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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Elixia Eye Brightening Fluid

Hello friends everywhere!  :-h  This is the third and final Elixia review, that I have been test driving for the TrialTeam over at the leading Australian beauty website, Beauty Heaven.  Here are my thoughts based on my product experience as well as my own generic brand introduction that I’ve replicated in the first paragraph of all three reviews to help familiarise my readers with this particular range ;) 

I was completely unfamiliar with the brand Elixia when Beauty Heaven first asked me to participate in this trial,  :-/  so I took the opportunity to do some online research and promptly ascertained that this Australian company produces premium skin care based on science and clinical development.  I was sent three products representative of their High Performance Anti-Ageing range, which is all natural and free of nasties, albeit infused with a potent blend of peptides, antioxidants and actives, including Vitamins A (retinol), C and E.  These supercharged ingredients hold the key to reversing prematurely aged skin and are exactly what I look for in my skin care, so it was my eager expectation that Elixia should compliment my current anti-ageing routine to perfection.  :D  The products are formulated using an exclusive, innovative technology called TPM (Targeted Penetration Matris) to help deliver the effective cocktail of ingredients deep into the epidermis for better execution, whereby enhancing the absorption and penetration by up to 4 times

Hygienic roller-ball packaging
Twist to unlock the base
The Elixia Eye Brightening Fluid comes in a classy 10ml roller-ball style canister with the identifiable silver and bold magenta colour scheme that is consistent throughout the range and screams of superior quality.  $-)  I love the roller-ball presentation when it comes to eye treatments, because the design provides a hygienic, mess-free, application method that’s gentle enough for the delicate skin around the eye contour, whilst at the same time protecting the integrity of any ingredients vulnerable to air degradation, by encasing the product in a sealed, airtight dispenser.  :x  You just have to unlock the base of the pen-like housing, by twisting it in the direction of the ‘open’ arrow, displayed underneath, then press the button once to encourage the formula to release onto the roller-ball ready to 'rock and roll'.  After use, simply turn in the reverse direction toward the ‘close’ arrow to lock the base, which then makes it handy for popping into a purse to provide an instant reviver anywhere, any time.  I do, however, find, at times, too much product can surface after a solid press of the button that I suspect contributes to wastage,  :-S  so it pays to be very careful not to press too firmly during this process.  #-o  The other hindrance that I faced was, at one point, soon after I started using this product, it became blocked and I was unable to exude any product from the canister at all.  I thought the dispenser may have been faulty, but I soon remedied the problem, by standing the pen upside down overnight and thankfully when I attempted to use it next, it worked just fine.  *-:)

Too much product can emerge with a firm press

A full dose is too much for one application
The white, fluid-like formula is similar to a lotion, with a super lightweight texture and a smooth, velvety consistency.  It has a subtle aroma that smells delightful, but it’s ever so slight that it’s barely noticeable once contacted with the skin.  Initially the fluid feels a tad oily, but surprisingly it absorbs quickly with no trace of greasy residue.  I love how the metal roller-ball promptly cools, soothes and refreshes the delicate orbital area, particularly where the skin is thinner and always drier under the eye, leaving it replenished, ultra soft and smooth.  :)  By promoting a ‘bright-eyed’ effect that plumps and visibly tightens the fragile skin, reduces swelling and discoloration to help achieve a wide-awake appearance that is foolproof to disguise telltale puffy eyes and those dreaded dark circles that occur after too many late nights.  ;;) It works equally well, when applied under my makeup or as required for a revitalising ‘quick-fix’.  In addition to the daytime benefits, when employed on a nightly basis it helps keep the eye area moisturised and protected to prevent the onset of ageing symptoms before they rear their ugly head, not to mention, when I rise of a morning I’m already looking energised.  \:D/

It looks oily but leaves no residue
Despite the few issues I had dispensing the product; I positively love this eye treatment.  :-*   I’ve always been fond of roller-balls, especially during summer time when I prefer to keep my eye creams in the refrigerator, so that when I crawl out of bed in the morning, I beeline for the fridge because the cold temperature immediately increases the overall vitality of the surrounding skin and improves the appearance of tired, weary eyes.  I can then confidently go about my business knowing I look well-rested, thanks to concealing the evidence of minimal sleep, self inflicted by the odd all night shindigs. (:|  [-X   Over time, I have noticed the continual care has provided notable benefits such as fine lines looking softer and more relaxed, the tone is brighter and the previously slackened skin is tighter and firmer.  Overall, based on my experience I would recommend the Elixia Eye Brightening Fluid as an essential ‘pick-me-up’ for busy people who need to eliminate excess baggage and rejuvenate the eyes to achieve more radiant, youthful-looking appearance.  Send those bags packing with the ultimate beauty SOS for eye emergencies!   :-j

How do you manage to hide the telltale signs of too many late nights?  Do you have a quick remedy to disguise the evidence or a special eye treatment cream?  :-?   What are your thoughts on natural brands like Elixia, does it sound appealing or are you more confident using more renowned, big name professional brands?

All images in this post are my own.


  1. Fantastic reviews of Elixia produts, Mel! All the three sound like they are worth trying. I might need the eye cream the most for my nasty dark circles though!
    It has been such a long time since I spoke to you! Hope you and your lovely family are keeping well and enjoying the cooler season <3

    1. As always Su I appreciate your thoughts, you inspired me to do this in the first place ;) Just wish I didn't have so many commitments as there is never enough time in my day to spend as much time as I would like on my blog. I am still using the Elixia products, they are seriously awesome :-)

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  3. Thanks Steve love a bit of a chuckle so will definitely check it out :)


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