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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Bobbi Brown BB Cream

Hi peeps  :-h  I’m sooo excited to share this next post with you all, because as it turns out, despite my initial scepticism, this little gem has won my heart and I honestly can’t wait to tell the world!  :-@  When Tammerly, the name behind the lifestyle, fashion and beauty blog Spoilt, sent me a BB Cream from one of the more elaborate, professional cosmetics brands, I must admit I had my reservations,  /:) but was still keen to see how it compared to the authentic versions I’d previously tried.  Read on to find out more about it and why it’s earned a permanent niche in my beauty kit.  :)>-

Embracing the hottest Asian trend of multi-tasking BB Creams, (aka Beauty Balm or formally Blemish Balm) which have successfully built the bridge between skin care and makeup, The Bobbi Brown BB Cream is a combination moisturiser, skin treatment and foundation with broad spectrum sun protection, all-in-one.  Available in 5 shades, this diverse beauty balm suits all complexions.  :-*

Presented in the distinguished, sleek and classy Bobbi Brown-style packaging, this product epitomises the professional quality, high-end brand to perfection.  The 40ml squeezable tube is jet black, adorned with basic white text and is housed inside a cardboard box of the same design.  The screw-top lid also serves as the base, to allow for upright storage. 

Claiming to be fragrance-free, this beauty balm gives off a delicate, yet very subtle fragrance, which I am grateful, smells nothing like a sunscreen.  #:-S   Whilst rather thick in consistency, the super weightless, emollient formula is smooth and creamy, spreading easily and virtually melting into my skin.  The pigmentation is worth raving about; unlike the usual tinted sunscreens/moisturisers I’ve ever used, it has a light-to-medium coverage that irons out my flaws, just as if it were a foundation.  (*)  I have the Medium to Dark shade that noticeably lends to more of a yellow-undertone, common amongst the Bobbi Brown foundation range, but even though it initially appears kind of darkish, it blends into my own skin tone harmoniously.  The soft, silky finish is natural and dewy, however it doesn’t cause my oily complexion to get greasy or the colour to fade, slide or become blotchy at all throughout the day.  In fact, I can vouch that my skin remains as fresh at the end of a humid, summer day as it was after the morning application.  =D>

Due to the bonus skin care functions of this superior ‘do-it-all’ product, when completing my morning cleansing ritual, I can now scrap my routine skincare/makeup preparations, since this one cream covers all bases, and undoubtedly takes significantly less time.  :D   Meanwhile, it’s ultra hydrating and delivers ongoing nourishment, so a separate moisturiser isn’t even necessary.  Nor is an additional sunscreen, primer or foundation; this BB Cream really does cover all bases – and does it very well too.  It disguises minor imperfections, corrects my uneven skin tone, absorbs excess oil and keeps shine at bay, all while safeguarding against damaging UV rays and other external pollutants.  I can hardly believe there is any sunscreen in this formulation, as it leaves no white cast or other side effects I usually suffer from when using SPF products.  Fortunately, I’ve not been burned when wearing it either, so I’m confident it’s working.  I normally opt for a foundation brush when applying liquid foundation, but I’ve just been using my fingers and it blends spotlessly, with no visible steaks or lines.  ;;)  I personally prefer a light dusting of translucent powder to set the look and to give me more of a matte finish, but those who like a warm, radiant-looking complexion, need not bother.  ;)

