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Friday, November 30, 2012

Dr. LeWinn’s Skin Perfect Foundation

Hello fellow beauty lovers  :-h  This product that I am about to review was sent to me as a member of the trial team on the Australian beauty website Beauty Heaven.  The idea is to give it a good test drive over about a 4 week period, then submit a written review sharing my thoughts on the experience. So, here’s telling you all  :D

I’ve always been fond of Dr Lewinn’s skin care products, but with their latest Skin Perfect makeup range, they have focused on building the bridge between makeup and skincare, introducing a 2-in-1 (or make that even 3-in-1, if you consider it a sunscreen too) luxury anti-ageing cosmetic line-up.  <:-P  As a busy woman, usually I’m pressed for time, so I always welcome taking on a multi-tasking approach, when it comes to my beauty regime.  ;)  Not like your average makeup, Dr Lewinn’s Skin Perfect Foundation features additional ‘turn-back-the-clock’ benefits, such as ingredients that promote skin renewal and encourage collagen production, for smoother, firmer, more youthful-looking skin.  It’s also infused with hyaluronic acid that retains moisture to nourish and soften skin and minerals to enhance lustre and create a healthy glow.  SPF, however, is what I consider to be the ultimate age fighter, used to protect against UV damage, one of the main causes of premature ageing.  =D>

The Dr Lewinn’s Skin Perfect Foundation is packaged in a 30ml frosted glass bottle with a pump-action dispenser.  It features a silver metallised collar and a brown cap, which compliments the brown lettering and contributes to an overall sleek, stylish presentation that is ultra classy.  B-)

The consistency of the foundation is light and creamy, with a velvety, silky smooth texture that glides onto my skin and blends with ease.  Because the formula boasts SPF, unfortunately the foundation smells more like a sunscreen than anything else,  :-S   however it’s not an offensive smell and it dissipates soon after application.  #:-S  The fluid and sets rapidly, leaving a weightless, natural-looking, dewy finish that plumps my skin and radiates vibrancy and lustre.  The medium coverage doesn’t cover all of my imperfections, but it’s quite buildable, so by layering over problem areas, I can achieve a fairly decent camouflage.  :)   I have the shade Latte that matches my skin tone to perfection, disguising facial redness and minor flaws for a uniform complexion, creating a ‘not wearing foundation at all’ appearance that looks like real skin rather than a mask.  >:D<

The staying power is mediocre, possibly due to my oily skin type, (meh, seriously I can’t win a trick with oily skin=((  and after a few hours my face is quite shiny,   ~X(  although a quick dusting of translucent powder quickly corrects the problem.  (Phew, thank you lordy lord[-O<  I don’t experience any caking, streaking or patchiness and the foundation doesn’t settle into fine lines or fade, instead it seems to provide a healthy, illuminating glow, which is manageable as long as I keep the shine at bay.  I usually apply using a cosmetic brush or beauty pod, but in this case, fingers also do a pretty good job of delivering flawless results. 

I love that this foundation provides the additional benefits of sun protection, as well as coverage and correcting properties.  :x   I can’t claim to have noticed a significant improvement of my premature ageing skin concerns, yet I’m more than happy to use it over a longer period to see how it develops.  :-w   I do admit though, after I’ve applied the foundation, my face takes on a delightfully youthful glow, so in that respect it truly rocks!  \:D/ We live in the day of multi-tasking products, so to have a foundation that bridges the gap between skin care and makeup (and sun protection) is pretty nifty and ideal for those who lead a busy lifestyle and prefer to cut corners.  I would definitely recommend the Dr Lewinn’s Skin Perfect Foundation to anyone wanting barely-there, natural coverage, which promotes a gorgeous, luminous complexion that looks younger and visibly more radiant.  (*)

TIP:  Use in conjunction with the Dr. LeWinn’s Primer in the same range for even better results.

Have you tried this foundation, if so what do you think…yay or nay?   :-?  What about any other anti-ageing cosmetics products?  Makeup/Skincare combinations are being seen more and more on the market these days, after all in this day and age most of us appreciate multi-use beauty products!  In your experience are they a good idea, fair enough they save you time, but do they really replace the individual steps effectively??  :-/

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Dr. LeWinn’s Skin Perfect Anti-ageing Primer

Hi to all you beautiful readers everywhere  :-h   This post is about a product I received from Beauty Heaven to use for a month or so and then write up a review about my experience to submit as part of  their trial team, of which I’ve been a member for the past four years or so.  <:-P

The Dr LeWinn’s Skin Perfect Anti-ageing Primer is packaged in a 30ml frosted glass bottle with a pump-action dispenser.  It features a silver metallised collar and a brown cap, which compliments the brown lettering and contributes to an overall sleek, stylish presentation that screams class.  ;;)

