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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dove Beauty Cream Bar

Hello lovelies!  :-h   This is another Dove product was sent to me c/o Beauty Heaven as part of their committed Trial Team, which I was required to test drive and then review based on my personal experience.  :D  Here’s what I thought: 

The Dove Beauty Cream Bar is an old favourite that has been around for even longer than me and over the years it has procured its rightful place with a home in my family bathroom.  ;)  I consider it to be the ‘Rolls Royce’ of all soaps, because this delightful beauty bar provides pure luxury when it comes to maintaining clean, comfortable skin.  Unlike your average cake of soap, a quarter of this cleansing bar is infused with the reputable rich and highly nourishing Dove moisturising lotion, therefore it’s more like a lotion and less like a soap.  ;;)  I have sensitive skin myself and my son, in particular, has an extremely allergic skin condition, so it’s important that we use a soap that will not cause irritation or exasperate the problem, hence the dermatologist approved recommendation of the Dove Beauty Cream Bar gives me peace of mind that it’s safe to use on the whole family, even those with the most sensitive of skin.  #:-S

Each beauty bar is individually packaged in a cardboard wrapper adorning the signature Dove packaging that is widely recognised.  It boasts a delectable scent, which appeals to me tenfold and satisfies my senses, in comparison to the majority of commercial soap bars on the market that smell like…..(umm) well just like soap.  #-o   For many years now, I have always avoided using harsh soaps on my body and especially on my face, as I don’t like the smell at all, nor the way that it leaves my skin feeling parched and stripped of it’s moisture.  :-O   The men in my family though, swear by a cake of soap for cleansing, so for that reason I always keep a bar in the shower and my first preference is definitely Dove because the fragrance is inviting and it makes the bathroom smell luscious.  @};-   Since the invitation to participate in this Beauty Heaven trial recently, I have been religiously using the beauty bar myself, in place of my normal cleansing products, for the purpose of delivering an accurate account of my experience and I have to admit I have not been disappointed.  <:-P

Whilst I mostly only use the Dove Beauty Cream Bar to wash my body, I have used it on my face as well and even though it’s not a practice that I employ all the time, I would confidently use it if I had no alternative, without worrying about it dehydrating my skin, additionally causing it to produce more oil, which then constitutes annoying breakouts.  :|  The beauty bar is super creamy in texture when it comes into contact with water and it easily works up into a rich, foamy lather that deeply cleans my skin, yet instantly transforms the overall appearance leaving it velvety soft, silky smooth and adequately conditioned, minus any tacky residue.  ;;)

This soap is the perfect addition to any bathroom, catering for men, women and children alike.  It is a multi-tasking product that would be handy for travelling, when you need to limit the amount of products you can take with you.  It is ideal for cleansing from head-to-toe, also making an effective substitute for a normal shampoo, in addition to a face and body wash.  =D>  I have also discovered it s a perfect makeshift shaving cream and because of the beneficial moisturising properties; it helps to guarantee a closer shave that protects my skin from developing razor burn, rashes or ingrown hairs.  *-:)  Dove Beauty Cream Bar is readily available at all leading supermarkets and pharmacies, very affordable, long lasting and reliable, earning its well respected reputation as being so much more than just soap, in fact it’s a beauty product in its own right.  (*) (*)  (*)  (*)

I’m sure most of you have tried this soap at some stage in your life, so fill us in on your thoughts!  How do you think it stacks up?  Is this a soap you could actually use, or do you think it’s basically the same as any other soap?  :-?  

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Dove Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant Deodorant

Howdy once again peeps!  :-h   Moving right along, this next product was sent to me c/o Beauty Heaven to trial and review as part of their committed Trial Team, of which I’ve been a member of for several years now.  :)  Here are my thoughts based on my experience.

