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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Royal Moroccan Sulphate Free Hair Repair Shampoo

Hi guys! :-h   Effort #2 for the night coming right at ya, hehe!   ;))  This next post is about a hair care product from the brand Royal Moroccan, provided by Tammerly from Spoilt, to test drive and review for her blog.  I’d never heard of this brand before, although everyone has heard of the benefits of Argan oil, especially for hair, so it was something I was looking super forward to putting through its paces.  \:D/

The Royal Moroccan Sulphate Free Hair Repair Shampoo is presented in an 300ml amber coloured, see-through, plastic bottle, with a silver/chrome lid and pump-action dispenser.  The label, in contrast, is blue and has a stylish silver, orange and black design that would look attractive on display in the bathroom vanity.  ;;)  The packaging isn’t travel-friendly and even though the pump features a locking position, there is a possibility that it could still leak and get very messy, EEK!  :-SS  (Yes, this happened to me and it WAS indeed a big, fat, mess   ~X(  that took me AGES to clean up and attempt to salvage  :(  ).  The clear gel-like shampoo has a smooth, runny consistency to begin with but after contact it’s dense and slightly creamy in texture.  Blended with the fragrant goodness of plant based ingredients, including the widely popular Argan oil, I would describe the reflective scent as a floral, botanical aroma, which is also evident in the matching conditioner@};-  Whilst I don’t consider the smell unpleasant, it is quite pungent to begin with,  @-) but fortunately it isn’t so noticeable once the hair begins to dry and in fact over time I have even grown quite partial to it.  >:D<  I found that 4 – 5 pumps of shampoo provided a sufficient amount to massage right through my medium length hair.  Because the formula is sulphate free it doesn’t lather up into a big mound of bubbles, instead it gradually works into a lightweight foam, which effectively cleans my hair.  My scalp is sensitive and easily aggravated, particularly from harsh hair care products, this shampoo is quite mild and instead of upsetting my scalp it soothes and nurtures, making it perfect for frequent use.  =D>  Water rinses out every last trace of shampoo from my tresses, with no greasy residue left coating the strands.  It leaves my hair feeling nice and clean, but the only downside is the lengths are a bit mattered and knotty after shampooing (but I guess I can live with that, LOL   :))  ).

After following through with the conditioner in the same range and towel drying, the result is silky, soft, glossy locks that aren’t weighed down, stripped or parched.  Instead it imparts an incredible fullness and bounce that gives the impression of thickness to my naturally fine hair.  :-*  The shampoo and conditioner combination from this range has already improved the overall condition of my hair and scalp in the short space of just a few weeks.  I no longer have a dry, flaky scalp that is red and itchy and my over processed tresses are less fragile with the boost of nourishment helping to diminish the brittle, straggly ends and transform my locks leading into an overall healthier-looking appearance.  :D

My thin hair has been colour treated and exposed to regular environmental & chemical abuse as well as, general heat styling, all over the past couple of decades, so the damage is clearly evident.  [-X   :">  I have heard of the treating and repairing capabilities of Argan oil and hope that over time, this Argan oil enriched shampoo will perfectly compliment my personal hair care needs.  I look forward to restoring life to my neglected mane, enhancing its elasticity, whilst adding moisture and strength.  Packed with vitamins and proteins to protect against future assault, yet promoting all over lustre, vitality and brilliance.  <:-P   I’ve always wanted to experience the benefits of Argan oil, but popular brands like Moroccanoil were just too expensive, so I was thrilled to discover that Royal Moroccan is an affordable alternative at just a fraction of the cost.  :">  The short term results I achieved using this shampoo, along with the matching conditioner in the same range are impressive already, although I plan to continue the use over a longer time to determine the possibility of rejuvenating my tresses to an even greater extent.  The Royal Moroccan Sulphate Free Hair Repair Shampoo is suitable for anyone with damaged or coloured hair, looking for a restorative solution that will help keep your hair and scalp healthy and especially those who want to try the benefits of Argan oil, without succumbing to an expensive price tag.  B-)
I awarded this product with 4 stars out of 5.   (*)  (*)  (*)  (*)

Have you heard of this brand or been lucky enough to try it out?  :-?  If not I say hop to it, it’s a worthwhile investment and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed ;)  What about Argan oil, what are your thoughts, is it 'all that' or……?

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