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Monday, October 29, 2012

Pure Therapy by Purist - Daily Restore Face Moist

Hey there one more time peeps!  :-h   This will be the last post of this latest batch, so hope ya’ll don’t mind being bombarded overtime when I do get around to updating my blog each month.  :-@  ;)  I suffer from sensitive skin problems, making it randomly  prone to redness, itching and discomfort and when this occurs my normal moisturisers either aggravate the symptoms further, whilst specialty pharmaceutical products turns my already oily skin into a big greasy mess, causing blocked pores and triggering breakouts, or even worse strips my skins natural oils leaving it parched and uncomfortable . :(  Until now my only option is to avoid everything until the irritation subsides, but unfortunately neglecting my skin like that wipes out all the hard work I’ve put in maintaining a diligent skin care regime that targets my skin concerns, leaving me back at square one.  :-L   So, when Tammerly the brains (and beauty) behind Spoilt blog sent me out a moisturiser from a newly released label that is suitable for sensitive skin, I was keen to start the trial.  Here is my review based on that experience.  :)

Pure Therapy is a new range brought to us by The Purist Company, an Australian manufacturer of natural, safe and effective personal care products.  Purist is also the parent company the highly acclaimed A’kin Skincare and Alchemy Haircare brands.  Recommended by doctors and hospitals, the clinically proven Pure Therapy line-up, is free from parabens, sulphates, ethoxylated emulsifiers, artificial colours and animal derivatives.  >:D<  Pure Therapy Daily Restore Face Moist is infused with vitamins and botanicals, including colloidal oatmeal, which helps soothe and calm the skin and offers essential relief to sensitivity problems or symptoms like redness and irritation.  #:-S  The intensely moisturising formula improves the skins ability to retain moisture and strengthens the barrier function for long-lasting hydration, whilst creating a protective shield against dryness and external aggressors.  It provides immediate respite for vulnerable skin, leaving it feeling smooth, soft and supple.  The gentle blend is even suitable for those who suffer from Eczema, Psoriasis and Contact Dermatitis.  \:D/

Presented in a slimline, squeezable tube, the plainly packaged moisturiser doesn’t appear too fancy in the looks department, yet the simple design boasts an appropriate nature-inspired colour scheme, which is featured throughout the range and complimentary to the whole ‘pure’ concept. The tube has a grey oval twist-off lid that only needs one turn to open and remove and then simply reverse the action to close.  With that in mind, the lid doesn’t seem to secure firmly on the tube, therefore I wouldn’t suggest popping it in your bag during transit, or you might end up with a big fat mess, EEK!.   :-S

The Pure Therapy Daily Restore Face Moist is rich and emollient with a thick creamy texture. The pale yellow coloured moisturiser is velvety smooth and silky, but due to the density, I was initially concerned it was going to be too heavy or greasy and would be likely to cause congestion.  A pea-sized amount of cream is ample to spread onto my whole face and neck, absorbing well, like a drink for my thirsty skin.  It does leave a sticky/tacky residue once applied, but fortunately that dries quickly to then reveal softer, plumper-looking skin.  ;;)  The product claims to be fragrance free, however there is a distinct oatmeal smell that’s quite comforting, although the scent doesn’t linger once transferred to the skin.  The finish is semi-matte and slightly dewy, but has a lightweight, non-greasy feel that allows my skin to breathe and avoid clogged pores or breakouts.  During the day, my oily skin is usually prone to developing a midday shine, so powder and blotting papers are basically necessities.  Because this moisturiser has the staying power to last the distance and no greasiness, it makes a great base under makeup, and hence I can finally ditch those frequent touch-ups to mop up excess oil.  Instead, I am revelling in a shine-free complexion.  <:-P

I’ve been using the Pure Therapy Daily Restore Face Moist twice daily and have to admit, I’m totally smitten with the results.  :x   It has definitely exceeded my expectations and I’m thrilled that it’s affordable, readily available and it actually does work.  I can now confidently hydrate my skin without the fear that after a few hours, my face will start resembling something that hails from a deep fryer.  :D  In fact, since I started using this moisturiser, a month ago, I have noticed a considerable improvement in the natural pH of my skin, which is maintaining better balance, thereby reducing excess oil production.  Additionally, by alleviating any skin sensitivity issues as they occur, my skin tone has evened out, prompting a uniform complexion, so that facial redness and blotchiness are a thing of the past.  =D>  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Pure Therapy Daily Restore Face Moist to anyone, especially sufferers of problem skin, who want a heavy-duty, healing and protecting cream that locks in moisture and alleviates discomfort.  The long lasting defence keeps skin resistant to external irritants, ensuring it remains calm, soft and fully replenished.  This quick-fix beauty aid is a handy addition to any skin care arsenal.  O:-)
I am awarding this moisturiser with 4.5 out of 5 stars, loosing only ½ a star because of the unsecure lid.  (*)  (*)  (*)  (*) & ½  (*) 

Do you have sensitive skin issues and find choosing a moisturiser a bit of a dilemma?  :-/   Are you familiar with this range or have you tried any of the products from either of the other Purist line-ups?  :-?  Please feel free to share your experience!

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