The primer itself is thick, white and ultra creamy, with a silky smooth texture that is lightweight and creates an airless film on my skin.  It has a delicate, subtle fragrance that I would describe as slightly floral,  @};-  yet very pleasant and not at all overbearing, as it disappears soon after application.  The non-greasy formulation dries within moments after transferring to my skin, minus any sticky/tacky residue; instead it irons out my flaws and provides a soft, even canvas ready for my makeup.  \:D/  Because it has a moisturiser-like consistency, this primer doesn’t disguise my more obvious imperfections as well as it could, such as filling in pores or fine lines, which are still visible even after applying my makeup.  :-<

Even thought I suffer from sensitivity issues, the formulation of this primer is gentle and it doesn’t spark irritation or contribute to breakouts.  #:-S   I’ve found that this product works better for me during the cooler weather, because on hotter days, whilst initially it appears to mattify my complexion, after a few hours that dreaded midday shine begins to develop on my typically oily skin., EEK!  :-S   I’ve been using the Dr LeWinn’s Skin Perfect Anti-ageing Primer for the past month and I can’t say that I’ve noticed any general improvement in the condition of my skin in terms of anti-ageing, however I’m prepared to use it for a longer time to determine if I can achieve any further skin care benefits.  :-w   To ensure a beautiful, clear, flawless, almost dewy-looking complexion, I recommend using the primer in conjunction with the Dr Lewinn’s Foundation in the same range.  I believe that this product would perfectly suit those with normal to dry skin types, but if anyone with oily skin is interested in giving it a go, then you possibly should be prepared and keep blotting papers or a powder compact handy for touch ups throughout the day.  ;)

Have you been fortunate enough to try this primer yet?  What about any of the other products in the new makeup range…or if not possibly you’re familiar with their skin care and nail products that have been around for ages?  :-/  What are your thoughts, do you find it to be a good value for money brand and is it effective?  :-?  Please post your comments below.  I seriously love hearing from anyone who has a moment to add their thoughts.  xxx ooo

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NP Set Rewind & Replenish Serum

Hello once again everyone  :-h  The next product I’m posting up for you was offered to me from the one and only Tammerly the author of informative Spoilt blog.  I put this serum to the ultimate test for just over a month and here are my thoughts bases on that experience.  ;)

NP Set is an affordable range of beauty products created by Australia’s very own makeup guru, Napoleon PerdisNP Set Rewind & Replenish Serum is a paraban free, concentrated antioxidant treatment, infused with minerals and designed to hydrate and brighten the complexion, promoting suppleness of the skin, while protecting against environmental aggressors.  =D>

Presented in a 30ml white plastic tube with a screw-off lid, the serum is adorned with black lettering and the all-familiar NP Set logo and displays pure simplicity.  I must admit I feel a bit 'ripped off:-O   with the small size of the tube though, because it doesn’t deliver much value for money.  ^:)^

The weightless serum has a cloudy, gel-like texture and features a subtle fruity scent that disappears once it’s applied.  A pea-sized amount is sufficient for my whole face and the slippery solution easily glides over my skin, providing a cool, soothing sensation to instantly transform and enliven my appearance.  ;;)  It leaves a slightly sticky finish and takes a few minutes to completely absorb, but during the drying process, I can immediately feel my skin begin to tighten and prompt a smooth, even canvas.  This makes the serum particularly ideal as a base for under makeup, allowing my foundation to grip onto the tacky surface, helping keep it in place.  :)  Unfortunately, I discovered it provided only a short-term respite, because the formula, which includes Shea Butter, is too rich for my oily skin and after a couple of hours my face starts developing the dreaded shine.  Nooooo!  ~X(  For that reason, I’ve mostly been applying this serum at night, so I can take advantage of the possible skin care benefits without having to worry about added greasiness.  :-<

Whilst this serum boasts some great ingredients, after utilising it daily for the past month, I can’t say that it’s produced any significant anti-ageing improvements to the overall condition of my skin.  #-o   Therefore, apart from the immediate radiance boosting effects and its ability to smooth and soften the texture of my skin, I was quite disappointed at the lack of visible results.  :(  I guess it could be just functioning as an antioxidant should, by shielding my skin from damaging free radicals; however, at this stage, even that is not a claim I am able to positively confirm.  :-S   Personally, I wouldn’t repurchase the NP Set Rewind & Replenish Serum, as I don’t consider it affordable at all, in fact, I think it’s rather expensive for such a little tube that only offers a few temporary benefits that I could achieve using any basic, entry level primer.  :>  It’s indicated that the serum is suitable for all skin types, yet I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone with an oily complexion, as I doubt it’s going to do you any favours and will more than likely exacerbate your oiliness, which we all know, can tend to trigger breakouts.  You may have more success if your skin is normal to dry, but to be honest, due to its limited performance ability and based on my own experience, I’d suggest it might to be pointless to expect too much.  :-w

TIP For improved makeup application, (only if you have normal to dry skin, this isn’t the best for oily complexions) try using the serum as primer, so foundation goes on smoother and adheres better to the skin. 

