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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Clinique Deep Comfort Body Butter

Hello, hello!  :-h  This time I’m on the topic of body butters!  I don’t know about you all, but I simply love love love  :x  :x  :x  a rich, luxurious, deeply nourishing body butter slathered all over my bod, from my neck down to my tootsies, as a special pampering treat after showering.  There is something especially satisfying about massaging my body with an intensive, decadently creamy, all over moisturiser that melts upon contact and leaves my skin feeling amazingly smooth, soft and entirely conditioned. Ahh pure bliss!  ;;)  I was offered the Clinique Deep Comfort Body Butter to test drive and review by Tammerly from Spoilt beauty blog (linked here) and these are my thoughts based on the experience.  :)

Travel sized tube.
I received the Clinique Deep Comfort Body Butter in a 75ml travel sized tube, rather than the standard 200ml tub it’s normally presented in, so I’m not going to comment on the packaging as such.  I will describe the front label, though, which resembles the original and identifies as ‘typicallyClinique, with a simple arrangement of bold text displaying the brand name, along with the product title, printed in both English and French.  The ultra rich, thickly textured body cream has a whipped butter-like consistency that is an off-white colour or if I dare say, a pale yellow/light lemon shade.  It bestows very little fragrance; in fact the neutral scent is so subtle that I can barely smell anything at all, even when it’s directly under my nose.  :-<  While the nourishing formula is heavy and takes some time to absorb, I only need a small amount to adequately moisturise my whole body, hence a little goes a long way.  Thankfully, the full-bodied cream doesn’t create a greasy, sticky surface residual; instead, it soaks right in and my skin is immediately left silky smooth, soft, supple and intensely hydrated.  ;)

I have been applying this indulgent body butter on my sensitive skin, all over, every night, directly after showering and while still slightly damp.  The result is pure, calming relief, as it targets itchy, flaky areas and general dryness, nurturing and soothing my skin, alleviating redness and inflammation.  =D>  During this trial, I’ve truly experienced the remedial comfort this cream provides, determining the gentle emollient works wonders as a post hair removal treatment, allowing me to avoid the side effects I usually develop after shaving, such as angry, red skin.  Slathering the cream on afterward helps my skin to recover quickly, locking in long-lasting moisture and preventing the discomfort and irritability associated with shaving and hair removal.  <:-P

Full sized tub.
Although I think this body cream is effective and suitable for anyone who desires a deeply hydrating, formulation that is non-irritating and kind to skin, I believe it has a few cons to point out as well.  :-/  Despite my sensitive skin issues and the need to avoid artificial fragrances, I do have a weakness for deliciously scented body products, especially when they boast delectable, all-natural aromas, so I tend to find unscented lotions, like this one, dull and boring.  (:|  I also would prefer a moisturiser infused with sunscreen properties of at least SPF 15 or more to meet my daytime skin care needs, should I wish to use this in the morning as well; therefore, I’m only using it at night when I don’t require any additional UV protection.  B-)  Finally, it is on the expensive side  :-O  and I personally believe there are cheaper alternatives, which are equally good, if not better and delivering more benefits than just skin softening at a fraction of the price.  $-) I do like the therapeutic effect I’ve managed to achieve when using the Clinique Deep Comfort Body Butter and will continue enjoying this tube; however, I wouldn’t consider spending in excess of $50 to repurchase it again in the future.  /:)

Based on the pros and the cons, I am rating the Clinique Deep Comfort Body Butter with 3.5 Stars out 5,  (*)  (*)  (*)  & ½  (*) deducting ½ a star for each of the three negatives points I mentioned.

Do you like body butters too? What is your favourite?  Can you suggest a really good one worth trying that won’t cost an arm and a leg?.....and oh, it has to smell delectable too!  @};-

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  1. I use body butter . It is won my mind. TO get more information .

    1. The rich, thick texture of most body butters definitely appeal to those who have very thirsty skin because they are so nourishing and keep the skin looking smooth and hydrated. :)


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