I am a recent convert to the whole ‘Clinical Protection’ concept, after first discovering the Rexona version c/o a Beauty Heaven trial I took part in last year.  Considering I live in the vastly humid tropics of FNQ, an effective deodorant is mandatory, but fortunately this season I sailed through summer virtually unscathed in the war against body odour because this product theory lives up to its claims and really does reduce wetness and protect against perspiration for an extended 48 hour period.  \:D/  It works so well in fact, I have finally pulled the pin on my trusty ‘old faithful’ aerosol spray-on, which I have routinely used, on and off, for the majority of my life, in conjunction with various other ‘BO abolishers’, such as sprays, roll-ons, pump-actions, solids, powders and natural formulations.  ^:)^  'Clinical Protection' is now my weapon of choice to combat any ‘perspiration blues’ that typically come hand in hand with residing in such a sizzling hot climate.  o-+   When Beauty Heaven invited me to trial the Dove Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant Deodorant this year, I was quick to accept and couldn’t wait to see how it compared to the Rexona version, which I granted a 5-star rating and have used ever since.  So, it certainly had some big shoes to fill if it was able to come up trumps and earn my trust as the better of the two by safeguarding me against the unpleasant effects of the dreaded body odour.  >:D<

Just like its Rexona cousin, the Dove Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant Deodorant is housed in a translucent plastic canister with an inner tube that encases the contents, featuring a twist-up dispenser with a sifter/sieve on top where the product is expelled.  You need to twist the dial at the base to encourage the deodorant to emerge at the surface of the applicator.  The first attempt always take several turns of the dial to get any product to arise, but thereafter I find that two twists is sufficient for a single application, one click per arm.  Based on my own preference, I don’t use anymore than the one click per arm otherwise I find it contributes to wastage, because the smallest amount of this cream blends adequately over my skin and is more than enough to perform the task at hand.  *-:)  The texture is a thick white cream, similar to that of a rich, moisturising balm, however it absorbs quickly and dries to a powder-like finish as soon as it is transferred to the skin, with no sticky residue.  It is scented with the signature Dove fragrance that I adore, a light, fresh, almost baby powder-like scent that is suitable for both males and females alike.  ;;)  While I can initially smell the fragrance, it soon fades after application so it never clashes with other perfumes or body sprays that I choose to wear.   @};-

The directions state for best results it should be applied at night before going to bed and even though I can vouch it still manages to keep me dry in on the second day, during the really hot summer months, I personally prefer to use it religiously every night after showering, rather than every second night, just for my own conscience.  You need not re-apply it of a morning because the nightly application lasts right through the day, even after showering.  :-/  Don’t ask me how, but believe me when I say it’s some kind of ‘magic’, because it most certainly does keep on powering on.  ;)  I am also thrilled that it does not cause any irritation to my sensitive skin, especially after shaving, nor does it contribute to any white marks on my darker clothing or yellowing stains to my whites.  #:-S  The feature that impresses me most about this Dove Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant Deodorant is that it is infused with additional moisturising properties to keep my skin soft and conditioned, unlike other deodorants that are full of ingredients like alcohol, which make my underarms all dry and scaly.  The only downside of this product (and Clinical Protection deodorants in general) is that it is probably twice as expensive as a ‘normal’ deodorant and that I really have to be diligent in making sure I only use the smallest amount possible each application to make it last the distance, as it does tend to run out rather quickly.  :-<   The packaging is quite deceiving due to the outer armour that conceals the inner tube where the actual deodorant is located, so it looks much bigger than it actually is, therefore it sneaks up on me and starts running low before I realise.  :( 

Other than the size factor, I honestly don’t anything negative at all to say.  This deodorant works exceptionally well (better than exceptionally well, in fact it’s ALL that works :D  ) and is the ultimate answer to my ongoing summertime ‘BO nightmares'.  In comparison to the Rexona version, I would say, it has exceeded my expectations and wins hands down as my new favourite, with its delightful fragrance being slightly more appealing and the bonus that it delivers much needed moisture to a usually neglected area (my underarms) that I unintentionally deprive of any TLC.   I am normally fussy when it comes to spending more than what is necessary on the cost of my personal items, but there is nothing available that compares to the efficacy of a Clinical Protection deodorant when it comes to stamping out perspiration, so I am willing to bear the extra expense, because I am confident that my underarms are well protected with a waterproof shield and left smelling clean and fresh, even if the rest of me is soaking with sweat.  <:-P   If I don’t use this product for a couple of days, I can immediately notice the wretched symptoms of body odour returning and there is nothing that truly masks that ugly smell, :-O  hence the need to prevent it at all costs.  :-t   I would gladly shout out to the whole world and let them know just how good this stuff is, without a doubt!  =D>   If you have not yet tried the Dove Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant Deodorant, regardless if you’re a man or women, young or old, don’t ever allow body odour get the better of you again, armed with this performer you can win this war because it's a workhorse that is absolutely reliable and will never let you down.  :x  Easily earning a 5 star  (*)  (*)  (*)  (*)  (*)  + + + rating from me.  Actually it would score even higher if that were an option!  ;)

