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Monday, September 26, 2011

Treatment Products – Pimples!

Image sourced from dermatology.svhm.org.au
I am assigning this post to pimple treatment products that I personally use in conjunction with my Serious Skin Care routine.  I consider myself to be extremely luck in that I have never experienced any major issues with acne or breakouts, both as a teen and throughout my adult years. #:-S   From time to time, though, I do suffer from hormonal pimples (commonly once a month) and general everyday blemishes associated with my oily skin concern and unbalanced lifestyle.  :-S  I don’t like zits one little bit, X(  therefore have always sought out the best possible treatment products to knock them out of the picture super fast, before they become unsightly and have me feeling embarrassed and uncomfortable with my appearance.  >:P

Zit Zappers (as I like to call them) or Blemish Busters, Pimple Punishers, Spot Slayers, Acne Annihilators etc, (yes, I am sure you’ve got my drift by now, LOL).  :))  These terms are all slang for pimple treatment products, which are a frequent (although not daily as such) and essential step in my beauty regime, which I am STILL relying on, even now in my late thirties.  :-O  Don’t ask me when pimples will be no more, because as much as I can’t wait for that day to finally come, :-w  I have learned to live with my imperfections the best way I know how. ;)  So, now I will share my tried and tested top pimple treatments that I use when I have a zit that needs zapping quickly, which helps reduce any swelling with the least amount of irritation, discomfort or scaring. :)

Because of my extremely oily skin, which coincides with enlarged pores, congestion and blackheads, I also suffer from the odd blemish on a regular basis.  :-<  I always need to have a spot treatment handy to target these individual bumps, so for the past few months I have been super impressed with this new treatment gel, which has proven to effectively stop pimples in their tracks, whilst preventing new ones forming.  I can declare that it is to date, my "Holy Grail" healing treatment, and for me, that is saying a lot  :x

Presented in a plastic tube with a screw-on lid, the gel-based spot treatment, infused with natural essential oils, such as tea tree and eucalyptus, has a complimentary aroma that is refreshing and invigorating.  I like the delicate but distinctive scent, associated with the botanical ingredients, which are also anti-bacterial to produce a somewhat natural, medicinal smell that ensures me it ‘means business’ so, instead of smelling pretty it is indeed a working powerhouse.  o->   I only need a tiny pin-sized amount of gel for each individual blemish or a fine layer to any small affected areas, which is ample in this case.  It dries fast and rapidly reduces redness, whilst any large pimples virtually disappear overnight, while smaller bumps and blind pimples, which have not come to a head, usually don't even get the chance to form.  While it works wonders targeting spots, it doesn't dry the rest of my skin and in fact the gentle, soothing formula offers a calming relief to red, angry pimples.  I usually apply this to my spots at night, yet it is great to use and reapply whenever or as often as required.  :D
Before applying to skin
After applying to skin

I have now been using this spot treatment for over 2 ½ years, initially having a love/hate relationship with it.  =((  The original version I first tried was a glass dropper-style bottle with a runny liquid formulation that would tend to make application quite messy and would often deliver an uneven, blotchy coverage. :|  But, even though it was such a pain to use, it eventually won me over and I became hooked due to its efficacy; I had never used a product that worked this well on spots before!  =D>   It has recently been repackaged and reformulated and is now presented a 10ml tube, featuring a thicker, easier to handle cream, instead of the runny solution it use to convey.  <:-P

This on-the-spot treatment works quickly and effectively by drying out and diminishing pimples within 24hours.  It sometimes takes a bit longer to heal blind pimples, those ones without a head; yet it still reduces the redness and swelling, whilst in my opinion actually prevents them developing any further.   (*)  The dual-purpose, thickly textured, tinted cream still has the awful medicinal scent of it’s prototype, that I am now quite accustomed to, being that this type of scent is quite the norm for most anti-bacterial type pimple products I have tried.  It conceals exceptionally well on my skin to ensure that my spots are delicately disguised with a sheer skin-tone veil, whilst the healing properties of the potent, active, pimple-fighting ingredients tackle the infection. \:D/  I like to use this as my morning pimple treatment as it compliments my normal makeup application perfectly and comes in handy for touch-ups during the day. (This re-application process leads me to believe I am leading charge to abolish those buggers in next to no time)  ;)  Whilst the tube is a little on the small side in comparison to the previous 15 ml glass bottle version that would seem to last for ages, I’m not complaining as I prefer the thicker formula, which is the ideal treatment to heal and conceal my unsightly spots.  This pimple treatment will always have a home in my daily beauty treatment regime. :D
After applying to skin
Before applying to skin

