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Monday, October 29, 2012

Pure Therapy by Purist - Daily Restore Face Moist

Hey there one more time peeps!  :-h   This will be the last post of this latest batch, so hope ya’ll don’t mind being bombarded overtime when I do get around to updating my blog each month.  :-@  ;)  I suffer from sensitive skin problems, making it randomly  prone to redness, itching and discomfort and when this occurs my normal moisturisers either aggravate the symptoms further, whilst specialty pharmaceutical products turns my already oily skin into a big greasy mess, causing blocked pores and triggering breakouts, or even worse strips my skins natural oils leaving it parched and uncomfortable . :(  Until now my only option is to avoid everything until the irritation subsides, but unfortunately neglecting my skin like that wipes out all the hard work I’ve put in maintaining a diligent skin care regime that targets my skin concerns, leaving me back at square one.  :-L   So, when Tammerly the brains (and beauty) behind Spoilt blog sent me out a moisturiser from a newly released label that is suitable for sensitive skin, I was keen to start the trial.  Here is my review based on that experience.  :)

Pure Therapy is a new range brought to us by The Purist Company, an Australian manufacturer of natural, safe and effective personal care products.  Purist is also the parent company the highly acclaimed A’kin Skincare and Alchemy Haircare brands.  Recommended by doctors and hospitals, the clinically proven Pure Therapy line-up, is free from parabens, sulphates, ethoxylated emulsifiers, artificial colours and animal derivatives.  >:D<  Pure Therapy Daily Restore Face Moist is infused with vitamins and botanicals, including colloidal oatmeal, which helps soothe and calm the skin and offers essential relief to sensitivity problems or symptoms like redness and irritation.  #:-S  The intensely moisturising formula improves the skins ability to retain moisture and strengthens the barrier function for long-lasting hydration, whilst creating a protective shield against dryness and external aggressors.  It provides immediate respite for vulnerable skin, leaving it feeling smooth, soft and supple.  The gentle blend is even suitable for those who suffer from Eczema, Psoriasis and Contact Dermatitis.  \:D/

Presented in a slimline, squeezable tube, the plainly packaged moisturiser doesn’t appear too fancy in the looks department, yet the simple design boasts an appropriate nature-inspired colour scheme, which is featured throughout the range and complimentary to the whole ‘pure’ concept. The tube has a grey oval twist-off lid that only needs one turn to open and remove and then simply reverse the action to close.  With that in mind, the lid doesn’t seem to secure firmly on the tube, therefore I wouldn’t suggest popping it in your bag during transit, or you might end up with a big fat mess, EEK!.   :-S

The Pure Therapy Daily Restore Face Moist is rich and emollient with a thick creamy texture. The pale yellow coloured moisturiser is velvety smooth and silky, but due to the density, I was initially concerned it was going to be too heavy or greasy and would be likely to cause congestion.  A pea-sized amount of cream is ample to spread onto my whole face and neck, absorbing well, like a drink for my thirsty skin.  It does leave a sticky/tacky residue once applied, but fortunately that dries quickly to then reveal softer, plumper-looking skin.  ;;)  The product claims to be fragrance free, however there is a distinct oatmeal smell that’s quite comforting, although the scent doesn’t linger once transferred to the skin.  The finish is semi-matte and slightly dewy, but has a lightweight, non-greasy feel that allows my skin to breathe and avoid clogged pores or breakouts.  During the day, my oily skin is usually prone to developing a midday shine, so powder and blotting papers are basically necessities.  Because this moisturiser has the staying power to last the distance and no greasiness, it makes a great base under makeup, and hence I can finally ditch those frequent touch-ups to mop up excess oil.  Instead, I am revelling in a shine-free complexion.  <:-P

