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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Revitanail Ridge Filler

Howdy again Guys!  :-h  This is yet another review coinciding with my current trial team work for Spolit.  Cheers to Tammerly aka Pink Diva, who on behalf of Spoilt kindly sent me this product to trial and review.  This is my experience with the Revitanail Ridge Filler.

This product is like a foundation for my nails that preps them prior to polishing by filling in any flaws, like ridges and rough patches to level out the nail surface to achieve a smooth and uniform canvas.  By promoting polish adhesion, it allows nail polish to apply evenly, while enhancing the staying power.  By enveloping my nail with this protective layer staining of the nail is prevented, one of the few setbacks when constantly rocking a punchy bold or bright nail colour.  Infused with beneficial conditioning ingredients such as Essential Oils, Vitamins and Calcium, along with nourishing Pearl Powder, all integrated to provide supplementary nail care; it’s ultimately a clever multi-tasking nail product.  *-:) It brandishes the usual, stylish Revitanail packaging, representing upmarket quality, with an appropriate price tag to match;  :-S  however, in this case, it’s no more costly than similar, high-end brands, if not slightly cheaper.  #:-S  But, how does it compare with the likes of those common, very popular, top-shelf nail labels?  :-/  Well, in my opinion, it’s on par, so I believe it’s actually better value for money.  <:-P

Housed in a glass bottle, featuring a good-sized brush attached to a screw-on lid, the formula itself looks white and opaque, but when applied to the nail, it’s completely transparent.  The consistency is exactly as I prefer, not to thick and gloopy, yet not too thin and runny, instead, it’s perfectly textured, therefore it’s easy to spread from nail to tip.  Most importantly, it dries rapidly, which impresses me the most, as I tend to get impatient at the best of times when waiting for nail polish to dry.  The biggest downside of this product, which is not at all different to an average nail polish anyway, is the strong chemical scent.  :-&  Fortunately, it’s not headache inducing, but still quite potent all the same, especially as I’m occasionally affected by fragrance sensitivity, so I was relieved when it disappeared just as fast as it dried.  B-)  Like all Revitanail lacquers though, it’s void of three of the most toxic, potentially harmful chemicals, Formaldehyde, Toluene and Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP).  My nails don’t suffer too badly of ridges, hence the need to use only one coat in lieu of my normal base, although two coats may be necessary for those who have notably deeper ridges.  I have taken to often using it alone, without polish, as I’m partial to the effect it creates, prominently adorning my natural nails with a beautiful, well-groomed appearance.  :x  Even after I remove my manicure, it’s appeasing to reveal that my nails are not dried out any further! This, I suspect, is due to the remarkably hydrating ingredients and the fact that it is Big-3-free, minus the likes of Formaldehyde that has been extremely damaging to my nails in the past.  :-O  ;)

Overall, I am thrilled with the performance of the Revitanail Ridge Filler for prolonging the life of my manicure when used to prime my nails.  =D>  Not only does it bond the enamel better to my nail, it helps my manicures withstand the daily abuse my hands are subject to (during a typical day in the life of a stay-at-home mum) by delivering greater longevity that keeps my polish looking flawless longer.  I’m positive it’s effectually safeguarding my nails against staining as well, because they no longer bear any unsightly discolouration or yellowing associated with frequent nail polish use, so it does its job reliably in that respect too.  I can also vouch that it strengthens my nails upon application, making them feel much harder than normal.  I’m not sure if strengthening is one of it’s claims, but it’s definitely a bonus, which I personally appreciate, considering my nails are not in the best shape ATM,  :">  brittle and prone to peeling and breaking, thus the extra fortifying support sustains even greater durability.  \:D/  I wouldn’t hesitate in using this product on a regular basis, either as a base coat to erase imperfections before a manicure, or on its own, when I wish to adopt an elegantly smooth, polished finish to my natural nails, without needing to rely on buffing.  I would certainly recommend and suggest it to anyone who is serious about DIY manicures, because it’s the perfect investment for those wanting salon-worthy results from the comfort and convenience of your own home.  I am awarding it with 4.5 out of 5 stars, (*)  (*)  (*)  (*)  1/2(*)  only losing a half star because of the unpleasant fragrance. :P

How are you nails?  Do you think a ridge filler would be something that would be of use for you?  Do you use a base coat prior to applying colour nail polish?  What is your favourite, please share?  :)

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  1. I haven't never used a ridge filler but I probably should. This looks like a good starting point!

    1. Hi Rin, before now I mostly opted for a standard base coat, however this multi-purpose base has converted me. It guarantees a smooth flawless canvas for your polish to adhere to :)

  2. Sorry, that should say *ever not never!

  3. Great review Mel! It is a pleasure to have you on board Spoilt's trial team!

    1. Naw thanks for stopping by and sharing the love Tam, I am truly honoured for the privilege and am committed to always submitting my honest and thorough recollection of each trial experience, whilst eagerly anticipating what the Spoilt team will present me to test drive next :) It's going to be an exciting year working with the team xxx ooo


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