For now, I am completely satisfied with this powerful combination of spot treatments, which work as a team to eliminate and clear imperfections.  B-)  They provide rapid healing, reducing redness and calming flare-ups, whilst controlling and preventing the onset of future blemishes so that I can go about my day-to-day activities without the self-esteem issues often caused by the paranoia of a spotty complexion.  =D>   How about you guys, are you fortunate enough to be blessed with awesome skin and have missed the ongoing dilemma’s surrounding pimples?  Or, are you one of the many who has done battle with the rotten little red bumps at some stage too?  Have you found your ultimate zit zapper, what do you use, what works, what doesn’t?  Fill us in  :)

All images in this post are my own, other than the first image presented in the introduction, in which I made reference to the source.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Treatment Products – Uneven Skin Tone!

Still focusing on the products that I use to maintain my Serious Skin Care routine, these treatment products, which I don’t consider to be essential, yet still extremely beneficial, target my motley complexion, age spots and general skin health.  Apart from the joys of being ‘blessed’ with oily skin, my uneven skin tone would have to be the primary skin concern that I have battled for the majority of my adult life. ~X(  I have tried numerous products over the years, which all claim to address the problem, most of which were unsuccessful, so I will concentrate on the two products that I have used over the longest period, one of which I regard as being far more effective than the other.  Both however, have paved the way to my skin looking and feeling better than ever before! :)

Ultraceuticals Even Skintone Serum

I originally started using the ‘Pharma’ version of the Ultraceuticals Even Skintone Serum (now discontinued) but found it was not having much effect on my skin so I stepped up to the ‘Professional’ version.  I used it every morning for 18 months, as a regular step in my daily skin care regime.  I preferred to use it of a morning, in conjunction with my Topical Vitamin C and regular basic three-step skin care regime, Cleansing, Toning and Moisturising, because I prefer not to use it at night, in case it might jeopardise the efficacy of my Topical Vitamin A treatment, which I use of a night. ;)

The first thing I noticed about the serum is that it doesn't have the nicest scent, but I can bare with unusual smells, if it teams up with a formula that actually works. :P  Some of the best products I have ever used don’t smell that pleasant, so in my opinion effectiveness wins hands down over fragrance. @};-  It comes in a bottle with a dropper-style lid to easily disperse the serum.  I squeeze about 4 drops of the serum onto my fingers, which is plenty to work right into my skin. I gently press it all over my face, rather than rub it on, that way it can soak into my skin, instead of running the risk of possibly rubbing it off.  :-O  This serum is very economical, as a full bottle lasts me for around 10 months, and even though it appears to be expensive initially, when you consider how long it lasts, with frequent daily use, it is certainly value for money. (*)

When I first began using the serum, upon application I would notice a slight tingling sensation, however over time I didn’t notice it at all, nor did it ever irritate my sensitive skin.  The texture of the serum is somewhat oily, but even though it appears greasy when first applied, it fortunately doesn’t make my already oily skin all greasy.  In fact, because it absorbs quickly and it doesn’t offer enough hydrating properties on its own, I still need to use a moisturiser after the serum.  I have tried it without a moisturiser, and while it isn’t drying at all, it just doesn’t deliver enough hydration to warrant skipping this step, which because of my oily complexion, I can occasionally get away with, when using certain serums.  :)>-

It is hard to describe what it actually does for my skin, as it’s hard to pinpoint any specifically noticeable skin changes, even after the 18 month duration, but there were definitely some overall beneficial improvements.  My skin no longer appeared blotchy, even though it didn’t completely even out my skin tone, it was still significantly better than it was previously.  It also slightly reduced the flushed red appearance of my skin slightly and the texture was much softer and smoother.  I didn’t seem to breakout as often either, as my skin is was less congested and it worked wonders at keeping the excess oil production at bay.  :D

In general, I found my skin looked and felt extremely healthy, imparting an all over naturally radiant glow. I think the Ultraceuticals Even Skintone Serum would be ideal for anyone who has oily or sensitive skin, especially those who suffer from uneven, red, blotchy skin with mild to moderate pigmentation, because with regular use, over time it helps to deliver a more refined, polished looking complexion.

