inside.  To begin with, pressure seemed to dispense the serum, but after a while, it stopped pumping, so I had to shake it out of the bottle.  I don’t consider it travel-friendly and despite looking impressive, the bottle is fairly novel and not of the best quality.

The pale, lilac-grey, coloured serum has a silky texture and a thick, balm-like consistency.  The scent is absolutely disgusting and I can’t think of a familiar fragrance to describe the exact smell, but it’s very herbal orientated.  Fortunately, the unpleasant aroma quickly dissipates and is undetectable when applied to the skin.  One pump (or a pea-sized amount) produces enough serum to cover my whole face and neck with a thin coating that sits on the surface of my skin.  The film has a sticky, tacky finish that takes between 5 – 10 minutes to fully dry (not ideal if you’re in a hurry) and even then I can still feel a heavy, mask-like veil on my face.  The rich, potent formula is slightly shimmery, with cosmetic pigments to enhance the brightening effect, but thankfully, it didn’t make me look like a glittery disco ball and the hint of glimmer isn’t overly obvious on my skin.  Instead, my complexion appears instantly dewy and fresh, creating an impression of being significantly brighter, smoother and plumper.

Outer packaging, clearly boasting that bold claim.
I only apply this treatment in the morning, after cleansing, rather than morning and night, as directed, because it’s not compatible with existing products in my religious, nigh time routine.  During this trial, my sensitive skin wasn’t aggravated and never broke out, however if you are prone to sensitivity, patch test first to avoid exposure to suspect botanicals included in this serum, which are known as potential irritants.  After daily use of this treatment for over a month, I’ve concluded it’s just too rich and heavy to befit my oily complexion and the uncomfortable, suffocating feel of the film on my skin triggers excess shine and greasiness during the day.  In my opinion, I can quash the misleading claim of looking 6 years younger in 4 weeks, when in fact, it’s closer to 6 weeks that I’ve been using it and I can’t see any noticeable changes in the appearance of my skin, other than improved radiance.  I’d suggest the Physicians Formula Aging Dark Spot Corrector & Skin Brightener would be more suited for normal to dry skin types, although committing to twice-daily application over a longer period could possibly secure more outstanding results.  Additionally, it’s a reasonably well priced skin tone treatment, retailing at $29.99 (very decent compared to similar type products) and if it’s used in conjunction with the entire Physicians Formula Aging System, the anti-ageing payoff might be better to deliver a more refined, polished complexion.  As is, you certainly won’t be disappointed with the instant skin-gratifying effects of this product, especially if you’re in need of a quick-fix, skin booster that promotes a smooth, supple texture, whilst temporarily plumping up fine lines and imparting a brighter, healthier, all-over glow.

I personally wouldn’t buy this serum again myself, as it was incompatible with my oily complexion and uncomfortable to wear.  For that reason, I would only award it with an average 3/5 star rating.  Not to mention, the dodgy pump that doesn’t work properly and the misleading promise of knocking six years in age off my appearance after just four weeks.  (Definitely too far fetched, that claim ~ Don't get your hopes up!).

Have you tried this brand yourself, or possibly this product?  What do you think?  Just because it isn’t ‘all that’ for my skin, doesn’t mean that it won’t generate better results for you, especially if you’re not blessed with an oily complexion. Are you interested in products that help reduce pigmentation and dark spots, if so what do you personally find works the best??

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