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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Journey of Simplicité

Hi there once again peeps,  :-h  If y’all have read some of my existing posts in this blog, you might have of already guessed that taking care of my skin is of the upmost importance to me.  (…guessed?  :-/  Nah, who am I trying to kid? It would be blatantly obvious,  =))  ROFL!)  Therefore, you would understand that just like any other skin care enthusiast, I am devoted to a Serious Skin Care regime that targets my oily skin, whilst focusing on the early signs of ageing; a factor that has become more evident since I reached my mid-thirties.  :-S   The damage to my skin, caused from years of neglect, includes sun damage and is a partially a result of the misuse of skin care products.  :">  The side effects from this maltreatment when I was younger has evidently come back to haunt me, starting to rear its ugly head, the premature ageing symptoms are now more noticeable and it’s beginning to take its toll on my skin.  :(  My regular anti-ageing routine normally boasts an array of the most effective professional skin care treatments I can lay my hands on and often there’s no expense spared.  :-"  I had came to the conclusion that I had to aim high if I wanted products that  truly work and  were able to deliver results that I could see.  I was willing to use whatever it takes in the hope of being able to repair, recharge and restore my skin to achieve, once again, the perfectly youthful-looking complexion.  ;)

A while ago, Robin from Simplicité approached me to test drive several products from their plant-based skin care range.  Prior to coming into contact with Robin, I had only ever heard of Simplicité and knew very little about the brand, so I must admit that at first I was feeling a little dubious. :-?  However, the more I analysed the idea and pondered on my current regime, I surmised that the possibility of taking a natural approach to my skin care, would allow my skin to take a breather  :-  from the highly potent combination of treatments I normally used.  #:-S  Yet, despite my fear of the unknown, I came to conceive that a complete skin care overhaul might actually do my complexion the world of good, without hampering my already developing progress and possibly sustaining an even more encouraging outcome.  :)  I had nothing to loose and everything to gain, so I was determined to give it a workout.  After some initial brand research, I soon learned that I could introduce Simplicité, a natural, plant based, aromatherapy skin care line and still be able to address exactly the same skin concerns that my usual regime focused on.  >:/  I quickly determined that incorporating the appropriate Simplicité treatment products from their comprehensive, natural skin care line up, my skin’s specific needs would be adequately accommodated.  I liked the idea that by using a simple and pure range with the ability to feed my skin with a concentrated blend of essential nutrients and antioxidants, which are integrated with herbs, plants and flowers to establish their uniquely organic formula, Simplicité makes it attainable to procure the overall results I am perpetually striving for.  *-:)

Everything you need to know:

All Simplicité skin care products are free from alcohol, parabens, synthetic or added fragrances, silicones and other ‘questionable’ natural ingredients, often exploited in commercial brands, such as mineral oil.  In fact, the Simplicité line-up flaunts only the highest quality, medicinal grade, plant extracts that rejuvenate your skin and renew your spirit.  Respectfully, Simplicité don’t support animal testing and neither their products nor their ingredients have been tested on animals.  =D>  David Lyons, a leading Australian herbalist and naturopath, is the mastermind of Simplicité.  Along with his wife and co-founder Robin, the determined duo developed Simplicité initially for personal use, then eventually to meet the growing demand for natural-based products in both the Australian and International market.  Comprising of only the freshest herbal extracts, which they prepare and formulate themselves, using the highest quality, hand-selected, organic ingredients.  (*)  With over 25 years of extensive research and customer satisfaction, David and Robin have substantiated that their natural skin care concept is fully results driven.  Ideal for all skin types, even the most sensitive, Simplicité delivers remarkable improvements for those suffering from sun damage, premature ageing, sensitivity and acne prone skins.  As professed on their website “Most skin care products just moisturise ... that’s easy. It's when you enhance your skin's tone, elasticity and smoothness with antioxidants and active herbal principles that you'll look younger, and feel better about your skin.  That’s the Simplicité difference!

Now that you know a little bit more about Simplicité, let me share my journey and personal product experience with you all.

This kit includes a full regime of Simplicité products that cleanse, calm and soothe the complexion, therefore ensuring this rejuvenating package delivers soft, supple skin and encourages a youthful, healthy glow.  Featuring four travel/trial sized products in a handy zippered pouch, this pack is the perfect introduction to the benefits of Simplicité, the convenient travel companion or a superb gift idea. 

Inside the kit you’ll find:

Plant Gel Cleanser (20g) – I enjoy utilising this facial wash as my AM cleanser because it is so invigorating and refreshing, which wakes up my skin and implements a kick-start to the day ahead.  It has a light and creamy texture that works into a gentle foam to leave my skin feeling completely clean and fresh.  It redresses the balance of my skin without stripping it of its natural oils, yet it’s still powerful enough to cleanse thoroughly and remove all dirt, oils, bacteria, surface debris and the most stubborn makeup (if I were wearing it) from my face.

Hydrating Floral Spritz (60ml) – Post cleansing, I lightly spray my skin with this beautiful flower-infused facial spritz and implement it into my skin care regime as a toner.  I then gently press it into my face to help the solution absorb, which leaves my skin soft, hydrated and well balanced without any sticky residue.  It assists my skin’s natural defence system and refines my pores to help keep moisture locked in.  It’s also ideal as an instant ‘pick me up’ anytime I need a revitalising aromatherapy boost to lift my spirits and refresh my skin, promoting an effectual way to cool down during a long, hot day.  I can also vouch that it works a like a charm to set my mineral makeup.

