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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fudge Daily Mint Conditioner

Howdy folks,  :-h   just me again!  I have a dry scalp and fairly oily hair, so buying suitable hair care products can be quite a dilemma.  ~X(  Not to mention, my scalp is also very sensitive and reacts to various ingredients in products, so finding products with the right balance that cater for my hair and scalp concerns is usually tricky.  :-L   I generally like hair care products that are enriched with essential oils and plant extracts and do my best to avoid the majority of supermarket or no frills brands because based on my own experience the products with the cheaper ingredients on board generally exacerbate my scalp leaving it red, itchy and beginning to flake.  :(  When I have the chance to try products that help both my hair and my scalp I am keen to put it through its paces.  >:/  Tammerly from Spoilt beauty blog kindly offered me the Fudge Daily Mint Conditioner to try and review.  Here is the link to that review and this is what I thought: 

The Fudge Daily Mint Conditioner comes in a white 300ml plastic bottle with a grey flip-top lid.  It’s adorned with a label printed in a grey, orange and silver design that looks modern and has an urban appeal to it.  The consistency is ultra thick and because of that, it’s a bit of an effort to squeeze and shake a decent-sized blob of product from the bottle.  The white conditioner is silky and velvet-like with a rich, creamy texture, which resembles something similar to whipped butter.  The formula boasts a delightfully uplifting minty fragrance that stimulates my mind and enhances my mood, making me more alert, energised and rejuvenated.  Despite the thickness, the non-greasy conditioner is easy to distribute throughout my strands, from root to tip, using the finger comb method, while it gets straight to work eliminating any tangles and knots.  During this process, I also spend a minute or so massaging my scalp to clear build-up, boost circulation and encourage healthy hair growth (this is also extremely relaxing and a great way to relieve tension  :)>-  ) before concentrating on the more needy ends.  It rinses off with warm water and even while still wet, my hair feels instantly softer and smoother, but the best part is experiencing the soothing, tingly sensation on my scalp.  :D

After drying, my locks are left soft, nourished, super shiny and more manageable, without being weighed down.  It also helps banish my frizzy flyaways, so my locks are sleek, smooth and glossy.  For hours after washing my scalp remains cool and feeling refreshed, while my tresses are infused with that gorgeous minty aroma that screams clean.  The additional benefits of this conditioner, such as the anti-ageing properties, strengthening and restoring abilities, along with scalp care and maintenance are all relevant to my hair care needs, whilst the free radical protection against heat styling, UV and environmental assault is a positive advantage.  Maintaining a healthy scalp is important to me because when my scalp is in good condition, it yields greater results for my hair.  This conditioner has worked wonders at alleviating the irritation associated with my dry, itchy, sometimes flaky scalp and because I spend lots of time outdoors, it’s great to have peace of mind that my hair is safeguarded from the elements.   :x   Living in the topics, the heat and humidity wreaks havoc on my mane and proves to be an ongoing challenge, so I’m especially looking forward to incorporating this conditioner to my hair care routine during summer to sustain not only the benefits, but the cool, invigorating, experience that I enjoy every single wash.  :-*

Since I started using this conditioner, I have seen a noticeable improvement in the strength, texture and overall appearance of my strands, with the increased shine clearly evident.  It soothes my scalp, imparts additional hydration to my hair, particularly to the frazzled looking ends, whilst repairing existing damage. Featuring de-stressing and detoxifying capabilities this conditioner is guaranteed to leave me, my hair and my scalp feeling completely replenished and smelling sensational.  <:-P   I would classify the minty fragrance as a unisex scent, therefore, I recommend the Fudge Daily Mint Conditioner to both male and female of any age, even though it’s ideally more suited to an older audience or those with dry coloured or chemically treated, hair that is prone to frizz and breakage or tresses that are just generally difficult to manage.  It’s mild and gentle enough to use on a daily basis and I believe it’s the perfect way to kick-start your day, with an energising lift that will care for your hair.  \:D/

I can’t fault this conditioner so I think it deserves a rating of 5 stars out of 5,  (*)  (*)  (*)  (*)  (*)  brilliant!