I’ve been using the Pure Therapy Daily Restore Face Moist twice daily and have to admit, I’m totally smitten with the results.  :x   It has definitely exceeded my expectations and I’m thrilled that it’s affordable, readily available and it actually does work.  I can now confidently hydrate my skin without the fear that after a few hours, my face will start resembling something that hails from a deep fryer.  :D  In fact, since I started using this moisturiser, a month ago, I have noticed a considerable improvement in the natural pH of my skin, which is maintaining better balance, thereby reducing excess oil production.  Additionally, by alleviating any skin sensitivity issues as they occur, my skin tone has evened out, prompting a uniform complexion, so that facial redness and blotchiness are a thing of the past.  =D>  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Pure Therapy Daily Restore Face Moist to anyone, especially sufferers of problem skin, who want a heavy-duty, healing and protecting cream that locks in moisture and alleviates discomfort.  The long lasting defence keeps skin resistant to external irritants, ensuring it remains calm, soft and fully replenished.  This quick-fix beauty aid is a handy addition to any skin care arsenal.  O:-)
I am awarding this moisturiser with 4.5 out of 5 stars, loosing only ½ a star because of the unsecure lid.  (*)  (*)  (*)  (*) & ½  (*) 

Do you have sensitive skin issues and find choosing a moisturiser a bit of a dilemma?  :-/   Are you familiar with this range or have you tried any of the products from either of the other Purist line-ups?  :-?  Please feel free to share your experience!

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ORLY Magnetic FX Nail Polish in 'Force Field'

Hello everybody!  :-h   Lately, I’ve been spending less time online and that means not frequenting very much in the way of beauty forums and websites,  :(  so to be completely honest, I’ve basically been hidden under a rock when it came to magnetic polishes  :">  and until now I hadn’t even heard of them much less tried any.  L-)  (shh that can be our little secret   :-$  nobody has to know  ;)  ) When I scored the ORLY Magnetic FX Nail Polish, from Tammerly to test out and review for her blog Spoilt, which is linked through here.  I was completely clueless  :-B  and needed to undertake a bit of research online to read the instructions step by step and learn more about it. 

The limited edition ORLY Magnetic FX Nail Polish is a current trend, taking the concept of nail art to a whole new level.  The nail lacquer is infused with microscopic metallic particles and when painted onto the nail and held in front of a special magnet, the particles get drawn toward it, creating a fashionable, contemporary-looking design.  The collection only comes in three shades, but each colour has its own unique pattern.  I received the shade ‘Force Field’, a gorgeous, deep, shimmery, plum coloured purple, speckled with hints of red, silver and gold.  ‘Force Field’ consists of horizontal lines that have a soft, gradual curve.  :-*

Force Field

The ORLY Magnetic FX Nail Polish comes in a large 18ml glass bottle with an innovative rubber grip cap, featured throughout the entire ORLY range, which allows for better hold and maximum control.  The magnet is positioned on a clear, plastic, removable ring shaped tool that snaps onto the neck of the bottle, at the base of the lid. A tag also hangs on the bottle and this boasts the design of the magnet and instructions for use.  The brush is a decent length and width, without being too bulky, enabling a precise, even application.  \:D/

The formula, like all ORLY nail lacquers, is ‘3-Free’, meaning it’s void of the most dangerous and disputed toxic chemicals, toluene, formaldehyde and DBP that were, at one stage, regularly included in the composition of nail polishes.  #:-S  The ORLY Magnetic FX Nail Polish has a creamy consistency and applies smoothly with no streaking and is quick to dry.  ‘Force Field’ is a full coverage lacquer; therefore, I only need to use one coat to produce brilliant opacity.  To use, I simply paint it on, one nail at a time and working quickly, while it’s still wet, place the underside of my nail tip on the outer lip of the magnetic tool, for support, positioning the nail within millimetres of the magnet, where it must remain for 10 seconds to allow the design to form.  This step is then repeated for each nail.  There are three ways I discovered to use the magnetic tool; it can be held with your free hand, put directly onto a hard surface, or my preferred method is to leave it attached to the bottle, for greater comfort and better performance.  When used at this height, I can prop each nail onto the lip, whilst my hand rests freely to prevent too much movement.  I personally thought the magnet could have been bigger, as the small size makes it awkward and fiddly at times, but thankfully my nails are reasonably short and not very wide, so the pattern covers the whole of my nail, yet on my slightly larger thumbs, it appears toward the centre only, which is probably the effect someone with long or large nails could expect.  :-<  The durability is above average, providing me between 3-5 days of wear without chipping, depending on how hard I’ve been on my hands at the time.  To maintain optimal results, this polish should be used in conjunction with a good quality base and top coat.  <:-P