Oil Controlled Day Creme (20g) – This lightweight daily moisturiser is highly nourishing and comfortable without being too rich or greasy on my already oily skin.  The arousing scent is uplifting, whilst the quick-to-dry/absorb formula sparks my face to feel soft and evenly balanced, hydrating any parched areas to create an effortlessly smooth, uniform canvas.  It’s suitable for the warmer months because it’s not at all heavy on my skin and makes a great base to apply my daily makeup.  The natural blend is non-comodogenic so it doesn’t clog my pores; instead it stimulates my senses and adequately provides ample moisture to maintain constant hydration and a shine-free finish throughout the day.

Lemon Night Creme (20g) – I have mentioned this nighttime moisturiser before, in my Moisturising post, because after this trial, it impressed me so much, I wanted to use it on a permanent basis.  It’s definitely become one of my favourite moisturisers and is absolutely the most kosher night cream I have ever had the fortune of using.  :x  With its gorgeous lemon fragrance and creamy butter-like texture, it is a sheer pleasure to use.  This non-greasy cream is deeply nourishing and conditioning, but not too rich or heavy, making it profoundly fitting for my oily skin.  In addition to presenting exceptional hydrating properties, it helps to clarify my skin and reduce the appearance of blotchiness, redness and discolouration.  Over time, my skin has progressively revamped, flourishing less roughness for a softer texture, tighter, more concealed pores and rapidly fading areas of pigmentation.  Oh, and can’t forget to mention, I have also noticed that my visible fine lines have softened considerably.  It has invaluably contributed to my fulfilment of obtaining a clearer, brighter, more youthful-looking complexion. 

This is a cleansing and refining duo, enriched with micro-fine cinnamon particles that enable a fantastic multi-tasking deep-pore cleaning product, expedient for all skin types.  While I normally shy away from physical exfoliators, I found this one super gentle and so effective that I couldn’t resist the urge to continue randomly using it.  I am relieved that it doesn’t exacerbate my sensitive skin either; in fact, it actually proffers a calming relief to red, irritated skin.  With an elevating natural cinnamon fragrance, that lifts my spirits as soon as I get a whiff, it also revives my skin, triggering a boost of radiance when it appears dull and tired.  It has supported a considerable improvement in the reduction of blackheads forming around my nose, by clearing out any build-up of gunk and congestion from deep within my pores.  It sloughs away any dead surface cells; provoking my skin to look alive and feel refreshed, by smoothing the texture so it’s baby soft to touch.  Immediately after using this product, an all over healthy glow is revealed and my complexion appears lucent. 

This was the one product I was most excited to try, because I read claims of it being a “Herbal Alternative to Botox”.  :-O  It boasts a thin, slightly runny consistency with a non-sticky, creamy, gel-like texture (similar to a lotion) that feels cool and soothing as soon as it touches my skin.  Adorning a crisp, fresh scent this treatment indulges an overall exhilarating feeling to my skin, whilst elevating the senses.  Upon application, it instantly plumps my skin prompting the appearance that it’s firmer and bearing more resilience, whilst instigating an all over, natural-looking luminosity.  It is remarkably lightweight and so refreshing that I often use it in place of my daily moisturiser, as it offers generous hydration, without making my oily skin excessively shiny or greasy throughout the day.  I love how it immediately improves my complexion, brightening and evening out the tone, whilst smoothing and softening the texture, especially when my skin appears all stressed or tired.  :x   :x   As long as I’m armed with this amazing treatment product, I can be sure that I will never have to suffer the unsightly consequences when too many late nights start to wreak havoc on my skin , since it’s the best weapon to combat all of those nasty symptoms.  All I need a dose of this miracle moisturiser and my skin transforms, being vibrant, alive and bursting with radiance.  I have also contrived that the longer I use it; I am seeing more permanent changes, as my complexion becomes more refined and brandishes a better overall clarity.  With Simplicite Results Lift Gel on my team, I am confident I will never need to resort to the ‘toxic’ botox option.  :-O   I don’t know about you guys, but I’ll stick with this safe, natural substitute, thank you very much!  Plus, my skin adores the endless benefits and it makes a perfect featherweight treatment moisturiser that doesn’t suffocate my skin come summertime.  ;;)

My Final Verdict:

I ended up pleasantly surprised with the general condition of my skin after committing to this au natural, Simplicité skin care routine, undividedly, for two months straight.  ;)  I freaked out at first  :-O  as my skin went through an initial ‘detox’ period, where it did all sorts of weird things, like constantly breaking out and producing even more oil.  ~X(   However, I realised that it’s normal when changing your skin care routine for it to expel all those nasty toxins as it adjusts to the new products. #:-S  I was patient during this time :-w  persisting diligently with the individual Simplicité programme that Robin had personally recommended for me, then after several weeks of battling along, all of a sudden, my skin progressed to a greater new level.  YAY!  <:-P  It totally cleared up and was blossoming with a newfound radiance, proving to me that natural skin care solutions absolutely do work!  As I mentioned, before I tried this range I was sceptical that I wouldn’t be able to achieve the same level of results using a natural range that I always get with my professional skin care treatments.  :-S  Now, I can honestly say that upon concluding this trial, I don’t think my skin has ever looked better!  :D  Simplicité exceeded my expectations, allowing me to accomplish a clearer, more luminous complexion and optimum skin health.  I wouldn’t hesitate in using Simplicité again, as a natural skin care alternative further and because I was so influenced by the vast improvements I successfully acquired, I was spurred to stick with a few of these products, which I use on a regular basis as a crucial part of my skin care regime.  Simplicité allows me to maintain the fountain of youth by repairing existing damage, nurturing my skin and protecting it from external aggressors, all using a simple, holistic approach.  I dare say it allows me to stand ten foot tall and bullet proof because I’m ultra proud to be sporting the reputable ‘Simplicite Glow.’  \:D/

Have you tried anything from the Simplicité range?  Have you found natural skin care products to be equally effective as their commercial-style cousins?  What natural, organic or plant based brands have you tried and liked best?

