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Monday, October 29, 2012

ORLY Magnetic FX Nail Polish in 'Force Field'

Hello everybody!  :-h   Lately, I’ve been spending less time online and that means not frequenting very much in the way of beauty forums and websites,  :(  so to be completely honest, I’ve basically been hidden under a rock when it came to magnetic polishes  :">  and until now I hadn’t even heard of them much less tried any.  L-)  (shh that can be our little secret   :-$  nobody has to know  ;)  ) When I scored the ORLY Magnetic FX Nail Polish, from Tammerly to test out and review for her blog Spoilt, which is linked through here.  I was completely clueless  :-B  and needed to undertake a bit of research online to read the instructions step by step and learn more about it. 

The limited edition ORLY Magnetic FX Nail Polish is a current trend, taking the concept of nail art to a whole new level.  The nail lacquer is infused with microscopic metallic particles and when painted onto the nail and held in front of a special magnet, the particles get drawn toward it, creating a fashionable, contemporary-looking design.  The collection only comes in three shades, but each colour has its own unique pattern.  I received the shade ‘Force Field’, a gorgeous, deep, shimmery, plum coloured purple, speckled with hints of red, silver and gold.  ‘Force Field’ consists of horizontal lines that have a soft, gradual curve.  :-*

Force Field

The ORLY Magnetic FX Nail Polish comes in a large 18ml glass bottle with an innovative rubber grip cap, featured throughout the entire ORLY range, which allows for better hold and maximum control.  The magnet is positioned on a clear, plastic, removable ring shaped tool that snaps onto the neck of the bottle, at the base of the lid. A tag also hangs on the bottle and this boasts the design of the magnet and instructions for use.  The brush is a decent length and width, without being too bulky, enabling a precise, even application.  \:D/

The formula, like all ORLY nail lacquers, is ‘3-Free’, meaning it’s void of the most dangerous and disputed toxic chemicals, toluene, formaldehyde and DBP that were, at one stage, regularly included in the composition of nail polishes.  #:-S  The ORLY Magnetic FX Nail Polish has a creamy consistency and applies smoothly with no streaking and is quick to dry.  ‘Force Field’ is a full coverage lacquer; therefore, I only need to use one coat to produce brilliant opacity.  To use, I simply paint it on, one nail at a time and working quickly, while it’s still wet, place the underside of my nail tip on the outer lip of the magnetic tool, for support, positioning the nail within millimetres of the magnet, where it must remain for 10 seconds to allow the design to form.  This step is then repeated for each nail.  There are three ways I discovered to use the magnetic tool; it can be held with your free hand, put directly onto a hard surface, or my preferred method is to leave it attached to the bottle, for greater comfort and better performance.  When used at this height, I can prop each nail onto the lip, whilst my hand rests freely to prevent too much movement.  I personally thought the magnet could have been bigger, as the small size makes it awkward and fiddly at times, but thankfully my nails are reasonably short and not very wide, so the pattern covers the whole of my nail, yet on my slightly larger thumbs, it appears toward the centre only, which is probably the effect someone with long or large nails could expect.  :-<  The durability is above average, providing me between 3-5 days of wear without chipping, depending on how hard I’ve been on my hands at the time.  To maintain optimal results, this polish should be used in conjunction with a good quality base and top coat.  <:-P

Force Field - Finished Effect
I was chuffed at the effective results of the ORLY Magnetic FX Nail Polish and after I eventually got the hang of it, the application process was a breeze.  :x   Initially, it took a few attempts before I mastered the art of using the magnetic tool, as it was a bit tricky trying not to bump the wet lacquer on the magnet and make a smudgy mess, oops!   #-o  In any case, after a few failures, when there is only one option…..to remove the polish and start again, it definitely became easier over time and the practice paid off.  ;)  Now, with just two basic steps, I can transform my nails into a groovy, ultra chic design, with minimal fuss, using only one product.   B-) When I step out adoring the ORLY Magnetic FX Nail Polish, my manicure earns me heaps of compliments and I’m frequently asked ‘How did you do that?’ to which I simply reply ‘MAGIC!’   >-) Because, it really does take the time and effort out of nail art, promoting a funky, modern look with a touch of creative genius.  =D>
I gave it a 4.5 star rating out of 5!  (*)  (*)  (*)  (*)  & ½  (*) 

TIP –   *-:)  It might take a few goes before you feel competent using the magnetic tool, but as the old saying goes, practise makes perfect!

Have you tried this range before, if so what did you think?  :-?  Otherwise, have you tried any of the other numerous brands that make magnetic polishes….or maybe all of them?  Which one do you think creates the best effect?  I don’t suppose anyone else could possibly be so behind in the times that you have not heard of them either?  :-/  If it is even possible that there is anyone like that reading this, ‘holla at me please’….we’re not alone, ROFL!  =))

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  1. OMG!!! I super like the color and I so love what you did on it. I super like the effects. Great job girl!

    1. Thanks girlfriend and cheers so much for stopping by and commenting :-)

  2. I must be the last to discover this amazing nail technology..lol..live in Midwest town aka Mootown. Just bought kit called Magna Nails at local Dollar General. I'm amazed with results....always get compliments on the designs. The kit comes with four colors and four magnets. Magnets are good sized and covers most nailbeds.. Awesome technique...love it!!!


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