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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Furless Mini Bamboo Makeup Brush Set

Hello friends everywhere!  :-h  When it comes to applying makeup one thing we can probably all agree on is that beauty tools such as brushes compliment the delivery of our cosmetics. By providing the advantage of a quicker application with better control and the ability to achieve a smooth even finish, capturing your desired effect can be created with minimal effort.  I have a few sets of cosmetic brushes, some good, some not so good, but when I do find a great brush, I generally keep using it over and over.  I was lucky enough to win a Furless promotion over at Spoilt beauty blog, which saw me, a proud owner of my very own mini brush set that I've come to believe, is absolutely worth shouting out about.  <:-P

Despite this being a mini or travel sized brush set, these makeup brushes are actually the most used ‘go-to’ beauty tools in my entire cosmetic swag.  The Furless Mini Bamboo Makeup Brush Set contains the basic tools I need to achieve any makeup look at home or when I’m out and about.  The compact black pouch is lightweight with a sleek design, perfect to slip into my handbag or personal luggage utilising minimal space.  The material is durable and well made to protect the firmly packed brushes, keeping them secure during transit.  As a bonus, the pouch includes a handy zip-up compartment, ideal for storing my extra beauty essentials.  The multitasking brushes are incredibly versatile, so, not only do I use them for their specific purpose, I usually interchange them to suit my needs.  \:D/

The classy-looking brushes are inexpensive, considering they are of professional quality and comparable to certain op shelf brands at a fraction of the price.  The short length natural bamboo handles are designed for the ultimate in comfort and control, while the bristles are made with synthetic, cruelty free fibres that are super soft and dense to provide a beautiful, flawless application.  I like that small sized brushes are actually easier to hold onto and manoeuvre than some bulky full-sized versions, particularly when working in awkward positions.  However, don’t be fooled by how little these brushes are, because there is no compromise at all on performance or capability, these brushes handle a maximum workload with the greatest of ease and perfection.  :D  I personally prefer synthetic cosmetic brushes because I love feeling the soft, featherweight brushes on my skin, which are easier to buff and blend compared to animal hair bristles that get scratchy and can irritate my sensitive skin.  :-S  I’ve experienced no problem with the bristles shedding; not even after washing have the bristles become loose, so I’ve never noticed any unwanted strays.  #:-S

The brushes in this set include:

Powder Brush – With luxuriously soft bristles, I’ve successfully used this brush for dusting loose or compact powder and to buff all over colour such as mineral powder foundation or bronzer and it works wonders for applying blush too.

Blush Brush - This slightly rounded, dome shape brush is soft but very dense, so not only does it work well for blush/bronzer application, particularly when contouring the face or sculpting the cheekbone; I actually prefer to use this brush to apply liquid foundation and it constantly maintains flawless results.

Large Eyeshadow Brush – Soft yet firm, this brush packs maximum colour and is suitable for all over soft layering and blending of both wet and dry textured eyeshadows.  It can come in useful for applying concealer and handles the task effortlessly.

Small Eyeshadow Brush – The smaller version of the Large Eyeshadow Brush, perfect for working in smaller areas and close to the lashline.  This doubles nicely as a lip brush as well.

Crease Brush – This brush is firm yet still incredibly soft and gentle, great for detailing and using in the crease or even the eyelids.  It’s ideal for highlighting in the inner corners of the eye and under the brow line.  It also dupes as a concealer brush, especially handy when targeting smaller imperfections.

Angled Liner Brush – Firm but not at all scratchy, this soft, dense angled brush is easy to control, allowing for precise application of both powder liners and gel/cream versions.  The bristles retain their shape for defining and shaping and are thin enough to fill in sparse eyebrows.

Lash/Brow Groomer – Firm enough to comb my brows and keep them neat and tidy.  It also lends as a lash separator to help reduce clumping after mascara application.

