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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Clean & Clear Advantage Fast Clearing Gel

Hey fellow beauty lovers,  :-h  this next review is for a pimple treatment that was provided to me by Platinum Media & Communications. Even though I didn’t purchase this product myself, all of the thoughts and opinions you will read in this post are reflective of my own trial experience and are in no way influenced by someone other than myself.  B-)

I don’t suffer from acne, but I do experience my fair share of zits, mostly caused by hormones, stress and neglect.  (Oops!   :">  )   [-X  So, having an effective blemish buster is an important and essential feature in my standard beauty arsenal.  ;)  Clean & Clear, which falls under the parent company of Johnson & Johnson, offers a full range of skin care products that target breakouts and/or acne prone skin.  Clean & Clear Advantage Fast Clearing Gel is a fast-acting topical pimple treatment that boasts powerful acne-fighting ingredients, such as salicylic acid, to minimise the redness and swelling of spots, whilst preventing new ones from forming.  \:D/

Housed in a small 10gm silver-metallic tube with a dark purple screw-on lid and concealed in a see-through plastic outer package, both adorning the Clean & Clear logo and colour scheme recognised throughout the Advantage range, the Clean & Clear Advantage Fast Clearing Gel is presented as simple but attractive.  The nozzle under the lid is narrow and tapered to ensure the product application is precise and accurate.  The gel-based formula is clear in colour and has a semi-thick, fluid-like consistency that dispenses from the tube with ease.  It has a subtle, slightly medicinal fragrance that I don’t find offensive and it fortunately fades away quickly once applied to the skin.  =D>

Pimples can be treated by transferring a thin layer of product over the affected area, directly from the tube, or by squeezing a tiny amount onto a clean finger and dabbing it onto the problem spot.  The gel absorbs rapidly and dries clear so it’s completely undetectable on your skin, although the tingling sensation (which isn’t uncomfortable by the way   #:-S  ) lets me feel it getting to work almost instantly.  The solution acts fast by penetrating deep down and attacking the core, where the impurity starts, lessening its size and severity.  In addition to drying out the blemish, it calms and soothes the angry-red, swollen skin and dramatically reduces the unsightly appearance within hours.  :x   It can be re-applied as often as needed until the imperfection is completely healed.  

The directions imply that in addition to a spot remedy, this gel can be used in conjunction with your twice daily skin care regime for a complexion that’s clean, clear and under control.  :-S   I am totally convinced by the zit zapping capabilities of this product, however, I personally wouldn’t use it for anything other than tackling individual blemishes.  /:) It’s extremely potent and very drying even for my oily skin.  :-O   It dries the skin directly at the site (so I need to be careful that it I get it on the spot only, so it dries out the pesky pimple and not the rest of my face, which could make the whole area flaky and lead to minor irritation, especially with my sensitive skin  #-o  ) and this dryness process increases after repeat applications, eventually making imperfections shrivel up and disappear altogether.  It’s my guess that only those with very resilient skin would be able to tolerate using it on larger areas of the face and even then it would be absolutely paramount to follow up with a deeply hydrating skin care lotion to keep your skin adequately moisturised.  :)>-

Overall, Clean & Clear Advantage Fast Clearing Gel packs a mighty punch and will actively knock even the most stubborn pimple for six.  b-(  It has a positive impact on the size and physical aspect of blemishes and is highly effectual for repressing impurities that are still emerging.  :D   I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this simple but productive, low cost pimple potion for anyone wishing to treat odd spots and occasional imperfections, rather than adopting it as an all-over anti-acne solution.  The compact, ‘take-anywhere’ pack makes for fast, easy application anywhere, anytime and is a ‘must-have’ skin care SOS when zits need zapping fast.  <:-P

Tip –  *-:)  Don’t apply this gel to broken skin as it contains alcohol, which will sting.  (*)

Are you a sufferer of acne prone skin, hormonal spots or blackheads?  :-? Have you found your ultimate pimple elixir that meets your needs and achieves optimal results??  :-/  Have you tried this spot treatment and if so how does it compare to your holy grail?  Please comment below :)

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Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Facial Cleanser

Hi friends everywhere,  :-h  I am now submitting a review for a facial cleanser suitable for acne prone skin, sent to me by Platinum Media & Communications, to trial and write about on my blog.  I didn’t pay for this product, but my thoughts and opinions, which are expressed in this post, are solely based on my own test drive experience and are not influenced by anyone else.