Medik8 White Balance

I initially tried this product as a replacement to the skin tone serum I had previously used, which worked satisfactorily, but being the skin care junkie that I am, I felt the need to search for something even better.  :-j  I have become really fond of this serum, because not only not only is more affordable than its predecessor, it also produces results that I can actually see. \:D/  I had never heard of Medik8 prior to this, but was keen to give it a try as I learned it was actually a ‘Green’ cosmeceutical skin care brand, which is just as powerful as traditional cosmeceuticals and also perfect for those with sensitive skin.  The Medik8 White Balance, a unique highly concentrated, active serum, has no Hydroquinone or Kojic Acid (acid or bleach), therefore no irritation or toxicity, making it extremely appealing to me. :x

Presented in a small bottle with a dropper-style lid for application, I only need two drops per morning, which is sufficient to treat my whole face.  It is a clear, extremely lightweight serum and not at all greasy, which absorbs into my oily skin instantly leaving no tacky residue.  It is also a nourishing formulation, which delivers extra moisture, rather than leaving my skin feeling dry and parched.  I have never experienced any sign of the dreaded stinging sensation or tingling often associated with many skin-lightening treatments, so I believe it is gentle and safe enough to use on even the most sensitive of skins. ;)

Within weeks of using this serum daily, I noticed changes in my complexion that were not evident, even after long-term use, with my previous even skin tone serum.  So not only is this serum super effective it works fast to provide definitive noticeable results. =D>  I also like that whilst this serum repairs existing skin damage, it is also ideal to use post sun exposure to help prevent the onset of future skin discolouration. :)

In just a few short months, my complexion is uniform; the texture is soft and smooth and my skin is luminous and literally glowing with health.  I love this skin-correcting treatment because after years of neglecting my skin, it was beginning to show the all too familiar telltale signs of sun damage, leaving me with a discoloured, uneven skin tone with patches of pigmentation and general facial redness. 
:-S   No product I tried seemed to work completely, regardless of the various claims and promises they would always make. Yet with the Medik8 White Balance, after only one four weeks, I could already see a likeness of this brand spanking new skin.  \:D/

This serum has given my skin back a hint of youthfulness, which is extremely impressive.  My facial redness has diminished, and my complexion is vibrant and so healthy.  I constantly recommend the Medik8 WhiteBalance to anyone who has battled with pigmentation or a mottled, uneven skin tone and those who are sick of trying products that just don’t live up their claims!  I suggest investing in some of this wonder serum and after just four weeks, you will be pleasantly surprised with the outcome and will never have to look back. This is definitely the best illuminating, skin brightening serum around; it has totally exceeded all of my expectations. <:-P

Well yep, that is the gist of it pretty much, as I mentioned, while these treatment products, aimed at my uneven skin tone, are not essential for my daily skin care routine, their addition does give a bit of extra oomph and make my skin look alive, helping to reduce the unflattering, deteriorating ravages of time.  :D  These products give me hope and make me feel like I am the one in control of my skin, fully loaded and ready to tackle the visible signs of ageing, to ensure optimal skin heath, so I can sport a younger-looking complexion with the clear, beautiful skin I always wished I could have.  [-O<  Do you use any treatment products in conjunction with your normal skin care routine, if so what are your major skin concerns and how do you target them?

All images in this post are generic.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Rexona Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant Deodorant - My experience!

Deodorants play an EXTREMELY essential role in my lifestyle, considering I live in the stinking hot and humid Tropical Far North Queensland climate, where it’s summer in winter and then come summer, it’s absolutely scorching!!! ~X(  I mean, it’s to the point where you are sweltering hot 24 hours a day; there is just no relief.  :-L  So, what typically goes hand in hand with those kinds of weather conditions?  The ‘Far Northern Walking, Talking Sweat Factories’, that’s what, LOL!  :))  With that in mind, I constantly need to be on top of my game and use a reliable antiperspirant deodorant to avoid reeking of yucky BO.  :-S


