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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Serious Skin Care

Anyone who knows me can confirm I have always been smitten with lotions and potions.  Growing up, in my circle of friends, I was renowned for my endless array of beauty products.  Nothing has changed; except I am a million times more obsessed these days (Is that even possible? LOL).  Although, I self-diagnosed my skins needs from the get go, a few years back, I sought professional advice, which proved to be an eye-opening experience for me. 

Having always claimed to have combination skin, I was dumbfounded when told straight that my skin is of the oily type, eek!  :-o  So, after two decades of purchasing products suitable for combination skin, I needed re-educating about my own skin type and admitted that I had indeed gotten it all wrong.  It’s no wonder products never satisfied and results never eventuated, I was fighting a losing battle, regardless of my dedication and commitment.  This skin analysis in conjunction with expert advise and guidance from my skin care therapist (Thanks Tembile, I owe you big time) helped me develop a serious, yet fundamental, anti-ageing skin care regime, targeting my skin concerns whilst maintaining my newly determined, ‘oily' skin. 

I love that my personalised skin care prescription is so versatile, allowing me to chop and change products or brands and giving me the option to introduce various targeted treatments as needed.  The straightforward routine is quick and easy to follow, catering perfectly to my busy lifestyle, without compromising on the efficacy or outcome.  I like including new treatments if required, however I know that using just the basics, adequately tackles all of my skin problems ensuring that I come up trumps to WIN the fight against premature skin ageing.

My basic skin care program:

Simple 3-step skin care routine. (Cleanse, tone, moisturise)
+ Vitamin C therapy
+ Treatment products that tackle any of my other skin concerns (i.e. pigmentation etc) NB: This step is not essential!
+ SPF Protection (always the last step prior to any makeup)

Simple 3-step skin care routine (Cleanse, tone, moisturise)
+ Vitamin A therapy
+ Treatment products that compliment my routine (i.e. eye cream) NB: This step is not essential! (I generally keep the PM treatment ultra basic, as other products could clash or hinder the effectiveness of the highly powerful Vitamin A)

Treatment Skin Care Mask

Manual Exfoliator

I have religiously performed my daily skin care ritual ever since and believe that you have to be prepared to stick it out for the long haul to achieve your desired results.  I have tweaked my products numerous times to get to the stage where I am at now, I dare say I will do so again and again, because it’s is all part of my ongoing journey of establishing my ultimate skin care regime.  I am absolutely, 100%, confident, armed with this optimum anti-ageing skin care program, based on my skins individual needs, it will prompt a change in my skin for the better, delivering positive, visible RESULTS. 

Today, my complexion is looking immaculate and I am finally happy in my own skin.  While it’s a bit clich√©, I wish I had of known all those years ago, what I know now!  I wouldn’t have neglected my skin, hence the need to rely on such powerful skin care treatments to try and reverse the signs of premature ageing, caused by damaging external aggressors, which I naively allowed my skin to become subject to.  The importance of a broad-spectrum SPF sunscreen daily, instead of endless hours roasting my skin, all in the name of a developing suntan, which later came back to haunt me. The damage is now done and whilst I can’t physically turn back the hands of time, I CAN help slow down the ageing process and prevent future skin damage.  Obviously, the changes in our appearance will be inevitable eventually, but at least I am confident knowing that my skin care regime allows me to have some control over the rate in which my skin ages, keeping my complexion looking younger and healthier for a bit longer. :)

I will write another blog featuring the products I use in my skin care regime directly and eventually I plan to review each of them too.  There are two morals to learn from this blog; don’t self assess your skin and prevention is better than cure, although if you devote to a strict skin care regime you CAN do battle with the visible signs of ageing and come out the victor. ;)

So tell me peeps, are you all serious about your skin care regime?  Do you wish you could go back in time, and if so would you change the way you looked after your skin?


  1. Wow, so good to see your skin care collection :) It is nice to know that you have figured out what works for you and actually sticking with it. You have fabulous skin and that is the proof that your regimen is working!

    As for me, I am yet to figure out a real regimen. I think I have dry skin and just slap on anything not to feel dry. I am at the turning point of my skin, will reach the big number next year. Time to wake up and start taking care of my skin!

  2. Awesome first 'real' post! I can see yours is another blog that I will get hooked on!

    I don't have a regime at all. When I am trialling products I will follow a regime and it really does wonders for my skin but then I will slowly slip out of it and thats when i notice blackheads sneaking back in and bring fine dehydration lines with them. I can't wait to see all the products that you use!

