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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Revitanail Top Coat

Hi babes  :-h  Well, as per the norm lately, yet even more drama’s have eventuated in my home life!  ~X(   Hmm, it all boils down to the joys of being a mummy, LOL!  :))  This time………(wait for it   :-w   ) my three year old daughter has ended up with a broken collar bone and has been basically bed ridden (or unable to do anything for herself) so, your truly has needed to be at her ‘beck and call’ for the past week and quite frankly it’s starting to send me a little bonkers   b-(  hehe  ;))  Anyway, I’m trying to squeeze in my ‘ME’ time whenever possible, to keep up with my poor, neglected blog and several current beauty trials.  I’m getting there slowly but surely (thanks to the frequent caffeine boosts  ~O)  ), whilst trying to keep my sanity as I go ;) 

This is yet another product sent through to me from Tammerly aka Pink Diva at Spolit, which just so happens to coincide with a couple of my previous blogs featuring Revitanail products.  Having already trialled and reviewed the Revitanail Ridge Filler and the Revitanail Nourishing Oil, I didn’t hesitate to put my hand up and take on the rather enjoyable task (or playtime in the eyes of a beauty addict  :x  ) of test driving the Revitanail Top Coat.  :)  Here are my thoughts, based on the review I submitted here:

A top coat is essential when doing my nails as it forms a hard, transparent protective coating over my nail polish and prevents chipping, flaking, peeling and smudging, prolonging the colour and the durability.  It’s the final step of my manicure after applying a base coat and additional layers of coloured polish to ensure my manicure lasts the distance.  It also completes the presentation, so my nails are enveloped with a rich, glossy shine.  The Revitanail Top Coat boasts the standard Revitanail packaging, which looks classy and of high quality, however, whilst it doesn’t brandish what I would classify as a budget price tag, the cost is reasonable in comparison to a similar product from some of the high end nail care brands.  :)>-

Like the other polishes and nail care products I am familiar with in the Revitanail range, this top coat comes in a 14ml glass bottle with a decent size brush attached to the screw-top lid.  The formula has a thin consistency that makes it easy to apply from base to tip and it prompts a quick drying time without any bubbles or clumpiness.  It is scented with the typical chemical odour I have come to expect from most mainstream nail care products and I have to say it’s not a scent that I am fond of at all.  :-<   Fortunately, the scent does deplete soon after drying,   #:-S   although I must admit I would prefer not to smell it at all, because it often triggers my fragrance sensitivity and induces headaches.  :|  I would advise people to use this product in a well ventilated area to avoid any issues caused by the strong fumes.  *-:)  That aside, the smooth shiny finish looks immaculate and even works a charm on my bare nails, when I want them to adorn a flawless, well-groomed appearance.  It also helps to revamp my manicure, by re-applying the top coat to my nails every second day, I can extend the life of my polish, which normally starts looking tacky after a the first day, because I am so hard on my hands and nails c/o general day to day cleaning tasks around the home.  The top coat shields my nails from general wear and tear exceptionally well, more so than other top coats I have previously tried.  =D>

Other than the unpleasant fragrance  :-&  I am actually happy with the performance and longevity this top coat provides.  :D  It doesn’t seem to dry out my nails, so I suspect the ingredients (though not very kind to my nose) are quite hydrating and better for sensitive nails like mine rather than many commercial nail care products I’ve used that just damage my nail bed, resulting in brittle, peeling nails.  #-o   My nails are actually in great shape at the moment, ever since I have been using the Revitanail range, so two thumbs up from me in that respect, as drying, toxic ingredients have always caused havoc to my nails in the past.  :-/  I find the Revitanail Top Coat leaves my nails feeling stronger and harder, sealing my polish and keeping it looking flawless longer, maintaining the colour intensity and delivering a super smooth, luminous finish that lasts and lasts.  \:D/  The results are clearly evident and I would indeed recommend it to anyone wanting a noticeable difference to their manicure, with a gorgeous, professional looking shine and ultimate protection guaranteeing that the nails remain looking well polished and unmarred for an extended period.  <:-P   I rate it 4 Stars out of 5  (*)  (*)  (*)  (*)  with the overbearing pungency being the only letdown.

