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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Nude by Nature Mineral Bronzer

Hi guys!  :-h  Well, I'm back playing catch-up, so will see if I can get a few posts uploaded while I have the chance!  Not sure how many I will fit in (sorry peeps, time is as always lately, of the essence  :-"  ) , but anyhow, here is the first attempt....  B-)  My latest post is a review for a product sent to me by the lovely and generous Tammerly from Spoilt.  <:-P   Here is a recollection of my experience :-)

Nude by Nature Mineral Bronzer is designed to give the skin a warm, natural glow without the damaging effect of the sun.  It features mineral ingredients, including light-reflecting Mica for luminosity and Kaolin to help absorb excess oil, along with Titanium Dioxide and Zinc for their sun protection coverage, anti-inflammatory properties and skin nurturing benefits.  The gentle formulation has no chemicals, talc or other nasty irritants, so it’s ideal for the most sensitive of skin and even suitable for those with conditions, such as rosacea or acne.  \:D/

The bronzer comes in a generously sized 15gm transparent plastic circular pot with a brown screw-off lid.  The clear plastic lets me see the inner contents to determine the true colour and exact product level.  The appearance of the packaging is plain, but stylish, with silver lettering on top of the lid, displaying the brand name, whilst a sticker is attached to the base of the pot, listing the ingredients and company information.  Inside the lid, a see-through, plastic insert is fitted, with a dozen holes pressed through the centre, which is sealed with a peel-off sticker when first opened.  Once discarded, the holes create a ‘sifter’ mechanism, to prevent too much product wastage and to reduce the flow of the powder, for ease of application.  There is no applicator of any type supplied with this bronzer,  :-S   so it’s essential I have my own tools handy whenever I wish to use it.  #-o

The Nude by Nature Mineral Bronzer is a very finely milled loose powder and is highly pigmented in a chocolate colour with cool undertones, rather than the warmer orange and pink hues often associated with bronzers.  :">  The biggest disappointment is there is only the one standard shade available and despite having a medium complexion, I still find it’s a bit too dark.  :-O   The unscented powder is silky soft in texture with a creamy consistency and incorporates tiny flecks of silver sparkle, which are visible throughout.  The formula isn’t grainy at all, allowing for effortless blending and thankfully the glimmer particles are not too obvious once on my skin.  Instead, the bronzer creates a subtle, radiant sheen that gives my face the impression of being ‘less’ shiny and ‘more’ naturally dewy. 

I use a large dome shaped brush for the application, dipped into the powder, then shaken to remove any excess and finally tapping the brush on its base to ensure it’s loaded evenly.  Next, I lightly buff the powder onto my skin, carefully blending into the area’s where the sun hits, for instance, my cheekbones, temples, brow bone, inner corner of the eyes, outer jaw bone, cupids bow and along the bridge of my nose.  The realistic finish compliments my skin tone to achieve a lustrous, sun-kissed complexion.  The staying power is impressive, lasting the duration of the day and since I’ve been using this bronzer, I haven’t experienced any adverse reactions to my fragile skin.  :D

I like the overall effect of this bronzing powder, even though the colour is darker than I expected, my face doesn’t appear dirty or muddy and the end result remains authentic.  =D>  When I first saw the sparkly specs in the powder, I thought it would emphasise my imperfections and make my oily skin look shiny, instead of radiant.  However, the Nude by Nature Mineral Bronzer delivers an almighty punch of colour and a natural, healthy glow to perfectly define my features.  ;;) I am not really a fan of the loose powder though, because it’s just too messy, therefore, a pressed version would be more convenient.  :>  This bronzer would also be more appealing if there were a few different shades available.  :-<  I wouldn’t recommend it for light or pale skin tones and would definitely suggest getting a colour match before buying, as I believe the deeper glow is better suited to folks with a darker complexion. 
I rated this bronzer with 3.5 stars out of 5!    (*)  (*)  (*)  & ½  (*)

TIP:  *-:)  Try mixing the powder into oils and lotions for the body to create a hot summer look any time of year.

Have you used this product at all?  :-?  Or, do you like loose powder bronzers, or do you prefer something different? What is the worst  bronzer you have used in terms of colour?  :-/  Any thoughts on the topic please share!    

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