Force Field - Finished Effect
I was chuffed at the effective results of the ORLY Magnetic FX Nail Polish and after I eventually got the hang of it, the application process was a breeze.  :x   Initially, it took a few attempts before I mastered the art of using the magnetic tool, as it was a bit tricky trying not to bump the wet lacquer on the magnet and make a smudgy mess, oops!   #-o  In any case, after a few failures, when there is only one option…..to remove the polish and start again, it definitely became easier over time and the practice paid off.  ;)  Now, with just two basic steps, I can transform my nails into a groovy, ultra chic design, with minimal fuss, using only one product.   B-) When I step out adoring the ORLY Magnetic FX Nail Polish, my manicure earns me heaps of compliments and I’m frequently asked ‘How did you do that?’ to which I simply reply ‘MAGIC!’   >-) Because, it really does take the time and effort out of nail art, promoting a funky, modern look with a touch of creative genius.  =D>
I gave it a 4.5 star rating out of 5!  (*)  (*)  (*)  (*)  & ½  (*) 

TIP –   *-:)  It might take a few goes before you feel competent using the magnetic tool, but as the old saying goes, practise makes perfect!

Have you tried this range before, if so what did you think?  :-?  Otherwise, have you tried any of the other numerous brands that make magnetic polishes….or maybe all of them?  Which one do you think creates the best effect?  I don’t suppose anyone else could possibly be so behind in the times that you have not heard of them either?  :-/  If it is even possible that there is anyone like that reading this, ‘holla at me please’….we’re not alone, ROFL!  =))

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Manicare Ultimate Point Tweezers

Howdy friends everywhere!  :-h  The next post is another Spoilt blog review for Tammerly who kindly sent me this product to trial, then put my experience into words to share with you all.  Tweezers are probably one of the most common items in anyone’s beauty arsenal (golly even those who don’t too much care for skin care or makeup, generally use tweezers for personal grooming…  ;;)   if not then at least for pulling out splinters, ROFL!   =))  )so, I thought this would be a pretty useful product to test drive.  In my opinion a girl can never have enough tweezers ;)

Everyone needs a pair of Manicare Ultimate Point Tweezers in their beauty kit!  Why?  :-?  Because they are designed for advanced precision and are the best option when it comes to plucking individual, baby fine or short hairs in hard to reach areas, tackling ingrowns or just to have on standby in case your unfortunate enough to get a splinter.  =D>  Made from quality stainless steel, these tweezers boast very sharp, hand crafted tips, which are tapered to a fine point and have edges that are perfectly aligned for the most accurate tweezing. With a contoured, sleek design to provide the ultimate in control that grasps onto single hairs without sliding off or causing breakage.  

Presented in a cardboard blister pack, these tweezers are packaged with a bonus clear plastic tube for storage, to protect the life of the tweezers. It is also a handy travel companion, so I can take my tweezers with me wherever I go.  :D

Manicare Ultimate Point Tweezers are comfortable to hold and simple to manoeuvrer, after I got use to the initial feel of them.  They are an affordable multi-use tweezer that effectively plucks out those stray, pesky hairs that normal tweezers might miss.  They are also brilliant at dislodging stubborn ingrowns.  \:D/ I like the protective case because I have dropped many a pair of tweezers over the years, only to find this takes out the alignment and they are then deemed useless, d’oh!#-o   I am not sure how long these tweezers will last,  :-/  but for the time being, as long as I always remember to put them back in their case,  *-:)  they might last the distance.  Either way, at just over $10, these are a pretty decent pair of throw-away tweezers, readily available at most pharmacies and department stores nationwide that I won’t mind replacing when they wear out or go blunt.  If I get 6 months out of them, I’m doing better than I have with previous tweezers.  <:-P   Manicare Ultimate Point Tweezers are a beauty staple, providing fuss free hair removal.  >:D<
.I rated these tweezers with 4 stars out of 5!  (*)  (*)  (*)  (*)

