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Saturday, June 23, 2012

KMS Free Shape Hot Flex Spray

Yo all!  :-h   My hair is dead straight and baby fine, so normally I don’t need to rely on a straightening iron, however for special occasions or if I’m going out on the town, I use my straightener to keep my strands looking smooth, sleek and to eliminate frizz and pesky flyaways.  :-*   I do tend to blow-dry my mop quite often though, particularly in the cooler months, rather than letting it dry naturally.  Because I’ve coloured my tresses constantly for the past 20 odd years, it’s already quite fragile,  #-o  so I need to be cautious about the abuse that can occur from using heat styling products, therefore I always ensure that a heat protectant product features as a religious step in my hair care maintenance routine, guaranteeing optimal hair health.  ;)  I am also particular when it comes to choosing which product to use, as my mane is naturally oily and I don’t want to exasperate the problem with sprays or serums that leave my locks looking limp and greasy.   :-O   Finding the most suitable hair care all comes down to trial and error for me, so when Tammerly  sent me the KMS Free Shape Hot Flex Spray to trial for her beauty website Spoilt, which is linked here, I was thrilled to consent.  Here is my review:   ;;)

The KMS Free Shape Hot Flex Spray is a heat protection product, suitable for all hair types, that creates a protective barrier to insulate my locks and prevent thermal damage.  It comes in a hot pink pump-action spray bottle (I tried the mini, travel sized version) adorned with black and mint-green lettering.  I apply about three pumps of the weightless formula directly onto my towel-dried strands before heat styling and based on trial and error, that amount is sufficient to cater for my medium length mane.   I have also tried using it directly on already dried hair, which as a result becomes more obedient, while it helps to lock in the appearance of my preferred hairdo.  The indulgent, fine mist smells delightfully sweet, lingering to create a multi-sensory experience that leaves my tresses feeling refreshed and smelling delectable for hours.  @};-   As well as defending my mop against thermal assault, it safeguards from the ravages of humidity that is a constantly battle living here in the tropics.  <:-P  Whist maintaining long-lasting style, unlike a hairspray, it doesn’t provide ample hold, so there is no hard, crunchy stiffness to worry about.  #:-S   The medium resistance allows plenty of flexibility and movement, so my locks look and feel natural and soft to touch.  The spray doesn’t transfer any sticky residue or a coating of oily film; instead it’s completely non-greasy.  As a plus, I was thrilled when I discovered that by applying this product prior to heat styling, the drying time is considerably quicker than normal.  :)

Since I’ve been using the KMS Free Shape Hot Flex Spray, the softness of my hair has intensified and it’s now more manageable.  :x   It preps my hairdo to stay in place and extends the life of the style for a sleek, polished look, right up until the next wash.  By enhancing my strands with a silky smooth, ultra shiny finish that is completely relaxed, yet lightly textured, it creates the impression of increased body, promoting extra volume and plumping up my usually limp tresses.  It’s a product that simply tames my mane so styling is a breeze and the end result looks like I’ve been treated with a professional salon blow-dry.  :D  For a bit of extra oomph, it’s advised to spritz the mist into sections of the hair, which encourages maximum shaping and even better control.  Despite the weather conditions, my mop now resists frizzy flyaways, particularly in the warmer weather and I feel confident because my locks are shielded against the stress caused by frequent heat styling and environmental aggressors.  The anti-break technology reflects heat, preventing split ends and moisture loss by repairing and replenishing my hair, keeping it healthy, strong and conditioned.  B-)

I am happy with the performance of the KMS Free Shape Hot Flex Spray.  It has proven its ability to protect against thermal damage, whilst optimising the effectiveness of various heat styling tools.  It instantly transforms my dull, drab locks into perfect, frizz-free, pencil-straight tresses, with improved definition and a lustrous, glossy finish, minus any annoying build-up.  I am rating this product with 4.5 stars out of 5  (*)  (*)  (*)  (*)  & ½  (*)  because it allows me to achieve my desired look that lasts the distance, with minimal effort.   

Do you use a heat protector of some shape of form when styling your locks?  :-/  Do you prefer a multi-tasker with additional benefits and if so what would you personally look for in a heat protector product?  :-?  Share your thoughts in the comments section   :)  

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