All images in this post are generic (sorry folks, my download speed ended up getting capped this month from my internet provider and adding my own images at snail pace wasn't an option, lol)  :p

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

FOTD – Neutral Minimal Makeup Look

Here is a pretty standard FOTD (Face of the Day) from yesterday, which is very much a normal, basic type of look that I conveniently manage to slap together for those usual slack, everyday kinds of non-eventful days.  :-<   You know, like when I am not going anywhere special, but still feel the need to establish a no-fuss makeup look that cleverly masks any unsightly flaws and imperfections, whilst triggering the fictitious illusion of clear, healthy, flawless-looking skin, minus looking ‘all made up’.  *-:)

Here are the products I used:  (*)


This gloriously lightweight, lotion style primer leaves my skin considerably soft, while smoothing out any abnormalities.  I like teaming this primer with liquid foundations, yet I am partial to it during those warmer, summer days when I need to avoid anything too rich and heavy coating my skin.  The formulation compliments my oily skin and keeps it relatively shine-free throughout the day, bereft drying it right out.  It helps my makeup glide on seamlessly, encouraging it to appear fresher and to remain in place for much longer.  :)

This is one of the few mineral foundations in a liquid version that I regularly rely on in summer because it’s a match made in heaven for my oily complexion, which won’t melt straight off in the heat.  #:-S   The special formulation is enhanced with additional skin care ingredients to treat and protect my skin.  It’s also oh so light, therefore I don’t experience that suffocating feel like so many of the heavier cover-ups.  :)>-  Instead, this foundation wears superbly comfortable, bolstering to prevent congestion and possible breakouts by allowing my pores to breathe.  Even though I admit it feels lightweight with an airy texture on my skin, don’t for a minute think this will compromise the coverage and performance.  :-S  Not at all!  [-X  I actually only need very little of this highly pigmented, mineral blend to achieve maximum coverage, resulting in a complexion that is utterly flawless, with an ever-so-natural looking, soft matte-finish.  ;)

The finely milled white loose powder has a supremely soft texture, so I like to apply it with my velour puff, prior to dusting my face with a large, fluffy powder brush to remove any excess.  I’m amazed that such a basic-looking, budget priced powder is so effective at setting my makeup and transforming my oily skin by instantly absorbing any excess surface oils and keeping them at bay for a shine-free appearance that eliminates the need for continual touch-ups.  I often select this powder to use following liquid foundations because it imparts such a smooth, silky, matte finish to accomplish ‘complexion perfection’ with the greatest of ease.  :D.


This is my ‘go to’ bronzer, boasting dual-toned colours that make it very versatile and suitable for not only different complexions but also for adapting to irregular skin changes throughout the various seasons.  The contrasting shades, featuring a light and medium hued bronze, are perfect when used individually as a blush or bronzer; otherwise, they will combine conveniently for contouring and highlighting the entire face.  This delicately pigmented duo, blends seemingly with my skin tone to effectuate a healthy, natural-looking, sheer tint of colour, which resembles a gorgeous ‘almost there’ sun-kissed glow.  =D>

I have previously reviewed this particular blush in a bit more depth a while back, if you want to read more, simply click here.  This is a brightly coloured powder blush, which has a semi-sheer colour payoff (that is buildable for a bolder, more vivid appearance) to gently buff into the skin, inspiring a beautifully feminine, lightweight, matte-like finish.  Just a light dusting of this smooth, pigment packed powder is all I need per application, because a little goes a long way and when blended delicately it discards minimal fallout.  I love how this blush provides a natural ‘pinched-cheek’ effect that is soft and dainty, complimenting my skin tone and staying in place all day without fading.  ;;)


NYX Auto Eyebrow Pencil – Dark Brown

I like to keep my eyebrows well groomed because as the saying goes; ‘eyebrows frame your face’, notably your peepers, which are claimed to be ‘the windows to your sole’.  Well-shaped brows will furthermore balance the rest of your facial features.  Although my own brows are along way from being ‘well-shaped’, they have come a long way since the days of plucking the living daylights out of them! :-O  Now, more than ever, whilst they are growing, I rely on my trusty eyebrow pencil to fill in my sparse brows, depending on the waxy consistency to better mould the shape and hold the hairs in neatly in place.  The attached brush on the flip side, maintains the tidy appearance, guaranteeing my brows retain that permanent ‘wow’ factor’.  \:D/  Something worth noting, is this dark brown shade is, as a matter of fact, a pretty accurate match, comparable to my light-medium brown coloured brows, so beware that the highly saturated colour, is lighter than expected, therfore you may need a darker hue than normal.  /:)

I absolutely adore my coloured pencil style eyeliners,  :x  which are currently my favourite (or most sort after) makeup product.  I have quite a collection of eyeliners, flaunting a spectrum of shades and brands that I constantly mix and match to suit my mood, for an eternity, I only ever used black liners, now though I will always incorporate a befitting colour to spruce up my daily look.  Pencil eyeliners have really stepped up in the past couple of years, developing into various ultra rich, creamy formulas that apply and feel just like a liquid liner.  Gone are the days of nearly scratching out your eyeball trying to get a smidgen of colour out of the hard, sharp-tipped pencil that despite ample effort, just wouldn’t transfer at all.  ~X(   These soft, extremely smooth liners glide onto the lash line with ease as well as the waterline, providing lasting staying power that won’t budge.  In addition, the undeniably, bona fide colour payoff, which is exactly what I lust, supplies the slick of defining colour to my waterline that makes my eyes ‘pop’.  >:D<