There you have it, I’m obviously smitten with my new saving grace, what about you?  Have you tried this deodorant yet, or one of the other Clinical Protection varieties available?  Do you think it’s worth the extra $$$ or do you have a better solution when it comes to eliminating BO once and for all?  :-?  This subject hits close to home, so keen to hear recommendations from others for effective ways to fight off perspiration?   B-)

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White Glo Extreme Whitening Pen

Hi beauty lovers everywhere!  :-h  Tammerly, that you probably already know as Pink Diva from Spoilt sent me a couple of White Glo products to test drive and review for her awesome beauty website.  ;)  This next one is the White Glo Extreme Whitening Pen, which is linked here to the original.  Here are my thoughts.

In light of having limited success with various OTC whitening products aimed at disguising the slowly deteriorating appearance of my teeth, partially caused by my caffeine addiction along with the general ageing process.  :">  I was intrigued when I learnt about the White Glo Extreme Whitening Pen, a high-strength peroxide whitening gel, in a 100% safe and effective dentist formulation, for a use anywhere fast, convenient application.  It claims that you simply need to brush the solution straight onto the teeth for a whiter, brighter smile.  :D  Sounds good to me!   =D>

Considering the White Glo Extreme Whitening Pen is of similar size to a small laundry market, it has rather large packaging, with a plastic insert slipped into the bright orange, outer cardboard box, housing the pen.  Upon closer inspection, in true White Glo style, I discovered the inclusion of …….(wait for it!  :-w  ) a BONUS!   <:-P   Yes!  Added to the pack are 7 White Glo Extreme Whitening Strips, all tucked up beneath the pen, justifying the need for the more bulky packaging.  B-)  The pen is made with transparent plastic and stamped with the same orange logo corresponding with the box.  Dispensing the clear gel onto the brush-like tip requires twisting the base of the pen until the bristles are moistened with the solution.  This takes several twists on the first attempt; but thereafter the product emerges quickly requiring just a couple of turns.  The next step is quite simply, painting the gel directly onto the teeth, avoiding the gums, a process I found totally effortless.  Then kick back  (or catch up on some zzz's  I-)  ) for 10 – 20 mins as it works its ‘magic’, until it’s time to wash it off.  The formula isn’t irritating at all or unpleasant to taste, although I tried my best not to swallow or get any down my throat.  #:-S  After 20 minutes, a quick rinse with water unveils teeth that look brighter and at least a shade lighter.  Whilst it doesn’t remove any stains, it definitely brought out the white and left the surface feeling super smooth and ultra polished, like I just stepped out of the dentist.  :)

The strips were presented in foil-like sachets that tear open for a single use application.  Inside the foil are two differently shaped strips, designed to sit along the upper and lower rows of teeth.  I found these strips were rather awkward and fiddly to insert, plus they were very ill fitting.  :|  I had a little trouble getting the top strip to stay put as I applied gentle pressure to mould it place, but the bottom one wouldn’t hold at all, therefore I needed to bite down on the strip to keep it secure.  :-/  The small strips only cater for the front section of teeth rather than the entire row, so someone with big teeth would have even more trouble with the alignment than I had with my smaller teeth.  :-S  After application, the waiting time is 10 – 30 minutes, but I struggled after only 10 mins, due to the uncomfortable, annoying feeling of something foreign in my mouth,  (that kept making me gag  :-&  ) particularly since the lower strip wasn’t stable.  The formulation is tasteless and it doesn’t aggravate my sensitive gums at all, so the negative side to my experience rests with the size and application issues.  #-o  Despite being a nuisance, the White Glo Extreme Whitening Strips do work effectively, well at least on my top teeth anyway, which after just one application, appeared at least a shade lighter, as well as super smooth, bright and shiny.  :)>-