I am pretty sure everyone would have tried Manicare tweezers at some stage in their lives!  How do you rate them?  :-?  What would be your preferred tweezers of choice, pointed or slanted and why? Have you found a brand that runs rings around the rest, one that you would care to recommend?  :-/  Feel free to comment!  :)

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Royal Moroccan Hair Repair Conditioner

Hello, hello!  :-h   :-h   Next I have the partner product of the previous review I posted, which unite together in a team effort to provide the overall end results.  Once again, the Royal Moroccan product was send to me via Tammerly from Spoilt, to trial and review for her fabulous beauty blog.  As I mentioned in my last post, I was keen to experience the benefits of Argan oil hair care, so was thrilled to have the opportunity to check out a new and wonderful brand that I’d not previously heard of.  >:/

The Royal Moroccan Hair Repair Conditioner comes in a 300ml translucent amber plastic bottle with a pump-action dispenser situated on a silver/chrome coloured lid.  It boasts a contrasting pale blue label that includes an attractive silver, yellow and black design.  The pump features an open and close position, but based on experience, I wouldn’t recommend travelling with the bottle as it could possibly leak during transit, d’oh!   #-o   The white conditioner has a thick consistency and a smooth, creamy texture, similar to a moisturiser.  The blend is infused with lots of natural goodness such as Sweet Almond, Calendula and Argan oils that create a fragrant floral, botanical aroma that is also evident in the shampoo.  @};-  The scent is quite strong initially, but it’s not an offensive smell and it gradually dissipates once the hair starts to dry.   I need at least 6 – 8 pumps of conditioner to generously massage through my strands from root to tip, so I gather that the conditioner will run out twice as fast as the shampoo.  It spreads effectively and the gentle formula is soothing and nurturing to my easily aggravated, sensitive scalp and it rinses away completely with water.  Unfortunately it doesn’t do a very good job at detangling my long, straight tresses, so I need to go through with a wide tooth comb, whilst still damp and remove the knots that have formed during the washing process.  :-<

After drying, my locks are super soft, shiny and not at all greasy.  There is no build-up coating my strands, so it doesn’t weigh it down, instead there is a distinctive bounce that enhances the illusion of fuller, thicker hair.  =D>  It doesn’t do much to control the frizzy flyaways, so an additional product is required for achieving sleek, straight strands.  After using this conditioner, along with the shampoo in the same range, for the past couple of weeks, I am noticing a slight improvement in the overall condition of my hair and scalp.  My scalp isn’t dry, flaky or irritable and my over processed tresses are nourished and feeling less fragile with a reduction in brittle, straggly ends and a general healthier-looking appearance.  :D

This conditioner compliments my fine hair, which has long been exposed to DIY hair colours and heat styling for the best part of my life.  I like the hair care qualities of Argan oil that, over time, help to treat and repair my hair.  :)  With the ability to restore life to my neglected mane, adding moisture and strength, as well as boosting elasticity.  The addition of vitamins and proteins protects against environmental assault and ensures all over brilliance and lustre.  ;;)  Some of the more popular brands of Argan oil, like Moroccanoil, are very costly,  :>  however Royal Moroccan is very affordable at a fraction of the price and ideal for consumers who want to experience the benefits but can’t justify such an expense.  ;)  Personally I am satisfied with the short term results of this shampoo/conditioner combination and I will continue its use in the hope of rejuvenating my hair further, which only time will tell.  The Royal Moroccan Hair Repair Conditioner would be suitable for anyone looking to actively repair damage and maintain optimum hair heath, utilising the benefits of Argan oil, minus the expense of over priced alternatives.    >:D<
I rated this conditioner with 4 stars out of 5.  (*)  (*)  (*)  (*)

Does this range sound like something you would be interested in trying?  :-/  Have you experienced any similar products before and if so what are your thoughts?  :-?  Would you be satisfied with a conditioner that does wonders for your hair and scalp but not so much for detangling, or does it need to do both? 