Have you tried a cooling minty style hair care product yet??  :-?  If not, you don’t know what your missing out on, it feels remarkable and is just what the doctor ordered for our tropical climate!  Comment below with your thoughts.  ;) 

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Nivea Sensitive Protect Roll-on Deodorant

Welcome back beauties, the next product I have reviewed was sent to me by Beauty Heaven to test out as a part of their trial team,  here are my thoughts on that experience.  :)

The Nivea Sensitive Protect Roll-on Deodorant comes in stylish, upmarket-looking, 50ml transparent glass packaging with a roll-on dispenser and a white plastic screw on cap.  The label adorns the recognisable blue, white and gold Nivea logo, along with an attractive, lilac and silver colour scheme for a touch of femininity.  The ultra gentle, anti-inflammatory formulation is free of alcohol, preservatives and colourants, while enriched with nourishing avocado oil and chamomile extract to soothe and care for the most sensitive skin types.  It also claims to deliver effective protection against perspiration for 48 hours.  :D

The deodorant is white in colour, but transfers completely clear onto the skin with nil fragrance and a non-sticky finish.  :">  Instead, it provides additional hydrating properties to ensure the skin under my arms stays super soft and silky smooth.  \:D/  This time of the year it’s not overly humid and hot here, but even throughout the duration of these mildly warm FNQ days, I’m not satisfied that this deodorant is lasting the distance.  :-S  After applying the roll-on first thing in the morning, I find by lunch time, my underarms begin to feel a bit moist, so I feel the need for a second application to avoid getting BO.  /:)  In the past couple of weeks since I’ve began this trial, I have come to the conclusion that unfortunately the deodorant doesn’t meet my daytime anti-persipirant needs, yet it’s ideal for use at night, after showing, so I go to bed feeling fresh and comfortable and wake up of a morning still feeling much the same.  ;)  Because Nivea have formulated it to be totally non-irritating, it’s handy to use after hair removal, due to the no alcohol content it doesn’t burn or sting at all and helps to prevent rashes and reduce the chance of irritation.  (*)

Overall, I think the Nivea Sensitive Protect Roll-on Deodorant is an average deodorant in terms of performance; however, its kind to the skin, very affordable and readily available at most supermarkets and pharmacies nationwide, making it a budget friendly option.  =D>  I will continue using the deodorant both post shaving and as a part of my nightly body care routine, but I don’t think it has the durability to withstand the tropical far northern summer, so I doubt I would repurchase it myself.  For those with sensitive skin looking for a safe, skin loving alternative, this might be just what you’re looking for.  :-*

Do you get irritated by many commercial type deodorants and want one that won’t sting or upset your underarms?  :-/   Can you recommend a sensitive anti-perspirant that is both gentle and also particularly effective at combating BO??  :-?   Comment below with your favourite long-lasting deodorant! 

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Clarins Ever Matte SPF 15 Oil-FREE Skin Balancing Foundation

Hello beauties!  :-h   now I’m reviewing a product based on a trial for Tammerly who was super generous in sending me this foundation to test drive on behalf of her Spoilt beauty blog, which is linked here.  Here are my thoughts.  :-*

I have super oily skin, so finding a suitable foundation is always a challenge. Even those that claim to be oil-free and matte, don’t necessarily work that way for me and within hours of the initial application, guess what???  Yep, my skin turns into an oily, greasy mess, making me look like I’ve just jumped out of the deep fryer.  :">  Either that or the formulation is too rich and makes me break out, or it’s too heavy and looks almost plastered on, leaving me with another foundation that simply doesn’t compliment my naturally oily skin.  ~X(  I was keen as a bean to try the Clarins Ever Matte SPF 15 Oil-FREE Skin Balancing Foundation and see if I could eliminate my foundation blues once and for all.  >:/

The Clarins Ever Matte SPF 15 Oil-FREE Skin Balancing Foundation comes in very plain packaging and was not what I was expected from such an upmarket brand; provoking my initial reaction that it looks ‘cheap’ or ‘stingy’.   :-O   In my opinion, the presentation is on par with an average, everyday budget or no-frills cosmetics brand, which is a far cry from my conception of how a leading, luxury beauty brand should be marketed.   /:)  The slim, 30ml rectangular-shaped, squeezable plastic tube boasts a plastic lid with a mirrored gold coating, which is the only indication of the brands high quality.  I don’t like how the bottle is opaque; therefore I’m unable to see inside to determine the content level.  This is especially annoying, because the bottle feels so light, for all I know it could be near empty and I have no way of ever knowing.  :-L  On the plus side, this modest, little foundation is ideal for travelling or popping in your purse/handbag to use on the go, plus it’s non-fragile, causing no concern about breakage.  :">