Over the years, I have tried an assortment of ‘BO Abolishers’, such as sprays, roll-ons, pump-actions, solids, powders, natural formulations, you name it, been there done that.  :-<  I must confess though, at this stage, I can’t deny that I consider my ‘Old Faithful’ aerosol spray-on, which I have routinely used, on and off, for most of my life, to be my personal pick of the bunch, in the deodorant stakes, to date. [-X  It really is with great reproach, as I am well and truly mindful of my ‘Environmentally Unfriendly’ penchant, becoming more conscious of ‘Greener’ alternatives of late, and the fact that I do like to support natural solutions wherever possible.  :">   Unfortunately, as it is, I am unable to justify compromising performance for preference, when I haven’t found anything that works better for me yet.  :-??  Despite my persistent efforts to try new and different products, I still keep coming back to my trusty aerosol can.  My own personal speculation is quite simply, that I believe the best way to mask those pesky odours, is by blasting my underarms with a direct hit of spray (usually up to several times a day, or as needed) :-"   LOL! : ))  But, at the end of the day, based on my own experience, it is pretty much, all that I have come to expect from the majority of deodorants/antiperspirants, as they tend to only disguise any offensive smells, hence the need for frequent re-application throughout the day and a generally unsatisfactory efficacy overall in it's ability to combat perspiration from the source.  :|

The sieve/sifter encasing the deodorant.

When Beauty Heaven invited me to trial the new Rexona Women Clinical Protection Antiperspirant Deodorant, I was quick to accept, after all, Rexona is one of my favourite personal care brands and I can never be armed with too many ‘Odour Eaters’ to help me try and win the war against perspiration, complimenting my tropical lifestyle.  Needless to say, I was, as always, chuffed for the opportunity to test drive something new. :D  To be honest though, whilst I was already aware of the presence of these style deodorants on the market, I have never bothered to suss them out, so I was oblivious to the technology and even after committing to the trial, I didn’t exactly think to Google the product I was taking on, therefore was clueless to what would arrive.  #-o   Upon opening the package, at first glance, I was a bit surprised and extremely sceptical because it resembled that of a roll-on, EEK! :-O  Roll-on's, for some reason, just annoy the crap outta me and I have never taken a shine to them. >:P   This is another of my conceptions, amplified mostly by my own ignorance and tenacious (pig-headed :@) ) ways no doubt!  Shhh! :-$  Bwahahahaha  =))  Oh well, at least I can admit it, hehe;))  Fortunately, when I inspected the packaging some more, what I soon learned had me more than a little intrigued.  :-?


Technical Stuff:

Rexona Women Clinical Protection Antiperspirant Deodorant, as claimed on the outer cardboard packaging, is Clinical strength wetness & odour protection for heavy duty sweating.” (Oooohhhh, that sounds good to me  >:/ ).  It also stated that it is a 48 hour antiperspirant deodorant cream (‘48 hour’, hmm, and the point is? I do shower daily, LOL ;) and ‘cream’, is not exactly the medium I would expect to be consorted with a deodorant, hmm, sounds COOL!! B-) )  I then discovered something even more bizarre as I continued reading the information brochure (that also included the Directions), which accompanied the product inside the box.  It reads: For clinically proven protection, apply to underarms before going to bed (WTH??? :-/  I mean, I’m in the habit of applying deodorant following my evening shower anyway, but this is something quite unusual  /:) ) It goes on to declare, While resting the TRIsolid formula acclimatises to the body, forming a deep level of protection. This product lasts throughout the day even after a shower.  This protection lasts throughout the following day.” (WOW, interesting (*) )  You can read more about this innovative technology here.  I am absolutely busting to put it to the test now, but it’s only mid-morning, noooo, time to stash it away out of site until the evening, to deter temptation, hehe!  ;))  Out of site, out of mind! ;)


The creamy worms surface!

My Experience:

Ok, now onto the good stuff, after my normal nightly indulgence (a pampering shower of course, ahh pure bliss :x ), I whipped out the new ‘BO Annihilator’, which is encased in translucent plastic, beneath a sieve/sifter type of armour.  It instructs that you need to turn the dial at the base to encourage the product up to the surface, which is also the applicator.  On my first attempt, it took several turns before I managed to get anything to arise, but eventually the little, tiny worms of thick white cream came wiggling on out and thereafter, it only takes just one click to provide sufficient product to adequately protect one underarm, so I use two clicks all up, per application to cover both armpits.  Whilst the texture of the cream resembles that of a rich, decadent body balm, it remarkably dries once it contacts the skin, without any tacky residue and remains powder-dry, minus the ghastly chalkiness that normally accompanies many deodorants.  :)