Overall, the pen was my preference of the two variations featured in this pack and I would consider repurchasing it in future as a permanent staple in my beauty kit.  Even though the strips deliver a noticeable outcome, due to the incompetent application process, I honestly doubt I could rely on them too often, nor would I buy them if they were sold separately.  :-"   For those of us who can’t afford to visit the dentist for professional teeth whitening, this DIY at home version stacks up OK and it’s just a fraction of the price.  The White Glo Extreme Whitening Pen is far more superior to similar items on the market I’ve previously tried, so I rate it with 4 stars out of 5  (*)  (*)  (*)  (*)  because it provides fast, effective results you can really see.  \:D/

Are you happy with the colour of your teeth or do you think they could be whiter?  Do you get your teeth professionally whitened for cosmetic purposes?  Have you tried whitening your teeth at home with this product or something similar?  How would you rate your experience??  :-?  Please, tell us in the comments section below! xxx ooo

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Friday, April 27, 2012

White Glo Professional Choice Whitening Toothpaste

Hello World!  :-h   Tammerly, also known as Pink Diva from Spoilt sent me a couple of White Glo products to test drive and review for her awesome beauty website.  ;)  The first being the White Glo Professional Choice Whitening Toothpaste, which is linked to my original review.  Here are my thoughts.

I have always taken care of my teeth and know the importance of good oral hygiene, but despite frequent brushing and dental checkups throughout my youth, the ravages of time are evident and consequently, my pearly whites are not so white at all anymore.  =((  Due to the cost of living, I can’t afford regular dentist appointments anymore, unless it’s for something urgent, so instead I opt for ‘so-called’ whitening toothpastes that have flooded the market in recent years - all to no avail!  :(   I have yet to find a decent product to brighten my smile but am constantly looking at new options such as the White Glo Professional Choice Whitening Toothpaste, which claims to be originally formulated for film actors and models that require utmost facial beautification, to lighten discolouration and yellowing on tooth enamel.  It is also rated as the #1 effective whitening toothpaste based on an independent Australian consumer trial.  That sounds very promising to me!  [-O<

When I received the White Glo Professional Choice Whitening Toothpaste, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it comes bundled with a White Glo Anti-Stain Toothbrush, as well as a mini set of White Glo Dental Flosser ToothpicksWOW - impressive!   =D>  All of that for a retail price of less than $5, available in most supermarkets and pharmacies everywhere.  Just the toothpaste alone works out cheaper than most others on the market; especially for a whitening version.  Not to mention, it’s highly unlikely that I could nab a quality toothbrush for that cheap, so it’s a bargain for those on a budget.  <:-P  The well presented bundle boasts attractive red and white, ultra glossy packaging and includes everything to cater for my daily oral care needs.  I was completely smitten at scoring the new toothbrush as my existing one had seen better days.  #-o  It makes sense bundling it with the toothpaste to serve as a reminder to us all that our toothbrush needs replacing often.  [-X  The toothpaste comes in a standard tube, although the 150gm size is considerably larger than common varieties.  A sturdy screw-top lid functions as a base to stand the product upright.  The texture and consistency resembles any other non-gel style toothpaste, white in colour with a refreshingly minty taste.  One distinguishing feature that sets it apart is that it froths up upon contact with water and is foamier than other formulations I have tried.  Due to this, I needed less toothpaste on my toothbrush, yet it still cleans my teeth to perfection.  :D

The soft to medium-bristled toothbrush is ideal for my sensitive teeth and gums because bristles that are too firm can be abrasive, damaging my gums and protective tooth enamel, while those that are too soft just don’t clean properly.  :-S   It has a flexible, slimline handle adorned with ‘no-slip’ grips making it comfortable to hold.  The handle supports a large tapered head and due to the size it’s slightly difficult to manoeuvre in the hard to reach areas of my mouth, however the staggered bristle lengths ensures better access to all surfaces, like the sides and backs of the molars.  #:-S  The suction cap positioned on the lower flip-side of the handle allows me to stick my toothbrush on the shower or vanity so it’s always accessible and won’t get misplaced.  *-:)  The bonus toothpicks are inadequate and don’t work nearly as well as regular dental floss or toothpicks.  Because the plastic is too pliable and thick, it’s difficult to effectively remove plaque or food particles wedged between my teeth.  :-/  The small convenient pack, nevertheless, would be practical to pop in the handbag for unexpected emergencies after eating when away from home, in lieu of adopting on a daily ritual.  B-)