I’ve never been a fan of scented beauty products on my face and wasn’t expecting to unveil a fragranced foundation,  @};-  however, the unusual fruity melon aroma infused in this formula is subtle and quick to fade and during this experience I’ve actually grown fond of the delicate scent.  The consistency is light and airy with a creamy, velvet-like texture that feels silky smooth, which glides onto the skin and blends with ease.  It’s fast drying, and sets into a weightless, natural-looking, matte finish, minus that dull, flat appearance often associated with matte foundations; instead it generates a vibrant, lustrous impression.   ;;)  The light-medium coverage doesn’t hide all my flaws, but it’s buildable, so gently layering over problem areas that require extra attention, omits the need for a separate concealer.  The shade 110 Honey perfectly matches my colouring and effectively transforms my complexion by covering redness and minor imperfections with a veil that uniforms my skin tone, without the obvious indication of wearing foundation at all.  It’s formulated to allow my skin to breathe and provides the less is more approach; hence my skin looks like skin and not a mask.  ;)

Shade Honey 110
The staying power is exceptional and I am impressed that after 8 hours the foundation hasn’t budged, still appears fresh and …you better believer it…MATTE!  =D>  Yes, I honestly didn’t expect it to hold up this well, even though after a few hours a slight shine becomes visible on my forehead, my skin is not AT ALL oily or greasy.  Alternatively, it creates a natural, dewy finish that radiates a beautiful, all-over, healthy-looking glow.  There is no caking, streaking or patchiness and no sign of fading or flaking, my just skin remains comfortable and hydrated.  <:-P  I prefer using a brush or a beauty pod for application, to ensure flawless results, nevertheless, fingers work adequately when I’m lacking in time.  I usually buff translucent powder over my face after applying foundation, which is basically out of habit and makes little difference to the end results, so I wouldn’t consider setting powder as necessary.     B-)

With the bonus of SPF 15 for added protection, the non-comodegenic formulation improves my complexion, yet doesn’t irritate my fussy sensitive skin or cause any issues with congestion or breakouts.  This foundation ticks all the right boxes, meeting my personal requirements for a faultless day-to-day foundation.  With a lightweight, barely-there feel, it delivers advanced performance and longevity, controlling excess oil, whilst skin remains fresh, polished and matte all day, eliminating the need for regular touch-ups and frequent blotting.  :x  Thanks to the Clarins Ever Matte SPF 15 Oil-FREE Skin Balancing Foundation, my oily skin woes are a thing of the past and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to achieve gorgeous, even skin with natural luminosity and a matte-like finish that will last the distance and produce the ultimate complexion perfection.  \:D/

I’m rating this foundation with 4 stars out of 5.  (*) (*) (*) (*)  It loses a ½ star for the unappealing packaging and another ½ for being quite costly, especially conceding the bottle feels so depleted. I will be interested to see how long it actually lasts.   

TIP:   *-:) This foundation works 100% better without a primer! I was left disappointed when I first tried this foundation, incorporating a pre-foundation primer.  An hour later, I noticed that my face was not particularly matte and in lieu of displaying that dewy radiance, the slippery beginnings of oil had started to surface on my T-Zone.  I have ever since, maintained immaculate results every time, by just prepping my skin with a normal daily moisturiser and skipping the primer all together.

Do you have oily skin, where finding a foundation is sometimes a nightmare?  Do you find makeup that even claims to be suited for oily skin still doesn't help and you face gets shiny or greasy soon after applying?  Share your experiences and any rec's or a solution to effective coverage for oily skinned beauties!