I have the Rexona Women Clinical Protection Antiperspirant Deodorant in ‘Shower Fresh.’  It is a delicately fragranced, sweet feminine scent that smells like a floral bouquet, which doesn’t linger once it’s applied to the skin, in fact I can’t smell it at all, unless I go and stick my nose right up close to the applicator, haha! :))  I always use a scented deodorant (as the fragrance is one of the most important/appealing factors of selecting a replacement) and this one has nothing, nada, nought, zip, zilch, zero, in terms of fragrance staying power, especially by the next morning.  Therefore, I was dubious if it would be effective enough to even mask any odour, much less do anything else. :-S  Being my true stubborn (yes pig-headed, :@) Ha! :)) ) self, I couldn’t refrain from re-applying it again on the first morning, as I just didn't have enough faith that it would work and I wasn’t about to risk being caught out smelling icky!! Eww!  :-&  After a full on reasonably warm day (think mid to high 20’s), I was pleased that I was still getting around feeling completely fresh and there was no sign of any moisture or musty odours.  I was more daring on the second day and ditched the AM application and sure enough, come early evening, the same revolutionary, superb results.  I was sooooooooo impressed.  \:D/


I didn’t go as far as entirely testing the whole 48 hour claim though, as in this heat I NEED to shower daily, if not twice or three times a day, hehe!  ;))  I did however, skip applying the cream one evening to see how it held up on the second day and while I didn’t apply any extra deodorant, I did use some of my perfumed body spray, mostly just so that I smelled good, but even at the end of day two, I was feeling super dry with no stickiness!!!  Hallelujah!!!  <:-P  This stuff really rocks!  It hasn’t aggravated or upset my skin at all, which is very sensitive, so I would imagine it would be gentle and safe enough for everyone to use.  It’s also good to go straight after shaving my underarms, unlike many of my spray’s that wind up stinging and need to be avoided immediately after shaving, this creamy creation, once again, comes up trumps.  Oh, and when I was applying it one night, I had a black singlet on and some of the product managed to wind up all over the fabric around lower armhole area and I was ticked off at the thought of having to change tops. :-/  But nope, there was no evidence of any ghastly white marks that I was expecting, so I’m pleased that it dries spotless and doesn’t stain clothing either.  How good is that!!!  =D>


Final Thoughts:

I can’t get over it, WOW, it lives up to its claims 100% and I love how it distributes a protective veil onto the skin that acts as a barrier to deter moisture. :x  Gosh, I use to wind up soaking wet, drenched in sweat just drinking my first coffee of a morning, come mid summer, so I am really looking forward to embracing summer now, instead of wishing I could crawl away and hibernate somewhere until it’s all over, LOL!  :))  I’m ultra keen to see how it holds up during those really sizzling hot days around Christmas time, because if it continues to perform as well as it is now, then that is half the dilemma of my ‘Summertime Blues’ solved!  Combating that uncomfortable moisture is extremely appealing, so I have high hopes ;)  If it works, I tell you I will be bathing in the stuff, HAHA!!  :))  Did anyone mention that it was fine to use from head to toe, hehe, ;)) gee if only that were the case, I would be in my glories, ahh ;;) can picture it now, makeup application would be so much simpler! (OK, ok, snap out of it! I better stop dreaming now and get back to reality, LOL! 8-> ) 


The thick texture of the cream wiped on my skin, which instantly disappears!


Tip: Considering it’s basically waterproofing your skin, if you find it to be a challenge to wash off, try using an AHA body wash or scrub and all traces of product will instantly melt off your skin, leaving a completely clean canvas for your next application! *-:)


Rexona Women Clinical Protection Antiperspirant Deodorant  retails for $13.99 (I know, it may seem a bit steep for a deodorant, but hey this stuff works so I am more than happy to fork out the extra for something so effective) and is available at pharmacies and leading supermarkets nationally.  It’s a definite winner for me 5/5! :-bd  Now I might be finally able to steer clear of my 'Environmentally Irresponsible' aerosol can once and for all and do my bit to contribute a little extra something towards becoming more 'Eco Friendly' :) What kind of deodorant/antiperspirant do you prefer?  Have you tried this yet or have you already found yourself a magic 'BO Buster'?  Please feel free to share your thoughts :)  


All images and views expressed in this post are my own.