Do you use a top coat as an essential step in your nail care routine?  Do you find it makes your manicure last longer or even helps to protect your nails?  :-?  Have you tried any Revitanail products yourself, if so how would you rate your experience with them?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Prestige Skin Nude Foundation

Hi all, :-h  back again with one of the trial products that Tammerly aka Pink Diva from Spolit sent me to test drive and review for her, dynamic and extremely resourceful, beauty website.  This post is based on my original review that documents my personal experience test driving the (soon to be released) Prestige Skin Nude Foundation .  ;)

Prestige Cosmetics is currently due to introduce this liquid foundation, infused with additional ‘skin-loving’ ingredients such as Ginseng, Aloe, Vitamin E, along with Sun Filters to maintain hydration and help achieve optimal skin health.  I received the Skin Nude Foundation in 02 Nude Natural, which is a perfect match for my light/medium skin tone.  :D

The Prestige Skin Nude Foundation is presented in a 25ml squeezy tube with a screw-top lid.  It claims to be fragrance free, but I noticed it’s very lightly scented with a subtle fragrance that reminds me more of a delightful moisturiser than of a foundation.  ;;)  The formula has a thick, smooth, ultra creamy consistency, somewhat like a rich dessert, so just a pea-sized amount on my foundation brush was ample to perfectly even out my complexion and hide my flaws.  It provides a medium to full coverage that works so well I don’t need to use a separate concealer, yet it’s also buildable with the ability to camouflage those more prominent, unsightly imperfections.  #:-S   The lightweight texture, despite having exceptional coverage, means it doesn’t look caked-on or mask-like; instead the natural, dewy finish is streak-free, appearing flawlessly fresh with a healthy, radiant glow.  I like how this foundation instantly transforms my skin from drab to fab!  \:D/

I have naturally oily skin and despite setting the foundation with a translucent powder, I noticed that after a couple of hours, my face began to take on a slightly shiny appearance; therefore I had to rely on blotting papers or a touch-up of powder to keep any excess oil under control.  :-S   Unfortunately though, whilst it stayed on quite well in terms of coverage, I couldn’t ignore that as the hours ticked by, my skin just got oilier and oilier and I frequently had to blot or powder my face to eliminate the oil slick that kept forming.  :-O  I dare say this foundation was also the contributing factor to a few new spots that I discovered afterward, because generally when my skin gets that oily breakouts soon follow.  #-o

Initially, I really liked the results of this foundation, but after seeing how oily it made my skin, I would suggest it’s definitely a better option for those with normal to dry skin types.  I loved that it was easy to wear and felt nice on, but a more matte formulation is more suitable for my skin.  :-<  I would recommend it to anyone who wants a foundation with decent coverage that perfectly evens out the skin tone, but oily-skinned beauties beware, the finish is dewy and luminous and it requires constant attention to keep the shine at bay.  /:)  Based on my experience, I rate the Prestige Skin Nude Foundation with 3.5 Stars out of 5  (*)  (*)  (*)  ½  (*).

For those who use liquid foundations, which is your favourite?  Do you have problems with certain foundations making your skin greasy?  Please share any tips on how you best deal with the midday shine.  :-*

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Nude by Nature Natural Eye Palette