Have you tried this product or any other skin care products from this range?  :-/  What do you think, are they effective or….??  I personally have found better serums and primers for better value than this, how about you??   :-?  Please comment below! 


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Elixia Fine Line Lip Serum

Hi peeps!   :-h  Posting up some more well overdue product reviews for you all.  This one was sent to me by the gorgeous and ever generous Tammerly from Spoilt, so I could test it out and share my experience with you all.  :-)

Elixia is an Australian company who produces premium skin care based on science and clinical development, such as their High Performance Anti-Ageing collection that features a Fine Line Lip Serum.  The all natural range is free of nasties and enriched with a potent blend of peptides, antioxidants and actives, including Vitamins A (retinol), C and E.  The products are formulated using an exclusive, innovative technology called TPM (Targeted Penetration Matris) to help deliver the effective cocktail of ingredients deep into the epidermis for better execution, whereby enhancing the absorption and penetration by up to 4 times.  The serum works to reduce the appearance of visible lines and wrinkles around the lip area, whilst increasing plumpness and hydration to the lip surface and ensuring the lip contour keeps in shape, for a more youthful appearance.  :D

The Fine Line Lip Serum comes in a stylish 10ml pump-action metal canister, boasting the easy to identify silver and bold magenta colour scheme that is consistent throughout the entire range, giving me the impression that it’s a high quality brand.  The ergonomic, airless packaging is hygienic and designed to block out oxygen and protect the inner contents, so the natural, preservative-free formulation can maintain its purity and last longer.  The biggest downfall of this treatment, however, is related to the dispenser, which pumps out too much serum for a single application, despite constantly trying to control the flow.  ~X(  (Very frustrating, grrr!)  I only need half the pumped amount and there’s no way to return the leftovers to the pack, other than scraping it into the inside of the lid to use later; a step that totally defeats the purpose of better hygiene in the first place.  #-o  But…it’s either that or wasting it, and I am not one for squandering beauty products, especially when they’re quite costly.  :-O

The weightless formula is white in colour and has a creamy, fluid-like consistency, similar to a lotion, with a smooth, velvety texture.  It claims to be unscented, yet it does have a very faint fragrance   @};-  that is typical of non-perfumed skin care, nevertheless I don’t consider it offensive and it doesn’t linger.  I only need a teeny weeny amount of serum to massage over my lips and on the surrounding skin of my lip contour.  I admit, at first it felt bizarre putting a moisturiser, similar to that of a body or face cream, straight on my lips,  :-S   as I’ve previously only used balm-type products, but the good thing is that it’s fast absorbing and there is no residue at all.  In fact, it completely disappears leaving my smackers feeling bare and natural, rather than being coated in a greasy film.  #:-S   For me, the indication that this treatment was actually working became noticeable after a week of using it religiously, twice a day.  The condition of my lips improved immensely, and gone were my usual, parched, scaly (often peeling) lips that displayed evident flaws, like cracks and fissures on their surface.  Instead, my pout was soft, supple and silky smooth.  It makes a great makeup base too, because it primes and nourishes my lips, so they emerge polished and my lipstick stays put without feathering and remains flawless for longer.  =D>  Ideally, it provides a revitalising ‘quick-fix’ if my kissers are dehydrated and need an extra moisture boost during the day. 

This is the first lip conditioner I’ve ever tried and I LOVE   :x   how it locks in moisture and protects my peckers from the elements, to help slow down the ageing process, while gradually, over time, reversing existing damage and softening any obvious lines.  Even though my lips don’t ‘feel’ particularly hydrated after application, like they do with most balms, I do know it’s performing, simply by seeing the transformation of my lips.  ;)  Prior to starting this trial, I was practically addicted to lip balms and was forever slathering them on my lips, day and night, to treat the unsightly roughness.  But, no amount of balm has ever gotten my lips looking as good as they are since I started using the Fine Line Lip Serum.  I am impressed with the results I’ve achieved after nearly a month and although the price tag is a bit steep, I would still consider making it a permanent addition to my beauty regime.  Unfortunately, because the pump expels an excess of product, I imagine it’s going to run out a lot sooner than it should, meaning it’s not very cost effective, so I doubt I would repurchase it, unless packaging changes are made to prevent wastage.  Regardless of the cons, I would definitely recommend this serum to anyone who has exhausted other options and needs a truly effective treatment that will rejuvenate and enhance the appearance of their lips.  Pucker up and kiss those peeling, flaking, cracking, dry, chapped lips goodbye and give them the attention they deserve and show off a plumper, healthier, more youthful smile.  :-*

Has anyone else tried a lip conditioner before?   :-?  Did you find it felt strange to be putting a cream on your lips for the first time?  I certainly did, but have definitely gotten use to it and to be honest I am so happy with the results.  Just wish it wasn’t so costly as I’m not sure my budget will cater for such an expense atm….  :(    Maybe some of you can recommend a cheaper lip conditioner that I could check out?  :-/  Feel free to comment below!

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