I’ve been using these brushes consistently for the past 12 months and they are super effective and last the distance.  Perfect investment for anyone from the novice to the connoisseur, if you want decent, quality brushes that don’t cost the earth, then this is a set you can definitely rely on to cover all your basic makeup needs.  :x   Whilst catering for the budget friendly consumer, even though these brushes are economical, they don’t sacrifice on performance or durability.  Also, if you’re like me and keen supporter of the ethical treatment of animals and are passionate about stamping out animal cruelty, then be sure to avoid animal hair cosmetic brushes.  No animals are harmed creating this brush set from Furless, which is 100% vegan and Halal friendly!  I’ve awarded the Furless Mini Bamboo Makeup Brush Set with a well-deserved rating of 5 stars out of 5!  (*)  (*)  (*)  (*)  (*)   =D>  Highly recommended!

What makeup brushes do you personally use and are you a fan of a mix-n-match brush or do you religiously use a specific brush for each task?  :-?  Do you prefer synthetic brushes and if so have you tried any of the gorgeous brushes from Furless?  I have also tried the mineral powder foundation from Furless as well, which was brilliant, what is your favourite product from their range, or the one item you would most like to try and why?  :-/

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Garnier Caffeine Eye Roll-On

Howdy friends!   :-h  I have been using the Garnier Caffeine Eye Roll-On eye treatment for well over three years now and that is because it is ultra cheap, readily available in most supermarkets and pharmacies nationwide (even in our small one horse town, and that is saying something coz we’ve got nothing here when it comes to beauty booty, EEK!  :-O  ) and most importantly it actually works!   \:D/  Sure everyone is familiar with the horror they face when you’ve done an all nighter and look in the mirror only to see a tired, worn out, exhausted, weary-looking appearance staring back at you.  :-&  I’m talking under eye bags, puffiness, dark circles, dull and dehydrated skin, the works, it’s shattering and you’re looking prematurely aged overnight, which I might add does zip for the self-esteem.  :">  You wish for nothing more than to turn back the clock and have that well rested face staring at you again.   [-O<  The under eye area is usually the most problematic when it comes to visible imperfections because the skin around your eyes is so thin and delicate, making them particularly susceptible.  Tammerly from Spoilt asked me to review this product and considering I’m long term acquaintance who’s used it for years; my experience guarantees I have plenty of feedback to share  :)

A hot cup of coffee helps me mentally recover from lack of sleep, but my eyes unfortunately, always showcase the telltale evidence and highlight the fact that I’m still tired.  (:|  So, what I need is a cup of coffee for my eyes!  Yes, it is well documented that the goodness of topical caffeine provides anti-inflammatory relief, provoking an instant wake-up call for eye imperfections to send unwanted bags packing, once and for all.  Enter Garnier Caffeine Eye Roll-On, a cooling eye treatment that acts like a cold compress, soothing away puffiness, plumping fine lines and delivering much needed moisture to the thirsty, dehydrated skin around the eye contour.  Injected with a shot of caffeine to constrict blood vessels, increase circulation and boost radiance, this effective beauty aid includes the additional anti-ageing benefits of antioxidants, which protects against damaging free radicals that can lead to premature ageing.  :D

Boasting a bright, neon green, plastic canister with a transparent, twist-top lid firmly covering the steel roller-ball that maintains freshness, the Garnier Caffeine Eye Roll-On is compact in size and shaped like a pen, making it suitable to pop into my handbag for use on the go.  The mess-free, roller-ball applicator automatically dispenses a clear gel-like fluid that I apply to the eye contour using a small circular motion.  During this process, the roller-ball massages the skin surrounding the eye and stimulates blood flow, assisting with drainage to actively de-puff and minimise swelling.  This in turn perks up my eyes and brightens the dull, discoloured skin, generating a lifted effect for a revitalising ‘pick-me-up’.   ;;)  The gel is thin and lightweight in texture and absorbs fast, without leaving behind any sticky residue or greasy film that could interfere with makeup application.  The odourless formula is also super gentle; therefore it doesn’t cause any irritation to my skin or eyes.  =D>