Almay Intense I-Color Mascara - Black Emerald for Hazel Eyes

For daytime wear, I opt for simple, inexpensive mascara to inject some colour into my lashes and plump them up a tad, without becoming too dramatic or OTT (over the top).  When I first spotted this mascara, I thought it would ideally replace the green-eye mascara I had previously employed, from another brand, which worked well and suited my lash requirements during the day.  I have now determined that this one certainly doesn’t disappoint!  The large brush with a tapered tip evenly coats and separates each individual lash, with no flaking, clumping or smudging, and it’s buildable, permitting for additional coats that can be successively layered for a greater impact.  The gentle formulation is kindy non-irritating to sensitive eyes and while it lasts looking fresh and in place throughout the day, it washes off with ease to avoid the dreaded panda eyes.  Earning its place as one of my preferred daytime mascaras, because it’s merciful and caring to the delicate optics, along with the ability to still create a natural, fuller appearance to the lashes that brighten and emphasise my eyes.  B-)


I often need to prime my lips prior to applying my lippy, so I use a lip balm, which hydrates my lips and smoothes the surface, which is especially essential for dry, chapped lips, filling in any lines, wrinkles or ridges, so my lipstick adheres better and prevents any feathering, smudging or creasing.  I often reach for this handy wind-up tube, with added sunscreen to protect my lips from sun damage, as well as shielding them from the elements.  Infused with natural fruit extracts, the formula smells and tastes like yummy, sweet strawberries. (mmm strawberries  =P~  ) The thick texture, which initially coats my lips, dries quickly and conditions my kissers without leaving any sticky, tacky residue behind.  This addition of this delightfully scrumptious balm to my makeup ritual ensures my lips are perfectly moisturised, soothed and polished ready to bear some colour.  :-*

This remarkably handy, double-ended liner, with its ultra soft, creamy consistency, is a functional multi-use lip pencil consisting of a skin-toned light beige hue on one end, with the dual side bearing a lip-toned beige that is a few shades darker.  I am always using the light end when I makeup my lips, regardless of which colour I plan on sporting, because the skin coloured shade is a spot on  match that compliments my own skin tone faultlessly, to highlight my cupids bow.  The darker side however, I don’t use as often, yet it does come in useful for lining and filling my lips to create a base to team with certain lipsticks to obtain a more precise, long-lasting, lip look. This liner has a soft, creamy texture that’s easily sharpened to maintain a fine point, prompting it to glide on so smooth and evenly without dragging on my lips.  It’s an exceptionally good quality lip liner and despite being rather pricey up front, it‘s the best I’ve ever tried, promising a gorgeous, natural-looking lip definition.  :)

Benefit Full Finish Lipstick – Lady’s Choice

I am not usually very fond of nude lips; however, this is my ideal lip colour of choice, when I do feel like rocking a realistic, true-hue, nude lip.  What I like most about this sleek, easy to apply lipstick is its deeply moisturising formula, with an especially rich, urber creamy, butter-like texture, fully loaded with pigment for an abundance of saturated colour and a subtle, slightly glossy, shimmer-free finish.  The reason I am personally not fussed on a nude lip is that I am not overly confident that the neutral hues even suit me.  When I first tried this shade, it seemed to look like my lips had done the vanishing act and magically disappeared.  :-O  It also make me look washed out and somewhat sickly. (eww! not a good look  :-&  )  I have since discovered though, if I pair a slightly darker liner to the outline of my lips and fill in my natural lip colour, forging a base underneath, the colour becomes more flattering and amazingly gives the impression that my thin lips are a little plumper than normal.  :D  It’s really starting to grow on me this one (at least for the minimal makeup days), but I’m still keen as to try out some of the different colour options from the same range.  ;)


The above mentioned combination of cosmetics, constitutes the basis of my regular makeup ritual that I generally use on a day-to-day basis.  (Yes, I have to admit; rarely a day goes by when I don’t wear makeup!  :-O   :">  What! I hear you say, LOL!  :))  But, seriously, I feel sooooo naked without my ‘face’ on, hence why I feel the need to disguise my defects behind a ‘barely there’ makeup look.  Whew, #:-S  at least with  makeup I can  tryyyyyy and appear ‘natural-ISH’, shh it’s our little secret, hehe  ;))  )  On those uneventful days when there is nothing planned. I don’t often bother concocting a special eye shadow creation or upping the drama factor too much, unless I have places to go and people to see, in which case it’s indeed time to ‘rev’ things up a bit.  Under those circumstances, I’ll possibly go the ‘full hog’ and get really creative, or if you prefer, indulge in some ornamental fun!   <:-P

Another excuse as to why I don’t really dig neutral-looking makeup on myself too much, is because I am a big fan of lots of colour and I tend to feel a bit ‘plain Jane’ when I wear the more ‘au natural’ hues.  It comes down to my skin tone as well, coz while these shades can look spectacular on others (particularly models in the glossy mags or on the catwalk) I just can’t pull it off well at all.   :-/   Kind of like…meh, whatever! :|  I think it’s ok (average), but at the end of the day, it’s definitely NOT a look I would go to town in and it doesn’t excite me very much either… boring!   (:|  That’s just me, I am of the belief that makeup is all about FUN!!!   :)>-

There you have my opinion, so how about you guys, what do you think?  Can you pull off an awesome nude lip or neutral makeup look?  Does it suit you…or, do you wanna bat on my team, preferring to adorn yourself amidst a rainbow of exciting, inspirational, slightly crazy tinctures?  :O)  Umm,  :-/  well. maybe not ALL the shades from under the rainbow at once, but you know what I mean, super eye-catching, colour galore, YAY!   \:D/  What kind of makeup look do you like to adopt for an average, fuss-free day?  Is it something different to a look you might create to hit the town?  Tell me more, tell me more, please share!!    ;)  :) 

The two FOTD images are my own and the product images are all generics.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Skinstitut L-Lactic Body Wash - The Secret to Stunning Sensitive Skin.