I have been using the toothpaste and toothbrush combination for about two weeks now and whilst I am content that it efficiently cleans my teeth, I can’t say at this stage there is any noticeable difference to the overall colour.  I will continue using the toothpaste in hope of better performance over a longer period of time.  :-w Despite not achieving the desired whitening effect, I would still buy the White Glo Professional Choice Whitening Toothpaste again in the future.  It is just as good as any standard toothpaste in the maintenance of healthy teeth and gums.  Besides, the handy pack practically screams ‘Value Plus’ eliminating the need to purchase separate products.  \:D/  Unfortunately, I had to deduct marks because my choppers are not visibly whiter or brighter as professed, therefore I’m rating it with 3.5 stars out of 5  (*)  (*)  (*) ½  (*)  with the possibility that I might see improved results with long term use.  :-SS

Are your teeth as white as you think they should be?  Do you use OTC whitening toothpastes to try and brighten up your smile?  If so have you had any success or do you feel it’s a waste of time?  :-?  Shre your thoughts, experiences and any recommendations below. :)

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O&M Original Detox Deep Cleansing Shampoo

Howdy beauties!  :-h  This is a review for the O&M Original Detox Deep Cleansing Shampoo that I was sent from Tammerly aka Pink Diva to trial and review based on my personal experience to share on her amazing blog SpoiltHere is the link to the original review.  :)>-

My hair is baby fine, thin and often looks lank, flat and lacking in style, so I regularly utilise an array of haircare products to keep it under control and to help achieve a reasonable-looking appearance.  ;;)  I also suffer from a sensitive scalp, therefore must be cautious what I use, especially when it comes to shampoo, because I have come to the understanding that most mainstream, supermarket brand shampoos irritate my scalp something chronic.  :-S   Unfortunately, much to the horror of my budget,  :-O  it’s best if I avoid anything too cheap and nasty and consequently the introduction of any new products basically comes down to trial and error.  :-/  To top it off, I am also blessed with oily locks that need frequent washing, although, for the past few years, I’ve relied on a dry shampoo rather than daily washing to minimise the greasiness.   #:-S  All of this ongoing maintenance and overkill of products contributes to massive buildup and chemical remnants, which in my case, just exasperates my initial concerns, while causing my mop to loose its lustre, making it drab, limp and generally unclean.  ~X(  The best way to remove all that buildup and to productively maintain my oily hair is to invest in a quality clarifying shampoo, such as O&M Original Detox Deep Cleansing Shampoo that delivers a deep and thorough cleanse.  

The O&M Original Detox Deep Cleansing Shampoo boasts features that target my oily hair concerns, focusing on restoring and regulating the pH levels to neutralise excess oil, providing an intensive cleanse without drying or stripping the natural oils, by keeping it sufficiently hydrated.  *-:)  It is infused with gorgeous botanicals, such as peppermint and tea tree oil with antiseptic properties for an invigorating therapy that cools, calms and soothes the scalp, scrupulously assisting to repress dandruff and the symptoms of a flaky, itching scalp.  The additional benefit of pro vitamin B5 is ideal for fortifying my neglected tresses when used consistently over a period of time.  Furthermore, it’s an ideal clarifying shampoo, which I adopt as an essential step in my permanent haircare regime, specifically for the purpose of eradicating stubborn dirt and residue, along with the side effects associated with tropical living, where contributing factors such as salt and chlorine can wreak havoc on my strands.  =D>

Presented in a simple 350ml white bottle with a flip-top lid, brandishing blue print, including the signature O&M (OriginalMineral) logo, the O&M Original Detox Deep Cleansing Shampoo, enriched with the goodness of natural extracts and active minerals, has a conditioning formula free of any nasty chemicals to avoid aggravating my scalp.  It has a thick gel-like consistency and is clear in colour, imparting a delectable, refreshing scent that smells something like a packet of ‘Minties’ confectionery; definitely good enough to eat!  =P~  I only require a small amount of product, about the size of a five cent coin, which is ample to work into a slightly creamy, gentle lather.  Because it’s not loaded with sulphates, it doesn’t froth up into a mountain of foamy bubbles; yet, it effortlessly distributes from root to tip, adequately cleaning my hair and scalp, before rinsing out easily, leaving my mop feeling super clean, but still comfortable.  After washing and towel drying, my mane feels incredibly light and airy, instantly repelling the unwanted buildup that previously weighed it down.  I also noticed that when I shampooed without implementing a conditioner subsequently, my strands weren’t overly knotty, tangled or withered, instead it was smooth and resilient, brushing out with ease.  ;)

