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Saturday, June 23, 2012

INVISIBLE ZINC® ESP™ Environmental Skin Protector

Howdy my peeps!  :-h   I’ve been a big fan of Invisible Zinc Tinted Daywear for years and have previously claimed it as one of my Top 10 favourite beauty products.  I have fair skin and have always lived in the FNQ coastal tropics, where I was raised on the beach, knowing that Zinc offers an effective approach to sun protection.  Although unlike the days of old, as I remember the humiliation whenever my mum would paint the thick paint-like sunblock in streaks over my face (making me rather shame), wishing the ground would open up and swallow me.  :">   I had a love hate relationship with Zinc, loved that I never got burnt when wearing Zinc, but hated its thick, gluggy texture and obvious appearance.   ~X(   However, like many of Aussies, I too followed the iconic eighties trend of exhibiting florescent zinc stripes across my nose and cheeks , OMG what were we thinking, LOL!   L-)  :))  At the end of the era, I forgot about Zinc, as it wasn’t particularly appealing to me as a teen or when I was in my early twenties.  Then, years later, when I was introduced to Invisible Zinc and was able to determine that the Zinc sunscreens of the past were finally reformulated, with the zinc particles becoming micro-fine to provide a reflective barrier on the skin’s surface, which was inconspicuous to the naked eye, yet still capable of effectively shielding against damaging UV rays.  \:D/  I’ve always wanted to try the Invisible Zinc Environmental Skin Protector, but had never had the chance, so when Tammerly from Spoilt sent it out for me to test drive, I couldn’t wait for it to arrive.  Here are my thoughts:

Invisible Zinc Environmental Skin Protector comes in an innovative airless pump-action canister with a clip-shut lid that seals tightly, guaranteeing the purity of the formulation by preventing contamination.  The packaging, available in both 30 and 50ml sizes, is designed featuring the distinguishable Invisible Zinc logo with overt black, white and yellow print.  The sturdy pump allows easy distribution and one press allocates a pea-sized amount of the smooth, white, thickly textured cream, which surprisingly, is a much thinner consistency than it initially appears.  #:-S   This supplies enough cream for my whole face, so I only need to pump twice when extending the product to my neck and décolleté.  The fragrance is subtle with a delicate aroma, nothing like a typical sunscreen scent and becomes non-existent anyway, once transferred to the skin.  The lotion blends and spreads easily with my fingertips, then once applied, absorbs rapidly, without any tacky remnants.  The outcome is a perfectly comfortable, remarkably lightweight veil that creates a faint white cast and a slight surface shine, but thankfully, even though my skin is super oily, the finish is non-greasy and doesn’t cause an oil slick on my face.  :)  Instead, the semi-matte effect is extremely appealing, especially prior to my daily makeup ritual, acting like a primer, by forming an adhesive base that’s not sticky to touch, nevertheless entices cosmetics to grip and hold on like glue, improving the general staying power and keeping excess oil at bay.  <:-P

Not only is the Invisible Zinc Environmental Skin Protector an exceptional broad spectrum sunblock, safeguarding against dangerous UVA + UVB rays, the multi-tasking, anti-ageing product, includes essential moisturising properties to nourish and condition, along with an anti-pollution barrier, which prevents the skin against future assault from damaging environmental aggressors.  ;)  I don’t need a separate moisturiser, but the formula may not be hydrating enough for those with drier skin types, a factor obviously dependant on personal preferences or determined by trial and error.  I’ve not suffered any sensitivity issues since incorporating this sunscreen into my daily regime; although unfortunately it’s sparked the arrival of a few unsightly pimples.  I’m not sure if the cream is clogging my pores or if a particular ingredient may be triggering the breakouts, as a full ingredient list isn’t disclosed on the packaging or anywhere on the company website for that matter, making the origin difficult to pinpoint.   :-/

I’m impressed with the level of cover this broad spectrum sunblock provides, considering I’ve not once been burnt, even with direct exposure, during the time I’ve worn the SPF 30+ cream on a daily basis.  I usually have trouble finding suitable sun care options, on account of most chemical versions provoking my oily skin to go crazy, so to date, mineral Zinc remains my ingredient of choice, because I prefer the physical protection and skin health benefits associated with Zinc.  Despite the pesky spots I’ve been sporting lately, I like the finish and longevity the Invisible Zinc Environmental Skin Protector delivers and I’m confident in the overall performance.  It’s satisfying to be armed with the best weapon to block UV rays, whilst preventing further damage and the onset of any visible signs of ageing.  Sunscreen is the most important and relevant anti-ageing skin care product and the ultimate defence in the fight against premature ageing.  =D>

I’m rating the Invisible Zinc Environmental Skin Protector with 3.5 stars out of 5!  (*)  (*)  (*)  &  ½  (*)  Deducting ½ a star because of the unwanted pimples I’ve developed and 1 star as a result of the concealed ingredients and lack of product information available to consumers.  This prompted my own online research to determine what this sunscreen is made up of and based on my findings I feel the need to point out, while the company claims there are No Chemical Sunfilters and it’s promoted as The sunscreen Mother Nature would wear but, if there are no ‘nasties’ on board, then why not reveal the entire contents, so we all know ‘exactly’ what we are putting on our skin?  :-?

TIP:  *-:)   This product is somewhat stubborn to remove (which is a good thing coz I know it’s not going to budge or slide off during the heat of the day) and a normal cleanser doesn’t have quite enough oomph.  I always implement the double cleansing method, using an oil based pre-cleanser (I like jojoba) first, followed by an AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) deep pore cleanser to ensure every last trace of sunscreen is gone and my skin is totally clean.  

What is your preferred form of sun protection?  Chemical or Physical?  Do you like Zinc and have you tried Invisible Zinc products before?  :-?  Any suggestions for alternative Zinc based sun protection that you have tried and can recommend?  :-/  I would love to try out different physical sunscreens as I’m still on the search for my holy grail, so please hit me with any ideas you might have  :)

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