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Sunday, September 30, 2012

NIVEA for Men Sensitive Range

Hi guys and gals  :-h  These products were sent to me by by Beauty Heaven to share with a mature male, who did the actual test drive (bar 1 product that I had a go of as well SHH!:-$  ;))  and then filled me in on the experience so I could write up the trial team reviews based on a Male perspective.  o->

The Nivea for Men Sensitive Face Wash comes in a 100ml compact, plastic squeezable tube with a flip-top lid that also acts as the base.  The design is easily distinguished as Nivea for Men, boasting the renowned simple navy blue and white logo, printed on a partially translucent background, allowing the user to see the solution and determine the content level.  Despite claims this product is fragrance-free, after dispensing it from the tube, I noticed an ever so slight plasticy-type scent,  :-S  however once transferred to the skin, I couldn’t smell it anymore.  :">

The face wash itself is a clear, almost cloudy coloured gel, which is full of what appears to be tiny little air-bubbles, whilst the thick consistency has a texture similar to jelly.  I only need a small blob of cleanser, approximately the size of a 5 cent coin to wash my whole face and neck.  It is easy to apply, although it doesn’t actually lather up as the directions suggest, instead, upon contact with water and skin, it turns more milky in colour and resembles a fluid like lotion that rinses straight off with water.  This was a bonus, because even though it cleansed effectively, gently removing dirt, grime oils and impurities, it didn’t make my skin tight or feel as if it were ‘squeaky’ clean and stripped of its natural moisture.  =D>  There is no sticky, greasy debris left on the skin’s surface, but the formula is highly nourishing, so my face is left cool, calm, refreshed and completely comfortable.  In fact, my skin is adequately clean, but still more hydrated than I’ve become accustomed to after cleansing alone. 

Overall, I like how this cleanser imparts a relaxing experience and therefore is an ideal way to wash away the dirty remnants of a long, hard day.  :)>-  When used in combination with the other products from the Nivea for Men Sensitive Range, this line-up helps to eliminate the sensitivity issues I frequently suffered after or during the hair removal process.  It’s a perfect face wash to use both pre and post shaving on a daily basis, as the mild formulation delivers soothing relief as well as protecting against the onset of irritation or inflammation.  Retailing for only $7.99 and readily available at most supermarkets nationally, I would recommend this affordable cleanser for men of all ages, who just want clean, calm skin and an improved shaving experience, without the fuss or need to buy anything fancy and overpriced.  ;)

The Nivea for Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm is presented in an outer cardboard wrapper, decked out in the standard Nivea for Men design that features throughout the collection.  Inside, is a durable, opaque 100ml glass bottle, sealed with a square shaped twist-off lid and boasts the renowned simple navy blue and white logo printed on a white background.  I immediately noticed the product was quite weighty and expected to find an ultra rich, heavy formula inside.  I was surprise when I shook the bottle to discover the balm was actually very liquid, which made it easy to dispense from the bottle.  The balm, isn’t how I imagine a balm to be (think Vaseline, lol)   :))  instead, it has a silky, lotion-type texture that reminds me of thin, runny custard, although it’s white in colour.  :-/  The clean, refreshing, masculine aroma is pleasant like aftershave, but minus the sting and  it definitely appeals to the opposite sex, so expect to receive compliments when you step out of the shower and into the company of a female companion.  @};-  Nevertheless, it’s only a subtle scent and it doesn’t linger on the skin for long, so it won’t interfere with your personal fragrance choice.

A little goes a long way, so a little less than a 5-cent coin amount is ample to work into the affected areas.  The balm is super lightweight and absorbs into the skin within moments, forming a non-greasy protective barrier, which cools, calms and comforts the skin.  My face feels smooth and soft when applied post shaving and it instantly alleviates the redness, irritation and flaking dry skin I usually experience after hair removal.  It prevents discomfort and the soothing effect and hydration boost is long lasting.

This balm leaves my skin feeling energised and free from the side effects usually associated with shaving.  After using the combination of Nivea for Men Sensitive Range of products for just a few weeks, the overall condition of my skin has already improved.  Gone is the appearance of red, raw looking skin, razor burn or rashes every time I shave, now my face is just always smooth, calm and nourished, radiating a hint of vitality.  B-)  Available everywhere for a little over $10, this exceptionally cost effective Nivea for Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm should be a staple for anyone who wants to kiss the irritable symptoms of shaving goodbye,  :-*  particularly for those who dread the painstaking task due to the trauma it causes the skin.

TIP -  *-:)  It is quite runny, so you have to be careful not to pour out too much.