Hi friends everywhere,  :-h   gee, it’s been a while this time and I apologise for not posting as frequently as I would have liked to,  [-X  but to be honest,  :)>-  this month has been a total shocker on the home front!  :-L  My wheels broke down four weeks ago and I have had to rely on the ever faithful ‘foot falcon’ to get around. Living in rural FNQ there is no public transport, (well, practically none anyway, considering the limited bus service has dodgy times and the fact that they don't go anywhere near where I need to go  :-<  ) and my little lad goes to prep daily and my lil girl day-care three times per week, all of which involved more and more walking (a very slow process with two tot’s in tow).  Between that and going to town for errands/groceries etc, let me tell you, it was all so time consuming and I have been spending the best part of each day getting from A to B on foot!  #-o  So, in addition to being strapped for time I was absolutely exhausted (:| and by dark I could all but flake out early,  I-)  which naturally left no ‘ME’ time to do the things I usually enjoy (like blogging about beauty of course, hehe  ;)) )  Anyway, the car is back today  (YAY!  \:D/  ) so now it’s time for some serious catch up, so hope you don’t mind bearing with me until I’m back on track. [-O<

I’ve also been busy reviewing more beauty booty for Tammerly aka Pink Diva who is the author of an very influential and informative beauty blog, Spolit!  This post is based on my original review that captures the essence of my personal experience using the Nude by Nature Natural Eye Palette, which is linked to the original here

I am very fond of the versatility when using crushed mineral pigments as eyeshadows, because I love the effects I can achieve using the dry powder to deliver a sheer wash of colour that brightens and accentuates my eye area, or, for varied intensity, I can apply the minerals wet, using the ‘foiling’ technique, to encourage a bolder, more dramatic finish.  :)  My skin and eyes are on the sensitive side, so using hypoallergenic minerals are the safest option, not only are they good for the skin they don’t cause any irritation or exasperate the problem.  #:-S  Due to having oily skin, it’s imperative that I always use an eyeshadow base to prime my lids before applying minerals to ensure good adhesion and longevity.  ;)

The Nude by Nature Natural Eye Palette features a complete 3 step-system, boasting a trio of neutral mineral colours, along with two small application brushes, yielding everything I need to cover, contour and define my eyes, all in the one handy kit.  The lightest vanilla shade is used as the base, which I apply over the entire eye area, including the lids and extending right up to beneath the brows.  The medium caramel hue for contouring covers the lid area, whilst the deepest chocolate colour is adopted to define and gets worked into a v-shape in the outer crease and along upper-outer lash line.  The formula is milled into a fine powder that is very smooth and softly textured, hence I only need a tiny amount of product on a brush that I gently press, rather than rub, to implement the application.  The colours are all highly pigmented, so I have learned to apply some loose translucent powder under my eyes to catch any excess product fallout that could be messy otherwise.  After all three colours are transferred to my lids; I simply blend away any harsh lines, resulting in a soft, flawless almost satiny, mate-like finish that stays in place perfectly with no creasing, flaking or dilemmas with the shadow settling into any fine lines.  *-:)  The lighter more luminous shade also makes for a great highlighter that I place lightly in the corner of my eyes, under the brows and along the upper cheek bones to emphasise my facial features.

I love the colour synthesis of this collection, which is a stunning combination of nudes that highlight and define my eyes, portraying a flattering, yet conservative appearance.  :x  However, whilst the concept is practically faultless, the only downfall is it’s kind of awkward to cart the products around because they are not presented in a kit or palette as such,  :-/  instead the pots and brushes are all loose individual items, that I would personally prefer to keep together as a set.  Therefore if I want to use these items anywhere else other than in my own bedroom, I need to utilise my own cosmetics pouch.  :-?  If a bag/case was included with the set, it would be convenient and I would be more inclined to use them frequently on the go.  The Nude by Nature Natural Eye Palette is well priced, considering for less than $25 you get three 2gm pots of gorgeous, wearable mineral colours and two mini brushes, compared to other mineral eyeshadows that retail in Australia for the same price, if not more, for just a singular pot, only half the size.  :-O  I guess it comes down to personal preference with eyeshadows, but I’m definitely partial to loose minerals, so this kit is indeed impressive and I will continue using it and would recommend it to other makeup enthusiasts.  =D>  I rate it with 4 stars out of 5  (*)  (*)  (*)  (*)  .

 Do you like using loose mineral pigments as eyeshadow?  Have you tried any other products from the Nude by Nature range?  What are your thoughts?  Please share.  >:D<

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