I am so happy with the overall efficacy of this BB cream, because it is so compatible with my oily skin and has proven capable of lasting the distance during the hottest of days.  I am in love with the results and would gladly shout out and tell everyone and anyone just how good it is.  :x   It hasn’t caused congested pores or breakouts and after adopting this healing beauty balm for the past month, I can honestly say my skin is noticeably smoother, clearer and more uniform, with an improved texture.  I was originally a bit discouraged when I saw the price of this product, (with an RRP of $60)  :-S  but in reality, it actually costs less than my favourite dual-purpose primer, which boasts similar features and is almost half the size!  #-o   I know there are many cheaper BB Creams on the market, but the price is justified, considering its highly effective skin-regenerating properties as well as the convenience, versatility, performance and longevity.  The biggest drawcard is that it’s like I’m not even wearing any makeup, yet instantly my skin looks and feels gorgeous!  I’m certain I’ve found myself a new day-to-day winner with the Bobbi Brown BB Cream.  The multi-purpose, versatile skin treat, meets both my daily skincare and first base makeup needs perfectly.  I would recommend it to any busy woman, especially those with oily, combination, or breakout-prone skin – finally we have a BB Cream that isn’t too rich and heavy!  <:-P  It’s ideal if you want a fuss-free, comfortable-wearing, anti-ageing beauty aide, with beneficial ingredients such as botanical extracts, caffeine, peptides, vitamins and minerals that provide the ultimate moisturising, protecting, correcting skin care-makeup to optimally transform your skin from the inside out and enhance your complexion, so it’s bright, healthy and sporting a flawless, natural-looking glow. \:D/

Finally, I have now experienced the true hype behind BB Creams and this is definitely the first instant beautifier to change my previously ‘not overly convinced’ mind that BB Creams really are even ‘all that’.  I would absolutely repurchase this deluxe product and am awarding it with a five-star rating, simply because I found it to be 100% faultless!  :)

Well, have I convinced you how good this product is and are you keen to try it out for yourself??  :-?  Are you a fan of the whole BB Cream revolution?  Have you been lucky enough to find the ‘one’ for you yet?  :-/  Please comment about any of your own experiences with BB Creams.  Cheers for that! xxx ooo

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Covergirl + Olay Pressed Powder

Hey, hey, peeps, I’m baaack!!  :-h  My next review is for a product that was formulated by a duo of highly popular beauty brands that amalgamated to produce their own skin care orientated makeup line-up (which seems to be all the rage these days).  B-)  I have used both brands over the years but never combined (despite having heard about it for a while now   #-o  ), so I must admit, when Tammerly from Spoilt blog offered me the chance of a trial, I was keen to oblige.   Here’s my feedback or you can click here to check it out on Spoilt!  :D

Covergirl and Olay unite to present a tinted pressed powder that covers imperfections and brightens the skin tone. The built-in smooth-glide serum ensures the finish isn’t heavy or cakey.  =D>

The Covergirl + Olay Pressed Powder comes in a sleek, dark purple, mirrored compact, accented with silver for a stylish presentation.  The sturdy compact is elegant and the only let down is the quality of the powder puff, which is pretty weak and flimsy.  :-S

The weightless, non drying formula is smooth and slightly creamy, due to the included serum, as apposed to being dry or chalky like other powders I’ve used.  #:-S   I have the shade 350 Medium, which provides exceptional coverage and is an ideal colour match, suiting my skin tone perfectly.  ;;)  The silky powder glides on with ease and controls any excess oil without clogging my pores or causing congestion.  I press the powder over my foundation using a velour puff and then buff with my kabuki brush.  The velvety finish is luminous but not glittery, so it’s ideal for mature skin.  ;)  The staying power is brilliant and it remains fresh and shine-free all day, but doesn’t settle into lines or accentuate my pores.   It’s comfortable to wear and if I do need the odd touch up occasionally, mostly during the hotter summer months, it works like magic to transform and revive my complexion for a smooth, polished finish that never looks caked on.  After using this powder daily for the past few weeks, I can thankfully say it doesn’t upset my sensitive skin or cause breakouts.  <:-P