Sunday, September 4, 2011

CLAIROL Nice n Easy Colour Blend Foam

I would like to thank the team at The Word of Mouth Company for the generous opportunity to trial and experience the CLAIROL Nice n Easy Colour Blend Foam, which I received in the shade of #7 Dark Blonde.  I am a regular DIY hair colour girl, who has been using permanent hair colour kits at home for close to 20 years.  I prefer buying these kits and dying my own locks, rather than going to the salon for a professional colour, being more affordable to suit my budget, after economic factors forced the change, when regular salon colours just became too much maintenance. :-<  Over the years, I have learned that I can achieve great results colouring my tresses in the comfort of my own home :)
Dark Blonde

A bit of history:
For as many years as I can remember, I chose to be a brunette and black was my colour of choice, however, for the last 12 months I have been trying to grow it out (the only effective way to properly remove black hair colour) and revert to a shade closer to my own natural hue.  I was born a blonde, but as I got into my teenage years, my locks started getting darker and all of a sudden, I was blessed as a dirty blonde, also referred to as ‘bronde’ (a mix of brown and blonde).  Not thrilled at losing my golden mane, I introduced regular hair dyes into my lifestyle.  Anyway, now aiming for a dark blonde hue, in preference to the natural ‘bronde’ look, was a dramatic change from the jet-black hair I sported for so many years, also required time, dedication and plenty of patience to achieve.  I was graduating the colour of the roots as they would grow out, beginning with a dark brown, then progressing to a medium and light brown and finally to the dark blonde.  During this evolvement, I was also regularly having the black ends snipped off every 8 weeks or so.  As of the commencement of this trial, I have had the majority of the black removed and its only noticeable right on the tips of my locks, which will finally get the chop for good, when I have my next haircut.  It has been a couple of months since I last dyed my hair, so I have extremely noticeable roots a couple of inches long, paired with ugly brassy/yellow looking lengths, not a good look!!  :-S  I am also 37 years old and am a mum of two children aged four and three.  Since having kids, over the last couple of years I have begun to notice a few stray grey hairs appearing, (I am sure my kids are slowly sending me grey, ha-ha) EEK!  ~X(  :)) Therefore, I like to ensure that I select a hair dye product that thoroughly covers those pesky/embarrassing greys. Luckily, the CLAIROL Nice n Easy Colour Blend Foam claims to provide 100% grey coverage.  I am excited!!  \:D/                                 

My experience:

The CLAIROL Nice n Easy Colour Blend Foam kit is a 5-piece set, featuring everything I need to colour my own hair.  It includes two bottles of solution (Tint and Developer), Foamer Cap, Gloves and a sachet of Conditioning Gloss.  The preparation was super easy, simply mix the two bottles together, shake and replace the existing cap with the unique Foamer Cap (something I have never seen in the various other brands I have previously used).

Making sure I had the gloves on to avoid staining my hands, I initially went to work, distributing the solution through the roots of my dry hair, before working it down to the lengths.  The formula itself was not particularly foamy, which was my only let down, because I had the idea in my mind that it would be of a mousse like texture.  Instead it was slightly runny, more like froth than foam, which lead me to believe that possibly I had not shaken the bottle for long enough when I was preparing the solution?  :-?? I later learned that it was actually caused from shaking the bottle TOO much and that you only need to give it three shakes to get the best consistency to create the foam. It is a new technology that is explained in full here.  They even tell you what to do if you make the mistake I made and shook it too much, d'oh! #-o  It goes to show, it pay's to READ the instructions properly first, oops!  [-X  Even though it was more fluid like, it was still simple to massage into my mane, just as I would, if I were washing with shampoo.  There was ample solution to entirely saturate my hair (which, I should mention, falls below my shoulders in length, but it is baby fine, so I would think it’s probably the ideal amount of product for someone with thicker hair).  I ended up discarding about a quarter of the bottle, as I already had adequately covered all of my locks with hair dye.
The scent of the CLAIROL Nice n Easy Colour Blend Foam was not as overbearing as many other formulations I have tried, although, in my opinion, I would describe the scent as a beer-infused aroma, ha-ha, :-/  :)) as it was distinctly a yeast-like scent, which I thought was unusual and unlike the ammonia/peroxide type fragrance that normally accompanies permanent hair colours.  While I can’t claim that I was overly fond of the fragrance, it was certainly more appealing than other hair dye formulas, which tend to constantly give me headaches, make my eyes water and leave my nose running. Not only was the scent mild in comparison to the various competitors’ brands on the market, the actual solution is gentler as well.  I suffer from a sensitive scalp and on occasions, some of these products cause my scalp to start stinging and burning, so much so that I end up having to wash it off, before it even has time to run its due course.  I can vouch that I didn’t experience any irritation using this product, so my scalp didn’t become red and angry, leaving my comfortable during the 25 minutes I waited for the solution to work its magic and the development process to elapse. :)

