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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Goldwell Style Sign Sleek Perfection Thermal Spray Serum

Howdy peeps!  :-h   I’d like to apologise for being MIA this month and to let you know I am still with y'all, not going anywhere, it's just that I’m just having a few technical issues, d’oh!  #-o   and due to this I am having trouble uploading any of my own images right now. Grr! :-L  On the bright side though, I have been busy, busy, busy  :-*  because the gorgeous Tammerly from Spoilt, asked me to join her trial team and write reviews for her super, fantastic, Ah-mazing blog, of which I have been a loyal supporter now for a number of years.  I am, naturally, stoked  \:D/  especially as she said I could also publish my work, here on my own blog as well, which I will then link to the original’s featured on her blog as soon as they become available.  Anyway, without further ado, here is my take on the Goldwell Style Sign Sleek Perfection Thermal Spray Serum, which is a detailed journey of my experience, based on the initial review published on the Spoilt website. (now linked)   :)

I don’t straighten my hair religiously (well, lets face it, my hair is practically as straight as an arrow anyway, without even the slightest kink  :p  ), however, considering it’s also baby fine, the pesky frizzies are a constant cause for concern.  :-S  So, rather than strutting my stuff in public, looking like a bit of a clown who's just put my finger in a electrical socket, you know, sporting unruly, static flyaways, :O)  whenever I wear my medium length hair down, I need to rely on the support of a heated hair styler.  Implementing a straightening iron guarantees a super sleek, smooth, polished look and assures me it will stay looking that way for the entire duration of the day/night.  #:-S

A hot iron alone though, doesn’t seem to cut it when I’m out to achieve perfectly slick, straight hair and my mane reverts back to its former state within hours of styling.  :-O  Not to mention, over time, direct heat also damages the general condition of my hair.  #-o   Enter thermal protectant!  ;)  I consider this styling accessary a ‘must-have’ for using in conjunction with my straightener, helping to preserve the finished results for long lasting, well-groomed tresses.  In my case, not just any thermal protectant will do, as I prefer additional product features, like support for coloured hair (yes, I’m a self-confessed hair dye junkie too, LOL!  :))  ) and the ability to resist humidity (residing in the exceptionally humid, tropical FNQ humidity reeks havoc on my hair  ~X(  ), both important factors.  As I discovered, using a straightening iron without a thermal protectant is a big ‘no-no’  [-X  causing my mop to look dull and lifeless, so it’s imperative that while my hair is protected, a  heat styling solution that additionally encourages a lustrous sheen with a durable, flexible finish is vital.  :)>-

Upon first glance, I noticed the Goldwell Style Sign Sleek Perfection Thermal Spray Serum, boasts all of my desired qualities and more!  :x Presented in a 100ml non-aerosol, pump-action, spray bottle, this serum is actually a weightless, fine mist, applied directly onto dry hair prior to straightening.  The waterless formula doesn’t produce moisture as such, in lieu, two to three pumps sufficiently delivers a non-stick vapour-like substance that instantly softens and nurtures my hair, evoking more-manageable locks in preparation for heat styling.  Distributing the spritz evenly throughout my lengths encourages an accelerated straightening process, therefore my hair only requires a few quick strokes of the hot iron before…Presto!  Desired effects promptly achieved.  I’ve always been fond of the prominent fragrance characterised in the Goldwell family of products and this particular spray, laced with a delightfully, fruity scent, envelopes my strands with a decadent aroma, reminiscent of just stepping out of the salon.  ;;)

Combining UVA/UVB filters and conditioning agents, the Goldwell Style Sign Sleek Perfection Thermal Spray Serum proffers the ultimate in protection, not only from the damage caused by heat styling, but also acts as a barrier to defend against external aggressors.  It efficiently smooths out any imperfections on a bad-hair-day, tames frizzy, flyaway emergencies and is even handy for unexpected touch-ups on the go.  Transforming my mop in an instant, it yields lasting style that can survive through the hottest of days, resisting the vast humidity or other extreme weather conditions.  Unlike previous thermal protectors I’ve tried, this spray doesn’t weigh down my tresses or contribute to product build-up, usually resulting in flat, limp and excessively oily locks.  Instead, it boosts the colour vibrancy, imparting an all-over brilliantly glossy, shine, for hair that feels healthy, silky soft and naturally moveable/touchable (as in not at all stiff).  This is ideal weapon to target to my scraggly mane, ensuring a sleek, smooth, pencil-straight, finish every time.  =D>

I am so impressed with the Goldwell Style Sign Sleek Perfection Thermal Spray Serum and it’s remarkable results-orientated performance that I am awarding it with a honourable 5 star rating. (*)  (*)  (*)  (*)  (*)  Based on my own experience, I would have to say, it’s absolutely the most capable thermal protector I’ve personally used. The complimentary lightweight, non-greasy formulation addresses my styling woes, enhancing my straight tresses and coloured-treated hair whilst stamping out frizz to establish a beautifully straight style that promotes optimum hair heath.  :D

What is your favourite straightening serum?  Do you use a thermal protectant when heat styling your hair?  :-?  Please share your experience with any styling serums or sprays you consider to be worthwhile of a mention :)

Thanks to Tammerly and Spoilt for sending me this product to trial and review.  The image is generic until I can upload some of my own photos at a later stage.  (Please bare with me during this time  ^:)^ )


  1. i am also giving you five star for your excellent services.
    i am also dealing in straightening serum hair :)


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