Because my hair falls into the oily category, I’ve determined that his shampoo, despite being suitable to employ on a daily basis, works better for my needs if I use it once or twice a week in place of my normal shampoo.  However, I would imagine those with dryer hair or scalps might need to use it less frequently to avoid unnecessary damage.  I personally love how it leaves my locks considerably soft, shiny and revitalised, with heaps more bounce, eliminating the daggy facade I often showcase prior to washing.  :x  As its name suitably suggests, the O & M Original Detox Shampoo, completes the detox desperately needed for my usual haircare routine.  It prompts ultra clean, more manageable tresses that remain feeling and looking clean for days, whilst also ensuring a healthy, non-irritable scalp.  \:D/  At almost $30 a bottle, it is significantly more than I would normally budget on for a shampoo, although, this certainly isn’t just any shampoo!  Conceding it effectively removes all unwanted gunk from my mane with remarkable results, even establishing compatibility with my generally difficult/fussy hair and scalp, I’ve determined it’s indeed a worthwhile expenditure.  Anyone who desires a shampoo, primarily aimed at clarifying, which is safe and gentle enough for all hair types, sulphate and paraben free, not tested on animals, smells 'ahh-mazing' and works to promote optimal hair health, then I suggest the O&M Original Detox Deep Cleansing Shampoo, so you can discover for yourself if it deserves the 4 ½ star  (*)  (*)  (*)  (*)  1/2  (*)  rating I have awarded it with, based on my pleasurable and positive experience.  <:-P

This was my first time using the respectable, highly renowned O&M haircare brand, despite having heard nothing but super feedback from many of my beauty buddies, I’d not gotten around to trying it.  I am so glad that I did, because it certainly didn’t disappoint. :) Have you been lucky enough to use any products from this brand? How do you go about removing buildup from you tresses, is there a particular clarifying shampoo that you would recommend?  :-?  Please do tell.  Xxx ooo  

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NVEY ECO Erase Corrector

Hi peeps!  :-h First of all, major apologies to all my followers for the lack of content lately.  [-X  I have actually got heaps of reviews ready to rock and roll, which has been keeping me busy, but yet so little ‘ME’ time to get them up and published.  I am going to try my best to get some of them up tonight, however the layout will probably be rough as it takes me simply ages to get each post presented in my usual manner (yeah, I know I’m a fussy one  :">  ), so once again I ask if you can bare with me during this difficult time and hang in there, I’m sure I’ll get back on track eventually, LOL!   :)) 

Here is a review for the NVEY ECO Erase Corrector, written in conjunction with my work for Spoilt, Tammerly aka Pink Diva has been keeping me on my toes, sending out lots of amazing wonderful beauty booty to test drive so I can share my thoughts based on my experience with these products, which are then published on her fabulous blog.   <:-P   The original review is linked here.

When I first received this concealer I had not heard of NYEY ECO, so I thought I would crawl out from under my rock and do a quick bit of research to familiarise myself with the brand behind the product.  ;)  I was pleasantly surprised to discover that NYEY ECO is in fact a certified organic company manufactured right here in Australia.  =D>   It thrives on the belief that ‘green’ cosmetics can perform just as well as the most superior of commercial brands, without compromising on texture or colour efficacy.  Infused with unrefined ingredients, such as plant extracts, vitamins, antioxidants and essential oils in lieu toxins such as parabens, petrochemicals or synthetic fragrances, this professional quality range, complete with skin nurturing formulations, are not tested on animals, therefore they are better for me and the environment.  The NVEY ECO Erase Corrector is enriched with a synthesis of gentle ‘skin-loving’ ingredients like Safflower, Jojoba, natural antioxidants and organic Castor Oil, along with the Vitamin trio A, C and E, to conceal imperfections, whilst maintaining sufficient nourishment to keep my skin hydrated.  :)