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CAREFREE ACTI-FRESH Liners Oxygen + Tea Tree

Hello again peeps,  :-h  I’m just publishing long overdue reviews atm, which these days is happening only when I get the time,  :-S  so forgive me for a sudden influx followed by a spell and so forth.  ;;)  The following review is a trial team product sent out to me by Beauty Heaven so I could check it out and then share my opinion with you all.  :)

Living in the tropics perspiration and body odour is always a problem,  :">  so I like to use panty liners to keep me dry and fresh, whilst ensuring additional protection for the unexpected.  :">  Carefree Acti-Fresh Liners in Oxygen and Tea Tree are ultra thin but super absorbent against wetness and provide a special odour control system that safe-guards for up to 8 hours allowing me to go about my day to day activities with confidence and security.  ;)

Packaged in individual cute floral easy to open wrappers, theses liners are discrete and ideal for popping in the purse or handbag when I’m on the go.  The liner features a very adhesive backing and once it’s in place you can be sure it will not budge, so there is no concern about it moving or going astray, even when engaging in vigorous exercise.  The lightweight, breathable material of the liner is soft, flexible and non-restrictive to wear, unlike the old bulky ‘surfboard’ style pads of the past, yet still more absorbent than other liners I’ve tried.  Basically, they are so comfortable; I can’t even notice they are there!  =D>  The Tea Tree version smells crisp and refreshing, whereas the Oxygen has a subtle baby powder fragrance, both of which effectively keep any odours at bay.  \:D/

These Carefree Acti-Fresh Liners are my ‘go-to’ daily feminine hygiene product of choice.  The barely there liner allows me to stay clean, fresh and dry everyday, particularly in the hot summer months.  I would absolutely recommend Carefree Acti-Fresh Liners to all females any age, shape or size; if you lead an active lifestyle, these liners guarantee reassurance and reliability for extra peace of mind 24/7!  <:-P

Have you ever used panty liners?  :-/  Do you wear liners for the days in between your periods or on a day to day basis just to keep fresh and protect your undies??  :-?  If so you seriously must try the scented ones, these have taken feminine hygiene products to a whole new level! 

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dove Men + Care Deep Clean Face and Body Wash

Hi guys,  :-h  just playing catch-up here again and I’ve got a swag of finished reviews to up and publish, so please bare with me  [-O<  as I’m trying to simplify the layout of my blog posts a bit, coz to be honest the publishing side of blogging is still taking me ages :-O  The writing is the easy part, it’s getting it online here that slooooooooows me down, big time!!!  :-w

Anyway, this here is a product sent out by the gorgeous ladies at Beauty Heaven, as part of their trial team!

I got my guy friend to trial this product, who happens to be a farm labourer and I can vouch, he comes home from work in a grubby looking state and usually smells like he’s been sweating overtime,  :-&  something that is always the norm for men who partake in physical labour and live and work here in the FNQ tropics.  :-"  The Dove Deep Clean Face and Body Wash instantly appealed to him, particularly because it’s a two-in-one multi-tasking product that takes care of the face and body, rather than having to use a separate product.  ;-)

The Dove Dove Deep Clean Face and Body Wash is presented in a large 400ml deep grey coloured bottle with the signature Dove Men logo and a sturdy flip-top lid that is located at the base, to stand the bottle upright.  The formula is a thick, gel-like fluid that is clear in colour, allowing you to identify the tiny micro-beads infused with-in.  The scent is extremely masculine and smells just like a crisp, refreshing aftershave lotion, which lingers on the skin for hours after washing, much to his delight.  It lathers up easily and the beads are super gentle on the skin, yet provide a super deep-down clean, sloughing away, dead, dulling skin cells to leave his face and body smooth, soft, whilst banishing dryness and flaking.  It is also extremely hydrating and for a guy who couldn’t be bothered applying a face or body lotion, it locks in moisture to give his skin continual nourishment.  <:-P

The Dove Deep Clean Face and Body Wash is a clear winner for busy guys, who are usually too lazy to indulge in face and body care, but yet are always concerned about their appearance.  It’s a quick and easy solution that thoroughly cleans even the dirtiest of skin, delivering effective results that meet all of his skin care needs, all in the one handy product.  \:D/

Ladies, does your man use a body wash, or is he a soap kind of a guy?  :-?  Guys, what do you think, is this something that would appeal to you or……nahh???  :-/  Share your thoughts in the comments section  :-)

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