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Monday, June 25, 2012

Australis Megalash Mascara - Electric Blue

Hello beauties!  :-h   This post is based on my trial for Tammerly the super talented author of Spoilt beauty blog, who kindly sent me this mascara to test drive and review.  The original is linked here

When I first tried the Australis Megalash Mascara I felt quite ripped off, because it didn’t generate very noticeable results in providing that essential bit of oomph or polished lashes, I demand from my mascara, especially since my lashes are quite fair, short and straight.  :-L   I was thrilled to receive this mascara in a vibrant Electric Blue shade, because as a person who likes to explore with coloured makeup, I’m fond of brightly hued mascaras, instead of the standard black, brown or more common neutral tones.  Fortunately, despite my initial disappointment, I persisted using the mascara daily for a week, determined not to give up, then during this time, I mastered how to achieve better end results, which I will explain to you now.  #:-S

Housed in black plastic packing with hot pink lettering featuring the brand and product name, the Australis Megalash Mascara tube is large in size, with a budget price tag that promotes plenty of ‘bang for your buck’ in terms of value.  $-)  The brush is a classic design, of average size, tapering at the tip to easily separate individual lashes and reach the inner corners, coating even the finest of hairs.  The creamy, lightweight formula has a thin, runny consistency that applies with minimal fuss and no clumping.  :D  Because it’s quite fluid-like, it takes some time to totally dry, so it’s wise to keep still, without blinking too much, so to avoid smearing or transferring any product onto my skin.  *-:)  I was shattered after the initial application, because, it didn’t boost my lashes and they weren’t fuller or longer at all……until I started applying extra coats.  #-o  Due to the smooth, wet formulation, it’s buildable and therefore layers easily to present the sought after volume, for visibly plumper, longer lashes, for natural-looking appeal that’s not overboard.  ;;)  The highly pigmented colour is incredibly rich and bold, yet it’s not blatantly obvious, unless the lashes come into contact with light.  In spite of numerous layers, my lashes remain flexible and soft to touch, unlike the stiff effect some mascaras create, leaving them so hard I worry they might snap off.  The staying power is exceptional and it won’t budge all day, thanks to the waterproof, tearproof design.  My eyelashes are still fresh at the end of the day, there’s no fading, flaking, smudging or running that can lead to panda eyes, yet the mascara still washes off thoroughly with a normal cleanser, hence no need to invest in a separate waterproof eye makeup remover.  =D>

This mascara conveniently slots into my daytime makeup regime, delivering a soft, natural focus, with a striking splash of funky colour to instantly brighten my eyes.  It’s not my first choice for drama at night, as it doesn’t pack enough of a punch for my taste, although it’s ideal to layer over a lash enhancing mascara or even to use in conjunction with a decent eyelash primer for a more pronounced look.  ;)  Don’t be intimidated by how loud this blue shade appears, because it’s definitely wearable and I keep receiving complements that the flattering hue really makes my eyes ‘pop’.  To ensure your lashes get the attention they deserve, you do need to religiously apply at least two coats of mascara, remembering to ensure each coat is adequately dry before attempting any additional layers.  Whilst time consuming, this step secures the desired colour, fullness and length we expect from a mascara.  For luscious lashes that are beautifully subtle and suitable for everyday, without being too over the top, I suggest you revamp your makeup kit with an Electric Blue Australis Megalash Mascara, to inject a modern approach to your lash look.  :x

My FOTD - See bullet list for other products used.
Whilst my experience has been mostly positive, I’m awarding this little darling with 4 stars instead of 5
 (*)  (*)  (*)  (*)  because I would personally prefer if my lashes were amplified to a greater extent, making them even more exaggerated, however this mascara will be sure to impart a modest, low-key transformation.  :D

FOTD - Products Used

Do you like coloured mascaras?  :-?  Have you tried any of the Australis range and do you agree the products perform exceptionally well for such an ultra cheap, affordable brand?  What is your favourite, most effective over the counter/pharmacy/supermarket type mascara?  :-/  You know the drill, comment below  :)

The first image of the product is generic, whist the other three snap shots are my own.


  1. Great review! Looks like a fantastic product. I never wear coloured mascara and don't even own one but I think I will need to add this one to my collection because the colour is just so vibrant. It's just gonna take some confidence to pull it off :)

    1. I am still addicted to this mascara and find myself using it most days. I think I will feel funny going back to black after using this for the past month or so now. It's brilliant and so bold, I would definitely recommend it, give it a try I bet it would look fabulous on your gorgeous eyes :-)


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