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Royal Moroccan Sulphate Free Hair Repair Shampoo

Hi guys! :-h   Effort #2 for the night coming right at ya, hehe!   ;))  This next post is about a hair care product from the brand Royal Moroccan, provided by Tammerly from Spoilt, to test drive and review for her blog.  I’d never heard of this brand before, although everyone has heard of the benefits of Argan oil, especially for hair, so it was something I was looking super forward to putting through its paces.  \:D/

The Royal Moroccan Sulphate Free Hair Repair Shampoo is presented in an 300ml amber coloured, see-through, plastic bottle, with a silver/chrome lid and pump-action dispenser.  The label, in contrast, is blue and has a stylish silver, orange and black design that would look attractive on display in the bathroom vanity.  ;;)  The packaging isn’t travel-friendly and even though the pump features a locking position, there is a possibility that it could still leak and get very messy, EEK!  :-SS  (Yes, this happened to me and it WAS indeed a big, fat, mess   ~X(  that took me AGES to clean up and attempt to salvage  :(  ).  The clear gel-like shampoo has a smooth, runny consistency to begin with but after contact it’s dense and slightly creamy in texture.  Blended with the fragrant goodness of plant based ingredients, including the widely popular Argan oil, I would describe the reflective scent as a floral, botanical aroma, which is also evident in the matching conditioner@};-  Whilst I don’t consider the smell unpleasant, it is quite pungent to begin with,  @-) but fortunately it isn’t so noticeable once the hair begins to dry and in fact over time I have even grown quite partial to it.  >:D<  I found that 4 – 5 pumps of shampoo provided a sufficient amount to massage right through my medium length hair.  Because the formula is sulphate free it doesn’t lather up into a big mound of bubbles, instead it gradually works into a lightweight foam, which effectively cleans my hair.  My scalp is sensitive and easily aggravated, particularly from harsh hair care products, this shampoo is quite mild and instead of upsetting my scalp it soothes and nurtures, making it perfect for frequent use.  =D>  Water rinses out every last trace of shampoo from my tresses, with no greasy residue left coating the strands.  It leaves my hair feeling nice and clean, but the only downside is the lengths are a bit mattered and knotty after shampooing (but I guess I can live with that, LOL   :))  ).

After following through with the conditioner in the same range and towel drying, the result is silky, soft, glossy locks that aren’t weighed down, stripped or parched.  Instead it imparts an incredible fullness and bounce that gives the impression of thickness to my naturally fine hair.  :-*  The shampoo and conditioner combination from this range has already improved the overall condition of my hair and scalp in the short space of just a few weeks.  I no longer have a dry, flaky scalp that is red and itchy and my over processed tresses are less fragile with the boost of nourishment helping to diminish the brittle, straggly ends and transform my locks leading into an overall healthier-looking appearance.  :D

My thin hair has been colour treated and exposed to regular environmental & chemical abuse as well as, general heat styling, all over the past couple of decades, so the damage is clearly evident.  [-X   :">  I have heard of the treating and repairing capabilities of Argan oil and hope that over time, this Argan oil enriched shampoo will perfectly compliment my personal hair care needs.  I look forward to restoring life to my neglected mane, enhancing its elasticity, whilst adding moisture and strength.  Packed with vitamins and proteins to protect against future assault, yet promoting all over lustre, vitality and brilliance.  <:-P   I’ve always wanted to experience the benefits of Argan oil, but popular brands like Moroccanoil were just too expensive, so I was thrilled to discover that Royal Moroccan is an affordable alternative at just a fraction of the cost.  :">  The short term results I achieved using this shampoo, along with the matching conditioner in the same range are impressive already, although I plan to continue the use over a longer time to determine the possibility of rejuvenating my tresses to an even greater extent.  The Royal Moroccan Sulphate Free Hair Repair Shampoo is suitable for anyone with damaged or coloured hair, looking for a restorative solution that will help keep your hair and scalp healthy and especially those who want to try the benefits of Argan oil, without succumbing to an expensive price tag.  B-)
I awarded this product with 4 stars out of 5.   (*)  (*)  (*)  (*)

Have you heard of this brand or been lucky enough to try it out?  :-?  If not I say hop to it, it’s a worthwhile investment and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed ;)  What about Argan oil, what are your thoughts, is it 'all that' or……?

