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Sunday, September 30, 2012

theBalm Liquid TimeBalm Spot Concealer

Hey there beauties  :-h   I’m back in full force ATM, LOL   :))  (well as forceful as I can be during this long slow process of needing a replacement PC)   8-|  Anyway, I’m not about to let that rain on my parade, hehe  ;))  As the saying goes the show must go on,  \:D/ so I’ll keep on plugging on and make the most of my resources  as I slowly but surely get through publishing my growing backlog of product reviews!  B-) 

It goes without saying that when you have a red, angry bump on your face there is some urgency to make it disappear, whilst effectively disguising it in the meantime to avoid feeling self-conscious.  :">  Most OTC (over the counter) topical skin care treatments that target pimples basically dry out and strip the skin of its oils, which then will produce even more oil to compensate for the loss, exacerbating the condition and causing more breakouts than before.  :-O   Likewise, applying too much makeup or cosmetic solutions designed to cover-up flaws can look obvious and accentuate the problem; in addition it can lead to clogged pores, making the blemishes worse.  ~X(  What would be the best way to overcome this dilemma?  Simple, how about a less invasive spot remedy that is free of nasty chemicals and is instead, infused with natural skin purifying, bacteria fighting ingredients, such as tea tree oil and an array of vitamins, all formulated into a tinted liquid base that soothes problem skin and camouflages redness to help achieve a clear, healthy-looking complexion, free of imperfections.    O:-)  Enter theBalm Liquid TimeBalm Spot Concealer.  This product was sent to me by Tammerly from Spoilt to try out and review for her beauty blog, which you can find linked here.  :)  Here are my thoughts:

The outer cardboard packaging of theBalm Liquid TimeBalm Spot Concealer is green in colour with white print, which to me is a reflection of the toxic-free, more natural formulation and is pleasantly appealing to the eye.  The inner tube features the same colour scheme, is 10gms in size and is similar in appearance to a lipgloss with a twist off lid attached to a long stem that has a foam tip to serve as the applicator.  The convenient packaging makes it ideal to pop in my handbag and use for touch-ups on the go.  ;)

The liquid itself has a medicinal-type, scent that smells noticeably of the included tea tree oil, but it’s not at all offensive and fades soon after applied.  :">  With a lightweight, creamy texture and a medium to thick consistency, it blends smoothly to even out my skin tone.  Surprisingly, this formula is well pigmented, providing exceptional opaque coverage that hides all my unsightly flaws, including zits, surface veins and facial redness, along with under eye bags.  ;;)  The formula is non-drying and non-greasy, yet nourishing to the skin, calming inflammation and irritation, protecting against damaging environmental aggressors and treating problem areas rapidly.  I have the Honey shade, which is a perfect match for my skin tone, creating a soft, flawless finish that looks perfectly natural. The staying power is brilliant, with no fading, flaking during the day, however I like to apply regular touch-ups on newly formed blemishes, to help fast-track their lifespan and despite adorning several layers, my skin doesn’t have a pasty, caked on appearance.  <:-P
Honey, one if three available shades.

Overall, theBalm Liquid TimeBalm Spot Concealer is a full function skin care product and complexion perfecting makeup all rolled into one.  =D>  Unlike other zit zappers I’ve tried, which are harsh and dry out my skin, or concealers that cause congestion and trigger more breakouts, this dual performance pimple elixir has a powerful moisturising formula that is loaded with skin nurturing goodness that accelerates the natural healing and repairing process, whilst optimal coverage effectively improves the unsightly appearance and ensures my imperfections remain unnoticeable.  :D  It’s not a miracle worker, so fully blown bumps won’t be magically cured with a single dab; however, it effectively promotes recovery and gives me confidence and peace of mind to face the world knowing my complexion is unblemished and fabulous.  :x   I am loving the full effect of theBalm Liquid TimeBalm Spot Concealer and am awarding it with 5 stars out of 5,   (*)  (*)  (*)  (*)  (*)  it’s my new Holy Grail concealing spot treatment that I seriously can not fault.  Exceptional!!!  :-*

Tip -   *-:)  It’s is wise to consider the ‘less is more’ approach when using this concealer, because you only need the tiniest amount for effective results.  

Have you found the perfect zit solution, one that conceals and heals?  How do you normally hide those unsightly spots without making them get worse?
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  1. To be honest, i didnt even know that thebalm had this product! Sounds really great tho :) awesome post!


    1. Thank you so much Vicky, actually I was probably hiding even further under a rock than you in this case, because prior to this trial I honestly hadn't even heard of TheBalm, so it was a whole new experience for me and one that I thoroughly enjoyed ;-)


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