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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dove Beauty Cream Bar

Hello lovelies!  :-h   This is another Dove product was sent to me c/o Beauty Heaven as part of their committed Trial Team, which I was required to test drive and then review based on my personal experience.  :D  Here’s what I thought: 

The Dove Beauty Cream Bar is an old favourite that has been around for even longer than me and over the years it has procured its rightful place with a home in my family bathroom.  ;)  I consider it to be the ‘Rolls Royce’ of all soaps, because this delightful beauty bar provides pure luxury when it comes to maintaining clean, comfortable skin.  Unlike your average cake of soap, a quarter of this cleansing bar is infused with the reputable rich and highly nourishing Dove moisturising lotion, therefore it’s more like a lotion and less like a soap.  ;;)  I have sensitive skin myself and my son, in particular, has an extremely allergic skin condition, so it’s important that we use a soap that will not cause irritation or exasperate the problem, hence the dermatologist approved recommendation of the Dove Beauty Cream Bar gives me peace of mind that it’s safe to use on the whole family, even those with the most sensitive of skin.  #:-S

Each beauty bar is individually packaged in a cardboard wrapper adorning the signature Dove packaging that is widely recognised.  It boasts a delectable scent, which appeals to me tenfold and satisfies my senses, in comparison to the majority of commercial soap bars on the market that smell like…..(umm) well just like soap.  #-o   For many years now, I have always avoided using harsh soaps on my body and especially on my face, as I don’t like the smell at all, nor the way that it leaves my skin feeling parched and stripped of it’s moisture.  :-O   The men in my family though, swear by a cake of soap for cleansing, so for that reason I always keep a bar in the shower and my first preference is definitely Dove because the fragrance is inviting and it makes the bathroom smell luscious.  @};-   Since the invitation to participate in this Beauty Heaven trial recently, I have been religiously using the beauty bar myself, in place of my normal cleansing products, for the purpose of delivering an accurate account of my experience and I have to admit I have not been disappointed.  <:-P

Whilst I mostly only use the Dove Beauty Cream Bar to wash my body, I have used it on my face as well and even though it’s not a practice that I employ all the time, I would confidently use it if I had no alternative, without worrying about it dehydrating my skin, additionally causing it to produce more oil, which then constitutes annoying breakouts.  :|  The beauty bar is super creamy in texture when it comes into contact with water and it easily works up into a rich, foamy lather that deeply cleans my skin, yet instantly transforms the overall appearance leaving it velvety soft, silky smooth and adequately conditioned, minus any tacky residue.  ;;)

This soap is the perfect addition to any bathroom, catering for men, women and children alike.  It is a multi-tasking product that would be handy for travelling, when you need to limit the amount of products you can take with you.  It is ideal for cleansing from head-to-toe, also making an effective substitute for a normal shampoo, in addition to a face and body wash.  =D>  I have also discovered it s a perfect makeshift shaving cream and because of the beneficial moisturising properties; it helps to guarantee a closer shave that protects my skin from developing razor burn, rashes or ingrown hairs.  *-:)  Dove Beauty Cream Bar is readily available at all leading supermarkets and pharmacies, very affordable, long lasting and reliable, earning its well respected reputation as being so much more than just soap, in fact it’s a beauty product in its own right.  (*) (*)  (*)  (*)

I’m sure most of you have tried this soap at some stage in your life, so fill us in on your thoughts!  How do you think it stacks up?  Is this a soap you could actually use, or do you think it’s basically the same as any other soap?  :-?  

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