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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dove Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

Howdy once again peeps!  :-h   Moving right along, this next product was sent to me c/o Beauty Heaven to trial and review as part of their committed Trial Team, of which I’ve been a member of for several years now.  :)  Here are my thoughts based on my experience.

I am a recent convert to the whole ‘Clinical Protection’ concept, after first discovering the Rexona version c/o a Beauty Heaven trial I took part in last year.  Considering I live in the vastly humid tropics of FNQ, an effective deodorant is mandatory, but fortunately this season I sailed through summer virtually unscathed in the war against body odour because this product theory lives up to its claims and really does reduce wetness and protect against perspiration for an extended 48 hour period.  \:D/  It works so well in fact, I have finally pulled the pin on my trusty ‘old faithful’ aerosol spray-on, which I have routinely used, on and off, for the majority of my life, in conjunction with various other ‘BO abolishers’, such as sprays, roll-ons, pump-actions, solids, powders and natural formulations.  ^:)^  'Clinical Protection' is now my weapon of choice to combat any ‘perspiration blues’ that typically come hand in hand with residing in such a sizzling hot climate.  o-+   When Beauty Heaven invited me to trial the Dove Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant Deodorant this year, I was quick to accept and couldn’t wait to see how it compared to the Rexona version, which I granted a 5-star rating and have used ever since.  So, it certainly had some big shoes to fill if it was able to come up trumps and earn my trust as the better of the two by safeguarding me against the unpleasant effects of the dreaded body odour.  >:D<

Just like its Rexona cousin, the Dove Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant Deodorant is housed in a translucent plastic canister with an inner tube that encases the contents, featuring a twist-up dispenser with a sifter/sieve on top where the product is expelled.  You need to twist the dial at the base to encourage the deodorant to emerge at the surface of the applicator.  The first attempt always take several turns of the dial to get any product to arise, but thereafter I find that two twists is sufficient for a single application, one click per arm.  Based on my own preference, I don’t use anymore than the one click per arm otherwise I find it contributes to wastage, because the smallest amount of this cream blends adequately over my skin and is more than enough to perform the task at hand.  *-:)  The texture is a thick white cream, similar to that of a rich, moisturising balm, however it absorbs quickly and dries to a powder-like finish as soon as it is transferred to the skin, with no sticky residue.  It is scented with the signature Dove fragrance that I adore, a light, fresh, almost baby powder-like scent that is suitable for both males and females alike.  ;;)  While I can initially smell the fragrance, it soon fades after application so it never clashes with other perfumes or body sprays that I choose to wear.   @};-

The directions state for best results it should be applied at night before going to bed and even though I can vouch it still manages to keep me dry in on the second day, during the really hot summer months, I personally prefer to use it religiously every night after showering, rather than every second night, just for my own conscience.  You need not re-apply it of a morning because the nightly application lasts right through the day, even after showering.  :-/  Don’t ask me how, but believe me when I say it’s some kind of ‘magic’, because it most certainly does keep on powering on.  ;)  I am also thrilled that it does not cause any irritation to my sensitive skin, especially after shaving, nor does it contribute to any white marks on my darker clothing or yellowing stains to my whites.  #:-S  The feature that impresses me most about this Dove Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant Deodorant is that it is infused with additional moisturising properties to keep my skin soft and conditioned, unlike other deodorants that are full of ingredients like alcohol, which make my underarms all dry and scaly.  The only downside of this product (and Clinical Protection deodorants in general) is that it is probably twice as expensive as a ‘normal’ deodorant and that I really have to be diligent in making sure I only use the smallest amount possible each application to make it last the distance, as it does tend to run out rather quickly.  :-<   The packaging is quite deceiving due to the outer armour that conceals the inner tube where the actual deodorant is located, so it looks much bigger than it actually is, therefore it sneaks up on me and starts running low before I realise.  :( 

Other than the size factor, I honestly don’t anything negative at all to say.  This deodorant works exceptionally well (better than exceptionally well, in fact it’s ALL that works :D  ) and is the ultimate answer to my ongoing summertime ‘BO nightmares'.  In comparison to the Rexona version, I would say, it has exceeded my expectations and wins hands down as my new favourite, with its delightful fragrance being slightly more appealing and the bonus that it delivers much needed moisture to a usually neglected area (my underarms) that I unintentionally deprive of any TLC.   I am normally fussy when it comes to spending more than what is necessary on the cost of my personal items, but there is nothing available that compares to the efficacy of a Clinical Protection deodorant when it comes to stamping out perspiration, so I am willing to bear the extra expense, because I am confident that my underarms are well protected with a waterproof shield and left smelling clean and fresh, even if the rest of me is soaking with sweat.  <:-P   If I don’t use this product for a couple of days, I can immediately notice the wretched symptoms of body odour returning and there is nothing that truly masks that ugly smell, :-O  hence the need to prevent it at all costs.  :-t   I would gladly shout out to the whole world and let them know just how good this stuff is, without a doubt!  =D>   If you have not yet tried the Dove Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant Deodorant, regardless if you’re a man or women, young or old, don’t ever allow body odour get the better of you again, armed with this performer you can win this war because it's a workhorse that is absolutely reliable and will never let you down.  :x  Easily earning a 5 star  (*)  (*)  (*)  (*)  (*)  + + + rating from me.  Actually it would score even higher if that were an option!  ;)

There you have it, I’m obviously smitten with my new saving grace, what about you?  Have you tried this deodorant yet, or one of the other Clinical Protection varieties available?  Do you think it’s worth the extra $$$ or do you have a better solution when it comes to eliminating BO once and for all?  :-?  This subject hits close to home, so keen to hear recommendations from others for effective ways to fight off perspiration?   B-)

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  1. just started using my second lot of this stuff - yes, truly amazing. Also a FNQ woman I have looked for something like this for years. Just wish you could get a refill.

    Annie B

  2. A refill would be amazing Annie, thanks for commenting, this is the perfect deodorant for us FNQ'ers for sure ;)

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