I never use to give my body the care and attention it deserves, well not to the same degree that I care for my face.  :-S  For most of my life, my poor old body was neglected and didn’t get pampered at all, other than being regularly cleansed with soap, EEK!   :-O  Soap, d’oh.... that is almost a dirty word these days,  #-o  yet, prior to converting to a body wash, soap was all I ever used.  :">  [-X   Years on, after discovering the remarkable benefits of incorporating AHA’s (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) into my body care regime, I have never looked back.  #:-S   I seriously doubt that I would ever manage to get through a tropical Far North Queensland summer again without my trusty AHA body wash. 

Initially, when I was introduced to AHA’s, I was using a Glycolic Acid infused body wash, however because I am blessed with sensitive skin, at times, my skin gets all irritable, (usually after shaving) so I have to avoid Glycolic Acid coz it just exasperates the problem.  :-< I was recommended this Skinstitut L-Lactic Body Wash (featured previously  in my Top 10 Favourite Products) a couple of years ago, when it was first launched, by the Darren, one of the incredibly knowledgeable and extremely helpful skin care therapist’s from the Facial Company.  He suggested the gentle Lactic Acid based formula would be more friendly and appropriate for my temperamental skin type, so I checked it out and decided it might be exactly what I needed.  B-)

The good thing about Lactic Acid as apposed to Glycolic Acid is that Lactic Acid is naturally found in our skin anyway, so it’s suggested to be the most gentle of all AHA’s.  It is just as effective as the harsher Glycolic Acid when it comes to sloughing away dead, dulling skin cells and stimulating the natural cell turnover process. It also decongests pores and it helps increase the hydration levels of the skin to promote a firmer, smoother texture.  :)

As per its claims, I have found the Skinstitut L-Lactic Body Wash to be completely non-irritating, so even when my skin IS inflamed, I can still confidently cleanse my body, knowing it won’t aggravate the condition.  Surprisingly, it’s actually ideal for reducing the symptoms of angry, red skin and is evidently proposed as being suitable for even the most sensitive types.  It is certainly my best defense in avoiding the dreaded itchy, red rash, razor bumps and ingrown hairs that I would frequently experience, thereafter shaving my legs.  Blocked or obstructed hair follicles can wind up getting infected, hence these problems arise,  :-L  however, with regular use of an exfoliating body wash, my pores and hair follicles are kept clear and unrestricted to allow the regrowth to come through easily, avoiding any irritation.  =D>

The body wash dispensed straight from the bottle
Another bonus is that the addition of AHA’s to the normal cleansing routine, will annihilate the rotten summer sweat pimples, (belonging to the acne vulgaris family) often referred to as ‘bacne’, which usually appears on the back, upper arms and buttocks.  :-/   These zits or pimples, (which tend to resemble mini volcanos at times  :(  ) unfortunately, breakout over the body during the hotter, more humid months of the year as our sweat glands become more overactive.  ~X(   Washing with the Skinstitut L-Lactic Body Wash helps clean the pores of any dead skin, oil or bacteria that clog up in the pores when we sweat.  Therefore, as a result, these pimples are no more!   \:D/

I also find the price amazing, at only $36 for a whopping 375ml.  It’s presented in a pump-action bottle featuring the typical Skinstitut packaging, with the white, purple and silver/pewter design and logo.  It is a clear, amber coloured, gel-based formulation with a runny fluid-like consistency.  I am ultra partial to the lovely fresh, clean, mildly citrus scent that is ever so delicate and not at all offensive.  :x  Just one pump of the liquid distributed onto my shower puff is ample to work into a rich, luxurious lather that will wash and exfoliate my entire body with no effort at all. ;)

Lathers into a rich, creamy foam when used with my shower puff
It rinses off easily without leaving any greasy residue.  Instantly, my skin feels super smooth and soft like silk to touch.  It’s totally non-drying, delivering extra moisture to my skin, leaving it adequately hydrated and perfectly balanced for optimum skin health.  Since I started washing with the Skinstitut L-Lactic Body Wash, my skin has taken on a naturally radiant, healthy-looking glow, which makes a nice change to its previously dull, sallow, often scaly appearance.  :D

This is the first, and only, Lactic Acid body wash I have experienced myself and In my opinion I highly doubt if there were similar products available, I would find a better, more affordable treatment body wash than this.  I would say it's supreme; absolutely flawless.  (*)  I basically use it every other day or on a daily basis during the warmer months when I need to shower at least twice a day, sometimes more.  I would highly recommend it, especially for anyone with sensitive skin issues that wants to indulge in the benefits of a using a chemical body exfoliator but generally finds most AHA products are too harsh and end up upsetting your skin.  Well, you needn't miss out on the positives any more, the Skinstitut L-Lactic Body Wash is the answer to all your prayers.  [-O<   Woot, Woot, Sensitive Skinned Beauties Rejoice!!!   <:-P  <:-P

Product Ingredients

Hands up if you are guilty of ever ignoring or overlooking your body when it comes to your skin care routine?   :-"   I encourage you to pay a little extra attention to the skin on your body every time you shower and I assure you, before long the noticeable improvement to the condition of your skin will be impressive.  :)  Just by regularly exfoliating and removing built-up dead skin cells, will mean you won’t need to hide your pins under long pants during summer, instead you will be striping off to reveal your brand new beautiful, healthy-looking skin.  ;;)  

Do you look after the skin on your body equally to that on your face?  Tell us about your body concerns and how you manage them.  Are there any body treatment products that you use consistently?  :-?  Feel free to comment below and share your thoughts!  