I’ve relied on this eye treatment, on and off, for years, but after a full month of daily use, putting it to the ultimate test, I am unable to determine that it produces any visible, long-term anti-ageing effects, such as banishing existing crows feet or softening wrinkles.  I can’t support the claims that it reduces dark circles on a permanent basis either, as I rarely suffer from under eye discolouration myself.  I can however, definitely vouch that it is the perfect ‘quick-fix’ that works within minutes to improve vitality for youthful eyes that look wide-awake.  It performs optimally to banish the symptoms of too many late nights, diminishing puffiness and inflammation, whilst brightening tired eyes, resulting in a completely refreshed and healthy appearance.  To cure signs of fatigue and remove excess baggage, I highly recommend the easy to use, affordable Garnier Caffeine Eye Roll-Onthat promptly refreshes and rejuvenates the eye area.  It’s a first class, budget beauty buy that I'm rating 4 out of 5 stars  (*)  (*)  (*)  (*)  based on my experience, because while it only offers temporary respite and nothing truly substitutes for a good night rest, if you are feeling tired, once this roll-on performs its magic, no one will know, as you certainly won’t look tired….at all!   <:-P

TIP: Keep it in the fridge to intensify the cooling sensation.  It grants some serious reprieve for worn out eyes, especially first thing in the morning or during a really hot day and feels ahh-mazing!   

Have you tried this eye treatment or experienced the benefits of caffeine infused skin care products?  :-?  How would you rate it, effective or…..??  :-/  What is your ‘go-to’ product when you need to quickly disguise the appearance of tired eyes, so you look wide awake and alert even if you are not??

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Nailene So Natural Everyday French

As they are, prior to filing.
As they are, prior to filing.
Hello peeps  :-h   False nails have never appealed to me, especially after a nightmare-ish experience as a teen,  :-O   so I’ve avoided them like the plague ever since.  :-S   But, when Beauty Heaven offered me the opportunity to try the Nailene So Natural Everyday French, featuring a new comfort flex technology, I decided I had nothing to loose and everything to gain, confident that surely glue-on nails would have improved over the past 20 odd years.  Based on my experience, needless to say, indeed they have!  =D>

Filed to my desired shape/length.
Filed to my desired shape/length.

The Nailene So Natural Everyday French nail kit is presented in cardboard packaging with a clear window at the front, so consumers can view the exact colour, shape and length of the nails inside.  I was sent a short sheer pack, consisting of 24 nails in assorted sizes, a file/buffer, cuticle stick and a small tube of glue, which is ample to affix two full sets of nails and then some.  The nails were so easy to apply and fit my own nails precisely, with the whole process of sticking on the 12 nails, taking less than 5 mins to complete.  :)  The glue has the same texture and consistency as standard super glue, but without the offensive smell.  It was simple to run the glue on the back of each false nail and then quickly transfer it to my own nail, gently pressing and holding in place for a few moments to allow it to set. The drying time was only seconds, allowing me to carry straight on with the application of the rest of the nails concurrently.  It did take me some time afterward to file down the artificial nails to the shape and length that suits my preference, however this is a one off step and once it’s done the nails look so authentic nobody would ever know that they weren’t my natural nails.  ;)

Polish done, nails complete.
Polish done, nails complete.

I was super impressed by the lightweight, comfortable feel, durability and staying power, because a week later and these nails have not budged.  <:-P   I am super hard on my hands and during this past week, I’ve washed dishes twice daily, scrubbed clothing and undertaken rigorous housework and the nails have withstood my busy lifestyle.  I painted the nails using my favourite nail polish and I am amazed at how long the polish has remained looking freshly painted, with only a bit of wear and tear showing just on the tips, even after a full week.  Never, ever has my manicure lasted so long!  I have not yet removed the nails, so I can’t determine if there is any damage to the surface of my own nails at this stage, although generally the damage occurs to the nail bed,  *-:)  which can easily be avoided by keeping the cuticles constantly nourished by applying moisturising hand and nail treatments and cuticle oil/balms.  I will reassess my review at a later date, if I feel the need to alter my rating, however at this stage; I seriously can’t fault the Nailene So Natural Everyday French.  I would absolutely recommend these nails to anyone who wants gorgeous, natural-looking, low-maintenance fingernails that I personally think are just as good as professional falsies, for a fraction of the cost. Thanks to Nailene I am finally sporting the nails I always dreamed of!   \:D/

A week later, minimal wear and tear.
A week later, minimal wear and tear.  

NOTD: Products Used

What is your take on fake nails, do you think they are any better than the falsies of the past?  :-?  Would you use them yourself?  Have you ever tried Nailene glue on nails and if so how would you rate your experience?