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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Dermaviduals DMS Mask with Vitamins

Hello again everyone!  The next product I’m posting up today was sent out to me by Tammerly, the author and brains behind the rewarding and informative Spoilt blog.  I’ve put this mask through its paces for just over a month and now I’m sharing this review based on my experience.  It can also be viewed by following this link!

The Dermaviduals DMS Mask with Vitamins is an anti-ageing serum enriched with a blend of ingredients that are compatible with the natural skin barrier.  It provides a supplementary dose of multi-vitamins and antioxidants that moisturises, nourishes and protects the skin, boosts cellular renewal and repair, whilst slowing the premature ageing process to visibly improve the appearance of the complexion.

It comes in a simple white, plastic canister tube (available in either 30 or 50ml sizes) with a white label featuring a blue logo and black print. It’s got a clear plastic snap-on cap to cover the airless pump dispenser, which helps to seal in the goodness of the ingredients.  The downside of this packaging is that you can’t see the product level and I also found it gets a bit messy under the cap due to a bit of dribble from the pump.

The mask has a very thin, runny, milk-like consistency with a weightless, silky texture.  In my opinion it smells something like plastic, not an overly pungent or unpleasant scent, but it’s not the kind of fragrance that I find appealing, so luckily it’s not overbearing and doesn’t linger for long after it’s applied.  I found two pumps of fluid were enough to spread in a circular motion onto my skin, but I have to work quickly because it’s a bit messy and is prone to dripping.  It does make my skin rather tacky for a few minutes, but then it fully absorbs without a trace, which was surprising, because I have an oily complexion and the directions instruct that any surplus cream is to be removed with a tissue.  It melted straight into my oily skin and therefore left no excess to wipe off.  I experienced a very subtle tightness and the lightweight film was noticeable on my skin, yet there was absolutely no greasy residue and regardless of being left on, it didn’t exacerbate my oiliness.  It’s a leave-on mask, so I prefer to use it as a nightcap, as personally, it’s too rich for me to wear during the day, and due to the super nourishing formulation, I definitely don’t need a separate moisturiser.  I like taking advantage of this potent cocktail of beneficial nutrients that penetrates deeply and works its wonders, all while I sleep, so skin awakens soft, firm and replenished, with a dewy, healthy-looking glow.

This product really isn’t your average facial mask.  In fact it’s actually a complex skin care product that can be used as a night cream, daytime serum or moisturising lotion, as well as a hydrating booster for the eye contour.  I consider this leave-on mask to be more of a treatment serum or moisturising night cream than a mask.  It looks and feels just like a lotion, however it rapidly transforms a dull complexion, delivering prompt, effective results and is perfect for a ‘pick-me-up’ on a bad skin day.  The gentle formula is completely non-irritating and didn’t upset my sensitive skin at all.  I’ve used this mask a few times a week for the past month and while So far, I haven’t seen a noticeable change in my skin, it’s an excellent choice for long term maintenance, by replacing the important lost moisture and repairing the skin’s barrier, making it a handy addition to any anti-ageing skin care regime.  I’ve certainly noticed the short-term effects it delivers, such as the smooth, supple skin with no roughness, which looks and feels plumper, fresher and brighter, imparting a more youthful radiance.  I’d recommend this Dermaviduals DMS Mask with Vitamins to people of all ages, especially if you want to invest in a multi-purpose, intensive skin treatment to use as often or as little as needed to quench thirsty skin and to help achieve optimal skin health.
A glimpse of the brand behind the product.

I’ve awarded this mask with 4 stars out of 5.  My only little gripe with the product itself is the actual smell of it, causing the deduction of a ½ star from my rating.  Also, I’m unable to ascertain the correct pricing or even purchase this brand online, because it’s a salon-only/in-salon range (although their website does offer a phone number that one can ring to possibly find out pricing information??).  That to me is inconvenient, especially since I live in a semi-rural area and getting into a salon is absolutely NOT a viable option, so that ousts another ½ star.  For that reason and because I’m not sure how much it would actually cost me, I can’t say for sure if I’d buy it again or not.  I’m guessing that due to being a salon line, it will have a luxe price tag, and if that is the case I’d probably only consider it as an occasional splurge; particularly ideal before big events like weddings etc.

TIP:  This mask makes a good alternative to a daily moisturiser and the perfect canvas for makeup for those with normal to dry complexions.

Are you familiar with this brand or have you had the chance to try any of the products in their range?  Do you like the sounds of a leave-on, multi-tasking mask?  What are your thoughts on the availability of products in-store only?  Would you prefer to have access to your beauty booty online or would you rather have the personal touch of visiting a salon whenever you need to stock up??  Please feel free to comment with your thoughts!   Ta for that xxx ooo

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