Upon rinsing the product out of my hair, which came out with ease very quickly, using warm water, I initially found my hair was feeling extremely dry.  This is normally the case when I use hair dyes, but what set the CLAIROL Nice n Easy Colour Blend Foam apart from its competitors, was that for the first time ever, I only had a few stray hairs falling out, instead of heaps of strands that always wind up in the drain of my shower recess.  So, once again this product comes up trumps for being far more gentle to my hair than any other product.  Next, I applied the Conditioning Gloss that instantly infused the room with a gorgeous fruity, coconut, fragrance that just screamed ‘paradise on a tropical island’ and this was ever so welcoming after smelling like a brewery for the past 25 minutes, LOL! ;)  OMG, I want to know if this Conditioning Gloss is sold separately, I absolutely LOVE it. :x  The conditioner was a breeze to apply, with the rich, creamy formula and the butter-like texture, felt like pure bliss when I massaged it into my scalp and finger-combed it through to the ends.  The instructions suggest leaving the conditioner on for 2 minutes, but I left it on for about 5 as I was really enjoying the uplifting scent, which stimulated my senses whiles it was getting to work nourishing and rejuvenating my locks. (*)

Warm water thoroughly rinsed all the conditioner from my hair and with what was just like the wave of a wand, my hair was transformed from dry and knotty to super, silky soft and tangle-free, before I even thought about physically combing my damp locks.  The conditioner didn’t coat my strands or leave any greasy residue behind to contribute to more oil production, which is the last thing I need, as I already have naturally oily hair. Instead, it was ultra lightweight and didn’t weigh down my tresses, as many heavy conditioners do that always leave my fine hair looking limp, lank and lifeless. 
I wrapped my hair straight in a towel and allowed it to dry naturally, as I am not a big fan of heat styling, which I believe can be damaging if done too frequently.  During this time, I was pleased to discover that any stains that were previously visible on my skin around the hairline and ears in particularly, were totally gone!!  I forgot all about those stains when rinsing the dye from my hair in the shower.  I would normally need to pay special attention to the stains, rubbing and scrubbing away overtime until my skin gets red raw, before they even look like budging.  Sometimes, even that is unsuccessful and I need to pull out all stops, trying anything and everything from alcohol to nail polish remover, to get the annoying stains to come OFF!! :-L  It’s amazing that the stains that blessed my skin, when using the CLAIROL Nice n Easy Colour Blend Foam, simply rinsed straight off, with no extra effort involved!  That alone, is a huge bonus, because there is nothing worse than sporting newly coloured hair, and then advertising the fact, you did it yourself, thanks to the stains on your skin, EEK!  ~X(  When my hair finally dried, I loved the outcome.  My tresses were noticeably lighter and even, with a consistent looking colour all over.  The horrid brassy/yellow looking lengths had toned down, featuring plenty of natural depth, thanks to slightly lighter, ashy highlights in the top layers, beautiful warm golden tones and lowlights to create a textured ribbon effect.  That teamed with my still dark ends, presented like the latest ‘bayliage’ craze, a style that you would expect to pay top dollar for in a salon, and I personally doubt that a professional colourist could have done a better job, LOL ;)  :)) It’s shimmery and glossy throughout with natural shadings, looking and feeling not only super shiny, but incredibly healthy too.  Not to mention, that after my microscopic inspection, I was thrilled that any grey hairs were indeed, 100% covered. <:-P

My final thoughts:

Overall, I am very happy with how my hair now looks, thanks to my experience with the CLAIROL Nice n Easy Colour Blend Foam, which imparts impressive, effective results that are very natural and complimentary to my skin tone. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone who wants a effortless DIY at home permanent hair dye that is comparable, if not better than a salon quality colour, guaranteed to hide those unwanted greys and deliver an intense, vibrant, highly pigmented finish in a gentle formula, suitable for those who normally experience sensitivity when colouring their hair.  I know that when I am due to re-colour my tresses, I will not be mucking around deciding on which product will provide the best results.  I will zone straight in on CLAIROL Nice n Easy Colour Blend Foam, a reliable, efficient product that I can trust will meet my needs perfectly every time.   =D>                          

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