All images in this post are my own other than the first generic product image above that I cropped to correspond with my layout.  I did that because my own photo ended up quite blurry and I couldn't be bothered to go through the rigmarole of re-capturing, uploading and editing just for one image, LOL   :))  Please forgive me, hehe. ;))  :)>- 

Friday, January 6, 2012

Check it out! – Straight from Santa’s Sack

Hey there guys, :-h  Happy New Year to you all!  <:-P
Well now that the 2011 seasonal festivities are done and dusted, we’re moving right along into 2012 and with that I’ve brought along a ‘show and tell’ of all the new ‘beauty booty’ that dear old Santa generously emptied from his fully loaded sack and left under the Christmas tree with MY name on it.  \:D/

The whole kit and kaboodle

Napoleon Perdis Makeup Cosmetics Bag

This cute little NP Makeup Bag is white with chocolate trimmings and features a zip top opening.  It’s approximately 22cm(L) x 12cm(W)x 15cm(H) and made of 100% polyester.  I have swags of these but never still never seem to have enough, lol!  :))  ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS room for one more!

Expanded Makeup Bag
Flat Makeup Bag

This limited edition palette boasts a compilation of delightfully festive shades that bestow lots of joy and a cheerful Christmas-y spirit.  Consisting of four highly pigmented eyeshadows, four complimentary powder blushes and four nourishing lip glosses with a pop of colour, this is the perfect ‘all-you-need’ makeup kit on the go.  

Desk to Dusk & Double Agent Palettes

At first, I thought this was blush, oops!  :">  umm, well it’s the rouge part that gets me every time, I always though rouge was a cosmetic used to colour the cheeks and emphasise the cheekbones, but I’ve actually spotted numerous lippies with rouge in the title as well…..confusing much!  :-/   For the record, rouge is actually French for the colour red, so in this case we are talking red lippies. 

I actually have a huge limited edition NP lip palette and it’s impressive so I knew this one wouldn’t disappoint.  What is different about this duo is that it incorporates a smooth, creamy, semi-matte lipstick infused with vitamin E and Carnauba Wax, alongside a unique mattifying lip powder to boost staying power and a pair of application brushes.  This palette, said to be inspired by Old Hollywood film icons, results in a red, velvety, full-bodied pout that will not budge.  I’ve never tried a lip powder before now and I think it’s pretty genius. *-:)  Just loving this whole concept ATM  :x  and would be keen to see it developed with a range of other colours too :)

Desk to Dusk & Double Agent Palettes


Well a girl can’t have too many lip glosses and to be honest, I have actually steered clear of buying lip glosses myself over the past 12 months to try and put a dent in the huge collection I had built up, which worked, as I was able to see the bottom of the makeup draw once they had thinned out.  Therefore, this set of 5 luxurious limited edition glosses couldn’t have come at a better time.  They’re formulated with plenty of luscious lip goodies like Green Tea and Pomegranate to nurture your smackers, whilst adorning them with a hint of chic, shiny colour.

NP Lip Glosses
While I often have trouble finding a suitable red lipstick, fortunately red lip glosses are always more kind to me and a shade like this, is actually a colour that anyone can wear.  This limited edition gloss has a jelly-like texture, which makes it super comfortable to wear.  Packed with active ingredients and teamed with antioxidants ensures the lips are sufficiently hydrated and consistently protected.  Luckily, it’s not sticky at all, instead, the smooth, easy to glide formula delivers a remarkable shine and the special self-adjusting phantom pigments provide a lightly coloured stain that magically adapts to flatter the individual skin tone.  >-) ;)

This is an unusual limited edition cranberry coloured gloss with a creamy texture that provides a lips with a glamourous wash of colour with a velvety finish.  The best part is the ultra, long-lasting staying power!  This super smooth, statement lip look will stay in place for up to 10 hours!  :-O   Well kind of anyway, hehe  ;))  as the coloured stain definitely will remain on your smackers long after the glossiness wears off.

This is more of a lipstick than a gloss, in the way that it’s a highly pigmented classic red shade, however the weightless formulation ultimately delivers a soft, flexible finish that’s incredibly shiny.  The creamy textured, limited edition gloss is comfortable to wear and never tacky, while the long-lasting colour stays put for up to 6 hours.

NP Set Cosmetic Kit

I am still quite new to NP Set products, even though they have been around for a while now.  I have though, tried a few items in their range of which, keep amazing me, because the good quality cosmetics always deliver in performance and results, especially considering the relatively cheap price tag they bear.  I am a sucker for budget cosmetics when they are reliable and NP Set fits the bill!  ;;)  This little compact makeup kit features a built-in, flip-up mirror, which exposes two shimmery neutral-coloured eyeshadows and a charming blush, along with a mini mascara and nude coloured mini gloss.  Infused with the goodness of vitamins this set has your lips, eyes and face covered to create a naturally beautiful makeup look anytime, anywhere. 