Whilst I don’t suffer from Acne myself, I do struggle with hormonal spots, blackheads and infrequent breakouts, besides constantly doing battle to gain control over my often excessively oily skin.  ~X(  The Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Facial Cleanser, is a maximum strength face wash, infused with grapefruit extract and vitamin C, along with Salicylic Acid, a powerful pimple fighting ingredient to help treat and prevent breakouts, including blackheads, whilst dissolving oil and dirt.  Featuring MicroClear® technology to boost the delivery of acne treatments and clear congested pores, after washing with this cleanser, skin is left feeling totally clean and refreshed.  :D

Available at most pharmacies everywhere, the Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Facial Cleanser, a fellow member of Johnson & Johnson companies, is just shy of $15 for a 175gm pack.  The cleanser is presented in a clear, plastic bottle with a handy pump-action dispenser and the signature Neutrogena labelling.  The consistency of the translucent pink, gel-like formula is runny like a liquid and has a very pungent fragrance that smells super sweet and somewhat synthetic.  :-"  It is citrus-based, obviously in honour of the grapefruit; however it’s definitely an artificial fruity scent and due to its rich, sweetness, may appeal to a younger audience or those who are fond of highly perfumed skin care.  ;)

One pump expels a pea-sized amount of cleanser into my palm, which I gently massage on my already wet face for about a minute, working it into a gentle, lightweight, foamy lather that rinses away all residues easily with warm water.  Once I washed it off, I noticed immediately that my skin was slightly taught, but also extremely clean.  I liked how the washing process was really refreshing and gave my skin an instant recharge.  =D>

After using this face wash for about a month, I can vouch that it is effective at clearing up existing spots, while preventing further breakouts and blackheads.  :x  The invigorating, deep-pore cleanse draws out congestion, removes dirt, oil and bacteria, to improve my skin’s texture and overall appearance.  ;;)  Sadly, despite the positive effects, the potent formulation seems to be a bit harsh for my fragile skin on a long-term basis, stripping too much moisture and making it unusually dry, tight and even a bit irritable.  :-O   I was able to counteract the dryness and any discomfort with a nourishing moisturiser,  #:-S  but when suddenly my skin started producing excess oil, which was getting worse with time and ended up triggering an onslaught of breakouts, I made the decision allow my skin a break from this product.  :-w

Considering I was pleased with the initial developments, I needed a tolerable way my fussy skin could advantage from the proven benefits I had achieved.  #-o   I’ve concluded that through my own experience, even though this cleanser isn’t personally suitable to use as a daily face wash for my skin, it’s ideal for occasional use that offers a ‘quick-fix’ for problem skin, especially around ‘that time of the month’ when hormonal zits make themselves right at home, as well as stress related breakouts, or just a general bout of congestion.  :)>-

I’ve come to appreciate that when used in moderation, the Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Facial Cleanser is a powerful arsenal in the fight against pimples and blackheads.  \:D/  It thoroughly cleans skin, deep down into the pores for a complexion that is cleaner, clearer and promptly energised.  I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone with dry or sensitive skin, but for all others, particularly anyone with oily and acne prone skin, this affordable, almighty cleanser delivers superior clear skin results.  <:-P

Tip –   (*)  Try not to get any of this cleanser in your eyes, because it does sting!  :-S

Do you suffer from acne prone skin, hormonal spots or blackheads?  :-? What cleanser would you recommend to target these concerns?  :-/  Have you tried this particular product and if so what are your thoughts?  Please comment below :-)

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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Clean & Clear Advantage Continuous Control Cleanser

Hey there beauties,  :-h  the following review is about a skin care cleanser that was sent to me for consideration by Platinum Media & Communications.  I didn’t pay for this product, however all thoughts and opinions shared in this post are based on my own experience and are in no way influenced by someone/anyone else.  :)>-

Clean & Clear is a brand that I have been familiar with for the best part of my life and was first introduced to their products in the 1980’s when I was a teenager trying to come to terms with the challenges an adolescent faces when their skin suddenly changes. (NOT a change for the better either, think pesky zits and red skin).   :(  At the time, I was grateful to have the opportunity to try a pimple treatment that worked wonders on my zits, without the harsh, stripping formulas I’d come to expect.  #:-S  As a teen with usual problem skin, I  it was a salvation to be able to maintain cleaner, clearer skin and get back some confidence and self esteem that are so important at that age.  Over the years, Clean & Clear, which falls under the parent company of Johnson & Johnson, has kept on growing and currently offers complete skin care regimes, boasting gentle, ‘kind-to-the-skin’ solutions, suitable for all skin types, particularly anyone who suffers from breakout and/or acne prone skin.  =D>