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Nude by Nature Mineral Bronzer

Hi guys!  :-h  Well, I'm back playing catch-up, so will see if I can get a few posts uploaded while I have the chance!  Not sure how many I will fit in (sorry peeps, time is as always lately, of the essence  :-"  ) , but anyhow, here is the first attempt....  B-)  My latest post is a review for a product sent to me by the lovely and generous Tammerly from Spoilt.  <:-P   Here is a recollection of my experience :-)

Nude by Nature Mineral Bronzer is designed to give the skin a warm, natural glow without the damaging effect of the sun.  It features mineral ingredients, including light-reflecting Mica for luminosity and Kaolin to help absorb excess oil, along with Titanium Dioxide and Zinc for their sun protection coverage, anti-inflammatory properties and skin nurturing benefits.  The gentle formulation has no chemicals, talc or other nasty irritants, so it’s ideal for the most sensitive of skin and even suitable for those with conditions, such as rosacea or acne.  \:D/

The bronzer comes in a generously sized 15gm transparent plastic circular pot with a brown screw-off lid.  The clear plastic lets me see the inner contents to determine the true colour and exact product level.  The appearance of the packaging is plain, but stylish, with silver lettering on top of the lid, displaying the brand name, whilst a sticker is attached to the base of the pot, listing the ingredients and company information.  Inside the lid, a see-through, plastic insert is fitted, with a dozen holes pressed through the centre, which is sealed with a peel-off sticker when first opened.  Once discarded, the holes create a ‘sifter’ mechanism, to prevent too much product wastage and to reduce the flow of the powder, for ease of application.  There is no applicator of any type supplied with this bronzer,  :-S   so it’s essential I have my own tools handy whenever I wish to use it.  #-o

The Nude by Nature Mineral Bronzer is a very finely milled loose powder and is highly pigmented in a chocolate colour with cool undertones, rather than the warmer orange and pink hues often associated with bronzers.  :">  The biggest disappointment is there is only the one standard shade available and despite having a medium complexion, I still find it’s a bit too dark.  :-O   The unscented powder is silky soft in texture with a creamy consistency and incorporates tiny flecks of silver sparkle, which are visible throughout.  The formula isn’t grainy at all, allowing for effortless blending and thankfully the glimmer particles are not too obvious once on my skin.  Instead, the bronzer creates a subtle, radiant sheen that gives my face the impression of being ‘less’ shiny and ‘more’ naturally dewy. 

I use a large dome shaped brush for the application, dipped into the powder, then shaken to remove any excess and finally tapping the brush on its base to ensure it’s loaded evenly.  Next, I lightly buff the powder onto my skin, carefully blending into the area’s where the sun hits, for instance, my cheekbones, temples, brow bone, inner corner of the eyes, outer jaw bone, cupids bow and along the bridge of my nose.  The realistic finish compliments my skin tone to achieve a lustrous, sun-kissed complexion.  The staying power is impressive, lasting the duration of the day and since I’ve been using this bronzer, I haven’t experienced any adverse reactions to my fragile skin.  :D

I like the overall effect of this bronzing powder, even though the colour is darker than I expected, my face doesn’t appear dirty or muddy and the end result remains authentic.  =D>  When I first saw the sparkly specs in the powder, I thought it would emphasise my imperfections and make my oily skin look shiny, instead of radiant.  However, the Nude by Nature Mineral Bronzer delivers an almighty punch of colour and a natural, healthy glow to perfectly define my features.  ;;) I am not really a fan of the loose powder though, because it’s just too messy, therefore, a pressed version would be more convenient.  :>  This bronzer would also be more appealing if there were a few different shades available.  :-<  I wouldn’t recommend it for light or pale skin tones and would definitely suggest getting a colour match before buying, as I believe the deeper glow is better suited to folks with a darker complexion. 
I rated this bronzer with 3.5 stars out of 5!    (*)  (*)  (*)  & ½  (*)

TIP:  *-:)  Try mixing the powder into oils and lotions for the body to create a hot summer look any time of year.

Have you used this product at all?  :-?  Or, do you like loose powder bronzers, or do you prefer something different? What is the worst  bronzer you have used in terms of colour?  :-/  Any thoughts on the topic please share!    

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