NP Set Cosmetic Kit

This is an old faithful of mine that I regularly use, particularly in summer because it’s ideal underneath makeup.  It’s a multi-tasking trifecta that combines a moisturiser, antioxidant and sunscreen, which boasts five, non-nano, broad-spectrum protection filters that absorb both UVA and UVB rays like a force field, before they can cause any damage.  The skin preserving antioxidants are beneficial in the fight against premature skin ageing and may reduce the risk of certain sun cancers. What’s more, it is water resistant for up to four hours, so I can enjoy water activities, like swimming, without worrying that my skin is exposed.  I have previously provided a complete review of this product in my Sun Protection Staring Oily Skin blog post back in August.  (*)

Daily Essential

I am a huge fan of the cleanser in this range, which like this scrub is formulated with AHA’s for a deep pore clean.  I have been using this reliable cleanser for the past few years on a regular basis, already sharing the experience in my Cleansing post last July.  I oddly enough, have not yet tried this scrub, mostly because I am not a big fan of scrubby exfoliators anyway, thus I basically feel that I am getting the benefits of chemical exfoliation with the cleanser anyway, therefore couldn’t justify needing the additional scrub. 

I imagine that it will provide all of the wonderful advantages of chemical exfoliation, along with some extra oomph enhanced by the exfoliating beads.  I love that ASAP is an Australian professional, yet simple and affordable cosmeceutical skin care range that adopts potent active ingredients that provide super effective, visible results in a gentle, non-irritating formula suitable for all skin types.  I will definitely test drive this exfoliator and will review it at a later stage.  Ideally, this scrub is available in the small 50ml tube as well as it’s larger 250ml counterpart to give consumers the chance to try before they commit to buying the full-sized product.

Body Lotion, Bath/Shower Concentrate, Facial Scrub
I initially first tried this when I received it in conjunction with an order I placed at the Facial Company, who always delight and tempt me with their lavish free samples that always accompany all orders.  I have since purchased a full-size tube as these days I have come a long way from my earlier years where my body and skin care were never recognised in the same sentence and was neglected accordingly.  Now I consider my body skin care just as important as my face and moisturising my damp skin immediately after showering daily is essential for keeping my body in tiptop shape. 

Despite the title, I would definitely classify this moisturiser as a cream rather than a lotion because it’s extremely rich and nourishing with a thick texture.  All the while, as hydrating as it is, the cream absorbs almost instantly with no greasy residue and my skin is left feeling silky smooth and supple in appearance.  It works a charm to replenish dry patches and the results are long lasting.  It’s quite heavily fragranced but it’s a natural, pleasant scent that tantalises the senses and doesn’t tend to linger around after application.  It’s definitely a work-horse, which makes it an ideal moisturiser for year round body skin care. 

I am yet to try this bath and shower treat, but one whiff of the aroma from the bottle and I am already sold, hehe!  . ;))   I am a sucker for yummy smelling bath and shower products and this is right up there with the best of them.  :x  This would be ideal to use first thing in the morning to lift the spirits and provide an instant 'pick-me-up' with it’s invigorating, enlivening oriental fragrance.  On the same token it would also be perfect after a long, tiring day when you want to kick back in the bath to relax and unwind. It is a gel-based formula enriched with essential oils and features another special quality, which is it’s ability to help tone and firm the body skin.  Sounds perfect to me, I will keep you posted on my thoughts after I give it a good work out ;) 

I first purchased a tin of this spray a few years ago and it is without a doubt my favourite facial mist of all time.  :x  I personally love how Esthederm has zoned in on the concept that our skin needs to have sufficient water or it will become dehydrated, feel tighter, loose elasticity and generally age faster. Their Cellular Water is the first and only replica of our very own skin's water, which is ferried deep into the layers of our skin to maintain hydration, which helps delay the ageing process.

This particular spray has an aerosol delivery system that provides just the right amount of fine mist to refresh my face anytime, anywhere.  I keep this in my handbag to freshen up constantly whenever my skin is feeling dull or dry, especially in summertime.  It saves my face from suffering dehydration caused from being in and out of air-conditioning along with our naturally drying humid climate.  The spray itself is extremely lightweight and airy but also highly effective. It disappears instantly into my skin and leaves no remnants at all; instead, my skin is just very refreshed and fully energised. =D>

Water Spray, AOX, Power Rich
I also suffer from skin sensitivity and often reach straight for this spray to provide instant soothing relief from irritation or inflammation.  Packed full of minerals that are also good for our skin this spray is beneficial to restore pH balance and protect against external pollutions and free radical damage.  Another use for this wonderful multi-tasking spray is that it is perfect to set my mineral makeup.  Because I have oily skin, I find using it as a setting spray keeps my makeup in place for longer and helps to keep my skin matte throughout the day.  Oh and it has even more purposes too!  Its really handy to use as a toner when I am in a hurry and need to get through my usual skin care steps faster than normal or on those days when my skin is oilier than normal it hydrates my skin without needing to apply a cream or lotion into the mix.  :D

This facial mist has become a staple in my skin care ritual pretty much all year around, but with summer bearing down on us I am needing (and wanting of course) to use it more than ever.  I can always be sure it will leave my skin hydrated, provides a boost of much needed moisture whenever the need arises. Over time, with continued use, it could also help me fight off those early signs of ageing to keep my skin looking younger for longer. Until then however, I am more than satisfied with its immediate results and promise to anyone that it will surely keep your skin feeling enriched and alive throughout our long, hot Australian summer conditions.  :D

I have personally tried a ridiculously large array of Dermalogica products, although due to the expensive $305 RRP price tag that embellishes this skin treatment, I have never even considered using it myself.  :-O  Although, like everything in the Dermalogica professional skin care range, I expect this product to be highly effective with a potent blend of active ingredients, vitamins and botanicals to assist in complete skin renewal.  I’m confident that with frequent use it will proclaim a positive advancement in the repair and improved overall condition of damaged, prematurely aged skin that over time will lead to optimal skin health and eventually promote a more youthful appearance.