The Clean & Clear Advantage Pimple Control Cleanser is presented in a large 141gm plastic tube with a flip-top lid as the base, for handy storage.  The practical design makes for easy dispensing and ensures there is never any wastage, as the gel is forced to flow downward, eliminating the struggle and effort of trying to squeeze every last drop of cleanser out of the tube.  (*)  The bright, funky packaging is typical of Clean & Clear, in this case, adorning a purple, grey and white colour scheme that is modern and recognisable across the entire ADVANTAGE collection.  B-)

The cleanser has a clear, gel-based texture with a slightly runny, fluid-like consistency.  A pea-sized amount is ample to create a rich, creamy lather, more than enough to wash my entire face, neck and décolleté, removing all built-up dirt and all traces of my daily makeup.  :)  It has an artificial, medicinal sort of fragrance, yet it kind of reminds me of plain, old fashioned soap… d’oh!.   #-o  Thankfully, it doesn’t linger on my skin and is gone once it comes into contact with water.  ;)  After a 20 – 30 second massage, the foamy cleanser rinses straight off with warm water, but even though it makes my face fairly taught, I can feel a 'grimey' film over my skin’s surface, turning my, already oily, skin; greasy:-SS   This happened every wash, nevertheless, I gained control, by applying a toner post cleansing, which removed the excess residue.  I didn’t anticipate an anti-acne cleanser leaving my skin all oily (or any cleanser for that matter).  :-S  Because the ingredients are NOT listed on the packaging and there is no mention of the cleanser being oil-free, I can only wonder what may be causing the remnants to cling onto my skin, instead of rinsing away???.  :-/  The cleanser contains Benzoyl Peroxide  a powerful component used in topical acne treatments due to its proven effectiveness.  While impressive, Benzoyl Peroxide does come with a downside; it can initially be drying to the skin, so perhaps the oily formula in this cleanser is supposed to counteract and/or protect the skin from excessive dryness??  :-"  

The benefit of Benzoyl Peroxide is it boosts the skin’s natural cell turnover, clears congested pores and minimises bacteria, making it ideal for impurities and problem skin.  Since, I have the occasional sensitivity issue, whenever I try new skin care products; I do a patch test prior to applying on my face. I also introduce skin care infused with highly concentrated actives, such as peeling agents, slowly and start off with only one use a week, then twice, three times etc, etc until a tolerance is achieved.  *-:)  I adopted that method with this cleanser too and fortunately didn’t experience any irritation or side effects including, burning, itching, peeling or possible swelling, all known symptoms often associated with Benzoyl Peroxide.  (*) It goes to show that some folks with sensitive skin can actually tolerate stronger formulations, just remember to be sensible and if it is too harsh, or you experience any pain or discomfort from using the product, stop use immediately.  :-t

I very rarely get spots these days, (only annoying hormonal zits at that-time-of-the-month>:P   and by incorporating this cleanser during that time, I noticed that the cool, soothing solution calmed and reduced local redness and inflammation within hours, before the imperfections eventually all disappeared…and so, so, much faster than normal!  :D  Fewer pimples have made an appearance since employing Clean & Clear; therefore, I assume it’s adequately working to keep them at bay.  

Also available to purchase in a complete daily system kit.
Overall, it's a decent cleanser and although it isn’t the best solution for MY own personal skin care needs (coz it’s mission impossible finding suitable AND effective treatments that are NOT ridiculously priced, when it comes to my fussy, temperamental any anything bar normal…  ~X(  type skin),  I would still suggest it to teenagers, as well as people with adult acne issues or problematic reoccurring breakouts.  If your skin falls into one of those categories and you are distressed and in need of some fast acting SOS, then go on, give it a try!  **==  It’s a basic, extremely affordable product, readily available at most supermarkets and pharmacies across the globe.  Most importantly; it provides a thorough, deep-pore clean, leaving skin feeling instantly refreshed and looking smoother and clearer, all within a matter of days.  When used daily, in conjunction with a product regime prescribed to address your concerns, the Clean & Clear Advantage Pimple Control Cleanser can help you to achieve optimal skin health and reveal a remarkably clean, clear complexion.  \:D/

Have you ever tried any products from this brand, either now or years ago?  :-?  Have you used any skin care products that contain Benzoyl Peroxide or, can you honestly say, you’ve always avoided it, after hearing several so-called ‘horror’ stories surrounding the ingredient and/or products that use it?  Please share your thoughts and experiences, or any stories about someone you might know who has tried it.  

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