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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Elixia Night Renew Complex

Hi peeps!  :-h  Carrying right along from the last Elixia review, here is another TrialTeam product I had the opportunity to experience thanks to Beauty Heaven.  Here are my thoughts as well as my own generic brand introduction that I’ve replicated in the first paragraph of each of these reviews to help familiarise the reader with this particular range ;) 

I was completely unfamiliar with the brand Elixia when Beauty Heaven first asked me to participate in this trial,  :-/  so I took the opportunity to do some online research and promptly ascertained that this Australian company produces premium skin care based on science and clinical development.  I was sent three products representative of their High Performance Anti-Ageing range, which is all natural and free of nasties, albeit infused with a potent blend of peptides, antioxidants and actives, including Vitamins A (retinol), C and E.  These supercharged ingredients hold the key to reversing prematurely aged skin and are exactly what I look for in my skin care, so it was my eager expectation that Elixia should compliment my current anti-ageing routine to perfection.  :D  The products are formulated using an exclusive, innovative technology called TPM (Targeted Penetration Matris) to help deliver the effective cocktail of ingredients deep into the epidermis for better execution, whereby enhancing the absorption and penetration by up to 4 times.

Just like the Daily SkinSmoothing Lotion, the Elixia Night Renew Complex is housed in a hygienic 30gm jar, brandishing the company logo, decorated with a silver and bold magenta colour scheme that is coordinated across the range.  The ingenious, uniquely modern dual-wall dispenser disc prevents skin contact with the lotion to avoid contamination or risk of bacteria.  The design is highly appealing to me as I have never been fond of pots or tubs that require the user to constantly ‘double dip’.  [-X  Elixia is leading the way in ergonomic airless beauty packaging, rather than opting for the outdated, jar-style containers, which in this day and age, should indefinitely be a thing of the past.  *-:)  The 'state-of the-art' design is clearly more hygienic because it blocks out oxygen, protecting the contents, so the natural, preservative-free formulations will maintain their purity and last longer.  This packaging is also very user friendly, delivering controlled doses that expel as much or as little product as needed.  A gentle press on the disc dispenses a small amount, whereas a firmer press releases a full dose, which is ample to treat the entire face, neck and décolletage as desired.  :-*

Airless packaging prevents contamination
Dispenser Disk delivers controlled doses

The rich, deep yellow formula
The cream has a lightweight consistency, but is a deeper coloured yellow than its daytime partner and is noticeably richer, yielding an almost silk-like texture.  As soon as I got my first whiff of the natural fragrance, I knew how potent this treatment cream was going to be, because it’s the distinct scent of retinol that I am familiar with, after experiencing other powerful Vitamin A skin care via other brands.  I actually don’t mind the smell and while it’s not exactly a ‘nice’ scent, to me, this smell means business and I know I can expect optimum performance from a product that’s jam packed, full of anti-ageing goodness.  Besides, the fragrance soon disappears, once it’s been applied to the skin.  The silky cream feels almost oily on my fingertips, yet it somehow miraculously melts into my skin without any trace of sticky residue whatsoever.  Similar nightly skin moisturisers normally turn my face into a greasy, feral mess by morning,  :">  now I can rise without a hint of shine or stubborn oil to be seen.  #:-S  Instead, it implements its magic during the night shift, so that when I wake my skin just feels ultra soft, smooth and nourished.  The high-performance ingredients are concocted to create a gentle formula that doesn’t cause any sensitivity issues such as irritation or redness to my often fussy skin, making it suitable for the most delicate complexions.  The most noticeable improvement over the past four weeks is less congestion of my pores, resulting in fewer pimples, while the stress related cystic acne I’ve battled with recently has all but vanished and my skin looks the clearest and healthiest it has for a long time.  =D>

It has a silky texture
This is my favourite of the three Elixia products I trialled and is the mostly complimentary night cream I have ever used, slotting straight into my existing skin care programme without exasperating my oily, sensitive skin conditions.  :x   The combination of these Elixia products has without a doubt proven its efficacy and the rejuvenating effects are clearly evident.  I now have a uniform skin tone, softer, more relaxed fine lines, plumper and firmer skin in areas that were beginning to slacken.  Overall, it paints my newly refined face as a picture of health.  This highly active night cream is a results driven workhorse, so I’m keen on seeing how much more I can achieve using the Elixia line-up over a longer timeframe.  :-SS  I would highly recommend Elixia Night Renew Complex to all skin care connoisseurs who are serious about obtaining a more youthful appearance.  This potent skin treatment makes a fitting weapon to fight the signs of prematurely aged skin and to top it off; it’s an absolute pleasure to use.  I owe the team at Beauty Heaven a huge thank you for the introduction to this intelligent brand of the future, which has opened my eyes to new technology and brought about a remarkably positive change in my complexion.  Extremely impressive!  :)>-

Have you found a natural skin care product that totally exceeded your expectations?  What do you look for in an anti-ageing night cream and have you been lucky enough to find your holy grail?  :-?   How about Elixia, have you heard of this brand or tried it for yourself? 

All images in this post are my own.


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