Presented with a chic black, green and white outer cardboard sleeve, the packaging is visually appealing, especially with the inner contents revealed and I instantly set my sights upon the classy, matching compact that screamed elegance and superb quality.  The 3gm compact, boasts a decent sized mirror situated on the inside of the clip-top lid and is ideal for touch-ups on the go, but also looks stylish when showcased on my vanity.  Looks aside, I was keen to put this concealer to the test, considering the medium shade, one of three tones available to suit most skin types, appeared to be a near perfect match to my own complexion.  When I first attempted to use it though, to be honest, I was almost ready to call it quits before I had even applied it to my skin.  :-O  The reason being, is the texture was initially very hard and dry upon opening, so regardless of how many times I wiped my makeup brush over the surface, I couldn’t get any product to transfer onto the brush, much less onto my skin.  :-/  I spent a bit of time trying to figure out why it didn’t work and just before giving up, I decided to endeavour using a damp brush.  *-:)  Bingo, this solution finally got the concealer onto my brush and then subsequently onto the areas of my face that required the additional coverage.  #:-S  This method conjointly helped the top layer of product to soften up, and thereafter, I didn’t need to continue with the damp brush, because the consistency remained creamy, yet firm and worked into my skin with ease, instead of persevering with the rock hard formula that was basically non-functional.  :-S

With that sorted, I was able to simply distribute the smooth, wax-like substance exactly where I wanted it, effectively gliding it over my flaws without pulling or tugging at my skin, so to perfectly disguise any spots, blotchy redness, pigmentation and uneven tone.  ;)  The concealer has a lightweight feel and is highly pigmented, but it’s also buildable, allowing me to provide extra coverage to those unsightly, difficult to hide, problem areas, hence still promoting an almost invisible, natural-looking finish.  :D  Because it is also quite sheer, the formula doesn’t adequately diminish the dark circles under my eyes, tending to settle into fine lines and appearing a bit crepey.  Possibly this is due to my skin being oily and the blend consists of various oils, however I soon determined that it works more effectively for me personally, if I just focus on targeting blemishes and trying to accomplish a uniform complexion.  It might make for a better dark circle eraser or as a substitute eyeshadow base for those who have normal to dry skin types.  I have adopted the habit of always setting my makeup with a translucent powder, which in this case, ideally helped improve the concealer’s staying power and longevity, whilst preventing my face from becoming all greasy throughout the day.  I respect and have come to appreciate the natural/organic beauty concept and am genuinely impressed with the flawless results I can achieve using the NVEY ECO Erase Corrector, as it camouflages my pesky pimples and eliminates embarrassing facial redness.  It creates the ultimate base for under makeup, or a handy cover-up when foundation alone is not enough, likewise prompting a healthy, unmarred complexion that appears completely natural and not caked on or overdone to the point where it accentuates the problem, rather than hiding it.   \:D/

Overall, I am grateful for the adventure into the certified organic makeup sector, where I gained the insight that it truly is becoming on par or if not, even better than ‘normal’ cosmetics, with brands like NYEY ECO leading the way for more companies to get aboard the ‘green’ band wagon and proffer consumers a diverse range of cosmetics that not only make us look good, but also make us feel good too.  :)>-   I admit that this is not the best concealer I have ever tried, because unfortunately it doesn’t obscure ALL of my imperfections, but it’s very promising and effectual for masking spots and minor flaws, ensuring that I have a clearer, more even complexion.  In comparison to other certified organic brands I’ve seen on the market, I consider the price of this product at $29.95 very reasonable and I am confident that this spunky little compact will last for ages, so it’s actually very good in terms of value.  Based on my own experience, I would rate this concealer 3.5 out of 5 stars  (*)  (*)  (*)  ½  (*)  and I would encourage anyone who is seeking an alternative to commercial makeup, or possibly overwhelmed by the scrutiny of ‘nasty’ product ingredients and would prefer to opt for a safer beauty approach - one that really does work; to consider checking out NVEY ECO Erase Corrector as a viable, multi-tasking option to your normal cover-up.  B-)

What is your take on ‘green’ cosmetics?  What natural/organic brands have you tried and how do you think they stack up in comparison to commercial makeup?  :-?  Finally, have you tried NYEY ECO and if so what products would you recommend? Feel free to share your thoughts and comment below :)

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