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Friday, April 27, 2012

NVEY ECO Erase Corrector

Hi peeps!  :-h First of all, major apologies to all my followers for the lack of content lately.  [-X  I have actually got heaps of reviews ready to rock and roll, which has been keeping me busy, but yet so little ‘ME’ time to get them up and published.  I am going to try my best to get some of them up tonight, however the layout will probably be rough as it takes me simply ages to get each post presented in my usual manner (yeah, I know I’m a fussy one  :">  ), so once again I ask if you can bare with me during this difficult time and hang in there, I’m sure I’ll get back on track eventually, LOL!   :)) 

Here is a review for the NVEY ECO Erase Corrector, written in conjunction with my work for Spoilt, Tammerly aka Pink Diva has been keeping me on my toes, sending out lots of amazing wonderful beauty booty to test drive so I can share my thoughts based on my experience with these products, which are then published on her fabulous blog.   <:-P   The original review is linked here.

When I first received this concealer I had not heard of NYEY ECO, so I thought I would crawl out from under my rock and do a quick bit of research to familiarise myself with the brand behind the product.  ;)  I was pleasantly surprised to discover that NYEY ECO is in fact a certified organic company manufactured right here in Australia.  =D>   It thrives on the belief that ‘green’ cosmetics can perform just as well as the most superior of commercial brands, without compromising on texture or colour efficacy.  Infused with unrefined ingredients, such as plant extracts, vitamins, antioxidants and essential oils in lieu toxins such as parabens, petrochemicals or synthetic fragrances, this professional quality range, complete with skin nurturing formulations, are not tested on animals, therefore they are better for me and the environment.  The NVEY ECO Erase Corrector is enriched with a synthesis of gentle ‘skin-loving’ ingredients like Safflower, Jojoba, natural antioxidants and organic Castor Oil, along with the Vitamin trio A, C and E, to conceal imperfections, whilst maintaining sufficient nourishment to keep my skin hydrated.  :)

Presented with a chic black, green and white outer cardboard sleeve, the packaging is visually appealing, especially with the inner contents revealed and I instantly set my sights upon the classy, matching compact that screamed elegance and superb quality.  The 3gm compact, boasts a decent sized mirror situated on the inside of the clip-top lid and is ideal for touch-ups on the go, but also looks stylish when showcased on my vanity.  Looks aside, I was keen to put this concealer to the test, considering the medium shade, one of three tones available to suit most skin types, appeared to be a near perfect match to my own complexion.  When I first attempted to use it though, to be honest, I was almost ready to call it quits before I had even applied it to my skin.  :-O  The reason being, is the texture was initially very hard and dry upon opening, so regardless of how many times I wiped my makeup brush over the surface, I couldn’t get any product to transfer onto the brush, much less onto my skin.  :-/  I spent a bit of time trying to figure out why it didn’t work and just before giving up, I decided to endeavour using a damp brush.  *-:)  Bingo, this solution finally got the concealer onto my brush and then subsequently onto the areas of my face that required the additional coverage.  #:-S  This method conjointly helped the top layer of product to soften up, and thereafter, I didn’t need to continue with the damp brush, because the consistency remained creamy, yet firm and worked into my skin with ease, instead of persevering with the rock hard formula that was basically non-functional.  :-S

With that sorted, I was able to simply distribute the smooth, wax-like substance exactly where I wanted it, effectively gliding it over my flaws without pulling or tugging at my skin, so to perfectly disguise any spots, blotchy redness, pigmentation and uneven tone.  ;)  The concealer has a lightweight feel and is highly pigmented, but it’s also buildable, allowing me to provide extra coverage to those unsightly, difficult to hide, problem areas, hence still promoting an almost invisible, natural-looking finish.  :D  Because it is also quite sheer, the formula doesn’t adequately diminish the dark circles under my eyes, tending to settle into fine lines and appearing a bit crepey.  Possibly this is due to my skin being oily and the blend consists of various oils, however I soon determined that it works more effectively for me personally, if I just focus on targeting blemishes and trying to accomplish a uniform complexion.  It might make for a better dark circle eraser or as a substitute eyeshadow base for those who have normal to dry skin types.  I have adopted the habit of always setting my makeup with a translucent powder, which in this case, ideally helped improve the concealer’s staying power and longevity, whilst preventing my face from becoming all greasy throughout the day.  I respect and have come to appreciate the natural/organic beauty concept and am genuinely impressed with the flawless results I can achieve using the NVEY ECO Erase Corrector, as it camouflages my pesky pimples and eliminates embarrassing facial redness.  It creates the ultimate base for under makeup, or a handy cover-up when foundation alone is not enough, likewise prompting a healthy, unmarred complexion that appears completely natural and not caked on or overdone to the point where it accentuates the problem, rather than hiding it.   \:D/

Overall, I am grateful for the adventure into the certified organic makeup sector, where I gained the insight that it truly is becoming on par or if not, even better than ‘normal’ cosmetics, with brands like NYEY ECO leading the way for more companies to get aboard the ‘green’ band wagon and proffer consumers a diverse range of cosmetics that not only make us look good, but also make us feel good too.  :)>-   I admit that this is not the best concealer I have ever tried, because unfortunately it doesn’t obscure ALL of my imperfections, but it’s very promising and effectual for masking spots and minor flaws, ensuring that I have a clearer, more even complexion.  In comparison to other certified organic brands I’ve seen on the market, I consider the price of this product at $29.95 very reasonable and I am confident that this spunky little compact will last for ages, so it’s actually very good in terms of value.  Based on my own experience, I would rate this concealer 3.5 out of 5 stars  (*)  (*)  (*)  ½  (*)  and I would encourage anyone who is seeking an alternative to commercial makeup, or possibly overwhelmed by the scrutiny of ‘nasty’ product ingredients and would prefer to opt for a safer beauty approach - one that really does work; to consider checking out NVEY ECO Erase Corrector as a viable, multi-tasking option to your normal cover-up.  B-)

What is your take on ‘green’ cosmetics?  What natural/organic brands have you tried and how do you think they stack up in comparison to commercial makeup?  :-?  Finally, have you tried NYEY ECO and if so what products would you recommend? Feel free to share your thoughts and comment below :)

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