This deluxe sample offer is actually very generous from Dermalogica, considering the retail cost is for 50ml worth of product, a sample of this size is valued at an unbelievable $61  $-)  I have always wanted to try this product and am thrilled to finally have the chance.  I will review my experience and share it with you all further down the track.  Even f it exceeds my expectations, I doubt I will be in the market to invest in such a high-end, luxury anti-ageing skin care treatment any time soon, but I am sure I will feel a million bucks just trying it ;)

Payot AOX  (4 ml Sample)

Speaking of expensive luxury skin performers, this product exclusively from leading French skin care company Payot, tops the previous product with a steep $362.50 price tag for a mere 50 ml product.  :-O  :-O  Price tag aside, this advanced, highly concentrated anti-ageing product boasts completely different ingredients than other comparable costly skin care treatments; however, at the end of the day it targets the same concerns and advocates itself as a super cream/serum that is the ultimate in anti-ageing care.  While I can’t expect to discover anything miraculous with a small 4ml sample, I’m still going to indulge in a bit of extravagance to see what it feels like to use something so lavish it’s more than likely fit for a King or Queen.   

I already have this in a full-size version that I received from Burt’s Bees Australia as part of their Radiance Trial Team last year.  Here is my review of this night cream from that range.  This night cream features the signature sweet and fruity fragrance that is typical throughout this entire range. I am not fond of the scent unfortunately and it seems to be noticeably prominent in this night cream when I first apply it to my face.  While I am not impressed with the scent, I have continued using this night cream as I wanted to fully experience the benefits of all the botanical ingredients, along with vitamins, minerals and the hero ingredient in the range, royal jelly, to see if it would make my skin more radiant, as per its claims.

The night cream comes in a large sized glass pot/tub and the cream itself is a thick, buter-like, creamy consistency, that is ultra rich and fairly heavy in texture on my oily skin.  I don’t mind using products that are a bit richer or take longer to soak into my skin at night, as it doesn’t matter if my skin looks a bit shiny when I am sleeping.  As long as it is benefiting from the goodness of the ingredients, I can live with the nighttime shine.  The cream feels super soothing and cooling on my skin, as it nourishes my face and neck, allowing the powerful ingredients to penetrate within and get to work during the night shift. Keep in mind, all this is happening while I am catching up on my much needed Zzz’s.   I-)  When I wake in the morning, I can still feel the cream coating my face, which is a slight bit oily but thankfully nothing extreme.  #:-S  I can instantly recognise that the texture is so much softer and smoother, while my skin tone looks more even, with none of the usual evident signs of flushing and redness I tend to experience occasionally.  Any of the excess residue from the night cream washes straight off with my morning cleanse, so it isn’t cause for concern. #:-S

Other than the overbearing scent, this fades out eventually, this night crème targets my skin concerns head on. After just a few weeks, I could notice my skin becoming plumper and firmer, which helps disguise any fine lines, leaving my skin with a natural, youthful glow.  My skin tone has improved heaps, that being the most obvious change noticeable to my naked eye, as well as the decrease of excess oil production, resulting in less congestion and fewer breakouts. My complexion looks rejuvenated and is surprisingly brighter, healthier and more youthful.  It’s such a fantastic range that totally exceeded my expectations and if it weren’t for the funny smell it could have possibly won a permanent home in my skin care ritual.  An unscented version would be excellent!!!  ;)

Hand Cream, Bath Crystals, Night Cream

I have tried this Hand Cream in a sample before and like all Burt’s Bees hand cream’s I can’t rave about them enough.  I like the fact that it is actually more of a thick, waxy balm than a cream, which envelopes my hands in a protective shield that completely nourishes and cares for my particularly dry, overworked hands as it attempts to soften and rejuvenate the neglected skin, repairing damaged cuticles.  Because it’s so rich and on the heavy side, this is probably the most hydrating hand cream I have ever used and helps make for silky soft skin with a younger-looking appearance.   

Whilst I do love everything about this ‘super balm’ it is still actually my least favourite of the Burt’s Bees hand creams!  #-o   because I am sensitive to certain fragrances and I’m not overly fussed on the somewhat fake perfume scent this strongly concedes.  Some of the other versions are far more delectable, whereas this one is so strongly scented; it smells like a sickly sweet aniseed that is quite artificial, instead of natural, as it should be.  I also don’t find any resemblance to almonds in the aroma, if it did I wouldn’t mind it at all, but this is just not it at all!!!  /:) Overall though, I would only deduct one point for the overbearing smell, the rest of the product, I dare say is near perfect and exactly what I look for in a hand cream     


I’ve not seen or tried this one before now, but I am positive it will be very well received and I can’t wait to get the bathroom to myself so I can create my own little pampering retreat.  There is nothing better than a soak in the tub with some bath salts to help detox and tone the skin, relieve sore, tired muscles, .promote a restful sleep and reduce stress, while leaving your skin silky soft and incredibly smooth. The addition of essential oils such as eucalyptus and lemon are extremely invigorating and refreshing for the skin.  These salts will be so beneficial for those times when I need to melt all those cares away, ahh  >:D<   pure relaxation.  I’ll get around to reviewing this product in full further down the track after I get the chance to check it out for myself  ;)

I was very lucky wouldn’t you say?  This lot will keep me going for months, not to mention, some of the products have come in handy for those mind blocks when I can’t think of a topic to blog about, lol!  :))  There is going to be a few reviews to write up, but the best part will absolutely be the test drive B-)  Can’t wait, now that I have shown you all everything I got, it’s time to PLAY!!!   Did you get any beauty or personal care related items for Christmas?  If so, then fill us in!  If not, what did you get instead?

All images featured in this post are of my own, sorry about the quality these were taken on my phone rather than my camera and while they are not too bad, I need lots of work at improving my rusty photography skills, haha :D