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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Elixia Daily Skin Smoothing Lotion

Howdy all,  :-h  I’m still with you here, but at this stage the majority of my posts are getting published on a monthly basis coz I’m still strapped to the eyeballs for time!  :-O  Anyway, always been a firm believer of the old saying ‘Better late than never’ so with that in mind, I’ll keep battling on to bring you as much as possible, if and when I can  ;)  This month I have some Elixia reviews, based on my experience as a member of the Trial Team for the number one Australian beauty website, Beauty Heaven, of which I've advocated for the past few years.  >:D< 

I was completely unfamiliar with the brand Elixia when Beauty Heaven first asked me to participate in this trial,  :-/  so I took the opportunity to do some online research and promptly ascertained that this Australian company produces premium skin care based on science and clinical development.  I was sent three products representative of their High Performance Anti-Ageing range, which is all natural and free of nasties, albeit infused with a potent blend of peptides, antioxidants and actives, including Vitamins A (retinol), C and E.  These supercharged ingredients hold the key to reversing prematurely aged skin and are exactly what I look for in my skin care, so it was my eager expectation that Elixia should compliment my current anti-ageing routine to perfection.  :D  The products are formulated using an exclusive, innovative technology called TPM (Targeted Penetration Matris) to help deliver the effective cocktail of ingredients deep into the epidermis for better execution, whereby enhancing the absorption and penetration by up to 4 times.

The Elixia Daily Skin Smoothing Lotion is presented in an attractive 30ml jar and decorated with silver and bold magenta panels that correspond accordingly throughout the range. Unlike a standard tub that requires the user to keep dipping fingers in and out of the contents; this unique pot features a dual-wall dispenser disc for the ultimate in hygiene.  This definitely impressed me, as I’m always complaining about ‘double dipping’ into my creams, a process that could easily contribute to the spread of bacteria.  :-S  Not to mention, this is the first time I’d even seen such practical packaging, with the modern approach utilising an airless design to protect the goodness of the natural ingredients and prolong the shelf life because the formulas don’t become susceptible to air degradation.  The user friendly design conveys controlled doses, so it’s effortless to extract as much or as little product as needed, simply by pressing gently on the disc to dispense a small amount and a heavier press releases more.  ;;)
The airless packaging protects the ingredients
The dispenser disc expels the product

The lightweight pale yellow lotion
The creamy textured lotion is a pale yellow colour and has a lightweight consistency with a subtle, citrus-like aroma.  It blends into my skin with ease and absorbs almost instantly, minus any tacky residue.  I have super oily skin that gets very greasy with many moisturisers, yet I didn’t see so much as a hint of shine on my skin, even hours after the initial application.  #:-S  I think I could even go as far as claiming that this treatment actually helps to balance my skin’s pH levels, therefore eliminating any excess oil production, because any greasiness has all but disappeared since I introduced Elixia to my skin.  It works wonders under my makeup, leaving my skin fresh and nourished throughout the day.  It doesn’t upset my sensitivity issues by provoking irritation or redness, nor does it clog my pores or trigger breakouts.  In fact, since I begun this regime, my skin has become exceptionally clear, with the odd spot now being few and far between.  It has even healed the stress related cystic acne that kept reoccurring on my face and neck earlier this year and there’s been no indication of another onslaught developing ever since.  This day cream also boasts natural sun blockers to protect against the harsh UV rays, therefore preventing further sun related damage and skin ageing.  This is a brilliant all-round moisturiser that is productively tackling a myriad of my skin existing concerns head on!  What more could I ask for?  Elixia has ALL my needs covered!  <:-P

It has a creamy texture
As anyone reading this will gather, I am amazed at how effective this moisturiser is, especially when used in conjunction with the night cream and eye cream from the same range.  In terms of results, not only is my skin looking clearer, smoother and free of pimples and excess oil, in just a month, I am already noticing the tone is a better clarity, the fine lines are softer and more relaxed in appearance and my skin looks extremely healthy and naturally radiant.  :)  I always struggle to find a daytime moisturiser that is not too rich, specifically when it contains such powerful ingredients and addresses my individual skin care needs, yet the Elixia Daily Skin Smoothing Lotion has literally bowled me over and I am excited at the prospect of possibly reducing the lines and wrinkles to a greater extent. :-SS  Regardless, I am still happy with the improvements I’ve achieved and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Elixia to anyone who takes their anti-ageing regime seriously, particularly if you’re partial to a natural skin care alternative that is on par, if not better than many professional lines currently available.  This lotion totally rocks!!!  \m/

What ingredients do you look for in your skin care, particularly your daytime skin treatments and moisturisers?  :-?  Have you tried this brand or any other natural skin care line-up that you believe is just as good if not better than the more commercial professional brands on the market?

All images in this post are my own.


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