  3. @Su
    Thanks Su, while it does require a bit of commitment and might seem tedious at times, once you first start seeing remarkable improvements it really encourages you to keep at it. I don't look at it as a chore, instead it is my ultimate 'ME' time. The scare few minutes of time out, when I escape from my busy day, by myself (lock that bathroom door, lol) and indulge in a bit of skin pampering :) You needn't be overly concerned right now, however you are reaching the ideal age to develop your serious skin care regime ;) I personally started too late and didn't understand much about prevention until I looked in the mirror one day and saw a scary image peering back at me. This is when I initially acknowledged those emerging signs of premature ageing rearing their ugly head, eek! I was 34 years old. The wonderful world of skin care though, has forced a repeal and I can safely look in the mirror now and know I don't resemble that haggard image I first saw :) Its definitely not too late :)

  4. @Sarah Kretchmer Haha, Sarah your comment reminded me of an article I recently read ;) Beware my darl, have you heard that quite often beauty writers tend to have bad skin? lol. Sue Dann, national trainer for the German skincare range Dr Spiller, says "beauty editors' complexions are, almost to a fault, reddish, sensitised, irritated and ''confused''. ''Their skin has had enough.'' LOL Thank heavens for makeup hey, haha. Its a worth a read :)

    Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/lifestyle/beauty/blogs/beauty-beat/the-ugly-side-of-beauty-writers-20110613-1g0a0.html#ixzz1RPdm9YoN

    I remember when I had a Payot facial last year in Sydney the therapist, who has worked in the beauty industry her whole life, told me pretty much the same thing. She claimed to have serviced many clients who work in the beauty industry, however its the beauty editors, who have access to every skin care product under the sun, which they constantly test on themselves, are the ones who present with skin that she described to be evidently thinning. The overuse of potent AHA's, skin exfoliating products, be that manual or chemical, harsh detergents and other potential irritants etc, can damage skin matrix and living cells, contribute to skin sensitivity creating a permanent red flush, strip natural protective oils, promote excessive dryness or trigger reactions that will leave skin raw and suffering prolonged periods of inflammation.
    It definitely made me sit back and take notice, lol. Any form of overuse could create more harm than good, so I am glad I am aware of the ingredients that I use on my skin and if in doubt then its better to find out than take a chance.
    My understanding is that the old guideline of "less is more" when it comes to skin care is pretty much law when it comes to many products these days. The damage that it creates, might not be visible to the naked eye initially, because it lies deep below the external layers of skin, and by the time it is eventually recognised it can be extremely hard to reverse, because the skin can lose its capacity to naturally renew itself.
    Additionally, as I mentioned in my blog, regarding my use of a Vitamin A treatment. Trying to incorporate other potent treatments, in conjunction with something like Vitamin A (for example)in the same application (layering) could wind up deeming them all ineffective and a total waste of time and money :)
    This is a topic I am passionate about (you don't say, haha, after reading this novel of a reply, lol)and have researched thoroughly over the years. There is always going to be some variation of opinion, but I am confident in the repute of my sources and my basic understanding of skin damage.
    LOL I could chat about this topic till the cows come home, haha, as its really interesting and educational. Its also surprising to learn how many people have no idea about this and will go to town slapping one potent treatment after another on their skin thinking it will create super results, super fast. Yet that will never happen, skin repair takes a long time as it is, however by augmenting to your own skin's decline will guarantee an even longer waiting game, lol.
    Sarah, this could make for a good topic for you to base your scientific knowledge around. Would love to hear your thoughts/viewpoint on the scientific consequences of chopping and changing skin care or overusing and combining powerful skin treatments :)

  5. Cleansing is quite essential to avoid acnes and other skin problems. Use of mild cleanser at least twice a day is a good way to rinses away impurities such as dirt particle easily and does not cause skin irritation and do not wash away natural oils too. Thanks a lot.

  6. @Micabeauty Glisten Hi there and thanks so much for your comment, yes that is so true, no skin care regime would be effective without cleansing. It's the important first step :)

  7. Hi all, thanks for sharing nice tips on skin care. Yes, repeat this step everyday until you are satisfied with the results, but make sure you dont overdo it with the squeezing or steaming as you could damage yourself.

    Best regards,

  8. @Le Angelique Well said, a couple of good points there that we definitely need to remember. I must admit I am guilty of pimple popping from time to time myself, but agreed it should be done with extreme caution and don't go overboard. Thanks so much for commenting, really appreciate your feedback :)


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