The Nivea for Men Sensitive Moisturiser is presented in an outer cardboard wrapper, decked out in the standard Nivea for Men design that features throughout this line-up.  Inside is a 75ml compact, plastic squeezable tube with a flip-top lid, also acting as the base.  The packaging is easily distinguished as Nivea for Men, boasting the renowned simple navy blue and white logo printed on an opaque white background.  Even though it claims to be fragrance-free, I can smell a faint artificial type scent, which I can’t really describe.  It’s not what I would consider an appealing smell,  :-S   yet it is only slight and it doesn’t linger.  :">

The luscious thick formula has a butter-like texture, which is lightweight and easy to apply, absorbing well without leaving any greasy residue on the skin.  I only need a small pea-sized amount to adequately moisturise my whole face and neck.  It’s deeply hydrating and quickly nourishes my face, whilst helping to diminish dryness and flaky skin, providing prompt effective relief to any redness or irritation.  The benefit of UV filters makes this a great day time moisturiser to use on the days in between shaving, because it protects my skin against further sun damage and premature ageing.  :D

This ultra gentle moisturiser is ideal when used in conjunction with the other products in the Nivea for Men Sensitive Range to keep skin calm, comfortable and free of inflammation.  Available in leading supermarkets and pharmacies nationwide, the Nivea for Men Sensitive Moisturiser retails at just over $10, a bargain price, which would suit any budget.  I would recommend it to anyone wanting a simple, fuss-free way to hydrate and care for the skin, but won’t cost you an arm and a leg to achieve optimal results.  <:-P

Before I write this review, I need to set the record straight,  :-t   despite the intended audience, this product predominately targets Men, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s definitely unisex and can be used by men and women alike,  [-X   so I’m going to include my own experience in addition to the male perspective  ;)

The Nivea for Men Sensitive Shaving Gel comes in a 200ml aerosol can with a pump-action nozzle and a clear plastic lid.  The design is easily distinguished as Nivea for Men, boasting the renowned simple navy blue and white logo, printed on an opaque white background.  The gel is a pearlescent white colour and features the same pleasant, clean, refreshing fragrance as the Nivea for Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm.  @};-

The mild formula is quite runny and resembles a silky texture similar to shampoo, more so than a gel.  It’s easy to spread onto the skin and just a small amount transforms into a rich, white, creamy lather that provides a good coverage over the surface.  It allows the razor to glide effortlessly over my skin, cutting through all the hair in a single stroke to perform a close, effective shave in minimal time.  It washes off with water and leaves my skin feeling cool, calm and completely comfortable.  Since using this product, I’ve experienced no post shave irritation, redness or razor burn and my skin is always left ultra smooth, soft and hair free.  \:D/

I would highly recommend this soothing Nivea for Men Sensitive Shaving Gel to both males and females of all ages, who shave regularly and prefer a gentle, care-free formulation that makes hair removal a breeze, whilst nurturing and protecting your skin in the process.  It eliminates the common side effects of shaving permanently, delivering performance and results every time, as well as maintaining hydration.  It costs a measly $5.99 and will last for ages, so it’s an absolute steel in terms of affordability.  For such a small investment, my days of shaving nightmares are finally behind me and I am now rewarded with skin that looks and feels great.  (*)

The Nivea for Men Sensitive Protect Roll-On comes in sturdy glass packaging with a rollerball dispenser and screw-off, plastic navy cap.  The design is easily distinguished as Nivea for Men, boasting the renowned simple navy blue and white logo printed on a white label, which is pasted on the translucent glass, allowing the user to see the product and determine the content level.  Unlike the other products I’ve trialled in the Nivea for Men Sensitive Range, this colour scheme has more silver accents that makes it look rather snazzy.  The formula is white in colour, however it applies clear on the skin.  It has a delicate, masculine fragrance that is a crisp, refreshing scent and not at all overpowering.

It dries within seconds and doesn’t leave any sticky residue.  The alcohol free blend is super gentle and doesn’t create any sensitivity issues.  In fact it feels cool and soothing when applied and I remained dry and comfortable for at least half a day.  In terms of effectiveness in protecting against perspiration, I find the 24 hour claims way too far fetched,  #-o  because on a hot tropical day, whilst engaging in physical activity, I was kept dry and smelling sweet for about 4 – 5 hours, before I felt the need to re-apply to avoid developing body odour and wetness.  :-O   It does last a bit longer if I stay inside and don’t over exert myself at all, but there is no way I can confirm it lasts a full 24 hours.  :|

Despite the fact it’s not really long lasting, it’s still a decent deodorant and it is ideal for those who need to avoid irritating products that exasperate their sensitive skin conditions.  I personally wouldn’t buy this for myself in future as I prefer a spray-on deodorant, but I was impressed enough to consider trying the Nivea for Men Sensitive Protect Aerosol.  >:/

Have you or any of the men in your lives tried this range of products….or does he even use any skin care products?  :-?

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