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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Revitanail Nourishing Oil

Hi Guys!  :-h  This review coincides with my current trial team work for Spolit.  A big shout out to Tammerly aka Pink Diva, who on behalf of Spoilt, kindly sent me this product to trial and review.  This post is a reflection on my experience with the Revitanail Nourishing Oil that is reviewed and published here.  :)

This high quality revitalising cuticle treatment oil contains a blend of botanicals, antioxidants, multi-vitamins, nourishing oils and UV filters to condition and protect the cuticles, whilst assisting in the maintenance of optimal nail health.  It comes in the signature, classy packaging that I have come to expect from Revitanail, presenting a 14ml glass bottle with a screw-on lid attached with an applicator brush, exactly like a regular nail polish.  The incredibly lightweight oil has a thin fluid-like consistency that boasts a mild floral, herbal-based aroma that is refreshingly crisp and a formulation that is ultra soothing, without being greasy.  It appears a translucent yellow colour in the bottle but goes on crystal clear and absorbs rapidly, transforming the skin surrounding the nail instantly, so it feels soft and moisturised, less any sticky residue and I love how shiny and smooth it makes my nails look.  :x  The brush applicator can sometimes transfer too much oil, but to avoid wastage, I wipe the brush well on the inside of the bottle to remove any excess then aim to apply just a small dot on each nail, which is sufficient to glide over my nails with ease, permitting for even distribution.  ;)

This cuticle treatment oil is ideal to keep handy for frequent use, which I try to apply whenever I remember; lately it’s averaging twice daily.  I simply paint each nail with a small quantity of this luxurious oil and then relax as I spend some quality ‘ME’ time massaging it gently into each nail, cuticle and the surrounding skin.  :D  The directions suggest that you continue massaging for one minute, leaving me confused as to weather that means one minute per nail or one minute all up?  :-/  Either way, I am confident that by the time I indulge in my mini nail pampering session, (i.e. finished massaging) that adequate time would have past.  #:-S  In terms of being cost effective, I consider this product to be reasonably priced, conceding it is enriched with a line-up of superior nurturing ingredients such as Vitamins A and E and the cocktail of oils, more prominently Sweet Almond, Jojoba and Apricot Oils to stimulate total rejuvenation and promote active nail growth.  ;;)

I am rather smitten with the Revitanail Nourishing Oil and considered it veritably worthwhile in conditioning my recently shunned nails.  \:D/   It has worked to revamp my dry, ragged, dishpan hands into a more presentable appearance, prompting better hydration and softer cuticles, whilst providing my natural nails with a polished finish and a gorgeous, external sheen to epitomise a more healthy-looking nail plate in general.  Because I unfortunately let my nails go of late (due to my own laziness) they were quite neglected,  :">  but since I’ve been religiously using this oil to aide in the repair of my damaged nail beds, the new growth, emerging below my existing weak, brittle nail tips, is evidently beginning to gain strength. =D>  Over time, I am hoping it will continue to help my nails grow through longer, stronger and more flexible, with fewer symptoms, like peeling and splitting.  It is very promising, although at this stage, due to a short trial period, I am rating it with 4 stars out of 5,  (*) (*)  (*)  (*) but time will tell if I successfully procure the results I am after, in which case perhaps, I could award it with an extra star!  ;)

Do you use a cuticle oil and do you find them to be a necessary step in your nail care routine?  How do you keep your cuticles in tip-top shape?  :-?  Have you tried any Revitanail products yet, if so share your experience in the comments below :) 

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