Shade 350 - Medium
I have oily skin so I always need to use a powder to set my foundation, although I usually opt for the translucent variety.  I’ve used Covergirl powders in the past, as they are always affordable and available everywhere, yet I’ve never found one that is better than average…until now!  It must be care of the Olay partnership, because this is definitely the best budget powder that I’ve used in terms of performance, durability and results.  =D>  The soft, satin-like powder looks and feels great, while helping me achieve a healthy, natural, radiant-looking complexion that is absolutely flawless without looking made-up.  :x   I am so impressed with the long lasting wear of this lightweight powder and how good it keeps my skin looking, even after a long humid day.  If you consider yourself a bit of a ‘powder snob’ and can’t get past the ashy, chalky results of most finishing powders, then I encourage you to try the Covergirl + Olay Pressed Powder because you will be pleasantly surprised.  \:D/  It will perfect your look by evening out your skin tone, setting your makeup and reducing shine, so your face appears smooth and refined with a lovely, radiant glow.  :)

So have you tried any of the products made by the two brands combined??    :-/  Or maybe you are just loyal to one brand or another, I know Olay has been around since I was a kid and I remember my mother using it back in the day when they made a cream called Oil of Ulan, ROFL!   =))   Seriously though, what do you think?   :-?  Please comment with your experience or any thoughts.  xx   :-*

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Covergirl Clump Crusher by Lash Blast Mascara

Hello beauties  :-h  I’m back to do another update and upload some more posts that I’ve been meaning to publish. This next review is for a mascara that was sent to me by Tammerly, author of the lifestyle, fashion and beauty blog Spoilt.  The following is a recollection of my product experience along with my shared thoughts.  :)  You can also check out my review over on Spoilt by clicking here.

The Covergirl Clump Crusher by Lash Blast Mascara, with a curved slimline wand, promises to deliver 200% more volume with no clumps for beautifully, separated lashes.  ;;)

The first thing to catch my attention when I saw this mascara was the loud, green blister pack style packaging, housing a bulky, 13.1 ml plastic tube and a wand, both in the same brilliant green colour.   @-)  It’s typically Covergirl in design and screams Lash Blast all over.  Not sure if green is my kind of colour, but there is no doubt, it will be quick and easy to find in my makeup bag.  ;) The plastic applicator brush is curved with super fine bristles positioned close together and tapering into an ultra fine tip. This allows for easy manoeuvrability from root to tip, ensuring each individual lash, regardless of how sparse, is completely separated and coated in mascara, even in the inner corners.  The slimline wand is lightweight, but has sturdy cap that is comfortable to hold.  :D

The buildable, clump resisting formula is not wet and runny, hence no drying time, instead its drier with a smooth, silky consistency, ideal for layering.  =D>  In fact, I need two or three coats to create perfect soft, volumous lashes, which feel lightweight, flexible and look so ala-natural, while remaining totally clump-free.  I have this mascara in shade number 810, Black Brown, a rich, bold colour that is not OTT and suitable for daytime wear.  The finish is long-wearing and my lashes stay looking fresh all day long, minus any fading, smudging, running or flaking; therefore no dreaded panda eyes.  #:-S   It is free of fragrance, so it doesn’t cause irritation to my sensitive eyes and it’s easy to take off with a simple everyday eye makeup remover.  <:-P

I love this as my go-to mascara for use on a day to day basis, because it defines my lashes, making them visibly plumper and longer.  :x   If it’s drama you’re after, then this is probably not your best option, as despite being able to apply several layers successfully, instead of creating a bold ‘va-va-voom’ effect for a night on the town, too many layers will eventually leave your lashes feeling heavy, crunchy and flaky.  :-O   But if you are in need of a decent and ‘oh so affordable’ daily mascara, to add a desirable fullness and length for flutter worthy lashes that make your eyes pop, then the Covergirl Clump Crusher by Lash Blast Mascara is exactly what you need.  It beautifully fans out my lashes for a soft, subtle everyday look and I wouldn’t hesitate to repurchase it, especially for the price (the RRP is $17.95) availability (can get it just about anywhere) and super effective results.   \:D/

Are you a Covergirl mascara kind of girl??   :-?  What type of mascara do you prefer - one that creates the ultimate drama effect or would you rather the soft and natural look?   :-/  Please comment if this sounds appealing to you, or if you have something better to recommend.  

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